15 Best ASAP Rocky Songs You’ll Love

Enjoy Some of the Best ASAP Rocky Songs You Will Love

Few rappers have seen long-lasting success like the New York maverick, ASAP Rocky. In fact. he’s remained in the spotlight with an impressive body of work spanning over a decade. But what are the best ASAP Rocky songs to listen to for new and veteran fans alike?  Well, in today’s article, I’m going to share with you my absolute favorite tracks from Rocky’s catalog, so make some room on your Spotify playlist for some of these memorable jams.

Best ASAP Rocky Songs You Will Love

Let’s begin with a song entitled “Goldie.”

1) Goldie

 Everyone knows the first single off ASAP Rocky’s freshman album. This song blew listeners away with its catchy hook and beat that perfectly complimented Rocky’s relaxed flow. This song allowed Rocky to showcase his attitude with a sinister chant layered beneath the lyrics to give an almost villainous air to the rapper. His pretty boy swagger and ability are given to you right from the start in this track. 

The lyrics in this song make you feel like the main antagonist living that rockstar lifestyle that Rocky flexes. It’s the perfect anthem to play when you’re feeling unstoppable. 

2) Praise The Lord

By the time ASAP Rocky’s third studio album came out, he had already climbed to the top of the rap game. His song, Praise The Lord, was one of the stand-out tracks on the record that pays homage to his success. He even notes that he can’t answer phone calls without a care since he gets so many unknown callers. Despite the pains that come with being a star, Rocky rides the flow effortlessly to give thanks for his many successes. 

This is my favorite track on his third album TESTING and one of his most popular songs by far. The production of this song, including the dual flutes on the beat, is incredibly addictive. I can guarantee that this track will have you giving thanks to a higher power and hopping in your living room with its perfect composition.

3) Peso

Peso is considered to be ASAP Rocky’s breakout song from his mixtape LIVE.LOVE.A$AP. The song features a more delicate, dazzling beat and an echoing chorus that makes you feel instantly transported.

The use of synths in the music and Rocky’s cool lyrics are perfect for unwinding in the evening. It’s the perfect song to add to your late-night Spotify playlist to give you that floating sensation before you sleep.

4) Canal St.

The lyricism on this track is incredible. Rocky takes you on a tour of his struggles before fame that leads to his present-day lifestyle. That lifestyle includes luxury shopping on lower Manhattan’s Canal Street. The song from his sophomore album gives off a somber feeling while the lyrics show the rapper’s growth from the streets to the top. 

Canal St. is composed on a simpler beat, and I think that is why it’s so enjoyable to me. It isn’t a song for a specific mood as it’s less imposing. At the same time, the track still inspires me and gives more power to Rocky’s lyrics since there’s less noise to distract. 

5) Lord Pretty Flocko Jodye 2

The beat on this track is criminally underrated. Lord Pretty Flocko Jodye 2, or LPFJ2, is the follow-up to the rapper’s hit “Pretty Flocko.”  ASAP Rocky’s cadence on this track is powerful, as his flow weaves threads to rein in that pounding bass. 

That infectious confidence will have you feeling strong whether you’re at the gym, driving to work, or just hanging out around the house. If you want to listen to rap that gets you moving, then LPFJ2 is the jam you’ll want to be queued on your phone.

6) Fashion Killa

Of course, you would expect a fashion icon like ASAP Rocky to have a song or two with a name like “Fashion Killa”. In this song, the rapper describes his ideal partner who has great taste in high fashion. As Rocky goes on about this girl he shows his knowledge of current trends and brands, listing several throughout the song. 

This track has aged incredibly well with its fun, upbeat sound. The layered vocals are ethereal, helping to paint a picture of this well-put-together girl. All the elements in this song come together well to create the perfect soundtrack for that date with your dream girl. 

7) F**kin Problems

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that hasn’t heard this song at some point. Despite its astronomical success, ASAP Rocky hates this track because he doesn’t want a “fun club bop” to solely represent him as an artist. But just because he isn’t in love with the track doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.

F**ckin Problems is a skilled collaboration featuring some of the best rappers of all time. The whole point of this song is for you to witness the rapping chops of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and ASAP Rocky. If that list of names doesn’t pique your interests, then you’re lying. It’s a fun song with excellent performances from each artist.

8) L$D

L$D, or LSD, is an ode to both the drug (LSD) and Rocky’s professed love for all women. Much more than that, it is still one of his most unique works. The song takes you down a path of twists and turns; comprised of beat switches and melodic vocal shifts. Rocky flexes his artistic vision with this song; choosing to focus on the overall vibe rather than lyricism. 

I’m always blown away whenever I listen to this song because it feels like it isn’t a fixed medium. It gives a trippy feeling as if your mind is the canvas and the melodies are the paint. Much like Picasso, Rocky had mastered the arts and decided to create a new style to express his emotions on this track. 

9) Purple Swag

Purple swag was influenced greatly by ASAP Rocky’s purple-themed surroundings in the studio. In the track, he pays homage to Houston rappers who rap about “purple drank”; while taking influences from purple substances, purple lights, and other purple-themed things in view. These inspirations helped him brew a psychedelic song with flowing lyrics.  

I still remember listening to Purple Swag in high school with my friends. The message of the song wasn’t important, but the mood that the song created was perfect for hanging out. I think the simplicity of the lyrics adds to that calm feel even with the gusto Rocky puts in his verses.

10) Sundress

Sundress is another experimental sound in ASAP Rocky’s arsenal that solidifies his adaptability. The song was his first single on his 2018 album TESTING. It samples Tame Impala’s song, “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”, which was highly anticipated by fans at the time.

The hoppy drums and Kevin Parker’s voice give the song that bright sound that I love. I think that this track and the TESTING album as a whole have aged gracefully, considering the album was less popular when it was first released. Maybe we were too harsh due to his previous successes, or the record was just ahead of its time; either way, the track is now considered a classic by most fans. 

11) 1Train

Another legendary group track, featuring the likes of Kenrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Action Bronson, and more. 1Train is an excellent choice of name, as it embodies a steaming locomotive filled with deliveries and seamless flows. Rocky once again shows how he can hold his own with the heavyweights of rap in this line-up by setting the tone for the others to follow.

Kendrick’s cadences and Rocky’s flow specifically stand out on this track for me. The pair effortlessly bounce over a classic hip-hop beat. In my opinion, Big K.R.I.T. and Danny Brown are always welcome on any track as well. You’ll appreciate this collab if you like hard-hitting beats and great punchlines.

12) Wild for the Night

Another one of ASAP Rocky’s least favorite songs, but a masterpiece and commercial success, nonetheless. Wild for the Night was a collaboration between him and Skrillex back in his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites days. The fact that this track and F**kin Problems were released on the same album is incredible, as they both dominated the radio for weeks after their release. 

While dubstep seems to have aged less gracefully, I still have a hard time changing this song if it ever plays on my Spotify. The insane energy just compels you to let loose and party like there’s no tomorrow. Skrillex manages to keep his distinctive style including beat drops and high-pitched “laser” sounds. Yet, Rocky manages to match the beat perfectly with his delivery. This blending of the genres was insane at the time and helped to broaden artists’ musical horizons.

13) Everyday

This song is a breathtaking combination of soulful melody and gritty hip-hop lyricism. The composition gives a hopeful feeling that we all crave after a long day. The beat also switches twice in a way that first speeds things up, then slows to wrap things up beautifully. I think the lyrics in the chorus help to elevate the song and pair well with Rocky’s spiritual influences. 

14) Babushka Boi

This song is an absolute bop. The song name is a reference to the headscarves that Rocky often dons, but the lyrics talk more about his facial scar among others. A lot of Rocky’s experimentation comes from blending genres or finding more soulful sounds. I think that’s why this song was so refreshing when it was dropped. Rocky leans further into making a hardcore rap song with heavy bass that sounds so good with the silky flow of his raps. 

Babushka Boi is a song that bares its scars and isn’t afraid to deal some out as well. It’s a song with a bite that I still handily keep in my rotation. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, the rapper even references Tony Montana in his chorus adding to the theme and kingpin feeling. 

15) Phoenix

This track is another one of Rocky’s deeper cuts. The rapper looks back on his career and reflects on the pitfalls that come with fame. On the other hand, he also understands that things could have been much worse. His parallels between his and others’ positions when dealing with societal hate are introspective. I think the big picture here is how easy it is for us to hurt one another and to reflect on why that might be. 

ASAP Rocky’s title Phoenix seems to be a wink towards his rebirth like the bird of legends. I think the message is relatable to everyone because we have all hurt and been hurt by others. I think that we’d all like to reinvent ourselves in a way. We should all aim to be better than the person we were yesterday.

The instrumentals accompanying this powerful message add to the ambiance. The verses have a whistling tone that gives a “less is more” feeling, making the instrumentals for the chorus that much more impactful. It is a superb composition. 


ASAP Rocky’s impact on rap is undeniable. A glance at his catalog is all you need to understand just how influential his music is. Once you’ve listened to some of the best ASAP Rocky songs, it becomes apparent that he is a true artist in every sense of the word. His songs inspire a cool sense of confidence, and the lyrics within them often offer an introspective take on present-day affairs.

Now that you dove into Rocky’s best songs, you can understand why it is that he has remained such an inspirational figure for the rap game. So go on and listen to these classics!

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