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Discover the Best Chief Keef Songs You Will Love!

In my humble opinion, the best Chief Keef songs are the following: Love Sosa, Love No Thotties, I Don’t Like (with Lil Reese), Hate Bein’ Sober, True Religion Fein, Bang Bang, Faneto, Uh Uh, No Tomorrow and Ain’t Missing You. Of course, Chief Keef has tons of great songs, so let me take a bit of time to dive into each one to share with you what it is that I most appreciate about each track.

Picking the Best Chief Keef Songs

1. Love Sosa

On top of the creativity and overall great sound in “Love Sosa,” I love how “Sosa” is actually one of Chief Keef’s nicknames—referencing Alejandro Sosa from “Scarface.”  “Love Sosa” was released on his 2012 debut studio album, Finally Rich. The Chicago rapper also pays homage to Three 6 Mafia with bars that mimic “Stomp.” 

The song hits on Keef’s admiration for women, and even more so, touches on his haters. Duan Gaines sat down with Complex and discussed his time working with Keef on the song, stating, “Keef wasn’t really rapping on the song, he was more so harmonizing.  It wasn’t like a simple hook, he put some effort into the hook and it just caught my attention.” I love how the song can make me hyped, but at the same time has a ballad feeling to it where the melody just flows. It’s very easy to just listen to “Love Sosa” and just vibe.

2. Love No Thotties

Keef released “Love No Thotties” on September 19, 2013, after he purposefully released the single on July 11th, 2013. This Chief Keef song centers around Keef’s fast lifestyle and how “thots” will do whatever they need to be noticed by Keef in order to try to live the same lifestyle. They don’t want Keef for who he is, and they don’t want to try and get to know him—they just want his money. 

The term “thot” has been a popular word that originated in Chicago in the early 2010s and is frequently used in his music.  The music video shows Chief Keef riding around Chicago in his car while he’s on the phone with his girl, clearly disagreeing. 

3. I Don’t Like featuring Lil Reese

“I Don’t Like” is Chief Keef’s debut single which was released on March 11, 2012, and released on his third mixtape, Back from the Dead, on March 14, 2012.  The track originally blew up on YouTube and attracted big names, leading to Kanye West remixing it. The song features Keef and Lil Reese rapping about all of the things they don’t like in life while throwing in some lines about what they do like. 

The things they don’t like range from snitches to fake Gucci. I love how this song is like a little time capsule and can instantly take me back to where I was in 2012 when I first heard it. I feel that not only is this song still a banger, but it’s still relatable by today’s standards. If you are looking for a song that features great lyrics and instrumentals, give “I Don’t Like” a listen. 

4. Hate Bein’ Sober

Keef released “Hate Bein’ Sober” on his 2012 album Finally Rich, which features Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent and was produced by Young Chop. The song is all about Chief Keef hating being sober and how he would much rather experience the world on a variety of different substances, his favorite being marijuana. 

The song gained some publicity when Chief Keef was a no-show at the song’s music video shooting. 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa ended up shooting their own video for the song, which 50 Cent released seven years later. The lyrics to the song tell how Keef is a smoker and simply loves smoking and drinking. That’s the lifestyle that some choose to live, and I feel many people can relate to what Keef says in the lyrics. 

5. True Religion Fein ft Yale Lucciani

Chief Keef has been a lifelong fan of the denim brand True Religion, so it only seemed right that he released “True Religion Fein” as part of an anniversary collection. In an interview with HypeBeast, Chief said, “it’s always been a dream of mine to collaborate with True Religion, I wore head-to-toe True Religion to my first show and when this opportunity came about, I jumped on it.” 

I love how this song is a great example of making a brand, because when you think of True Religion, you think of Chief Keef. The song features instrumentals that are reminiscent of what music sounded like in the 2010s. While this may not be Keef’s most popular song, it is a song of his that is easily recognizable and worth a listen. 

6. Bang Bang featuring Mike Will Made-It

Sosa and the famous producer, Mike Will Made-It, have been working on numerous projects together since 2012. The single “Bang Bang” is the first single from the duo’s collaborative project and was recorded in 2016. The music video blew up on YouTube since Sosa is taking shots at 6ix9ine for testifying against the Nine Trey members

Ural Garrett from Complex Magazine met up with Chief Keef and when asked about working with Mike Will Made-It, Sosa said, “Me and Mike Will Made-It are automatic. We have been good since I first came in.” If you have never heard “Bang Bang” you are going to want to check out the music video right now. The song and the music video go hand in hand with each other and brings out Chief’s personality. 

7. Faneto

This fan favorite in Chief’s discography was released in 2014 from his mixtape, Back from the Dead 2, and has remained on a steady listening roll until 2019. “Faneto” is full of Chief talking about smoking marijuana, stacking bands, shootouts, and running from the police; setting it in stone to his fans that he is about that life and hasn’t changed from the money. Chief Keef entirely self-produced the song and it slowly gained underground success. 

Musically, “Faneto” is fiery and rhythmic, and the lyrics contain numerous ad-libs while a baseline echoes in the background. While the song has been named one of the biggest party anthems, it has been known to cause some chaos, from the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity floor caving in, to a 2015 house party damaging the floor. Nonetheless, this is a very energetic song, guaranteed to get listeners moving. 

8. Uh Uh featuring Playboi Carti

“Uh Uh” is the fourth track on Chief Keef’s project, Mansion Musick. The song features Playboi Carti in the chorus and the song is produced by Pi’erre Bourne. The lyrics showcase the two rappers bragging about their expensive lifestyles, the drugs that they frequently use, and the women that they frequently see. 

Though this isn’t the first song the two rappers have collaborated on; the two rappers also appeared on A$AP Mob’s “Blowin Minds (Skateboard),” also produced by Pi’erre Bourne. Like most of Keef’s music, the Chicago drill sound is present, and Keef used “Uh Uh” to further bring attention to the Chicago rap scene. 

9. No Tomorrow

Chief Keef released “No Tomorrow” on his 2012 album, Finally Rich. This song was produced by Mike Will Made-It and was released a couple of days before Keef’s debut studio album dropped as a teaser. The track features a catchy dynamic synth that pairs well with Sosa’s unique vocals. “No Tomorrow” is all about living in the moment, and the delivery that Keef displays is fantastic like always. 

The lyrics paint a picture of living hard for today because there might not be a tomorrow. Keef used “No Tomorrow” as a way to say he goes hard every day because you never know what the future holds.  I what think we can all take away from this song is to actively live outside our comfort zones because you never know if today is your last day. 

10. Ain’t Missing You

“Ain’t Missing You” was the first single off of Keef’s album, Bang 3. Chief dedicated the song to his late cousin Mario “Big Glo” Hess, who was murdered in Chicago in early 2014. The song samples John Waite’s 1984 hit “Missing You,” but Chief puts a spin on it to show his fans that you can overcome anything. 

In the song, Chief Keef reminisces about his late cousin over an Auto-Tune filter, while singer Jenn Em hits the song’s chorus. I love how “Ain’t Missing You” was a pivotal point in Chief’s career, where he started to work at bringing awareness to the violence in Chicago that he was once participating in.  In the end, if you’re looking for one of the best Chief Keef songs ever made, there’s a lot to love on the track “Ain’t Missing You.”

This article was written by Jesse and edited by Michael.

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