10 Best Greta Van Fleet Songs That You’ll Love

Discover the Best Greta Van Fleet Songs You Will Love

If you love rock music, then you no doubt have your own personal list of what the best Greta Van Fleet songs are.  Well, in this article, we’re going to share our favorite songs by this American rock band.  So let’s dive right into it!

Best Greta Van Fleet Songs

Let’s begin with “Stardust Chords.”

1)  Stardust Chords

Stardust Chords is sending the message: “you reap what you sow.” The song is composed of two verses and a changing melody that suits the mood of each scene within the epic. While sparse of words, the track has a moving power built by the growing instrumentals in the song. Josh Kiszka’s vocals are also powerful in this song, as he belts out lyrics to add a powerful emotion to the words.

The beginning of the track begins as an afterthought. Greta Van fleet sings of the crumbling beauty of nature and man. Everything that was is no longer, however, seeds are planted that continue the cycle. The second verse follows this scene by speaking about the uprising of war. Pawns are promised freedom and go on to fight for their kings, yet this only leads to destruction. The cycle will continue, and a renaissance will be born from the ashes. 

This is my favorite Greta Van Fleet song for a number of reasons. The choppy guitar riffs throughout the song are very catchy, and the drums do well to fill in the void between the rest of the band without becoming overbearing. However, the most impressive part to me would be Josh’s vocals. This is the perfect song to play when you’re feeling introspective, and I often play it when I’m alone for long car rides trying to clear my mind.

2) Heat Above

This next track is meant to give hope to all those who worry that hate has taken over the world. It was a daring move to select the track as a single for their album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate, as it strayed so far from the music they’ve released previously. Yet, the band found it important to make a statement. Heat above is an optimistic look at the future, daring to say that love is still the predominant emotion held by humanity despite the terror of recent years. 

These lyrics within the track do a great job of summing up the theme of the song:

Marching across the land
Is a peaceful army joining the band

Walking hand in hand
To an anthem loudly sung where they stand

In the war on hate, Greta Van Fleet believes that love reigns supreme, and when I listen to this track, I genuinely believe they’re right.

The organ at the beginning of this track is one of my favorite elements, as it makes the whole tune feel like a psalm. The acoustic guitar adds to this soft, enthusiastic feeling that can’t help but bring warmth to the song. 

Heat Above is clearly a “feel good” track, so it can be played at most any time that you want to hear it. Yet, I tend to listen to it when I’m feeling hopeless because it has a way of lifting my spirits up. We all need a reminder that love, and compassion are what truly matter in life.

3) Safari Song

If Guitar Hero was still being produced today, I would think this track would be one of the first ones Activision would be vying for. The absolute selling point of this song is that it is packed full of driving guitar and Zeppelin screams that make any fan of classic rock shiver with excitement. The song itself is about a woman that the singer is crazy about. Everything she does makes the protagonist wild, and he wants her to know it.

Safari Song was intended to make a statement, as it is featured as the first track on the band’s first album. Josh’s vocals and Jake’s guitar are the standout elements to me of the song. The guitar riffs are almost reminiscent of something off Appetite for Destruction, whereas the solo and overall sound give an older vibe like something from Lynyrd Skynyrd. This pairs so well with Josh’s “yodel-like” belting that seems like it was transported directly to our ears from the 70’s. 

This track is so catchy that I immediately began to learn it on guitar after listening once! It’s as fun to play as it is to listen to, and I think that is an element that is important in music. Fun. Greta Van Fleet was able to not only display their gift to their listeners right away with this song. But they also reminded us of the fun that rock has the power to move us musically and emotionally.

4) Black Smoke Rising

Black Smoke Rising is an early political message from the band that speaks about corruption within leadership, rebellion, and war that comes as a result. The track begins by speaking about a tall tower where those in power make calls to manipulate those beneath them. Those who live below are not powerless and can stand against these powers if they come together. 

While critics often say the lyricism in Greta Van Fleet’s songs is lacking, I refute that the broadness of the lyrics in this song is impressive. They can paint a vivid picture of corrupt leaders manipulating subordinates with trickles of power. The band continues by speaking of the power to stand up to such characters and overcome evil without blatantly shouting out anything directly. I believe it takes talent and appeals to a larger audience. 

As often is the case with the band’s songs, the guitar in this track does an excellent job at keeping you engaged in the song. However, the meatiness of the drums really stands out against the lyrics and adds to the power of the message. Danny did an excellent job with his delivery.

5) Highway Tune

This track was massive for the band as it was an instant success. The song exploded to the top of the Billboard US Rock Charts, where it remained for several weeks. The momentum helped to bring Greta Van Fleet to mainstream success where they have carried on as modern legends in the making. 

The sound is obviously inspired by the sounds of the 70’s and you can see where Greta Van Fleet receives its comparison to the legendary Led Zeppelin. While this comparison has garnered its fair share of criticism, my argument would be that we should be grateful to have a band around today that sounds anything like them. Even a “Zeppelin copycat” is vastly different from the other music around today.

This track was the first song ever produced by the band, which I would say is incredible. Jake wrote the riff two years prior to the formation of the group, and it has remained one of the biggest songs the group has made. The lyrics are about moving fast with the woman you love. It’s a fiery tale of passion with the words alluding to joining together with the one you want. The wails of Josh and Jake’s shredding guitar make it enjoyable to all classic rock fans.  

6) Flower Power

Flower Power is a cutesy love story about a girl you fall deeper in love with as time goes on. It’s a refreshing pause from the hard-rock style of Greta Van Fleet’s first Ep, From the Fires. Seeing her as “out of sight” and loving her imperfections speaks on youthful love. The lyrics in the first verse encapsulate this feeling well:

She is a lady, comes from all around
She’s many places, but she’s homeward bound
And now she walks kinda funny
I think she knows
Day by day by day
Our love grows
She’s a lantern in the night
She’s outta sight

This track was a massive success alongside Highway Tune and it’s easy to see why when considering the contrast between the two songs. My favorite piece of this track would have to be Sam Kiszka’s organ outro. It does an excellent job at capturing that pure feeling held throughout the song and acts as a beautiful bridge for the inevitable “replay” of the track. 

7) Light My Love

Light My Love is the perfect piece of composition to show just how versatile this young rock band really is. “Peace and love” is an unapologetic message given throughout the band’s discography. But this track is a soft and mature song that the band has crafted to show how they are just as adept at making soft-rock ballads as they are at making classic rock.

The lyrics in this track are almost ambiguous, as they feel as though they could be meant as a message of love to a partner or someone who needs a hand. I prefer to interpret them as platonic, as they give an almost parental feeling of support. The lyrics are my favorite piece of the composition in this track. An excellent example of their motivational impact would be:

Your mind is a stream of colors
Extending beyond our sky
A land of infinite wonders
A billion lightyears from here now

Light My Love sends a message that you have the power to shape your own destiny. I listen to this track in the evening whenever I feel like I need the emotional embrace it gives off. The piano and smooth melody drift me into a sense of comfort. 

8) When The Curtain Falls

This track is a funky ride filled with blues progressions and that classic Greta Van Fleet sound. The song focuses on the shallowness of Hollywood and focuses on the limelight that young professionals in the industry tend to struggle with. 

The bluesy riffs throughout the track do an excellent job at tying the piece together while Josh Kiszka’s vocals echo throughout the ensemble. I particularly enjoy the breakdown when Josh seems to function as the agent speaking to the struggling star that is followed by an epic guitar solo provided by Jake. 

When The Curtain Falls is an excellent reminder that things may seem perfect through the looking glass, but there’s often much more that comes with the glitz and glam. More than that, the song is a lot of fun to jam out to with friends on a sunny day. Greta Van Fleet often do a great job at making “feel good” tunes that one can use to ride whatever high they’re feeling. This song is an excellent example of that capability. 

9) Meet On The Ledge

Meet On The Ledge is one of a few covers that the band has made to pay homage to some of their musical inspirations. I feel that it is important to include in this list, as the song was originally made by the British folk-rock group, Fairport Convention. It makes sense that they would be a source of inspiration to the young rockers, as the band often crafts folky lyrics for their hard-rock instrumentals. 

The song is about the acceptance of death as a natural occurrence. It speaks of the many regrets held by someone at the end of his life. Despite unkept promises and forgotten dreams, you can look at your end with dignity and understanding. The chorus chimes in with the bittersweet thought of an afterlife, where you’re reunited with those you love.

I love the original version of this track, as the lyrics are something to consider while we are living. We all experience loss and regrets, but it’s how we face the outcomes of our decisions that define our character. The band’s rock ‘n’ roll spin on the song adds a layer of depth that I don’t feel with the original. Fairport Convention’s track feels more somber, whereas Greta Van Fleet’s version adds a triumphant feel to death. A glorious end, filled with bittersweet emotions that make me smile when I listen. 

10) Anthem

Anthem is the perfect song to personify the band’s “peace and love” mantra. While it may not be that hard rock noise that a lot of their fans have come to appreciate them for, it contains a calming message. The theme is that the world is we need to open our minds to the possibilities of life and try to distance ourselves from the busy humming of society at times. It’s a reminder to breathe and experience life to the fullest.

If you have anxiety, then I would highly recommend this track as it has an instant calming effect. From the bubblegum lyrics to the acoustic strings and soft tambourine; it’s hard to find a track like this as anything other than cathartic. I often play it when I need to unwind, and it always reminds me of spring days in my youth watching the flowers bloom.


Greta Van Fleet has proven to us all that classic rock is still alive and kicking. They have seen continued success on the Billboard charts with their work and have sold out arenas across the nation. Be it Josh’s zestful wails on vocals, Jake’s dazzling guitar, Sam’s beautiful basslines and organ work, or Danny’s thunderous percussions; the group has continued to lead a new generation of rockers with their outstanding talent. 

While young, they are seasoned veterans of the game who have carefully etched out their sound and style. I have provided a list of the best Greta Van Fleet songs so far, but I can guarantee that there is a lot more to come. It is exciting to see how they continue to evolve their music from sounding like the legends they admire to their current grand philosophic experience and beyond. One can only be excited with the prospect of what is to come.

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