15 Best Logic Songs That You’ll Absolutely Love

Discover Some of the Best Logic Songs

If you’re a die-hard fan of rap music, and you’re a big supporter of Logic in particular, then you will enjoy our countdown list of the best Logic songs.  In this article, we will select our favorite songs by Logic, who has provided the world of hip hop with memorable, and at times very impactful, rap music.

Best Logic Songs You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with the number one Logic song we have on this list, which is entitled “Man of the Year.”

1)  Man Of The Year

Man Of The Year is my favorite track by Logic. This bittersweet symphony features a young artist dealing with his changing world as he achieves mainstream recognition. Self-doubt still surrounds him in this song, and he is struggling to maintain focus with his rapid lifestyle change. Still, he keeps his composure knowing his worth and aspires for even more. 

This song appeals to anyone who feels like they’ve been let down by their environment. It’s written for those who want more for themselves while trekking down a strenuous path. I listened to this song religiously throughout my high school and college years as I felt it was a reminder that my hard work would pay off. While a bit somber, the message is that belief in yourself will prove your worth despite what haters might say. 

I love Logic’s slow rhyme as it makes the weight of his bars heavier. The instrumental in the song is beautiful and helps you to envision a strenuous journey leading to a happy end. The track comes off the artist’s critically acclaimed mixtape, Young Sinatra, with the beat produced by NO I.D.. The production being handled by a legend allowed for the raw talent of a young Logic to shine on this track. 

2) OCD

Logic teamed up with Dwn2earth to create this single meant for his 2020 album, No Pressure. While it was cut from the album, the song was still released separately. This song is a shimmering piece of art speaking to the void as it focuses on depression and social media. Logic speaks about his need to focus on what is important to him and understands that his time on this planet is limited. The piece begins with powerful lyrics such as:

Time is undefeated, in the end it beats us all
My daddy, my momma, myself, we all destined to fall

Currently the most important thing within my life is balance
I ain’t talking comma and zeros or monetary (balance)

I often play this song late at night as it gives me a sense of peace. It helps to remind me that the opinions of others aren’t what matter. I often think about not taking time with my loved ones for granted and maintaining self-worth whenever I listen. 

The appeal of this song is easily the transcendental beat that helps to set the tone of the song. Logic has a cool cadence that rides it well as he speaks on life experiences that result from his fame. To me, this song is pure therapy and I recommend it to anyone struggling with mental health. I hope it serves as a weighted blanket to calm your nerves and help your perspective.

3) Perfect

Perfect is a short track by the artist at only 1 and 40 seconds long. Within that time, the rapper decided to flex on the world regarding his success in life in a “to-the-point” fashion. In the track, the rapper speaks about his income, fame, and constant pestering from moochers. He goes on to talk his s*** and call out those not on his level.

I always love when Logic decides to show off as he tends to take himself seriously. The beat is incredible featuring turntables, trap hats, and an 8-bit sounding bell that seems to bounce in tandem with the lyrics. 

When you hear the lyrics, “they say drink to your accomplishments so every night I’m faded,” it’s hard to not feel amped up. Every artist needs a few “hype” songs, and while Logic certainly has some, this has been my favorite.

4) Buried Alive

This track is another excellent example of Logic’s transparency in his music as he feels literally Buried Alive by the pressures that come with his success. His relationships come to be questioned as people seem fake and jaded. T

The versatility in Logic’s flow can be seen in this show as he demonstrates his ability to switch things up without making the song seem disconnected. I love the production on this record that was mainly constructed with vocals from the artist himself. 

The older I get, the more relatable this track becomes as I come to understand that most relationships aren’t permanent. As we strive toward our dreams, we have less time for those around us. I often listen to the track when I’m feeling sentimental, acknowledging the path I am leading that has changed me for the better. 

5) Homicide

This song is a fun collab involving two of the most technical rappers in the game at their best. Eminem and Logic each spit heat so fast that they almost melt the beat laid before them. The entire point of the song is to demonstrate that they lyrically murder anyone else to palm a mic and it’s hard to argue with them when they rapid-fire flows like this. 

The wordplay in this song is elite and Logic does well to not be murdered on his track by the wordsmith, Eminem. I think the best part of this song is the love shown between the two rappers. Whenever I hear critics speak of Logic’s music nowadays, I always recall how many OGs in the game acknowledge him. That speaks volumes. 

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6) Soul Food

Soul Food is a humble take from Logic where he acknowledges his fame and decides to seize the moment. He doesn’t forget his origins, as he remembers issues with his family, growing up mixed, and other struggles. But he also notes that he is a fantastic artist that speaks to the people.

The duality of this song is incredible, as Logic starts with a happy beat that switches in the second half to become more intense. The first part shows his graceful acceptance of his rise to fame, while the second shows his ego at the top. Even more, the change in tempo gets you pumped as you feel that you’re on this trip alongside him. From humble beginnings to conquering the world, which is a story worth telling. 

7) Ballin

This is another club banger from Logic who decides to go off on the beat presented. The track was released before Logic even had an album out, yet it along with other mixtape songs was able to generate a huge following for the rapper. Ballin is about Logic and his crew’s fast track to success as he earns money. He came from nothing, became something, and is now counting immeasurable wealth. 

The beat on this track goes hard, and the hustler theme is perfect for working out. Listening to this gets me motivated as Logic speaks on chasing money and leaving the haters in the dust. The fact that the track also samples Lil Wayne’s Bill Gates makes me love it even more. Both songs are about stacking paper and Ballin hard. 

8) Stainless

This is a classic Logic track, featuring his iconic flow, soulful adlibs, and samples paying homage to other artists. The “poppy” flow will force you to bop to the beat as the rapper goes off in machine gun fashion. The message of the song is that you need to get dirty and put the work in if you want to achieve success. Logic goes on to explain his stance, exclaiming that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has worked for everything he’s earned and gained a worker’s mentality that people outside the projects might not have.

Logic does an excellent job at telling his story in this track. I love the cadence of his rhymes and the changing pace of his flows. It isn’t easy to make a song with a message this catchy, but he somehow pulls it off with ease. 

I think that it’s easy to feel frustrated at times in life, but it’s important to be grateful for what we have. As Logic says: Everybody got problems, but not everybody need a .45 to solve them

9) Therapy Music

This cathartic track is from Logic’s 2022 record, Vinyl Days, and features back-to-back verses from Logic and Russ. The song is introspective, as the two tackle topics including “money isn’t everything”, “life’s a b****”, and how “music is their life”. The two speak on the state of the game and reflect on each of their come ups. 

This entire album is refreshing, as Logic seems to have taken a step back from big production and focused more on his roots. This track is my favorite off the record because it encapsulates hip-hop in its purest form. A classic beat on a loop and rhymes to paint the picture that each artist wishes to paint. There isn’t a chorus in the song which gives more attention to the words of the artists and adds to the seamless transition between the two. 

10) 1-800-273-8255

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard this song on the radio at least once. While overplayed, I still find it to be one of Logic’s most important songs to date. While ridiculed for being so open about mental health now, Logic regrets nothing about this track as he knows how many people he helped through its release. 

The storytelling on this track is my favorite component. The story begins with a man who is struggling in life and considering suicide. He feels isolated and hopeless, but then the second verse starts, where Alessia Cara goes on about the reasons to live. 

Logic closes the song with his third verse which shows the man changing his mind and wanting to live. The progression is gorgeous, and the vocals add to a sense of spiritual healing. If that isn’t hopeful enough, the song’s title is the number for the national suicide hotline which encourages those in need to reach out.

Logic may often be under fire for being “corny”, however I think we all know people suffering from poor mental health. This song has given many people hope for a brighter future and reminded us all that we are human first. Think about how many times you’ve heard someone say, “music saved my life” and then consider how many lives this song has potentially saved before discounting Logic’s artistry. 

11) Under Pressure

Under Pressure was both the name of Logic’s debut album as well as the title track to it. The song was used as an introduction to the artist as he used intricate wordplay throughout the verses. The overall focus of the song is to tout his ability and growth as an artist who is quickly ascending the ranks of rap. 

The undertone shows a deeper cut revealing things like his sister’s drug use and his delicate relationship with his father who has not always been there for him. In the end, he shows his love to them regardless of their flaws but shows no mercy to those outside his circle who come looking for the fruits of his labor.

I love the interludes on this song because they give a very personal take on Logic’s life through answering machine messages. It pairs so well with the prior message of his life becoming chaotic due to his success and shows his growing distance from those he loves. The beat is nasty which makes the whole thing catchy as well and switches to match the changing of Logic’s perspective throughout the track.

12) Young Jesus

The Incredible True Story is filled with classic hip-hop samples that go hard and Young Jesus is no exception. On this 90’s style beat, Logic pops off with his fellow RattPack member, Big Lenbo. The song isn’t really about anything in particular and is meant to be a display of the duo’s incredible flows. They speak on things like tour life, taking substances, blowing up as artists, and their ability on the mic. 

I love how well the two seem to flow together and love to vibe to the track when it plays. Big Lenbo’s rhymes are my favorite as he has so many comedic punchlines like:

Grabbin your b*****s cleavage like ooh-ah


B*****s want an autograph, I sign them t*****s in crayon

You can tell that they didn’t want to take themselves seriously and decided to just have fun. I will forever enjoy the lyrics on this track. 

13) Ten Years

Ten Years is a lyrical masterpiece that features fellow poet Royce Da 5’9”. In this track, Logic speaks on his longevity in the game and his baller status. He doesn’t need million-dollar deals as he still lounges in the CEO’s office. Royce talks about his gangster status and gets political, speaking up on racial discrimination. The message was that you’re either with us or against us, which was conveyed in the coolest way. 

Whenever Logic features other lyrical masters, you know the song is going to be a hit. This is shown with Wu-Tang, Eminem, Joyner Lucas, and more. Royce is no less than the aforementioned artists and to quote the outro, “This is what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.”

14) Everyday

Logic teamed up with Marshmello to make this incredible track. The upbeat tempo, trap hats, and vocals from the rapper combine to create an insanely catchy bop. The lyrics talk about how hard work pays off so long as you continue to push yourself. The rapper goes on about never giving up on music and striving to please his fans no matter what.

The collab with Marshmello was teased for some time and did not disappoint upon release. The song is instantly recognizable and one of Logic’s most popular songs to date. I think it’s hard not to get hyped up when listening to this song and play it to keep me motivated when working. The chorus is also super catchy making me want to blast it on repeat.

15) Flawless

Flawless is a rare gem from Logic as it shows the artist’s sensual side. The track is sexual as it focuses on Logic and a woman as they roll around the bedroom. He serenades her with compliments and “sexy talk” and proceeds to make good on his promises throughout his verses.

I love this song for the beat which always gives a sensation of floating in the air. Logic’s smooth verses and vocals flow gently along the beat which adds to that bewitching feeling. It’s that carnal desire to enjoy the act of lovemaking, but even more, I enjoy vibing out to that breezy instrumental. Logic’s ability to adapt to all types of beats and artistic styles always amazes me.


Logic is certainly the modern approach of a “Swiss army knife” rapper, as the artist can do it all. His cadence, flow, wordplay, and beat selection are all elite. Unfortunately, when you aspire to be a technical rapper, not every scheme will be your best and some may call your lines “corny.” However, Logic’s success is indisputable, and his versatility has led to a long and fruitful career.

While the artist has shown concern for the public’s opinion in his verses, I admire that he has always stayed true to himself and made music that he wanted to make. It is because of this that he has such a diverse body of work for anyone to enjoy. With that said, I hope you have gained some insight from my list of the best Logic songs and decided to check out more of his music. Logic has earned his flowers and continues to evolve his music to this day.

This article was written by Ryan and edited by Michael.

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