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Morgan Wallen is an American country music singer that rose to fame rather recently after competing on the popular television show The Voice. So if you’re a big fan of Morgan’s talent, or you’re just a casual fan seeking the best Morgan Wallen songs available, this article will provide you with the top Wallen songs you most need to add to your music playlist.

The Best Morgan Wallen Songs You’ll Love

Let’s begin with #15, which is a song entitled “Your Bartender.”

15) Your Bartender (2021)

This track was actually written by another famous country music singer, Thomas Rhett, who ended up giving the song to Wallen because he thought the song wouldn’t do well for his own career, but that Wallen would be a better fit (this is also true for Whiskey’d My Way, which is another song of Wallen’s that Rhett wrote). Wallen loved the song and recorded it almost immediately. 

The song is about a man willing to go to great lengths to get back the woman he loves. It is, truly, a song that fits Wallen’s sound well, compared to other tracks of his like Chain Smokin’ and Chasin’ You (two more songs of his that will make a later appearance on this list). The “hopeless but unrequited love” theme is one that Wallen is known for. 

I personally find this song to be very sweet, and I think the gentle, melodic guitar accentuates the message. There is emotion behind Wallen’s words that forces the audience to feel what he is feeling, and I think that just leads to a deeper connection that makes him that much more relatable to those that listen to him. 

14) Whatcha Know ‘Bout That (2018)

Everything about this song is so wonderfully country, from the references to “thumping skeeters” to “Little Cherry Skoal Dip”. It’s energetic, it’s fun, it has you tapping your foot all the way through. I’m surprised there isn’t a line dance to this one yet (though I’m sure it’s coming soon).

The guitar has a nice twang that matches Wallen’s Southern drawl, furthermore emphasizing the backwoods, homegrown country that already drips off of this song. I really couldn’t imagine anyone but Wallen singing this track. 

It’s only a matter of time before this song has the heels of cowboy boots tapping against the slick wooden floors of country dance halls all over the South. You can expect to see me at the front of the line dance when it does, too.

13) The Way I Talk (2018)

Another unmistakably country track. Another song that just wouldn’t be quite right without Wallen’s Southern twang. 

This was his debut to the world, a “here I am, this is me” kind of feel. It goes back to his small town roots and celebrates his upbringing and his character. The song has an irresistible guitar riff that underlies the whole thing, making it such an earworm that you can’t quite forget it, much like Wallen himself. Especially after his quick rise to fame, it was hard not to hear at least one of his songs daily on the radio. 

This message of personal pride in oneself is something that can resonate with everyone that listens to this song, but is also another example of lyrics that really bring you closer to the artist and make you appreciate how far Wallen has come. 

12) 865 (2021)

The numbers 865 is actually the area code of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Wallen says that hearing those numbers makes him think of home. The song was originally going to be titled “919” by original songwriters Blake Pendergrass and John Byron, but Wallen changed it to feel more personal to himself. 

Something about this song feels very real. There is a lot of emotion behind Wallen’s words. As the track starts off slow and builds up over its runtime, it draws you in more and more. It is impossible to skip this song when it pops up on a playlist. Many of Wallen’s songs are earworms, and this one is no exception. It’ll have you screaming a random phone number in your car, with the windows rolled down, feeling like you don’t have a care in the world. 

11) Stand Out (2016)

This song is another remarkably romantic one of Wallen’s, talking about no matter where they are, or what’s going on around them, the woman he loves will always be the center of his attention. She will always stand out in a crowd, never be outshined by any lights. It’s the kind of thing any woman would want the man she’s interested in to say to her. 

The instrumentals behind the song are upbeat, and has a nice rhythm that’ll having you nodding your head along all the way through. Aside from being hopelessly romantic, this song is just very charming. It’s another one that’s so fun to sing, you can’t help yourself. 

10) Still Goin Down (2021)

This song is a Friday night party anthem for countless Southern folks all across the country. It’s catchy, and while still being country at the heart, almost has a little bit of a pop feel to it. This one will catch your ear even if you aren’t country, attending a tailgate party in the middle of the woods with coolers full to the brim with beers and a staticky radio playing classic country hits. 

This song wasn’t around when I was a kid, but it reminds me of when I was a kid, in that exact scenario I explained above. Late at night, sitting around a fire, enjoying each other’s company. This song is what a small town country get together is about. 

The instrumentals in the song are just perfect, and the lyrics feel like Wallen telling a story from his childhood rather than singing. You know he’s experienced the things he’s singing about, and it just makes the song that much more loveable. 

9) Warning (2021)

Another heartbroken ballad. But one that wishes there was a sign, a warning, anything that would have stopped him from starting something with the girl that he is now heartbroken over. This is something a lot of us look for when it comes to our past relationships. I know that I definitely have an ex that I wish would’ve come with a warning sticker stuck to his forehead. 

Something about this song is grungy. It’s another one that you can really tell Wallen is feeling as he is singing it. With the snapping in the background, to the vocals that start low and reach a crescendo, even to the harmonization of the chorus. This song did no wrong. 

8) Neon Eyes (2021)

Neon Eyes is unique, in that, instead of being the heartbroken one, this song is about Wallen preparing someone else for heartbreak. It’s about a guy who is trying to leave a girl without breaking her heart. 

This track also has a bit of a funky vibe to it, especially in the drumbeat and the guitar picking. This is one that starts of slow and hits you hard with a powerful chorus. This song demands to be heard, demands that you pay attention. I can never skip it when it comes up on my playlist. I do, again, like that it’s a different perspective from his other songs, and think it holds its own well compared to those tracks. 

7) Sand in My Boots (2021)

This one is about summer love that doesn’t last, and trying to move on from the possibility of what might have been. It’s another traditional theme in many genres of music, but of course this has an unmistakably Wallen feel to it. 

This track is a beautiful display of Wallen’s vocals, from his signature raspy-ness to the vocal breaks that are riddled throughout the song. It’s slower than many of his other songs, giving it a uniqueness that makes it stand out on his discography. It makes me miss a summer love that I’ve never even had, and honestly makes me glad I’ve never had to move on from the heartbreak of something like this. 

6) You Proof (2022)

This is another one that is undoubtedly country to the core, but also has a bit of a pop feel to it. The country star actually released this song for his 29th birthday. It’s a track, just like Whiskey Glasses and a few others of his, that revolves around the theme of using alcohol to get over heartbreak. In this song, he can’t find anything with a high enough alcohol percentage to distract him from the girl he’s trying to get over. 

The guitar has a nice twang to it that it doesn’t have in a lot of his other songs, and it’s got a heavy, pop-inspired drum beat backing it up. I will admit, I almost didn’t like this song the first time I heard it, but it grew on me the more I listened to it. Clearly, since it has a fairly high ranking on this list. I like that it’s a bit of a change from his other songs, except maybe for tracks like Up Down and Broadway Girls. 

5) Whiskey Glasses (2018)

Undoubtedly one of his most well-known tracks, this is another one of Wallen’s heartbreak anthems. It’s about using alcohol to cope with a breakup, which is a common theme in many country songs, and this is Wallen’s take on that. 

It’s something close to a classic, and there’s no reason this song shouldn’t be one of his most revered. I adore the guitar in this song, and Wallen’s voice is just perfect for it. I especially enjoy the buildup from the first verse into the explosion of the main chorus, and the undeniably catchy bridge, the repeating “line ‘em up, knock ‘em back”, that has an intoxicating rhythm. This song as a whole is intoxicating, just like its subject matter. 

4) Talkin’ Tennessee (2018)

Wallen really utilizes his smooth-talking country swagger in this track. This is a song about drawing a woman in with his Southern charm, and how she can’t blame him for using said charm on her. 

The guitar picking and smooth, classy riffs just make this song that much better. It adds a vibe to this song that you really can’t find in any of his others. Wallen’s vocal inclinations work incredibly well with the message behind the lyrics. You almost feel like he’s singing directly to you as his audience. 

This song really does radiate charm, and I was pretty torn about putting this one a little higher on the list. But the last three songs beat this one out just by a hair. This track, undoubtedly, deserves all of the praise it has gotten.  

3) Chasin’ You (2018)

This is a song about never giving up on the person you really think is perfect for you, or at the very least, keeping them in your memory if you do have to eventually move on. Wallen wrote this song in late 2015 about something that he was going through, and it has always been a track that means a lot to him. 

With all of the high notes he hits throughout this song, I think this one is a good testament to Wallen’s vocal ability and range. It follows similar themes to many of his other songs, but something about this one just sets it apart from everything else. The guitar picking, or, again, the vocal ability. Whatever it may be, this song is truly a masterpiece and it is very easy to see why it holds a special place for Wallen. 

2) Chain Smokin’ (2016)

I know I’ve called most of these songs earworms so far, but this one I truly could not get out of my head for days after I heard it for the first time. In a performance Wallen did for the song, he talks about how he has an addictive personality and keeps going back to things even when he knows they will hurt him. This song is a testament to that. 

As someone who also has an addictive personality, I have been in a similar situation to the one Wallen talks about in this track, constantly going back to someone I knew wasn’t good for me. Maybe that’s why I think of this song so highly. It’s real. But it’s also catchy. It reminds me of heartbreak, but in a fun way.  Admittedly, those two things shouldn’t go together, but it works out very well in the case. 

1) Wasted on You (2021)

This track holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first song I heard from Wallen. I listened to it nonstop for days after hearing it for the first time. Though I will admit it took me awhile to finally listen to the song, because at that point, Wallen was already a huge artist, and I didn’t want to fall into the hype. But now, I’m glad I did. 

This is a heartbroken melody about wasting your time, money, and resources on someone who ends up not being worth it. It’s something that all of us have felt, when we have a relationship come to an end and we look back on all the things we wish we hadn’t done for that person. It reminds me of a time I spent nearly $200 on concert tickets for an ex, when he never did anything remotely similar for me. 

This song is addicting. I scream it until I’m out of breath every time it comes on. I truly cannot say enough good things about it, but the fact I put it number one on my list will just have to speak for itself. 


I could probably talk for hours about Morgan Wallen. He is one of the only newer country artists that I genuinely like—one that hasn’t tried to turn the genre into pop. His vocals set him apart from most, and he’s built a sound for himself that’s just so distinctly him. 

If you’re looking for the best Morgan Wallen songs available, well, you just can’t go wrong with any of the ones that have made this list.

This article was written by Angela and edited by Michael.

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