15 Best Redneck Country Songs You Will Love

Here Are the Best Redneck Country Songs!

A slang term given typically to country folk, the definition of “redneck,” is incredibly dynamic and subjective depending on who you ask. It carries a reputation that can either be derogatory and insulting or complimentary and boastful. 

Regardless of which way you twist the word, there will likely be a country song out there that proves your belief. So I struck out to find the best redneck country songs that touch on a little bit of everything that falls under this unique term. 

The Best Redneck Country Songs

A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr.

To kick off this list, I’ve chosen A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr

Something many people labeled as redneck take pride in is the ability to survive what they think many city folk couldn’t due to their conformity of modern advancements.

In this song, Williams sings of the modern-day panic that riddles the general public. However, through the use of storyline comparisons, Williams demonstrates how the simple ways of living can be more valuable than a lot of people realize. 

What makes A Country Boy Can Survive a great redneck country song, is the self-preservation narrative Williams delivers in that classic country baritone voice. 

The South by The Cadillac Three

Rednecks come from all different places, but stereotypically, rednecks are coined as Southern, and in the Venn Diagram of Southerners and rednecks.  Unapologetic pride over origin and roots (regardless of negative information pertaining to it) is the intersection.

The South is a feel-good party song, sung loud and proud by lead singer of The Cadillac Three, Jaren Johnston. While the song doesn’t have a whole lot of complexity to it, the lyrical simplicity of listing off the names of Southern states, mentioning dive bars, and saying the word Magnolia, really sums up that Southern redneck origin story pride. 

While most of the song praises Southern states, the chorus even makes space for those in the Northern states as well, inviting them in to join in on the party.  It’s almost as if to say “see, we canbe inclusive.”

This is a true redneck country song you just cannot miss out on. 

Where The Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw

On a more sentimental note, it’s clear that the term redneck is more than a word, it’s a form of true self identity for some.  

The storyline of Where The Green Grass Grows tells of McGraw’s present day life seemingly in the city. In a powerful verse, he says there’s bars on the windows and bars on his heart, portraying a sense of isolation in his current place of residence. 

At some point, everyone has felt out of place, causing them to wish they could relocate to a place they fit better. For McGraw, that wish is for a countryside house, a rocking chair to the west, and the sun going down over flourishing corn fields. 

Where The Green Grass Grows is a great redneck country song because it shows that those core country values are not fleeting or faked, but rather they’re part of who the people are at their most base level. 

The Way I Talk by Morgan Wallen

Another revolving factor around the redneck stereotype is speech, and the drawl that comes with it.  And you definitely get that in this Morgan Wallen song.

In The Way I Talk Morgan Wallen uses a fantastic double entendre to pay respects to both his accent and to the life he lives. In the song, he touches on respecting his parents, accepting what God gave him, and his unique disposition due to the the Southern life he was born into. 

Interestingly enough, Wallen tells Billboard in a 2017 interview  he had no intention of this song becoming a country music anthem, but rather a simple expression and representation of who he really is. 

While Morgan may not have intended his song to be a country anthem, it’s beautiful representation of pride quickly became something many people identified with, rednecks included. 

Boys Round Here by Blake Shelton

Boys Round Here by Blake Shelton is a true redneck country song, giving the rest of the world a peek into the extraordinary life of the all American redneck. 

Boys Round Here spills it all, sharing the deeply kept secrets of redneck life, including what the common topic matter is that city folk just wouldn’t understand. The deep and intellectual discourse over topics like girls, trucks, red dirt, and kicking up dust. 

Additionally, Blake enlightens the listener with the shocking fact that those country boys from Kentucky cannot, I repeat cannot, do the Dougie. An odd thing to need to clarify, but not terribly surprising either for a redneck country song.  

Jokes aside, Boys Round Here did manage to peak at number two on the the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart shortly after its release in 2013 due to the song’s relatability to the country life narrative. 

Truth be told, redneck country life is a simply lived one, which is part of what makes it so great.

Clearly this song plucks some redneck heart strings in a positive way with roughly 176,829,645 plays on Spotify to date. 

FishinIn The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Possibly one of the most wholesome of redneck country songs, and a love song to boot, is Fishin’ In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. 

There’s nothing more sacred to a traditional redneck than the coveted secret fishing spot. In Fishin’ In The Dark, not only does the singer reveal the secret fishing spot to their love interest, they even go so far as to admit they don’t care if the fish bite, a real statement of affection coming from a redneck fisherman. 

What makes this a notable redneck country song isn’t just the twang, the catchy beat, or the harmonies, but rather the storyline of sharing something meaningful with the person you love out in nature.

Making quality memories without the use of technology, trends, or social media is one of the foundational components of redneck culture, and that’s exactly what Fishin’ In The Dark narrates. 

Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson

Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson is beautiful as it describes the positive side of what it means to be a redneck. For those who take pride in the title, they typically stand by the traditional, uncomplicated ways of life. 

In each verse, Jackson tells the story of a man who started off in humble settings, married a fellow small town woman later in adulthood, created a family of his own, and built a home with his own two hands.

This song is reflectant upon the slow living, hard working, Jesus loving parts of being a redneck.  It sends a great message while maintaining a catchy country tempo, which is why it made my list without question.


If you’re looking for the redneck country song equivalent to a pissing contest, look no further than REDNECKER by HARDY. 

The song REDNECKER is a 3 minute 21 second song of HARDY telling whoever cares to listen that he wins every redneck category to ever exist. Ever.

From taxidermy animals on the wall, to the shade of blue on his collar, to the size of his chewing tobacco lump in his lip, he will out redneck anyone who dare challenge his impressive Southern boy achievements. 

Honestly, in my opinion, if someone took the time to write an entire 3 verse song about being “rednecker than you”, chances are it’s probably accurate. The passion behind owning the title is evident in this song. The catchy beat and amusing lyrics creates the perfect condition for a week long ear worm that you can’t but but hum to yourself throughout the day. 

While HARDY continues to explore different genres of music such as hard rock, he explains that  he will always be “the same old redneck f*ck, who don’t give a damn.”

And for that HARDY, we appreciate you. 

Heartland by George Strait

While the redneck stereotype typically falls within the Southern region of the US, truthfully rednecks can be found all over the countryside of this nation. 

In his song Heartland, George Strait sings a song about a place where men work hard, good music plays, neighbors are kind to one another, and nature is abundant. 

Heartland describes the redneck life with short and sweet lyrics. Additionally, it doesn’t focus on one single place, but rather gives credit to a generalized area of American countryside.  This song’s all encompassing lyrics makes it a great redneck country song for those in the South, North, and everywhere in between. 

Huntin, Fishin, and LovinEvery Day by Luke Bryan 

The strong belief in providing for oneself, and having the skillset to be self sufficient in terms of food, shelter, and income, is a very prominent characteristic in the redneck culture. 

In his song Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day, Luke Bryan showcases his outdoorsman nature by not only singing about his love for being out in the pines, but also the vitality it has in supporting his life. 

Throughout the song, he imagines a life where he doesn’t require having a “regular job” and can obtain everything he needs to live happily just by hunting the land and fishing in the river. 

In a fun play on words, he describes getting “red dirt rich and Flint River pay” signifying how money is just a material item, but the products of nature are what people really need. 

Huntin’ Fishin’ And Lovin’ Everyday is a true reflection of redneck tradition. 

Redneck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan

Redneck Yacht Club is a perfect redneck country song because it pushes back on the fancy pants yacht lifestyle and promotes an open door to a good time regardless of your social status or boating abilities. 

Through clever and catchy lyrics, Morgan reclaims the boating culture by giving it a nice redneck twist, describing their group of houseboats as a floating trailer park. Unlike your standard snobby yacht clubs, Morgan’s crew leaves a spot open for anyone with a boat and a good time attitude to join his party.  

This redneck country song is the perfect addition to a sunny day boating on the lake or floating in a tube down a river. 

Boot Scootin’ Boogie by Brooks and Dunn

By now it’s understood that one of the core characteristics of redneck culture is physical hard work, but the day doesn’t end when the work is over. 

Boot Scootin’ Boogie by Brooks and Dunn tells about the honky tonk good times after work, when everyone can finally let loose, throw back some drinks, and dance the working blues away. 

After a long day of earning, nothing says redneck quite like cutting a rug in a line dance out in a country honky tonk.

Boot Scootin’ Boogie made my list of best redneck country songs because it demonstrates the “work hard, party harder” part of redneck life. A universal concept many people can relate to. 

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy by Kenny Chesney 

I say this in the most respectful way: only rednecks would be able to write a song that is one giant sexual innuendo about farming, and damn entertaining one at that!  

In She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Kenny Chesney walks us through the end of his farming day, when out of nowhere an attractive woman brings him dinner because she really wants a ride on his “tractor” (cough).The song goes on to describe the sex appeal of his farming equipment, and how this woman can’t seem to get enough of it. 

This witty and comedic country song is popular amongst all music lovers. Released in the 90’s, it still has incredible popularity in the 2020’s and doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon. 

It just goes to show how even the most redneck of country songs can steal the hearts of people belonging to all lifestyles if it’s written a certain way. 

Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson

We’ve given the redneck boys a lot of attention so far in this list, so lets take a moment to tip our hats to miss Gretchen Wilson with her hit single Redneck Woman.

This redneck country anthem describes the pieces of Gretchen she’s most proud of, which she explains to be a tom-boyish disposition with low class habits of drinking beer at the local bar, leaving her Christmas lights up all year round, and wearing off brand Walmart lingerie. 

Gretchen Wilson did a fantastic job taking all the insulting stereotypical descriptions of a redneck woman, and created an anthem so strong it flips the script on what some people might consider a shameful lifestyle.

I may not be a redneck girl like her, but I’ll still definitely give Gretchen a “hell yeah.” 

Redneck S**t by Wheeler Walker Jr. 

I wanted to end this list with a bang, which is why I chose Redneck S**t by Wheeler Walker Jr. There really cannot be enough explicit warnings on this tune, so listener discretion advised. 

In the simplest summary possible, Walker sings about activities he loves to partake in throughout his day to day life, but using very explicit language to do so.

While the lyrics of Redneck Sh** might hit the ears at a sharp angle, and maybe make the stomach a little queasy, there’s more to the story than just tasteless expressions, dirty descriptions, and shock factor. It’s true purpose is to make the listener laugh. 

Wheeler Walker Jr. is known for his use of explicit, raunchy lyrics and his satirical comedy with country music. As shocking as the lyrics to Redneck S**t may be, he successfully uses satire to bring attention to the stigmas and insults that stem from the word redneck, and in a way, takes the meaning back from those who use it as a demeaning title. 

Walker tells Rolling Stone how he considers himself a redneck, and that making fun of rednecks and country music was far from his goal. Rather, the intent is to make top selling country music that incorporates comedy unlike any other country music album has. 

Considering Wheeler Walker Jr. has 1,363,866 monthly listeners on Spotify, I think he’s on to something. 

Wrapping It Up

To be redneck is to be many things depending who you ask, some being blue collar, self sufficient, well versed in honky tonk partying, and just straight up country AF.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my personal list of the best redneck country songs ever made.

The next time you’re listening to a country song, ask yourself: “Does this sounds like something a redneck would listen to?” 

Chances are, even if you’re saying no, someone else out there is saying “hell yeah.”


This article was written by Paige and edited by Michael.

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