10 Country Songs for Funerals That Honor and Celebrate Life

Looking for Country Songs for Funerals?  These ten songs might just fit your needs.

When a friend or family member dies, you want to plan a funeral that honors their memory and highlights their life. And thankfully, music can help us do just that.  So in today’s article, I’m going to share a handful of suitable country songs for funerals that are wonderful picks if you’re planning a memorial service for the person you loved.

Country Songs for Funeral Songs You’ll Appreciate

Let’s begin with a song by both Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton.

“When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton

“When I Get Where I’m Going” is one of the most beautiful and tender country songs you can play at a funeral. It tells a beautiful story from the perspective of the person who has passed on. They sing about going to heaven and releasing the pains and heartaches of this mortal life. 

Brad Paisley sings the first verse and paints a glorious picture of spreading wings and flying and finding the peace to pet a lion. The guitar and piano accompaniment are almost reminiscent of the country version of a harp and chorus of angels. 

When Dolly Parton joins the song, she brings her iconic voice that is both soft and powerful. She sings above Brad Paisley in a descant that brings the image of angels joining the person who has passed and helping guide them to heaven. 

“Sleeping in the Stars” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

“Sleeping in the Stars” comes from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s album “The Rest of Our Life.” The album is a perfect love story, as McGraw and Hill sing together, in partnership, echoing their love for one another, as they have now been married for over 20 years

McGraw and Hill said they wanted the album to be a collaboration and a conversation, not just a verse of Tim McGraw singing followed by a verse of Faith Hill singing. You can hear that dedication to collaboration, nuance, and support in the harmonies they use in this song. 

“Sleeping in the Stars” is the perfect song to play if the person who has passed on was devoted to their partner in every way. The song sings about how even after someone is gone, they will always be with the people they love, as they “sleep in the stars.” 

The soft singing and delicate harmonies almost sound like a lullaby, and you can imagine the people you love resting peacefully, but always staying close by to watch over you.

“Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

“Temporary Home” is bittersweet. It tells the story of three different people who know their circumstances are only temporary. The first is a little boy who has moved to a new town with a new family and does not feel that it is his home. The second is about a mom with her daughter living in a halfway home, just trying to make ends meet. 

The third verse is the verse that ties it together for a funeral. The third verse tells of an old man in a hospital, about to pass from this life. He comforts his family by saying his time here on Earth was temporary, and heaven is his true home. 

This song can be a great comfort for everyone who mourns someone who is lost. It speaks to a feeling that they are in a better place. While Carrie Underwood is famous for her powerful belting voice and strong songs, this song is gentler. She stays in a softer voice and lets her head voice come in more, which gives it a tender feeling. 

“You Can’t Make Old Friends” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton makes the list again for her collaboration with Kenny Rogers. This song talks about a friendship that endures the test of time, and how when one of the friends eventually passes, no other friendship will ever compare. It is perfect to play at the memorial of someone who formed close, powerful friendships. 

The song is particularly poignant because Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were friends for years. You can hear the authenticity in the way they sing about their friendship and how singing will not be the same when they are no longer singing together.

“I’m Already There” by Lonestar

“I’m Already There” is another song perfect for people who feel like their loved one is still close. The chorus sings about how the absent person is all around, in nature and spirit. For people who have a strong connection to the spirituality of the world around them, this can be a great way to commemorate their memory. 

Though the song originally tells of a husband who is away from his wife and kids and will return soon, the lyrics also stand for someone who passes from this life before the rest of their family. 

“One More Day” by Diamond Rio

“One More Day” is a perfect song for a memorial. Diamond Rio recently talked about how the song has been used to memorialize so many people, including Dale Earnhardt and victims of 9/11. The song had meaning for them, but they feel it has even more meaning for their fans. 

The song tells about how the narrator had a dream that they could have one thing their heart desired, and they wished to spend one more day with someone they loved. It is a poignant reminder to take advantage of every day that you have with the people you love. 

“Over You” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert wrote, “Over You” with her then-husband, Blake Shelton. Lambert said that she and Shelton wrote the song to honor Shelton’s older brother, who died at a young age in a car accident. 

This song is an impactful memorial for someone who passed on too early. You can hear the raw emotion in Lambert’s voice when she sings, “But you went away. How dare you?” It makes you empathize with being upset that someone left you behind. You do not want to just “get over it,” because you love them. 

Then, when she softens on, “I miss you,” it perfectly portrays the feeling of being upset just because you are too afraid to slip into the grief of losing someone. 

“I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice

Everyone deals with grief in their way, and this song honors every way that we choose to remember those who have passed on. Lee Brice sings about how he drives his brother’s truck to remember and feel close to him. 

This can be a great choice for a funeral for someone who was stoic and brave, or who has many surviving family members who are. It encourages them to each find their way to connect with their deceased loved ones.

“Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton

“Broken Halos” is another song to commemorate those who passed on before everyone here on Earth was ready to let them go. Chris Stapleton took the country music world by storm with his somewhat raspy, down-to-earth voice. This song honors that honest voice in a sheer emotional moment. 

The song speaks about broken halos and folded angel wings. Stapleton does not try to explain why people leave us before their time. He simply honors their memory and celebrates that they are angels now. 

“Meet Me in Heaven” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash has one of the most iconic voices in the country music world. He combines a calm, speaking style of singing that rumbles through your bones with clever and powerful lyrics.  

This song speaks of a joyful reunion when two people are reunited in heaven. Johnny Cash sings about how it will be perfect because they will know each other and they will still have all of their memories together. 


Funerals are difficult. It is painful to lose someone you love, and everyone is doing their best to memorialize someone they cared about while still mourning the loss. 

Music is one of the most important aspects of a funeral. It connects people’s hearts and offers a way for people to honor and work through their grief. It also powerfully seals the memory of the person who passed. These country songs for funerals are a great starting place for helping you honor and respect someone who has passed on from this life. 

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