16 Hottest Female Country Singers That Are Amazing

Discover the Hottest Female Country Singers Working Today

If you love country music, and you love and enjoy female singers in the genre, then it makes all the sense in the world to give some appreciation to some of the hottest female country singers burning up the charts.  So in this article, we’re going to pay some respect to the women in country music that have the perfect concoction of beauty and talent.

Hottest Female Country Singers You’ll Love

Let’s begin with Jana Kramer.

1) Jana Kramer

There isn’t anything Jana Kramer can’t do. She’s a phenomenal singer, actress, and dancer. This multitalented superstar won 4th place in Dancing with the Stars back in 2016. It’s an experience watching her perform! Jana Kramer has an athletic physique and the most contagious smile.

I’m sure you’ve heard her popular top 10 hit, “I Got the Boy”, a thoughtful, selfless breakup song. Now, her newest song, “The Story” tells a heartbreaking story about divorce, you should give it a whirl!

2) Ingrid Andress

Nowadays, there’s a common belief that going to college is a complete waste of time. Ingrid Andress proves many people wrong as she majored in songwriting and performance and has had the opportunity to write songs for renowned artists like Alicia Keys and Charli XCX.

She connects with her female audience with songs like “Lady Like” and “More Hearts Than Mine”, which topped the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart. She is an excellent pianist and vocalist with an expressive song style. The gaze in her eyes is quite hypnotizing, it’s like she’s staring into your soul, wow!

3) Ashley McBryde

With a heavily tattooed torso, rock star sunglasses, and black-on-black style, Ashley McBryde has got one of the most unique fashion senses in the history of women in country music. Some may dig the grunge look more than others, but she’s a total hottie in my book.

She dropped out of college to follow her musical dream and it seems she’s now living her best life. Her acoustic guitar is always in arms’ reach.

“One Night Standards” is my favorite song by McBryde. I love the wordplay and eye-opening message she delivers in this melancholy tune. She’s got the whole package!

4) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a country music icon with a knack for telling a great story. She’s dipped her toes in many categories, from country and pop music to acting (I love her cameo in “New Girl”). She is a remarkable songwriter and we admire that she’s brave enough to write and sing about her life, regardless of the hate and the drama! Whether she’s on stage or dancing in the pit, Taylor Swift is always in the moment.

She is a total dreamboat at almost 6 feet of pure elegance. Plus she’s got that red lip, classic thing that you like (if you know, you know). She is super charismatic during her top-notch live performances. She also makes it a thing to show her appreciation towards fans and always makes them one of her priorities.

5) Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce sings some of my favorite songs like “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and “Every Little Thing”, a major hit. She is the girl that can rock a sundress in boots or heels with confidence you only see on a catwalk. We’re all crazy about her strong vocal capacity to alternate from a low, deep voice to a higher one!

6) Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett, the youngest on our list, has a gothic-like style that makes her stand out. Don’t let her out-of-the-ordinary fashion sense fool you, Gabby Barrett was proclaimed Country Music’s Next Female Superstar!

“I Hope” is my go-to song when I’m feeling vengeful. You can hear the grit in Gabby Barrett’s voice when listening to this track. Without over-explaining, she gets cheated on and can’t wait for her ex to get a taste of his own medicine. How could someone do something this selfish to such a bold, powerful female?

7) Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is a notable country singer and songwriter. She is known for singing stirring songs about her home life and past. Songs like “homecoming queen?” and “half of my hometown” are just a taste of her tender musical style. I appreciate that she’s open about her roots and background.

She has glowing, radiant skin and is glamorous in jeans or sparkling dresses. She’s also got the biggest smile when performing on stage, it lights up the room! Looks aside, Kelsea Ballerini is the first solo female country artist to top both country music charts simultaneously!

8) Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell has a fierce yet easygoing aura. She’s got a sweet, playful appearance to her; you know she’s a fun gal to kick it back with!

I’m obsessed with her song “I Don’t Love You” because of how effortlessly she executes each word. Her album, “The Project,” was awarded Billboard’s Best Country Album of 2017. A true artist, she hardly hits the stage without her guitar in her hands. Talk about good looks and talent!

9) Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is a country music expert, with many number-one hits! She owns the country girl look as much as she owns the stage during her crowd-moving live performances. From the 10-gallon hats to the skin-tight jeans, Miranda Lambert turns heads everywhere she goes!

Also, she isn’t scared of a little fire on stage, is that hot or what?

10) Carrie Underwood

We all knew our girl, Carrie Underwood, would make it on the list. She’s the hot, glamorous star that is recognized for hits like “Before He Cheats”, “Something in the Water”, and “Church Bells”.

Known for her signature heavy eyeliner and majestic dresses, she is also by far the most popular American Idol winner. This woman manifested her dreams and truly sets the bar high.

11) Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves has the traits that make a vixen. With her long, dark hair and full lips, her alluring aura can sweep anyone off their feet.

Ironically, she’s the queen of feel-good country songs like “Follow Your Arrow”, “Butterflies”, and “Rainbow”. She spreads positivity everywhere she goes!

12) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus continues her family’s musical legacy with fun country pop originals like “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” and “The Climb”. She also covers many songs to show off her vocal ability. Check out her performances in “The Backyard Sessions” to get a feel for how her raspy, twangy voice is meant to sing the country blues.

Miley Cyrus really puts herself out there and she’s always been proud of the skin she’s in. She has done many projects in the nude causing complete chaos in the media. Despite all the controversy, the world still comes around to accepting the true talent that she has. Her talent speaks for itself!

13) Maren Morris

Maren Morris is my personal favorite. I have all of her songs on my playlist. I keep her song, “80s Mercedes” on repeat because I, too, am a 90s baby and I wish I could have a 1980s Mercedes. It’s my dream car, it’s like she knows me. That is one of her more witty songs, but she’s also got meaningful tracks, such as “The Bones”, “Girl”, and “I Could Use a Love Song”, that will get you in your thoughts.

Morris’ live performances are full of power and grace, as well. Interestingly, she didn’t make it past the first wave of American Idol auditions back in 2007. This is a woman that never quits, which serves as a reminder to us always: always keep believing in yourself.

What many admire about Morris, aside from her impactful songs, is her bold way of normalizing real, natural beauty. She isn’t afraid to share her imperfections, and that makes her perfect in my eyes. She speaks up about the pressure women feel to “bounce back” quickly after giving birth and proudly shows off her postpartum body, embracing her “mom belly”.

She’s a beautiful soul, with stunning facial features and a striking sense of style. She’s out there inspiring other women to feel secure about themselves, as a hot woman like herself would do!

14) Cam

Cam is a spirited, intelligent singer that led quite a successful college education but then decided she’d rather miss out on psychology than music. Nothing’s hotter than a woman that takes what she needs! Her perseverance is astounding, she’s a woman of many skills.

Many drool over her signature bouncy, blonde curls and gentle voice. Listen to “Till There’s Nothing Left” and you’ll see what I mean. Not to mention, her hit song “Burning House” made it on the Billboard Country Airplay, the Hot Country Songs, and the Hot 100 charts!

She has written songs for popular artists like Sam Smith and Miley Cyrus, who also made it on our list today.  Cam is quite conservative in terms of fashion, which proves that you do not need to show off so much skin to be hot!

15) Hillary Scott (Lady A)

Hillary Scott is from the well-known country music group, Lady A (formerly known as Lady Antebellum). Songs like “Just a Kiss” and “What If I Never Get Over You” are outstanding bodies of work. I’m always enamored when listening to her perform. She is extremely passionate any time she hits the stage, it seriously makes my heart flutter.

Ironically, she failed two American Idol auditions! What a huge loss on their end; they missed out on a gifted, gorgeous vocalist.

Hillary Scott’s casually professional sense of style is one for the books. She leaves an impression and is truly a force to be reckoned with.

16) Mickey Guyton

Mickey Guyton certainly has the beauty to be at the very top of this list, but she also has the talent.  It feels like Guyton has been patiently (or perhaps nervously) waiting on the powers that be to give her the green light to truly shine.  And finally, it happened.

But what I like about Guyton is that, despite many fans seeing her as a truly brand new artist who seemingly came out of nowhere, that isn’t quite the case.  For the past few years, I noticed Guyton was dropping new country singles here and there—and they were quite good.  It always baffled me why she wasn’t given more shine or appreciation, although the most obvious explanation is staring us in the face—she’s a black woman operating in the realm of country music.  

That’s why I love that Guyton embraced this reality with “Black Like Me.”  I think she needed to address her truth, and the truth of her people, in a genre of music that almost never does that.  That doesn’t pigeon hole Guyton into a myopic category of “Black Female Country Singers.”  Instead, I believe it makes her stand out as a unique artist—one who’s willing to break the limited confines of what others deem country music to be about.

And what’s hotter than that?


Today, there are so many women in music to praise. They are all special in their own way. These beautiful, accomplished women have made an impact in the music industry and that’s why they’re the hottest female country singers in my eyes.

This article was written by Shannon, with one addition by Michael (artist Mickey Guyton).

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