10 INFP K-Pop Idols That Are Amazing

Discover the INFP K-Pop Idols That Fans Absolutely Adore!
Discover the INFP K-Pop idols that are beloved by fans

Everyone loves K-Pop singers and groups because of the catchy lyrics, sweet vocals and great dance choreography.  But fans there also a lot of INFP K-Pop idols that are beloved for their vulnerable, introverted, and creative personalities, too.  So without further delay, here are my favorite K-pop singers that appear to be INFP (which stands for (I)ntroverted, I(N)tuitive, (F)eeling and (P)rospecting.

My Favorite INFP K-Pop Idols

Seeun – STAYC

Seeun, from the amazing K-pop girl group STAYC, is an INFP. You can check out the YouTube videos where the STAYC girls talk about their personality types (below)! The girls were asked a few questions so viewers could get an idea of how people with certain personality types might respond to certain situations.

When asked how they would react if they were to meet a friend at a certain time upon arrival, Seeun responded that she’s really not sure. The next question was along the lines of the following: if you woke up one morning and found that you were the last person in the world, how would you react?

While some members said they’d be terrified and other’s said they’d be extremely happy, Seeun responded again that she wasn’t sure (the girls were also being timed and only had a few seconds to answer, so this might be why she was a bit indecisive). 

Another question was this: what makes you happy? Seeun responded with “to be told I’m pretty, to be told I love you, thank you and I like you!”

It felt that though her responses were slightly brief and indecisive, it actually expressed how INFP’s react under pressure. I believe INFP’s are quite introspective and need a bit more time to think when faced with intricate questions or extreme (and hypothetical) scenarios. Also, as the mediator, there is never truly only one answer to a question for this personality type!

Seeun on stage gives off INFP vibes, as well. She is not overly expressive nor overly confident. Seeun does not do anything to purposely stick out, yet one can’t help but be drawn to her because of her beautiful features, expressions and perfect dancing. She has a balanced stage presence! Many might argue that she’s the perfect K-Pop idol! 

My favorite song by StayC is Run2U off of their album Young Luv! I love this song, because it’s as if the retro 80s met a modern day type beat. The choreography is fun and and their vocals are beautiful!

Hongjoong – Ateez

Hongjoong is the leader of Ateez with a INFP personality type, and it makes perfect sense! INFP types are empathetic, truthful, and open minded. Since INFP’s are mediators, these are all great attributes to have when it comes to leading. 

If you watch Ateez’s content, you can recognize some notable things. Check out their official YouTube channel where they talk about their personality types and play games! I find it very impressive that Hongjoong, as well as fellow member San, have remained INFP over the years, as it is common for personalities to change over time.

Hongjoong is extremely expressive on stage, however. He brings quite a lot of personality and style to his performances. But even so, he is not necessarily a loud performer, and though he has a lot of energy on stage, I would not label him as an energetic performer either. 

When you watch him perform, you can tell how serious he is about his craft.  It is almost theatrical. He can blend his characters, his rap style, and his dance effortlessly. Hongjoong can definitely put on a show!

Off stage, it certainly seems like he is an introvert. Hongjoong works very hard when it comes to producing and making music for his group, and in his vlogs you will often find him on his own if he has down time! 

My favorite quote of Hongjoong’s is “Did I teach you to dream small?” The leader of Ateez always looks out for his fans and his members. He is a very inspirational person who promotes hard work and not giving up!

San – Ateez 

San of Ateez truly highlights the (F) Feeling and (P) Perspective parts of INFP. Whether San is communicating with his fans through a livestream, a letter post in the fan club, or a daily vlog— he always shows just how caring and mindful he is. San has shared with his fans many beautiful thoughts and memories he has, and has proven to be a very big comfort to his fanbase in doing so.

Fans (and non fans alike) can also see how kind his soul is when he takes care of the people around him. He is a very polite man and is known to be the first to lend a helping hand (not only to his group members, but to their staff as well).

INFP’s are often called “The Introverted Extroverts” (just as ENFP’s are called The Extroverted Introverts). San really embraces this aspect of this personality type as well, and it shows loud and clear when he performs.

How so, you might ask?  Well, when San performs on stage, he is like a completely different person! San brings an immense amount of energy, excitement, power, and passion when he dances.

My favorite song by ATEEZ is their B side Take Me Home of the album Zero Fever: Part 2 ! I love this song because of it’s groovy, danceable 80’s type beat and emotional vocals. This song is one of many that shows everyone in the group is a great singer. San also has a solo stage to this song, please check it out!


Junhui of SEVENTEEN might be quite the enigma to the untrained eye. Jun was an actor in China before becoming well known as an amazing dancer of SEVENTEEN. With Jun’s fantastic acting skills, one really might not know just how shy, awkward and introverted he can be (while also being sweet, loving, and caring). All twelve other members (yes, you read that right!) have expressed just how much of a comfort he is to everyone in the group on and off stage.

When not on stage and not filming a music video, it might be extremely obvious just how introverted Jun is. But it is important to note that this introversion is only activated when he is surrounded by people he doesn’t know well (like most introverts, of course).

Jun might come across as very shy and quiet, but if you put him in a room full of people he knows well, he might seem like the life of the party. Watch him interact with old and new friends on a competition show from some years ago here!

On stage while dancing, or while acting in front of a camera, Jun brings such a uniqueness and sleekness to his performances. There is no doubt how hard he works to put on a great performance! With all that said, Junhui is the kind of person to lean on or go to for advice. He is an all around beautiful human being, inside and out, and an amazing representative of INFP’s!

Seungcheol – SEVENTEEN

Seungcheol is a rapper, and leader, of the thirteen member group SEVENTEEN! Now at first glance, one might not know whether Seungcheol is introverted or extroverted. Because he is the leader of the entire group, and must watch over thirteen people and their schedules every day, his personality might be difficult to gauge.

In fact, you might not know if Seungcheol even has the time to be an introvert, given his responsibilities to the group. But if you have the time to watch SEVENTEEN’s content, or decide to follow Seungcheol on Instagram you might catch some pretty obvious hints into his personality.

It is almost a given that Seungcheol is a bit of a mediator type, as well. Dealing with so many different personalities, ages, and situations, it is almost ideal to be an INFP. Because even though INFP’s are often labeled as quiet or sensitive, they are also known for their passion, profoundness and natural leadership. 

Seungcheol definitely shows his passion, hard work, and love for performing as soon as he steps on stage. He is able to give powerful performances whether he’s dancing, singing, or rapping. But no matter what, Seungcheol is able to make the stage his own! If you want to get an inside to Seungcheol’s daily life away from the stage, check out his personal Instagram account here!

My favorite song by SEVENTEEN would have to be Don’t Listen In Secret written by Woozi of SEVENTEEN, and performed by the Vocal Unit of SEVENTEEN. 

Taemin – SHINee

SHINee’s Taemin was a bit of a surprise. I thought he might be an INFJ personality type, but when I put a lot of thought into it, INFP really suits him better. Taemin is a very creative person, which you can easily see by the way he expresses himself through dance, his music and his artistry as a whole. 

 When Taemin was younger,  his personality seemed very silly and carefree. That is indeed expected of children and teenagers, and he has noticeably matured into a very compelling and amazing adult. 

It should be worth noting that an INFP’s weakness is being self critical. Taemin seems to strive for perfection, and in that way, he might be a bit harder on himself than the average person when it comes to doing well. I especially noticed how much care and carefulness he put into his very first solo album Ace. You can watch the beautiful compilation of videos of Taemin from his debut at 13 years old to him working hard during his Ace and Danger era below!

My favorite song by Taemin is probably Pretty Boy off of his first album Ace because he was able to perform a song with very meaningful lyrics, alongside his best friend Kai of EXO. Pretty Boy was a song they could both relate to, so I absolutely loved to see them have a blast on stage together. 

Meanwhile, myfavorite SHINee song would be Close The Door off of their 2013 album Everybody. Rest in Peace Jonghyun!

Taehyung – BTS

Taehyung from BTS is probably one of the most well known INFP’s to date. Taehyung is known for his extremely bubbly, fun and sometimes random personality. Fans and non-fans alike can easily tell that though he’s a bit goofy and spontaneous, he is very caring and loving. These qualities make it easy to identify that he is indeed an INFP. Check out BTS’s MBTI Lab content on their YouTube channel below!

One of the discussions the group had was, in the case that robots took over the world, how might they react. Taehyung’s answer stuck out quite a lot! He mentioned that yes, he would be scared but after some time passes, he would just be used to it! This is a great example of the INFP mind! INFP’s are extremely open minded and often think much deeper than just in black-and-white. 

On stage, Taehyung brings a lot of energy, fun and seems to really enjoy performing! Off stage, Taehyung tends to be dimmed down a bit, very introspective, creative and always working on perfecting his craft. This is definitely when you’d see his introverted side come out!

My favorite song by BTS is Hip Hop Phile off of their 2014 album Dark & Wild because RM, Suga and J-hope are rapping about all of their inspirations and why they fell in love with hip hop. I love the heavy bass and hip hop style beat. What I love most about this song is that it isn’t very pop-y, it’s slower, the vocals give an R&B flare but the rapping still holds a lot of passion.

Jisung – NCT

In NCT‘s fun MBTI content MBTI Chamber, the members talk about the INFP personality type and how accurate it is for Jisung. They talk specifically about how INFP’s are quirky, funny and enjoy helping others. They say INFP’s are very sensitive (empathetic), are full of random facts, and have a unique charisma!

As a fan, it all seems very accurate. Park Jisung is an amazing performer on stage. No matter if this song is fast or slow, your eyes will always be drawn to him. He has a way of dancing that completely captivate the viewer.

Offstage, Ji-sung seems very quiet and introverted. But it is well known by his members and fans that he is always thinking! Get a better feel of Jisung off-stage by checking out his Instagram page here!

My favorite song by NCT Dream is Teddy Bear. I absolutely love the dream-like melody, and sweet vocals. In Teddy Bear we are finally able to hear Jisung’s honey like vocals! The flow of the song is quite unsuspecting for a K-Ppop song too! The lyrics and music match completely and could lull you into a peaceful dream state!


Jennie of BLACKPINK is said to be a true INFP. Watching her interviews and on-stage performances these days reflects the personality type (check out the cute video below). Jennie has expressed that what she values most is her family, friends, and fans.

It would seem she is quite the homebody as well, at least when when she is not working (in the video below, for example, Jennie talks about not doing much in her free time and enjoying spending time with her dog).  Regardless of her personality, Jennie is a hard worker. Check out her interview with Elle, where she even talks about taking on her first acting role in the HBO series “The Idol.”

Everyone knows Jennie has a lot of charisma while on stage! While off stage, she seems very calm and has even admitted that she becomes a bit shy at times. I think these things really make up the INFP’s personality type.

My favorite BLACKPINK song is Yeah Yeah Yeah. It is a very feel good song and I absolutely love the retro summertime vibes it brings! This is one of those songs that make you want to drive around with no specific destination in mind, all windows down, singing at the top of your lungs!

Hyunjin – Stray Kids 

The main dancer of Stray Kids, Hyunjin is an INFP through and through! Something I’ve noticed about INFP’s is that usually if you start out as an INFP, you hardly ever change! This personality type is fairly set. You can find Hyunjin and the rest of the Stray Kids members taking their MBTI test below and comparing their results to when they’d taken it a few years ago.

On stage, Hyunjin’s stage presence is out of this world. He is arguably one of the most talented fourth generation K-Pop performers out there. The creativity and emotion Hyunjin is able to express single-handedly through his choreography and dance truly encompasses what it means to be an INFP. When you tune into his livestreams, you can see just how introspective and passionate he is for his career and music.

My favorite Stray Kids song is Grow Up from one of their first albums I Am Not. This song holds a special place in my heart because it really encompasses the feelings of growing up and stepping into adulthood. 

The most reassuring part is in the song Stray Kids is telling us that it’s okay to make mistakes and don’t give up when things in life get difficult. That even our parents made the same mistakes we have; it’s all apart of growing up. We are doing well and we are not alone!

This article was written by Morgan and edited by Michael.

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