10 Juice WRLD Love Songs That Are Amazing

Enjoy These Amazing Juice WRLD Love Songs

Jarad Higgins, A.K.A Juice WRLD, changed the definition of the rap genre for many during the time he was alive. In this article, we’re going to share with your our favorite Juice WRLD love songs, which you’ll hopefully appreciate so much that you’ll want to add them to your music playlist.

Juice WRLD Love Songs That Are Awesome

Let’s begin tie a song entitled “Robbery.”


In Robbery, Juice gives his take on someone “stealing his heart.” He says, “she told me put my heart in the bag, and nobody gets hurt,” and talks about how he tries to run from her because he’s been hurt in the past, but he can’t seem to outrun her love. He knows he’s making everything worse by doing this, and calls it “a gift and a curse, but I can’t reverse it.” He doesn’t want women to know he’s insecure, and drinks to avoid his feelings. He talks about waking up in a hearse, but all he remembers is, “you said you loved me first.”

He knows that while he’s trying to run from his internal battle, he’s also running from someone who truly cares about him. Their relationship caused him to dig up issues from his past, which makes him uncomfortable. The song was likely written about his girlfriend, Ally Lotti, who was there with him for a year up until his unfortunate death. At one show, he brought her on stage and changed some of the lyrics to center around the positivity of her love instead of the negativity of his anxieties.

“Y’all wanna know how a real love story is supposed to end?” he asked the crowd, as Lotti walked on stage with him. Instead of the regular chorus, he says, “you told me put my heart in a bag, and I’ll never get hurt,” and says she makes him feel “better, not worse” along with, “you’re a blessing not a curse, and I don’t wanna reverse it.” 

The Light

The Light is one of the few songs in Juice’s discography that has a calming, upbeat melody. He talks about how he’s been through a lot, and still struggles with his inner demons every day, but “when it’s dark outside, you’re always the light.” It’s like when he met this person, he thought his heart would be cold and shut away from the world forever, but she brought out the better side of him and showed him that it’s okay to love.

He talks about how he’s tempted to revert to old self-sabotaging habits, especially when they get into arguments, but feels also feels like “it wouldn’t be real love without rough nights.” It can be hard to fully trust someone when you’ve experienced a lot of deception. But he feels like her love is so powerful that the more he trusts her, the more his demons are extracted from deep within him. 


In Hide, Juice talks about his growing fondness for his partner in a similar fashion to The Light. It got a part as one of the songs in the soundtrack to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse because of the drastic switch in the songwriting from Juice’s most popular songs, where he talks about despair and heartbreak, but Hide is quite the opposite. He says he feels at home with this girl, and what’s more “she made me leave the thrills at home, and I’m fine with it.” In this context, “thrills” is likely a replacement for the word “drugs.” 

That line, and the song in general, is likely a reference to his girlfriend, Ally Lotti. He calls her his soulmate and wants to dedicate his life to her. By supporting him and caring for him, she was able to get him to stop using, albeit only for short periods of time. All of this seems contradictory to the song’s title, especially considering Juice’s tendency to hide away from his problems and cope by using drugs. The title is only mentioned once in the song, during the first verse when he says, “you help me face my demons, I won’t hide.”

Flaws and Sins

Flaws and Sins is another rap ballad about letting go of your fears and diving headfirst into a relationship, and having it pay off by changing your preconceived notions of love. His vocals in this song are passionate and impressive, as he sings about being so blissful in a relationship that even her flaws are perfect to him. He mentions that he’s been traumatized by relationships in the past, but everything from his past melts away when he’s with this girl.

In fact, he feels like she “woke me up from my eternal slumber,” and acknowledges that “there’s a difference between ‘I need you’ and ‘I want you,’ girl I need you.” He tells the story of their relationship unfolding, how their conversations eventually became telling each other their darkest secrets (“you wouldn’t even tell Jesus”). He feels like he’d been so down on his luck recently that he stopped believing, but “you gave me a reason to thank God for all these recent falls.”

He even says that he’s “chilled out on the drugs since you’ve been involved” and she has worked wonders on him, so much that she puts light in all the areas of his life that had been dark, and everything that might be undesirable about her is beautiful to him. He’s fallen in love with every part of her. “Ain’t that a weird way of giving compliments?”

Scared of Love

In this one, Juice opens up about paranoia that he deals with due to being hurt in the past. He talks about how he deals with this by being nonchalant, and buying designer clothes, jewelry, and using drugs to try to control his negative thoughts and feel more adequate. He says that he feels like he’s not enough, and backtracks by saying this other person, his new interest, is just too much. 

He says he’s “not scared to love, just scared of love,” which seems rather oxymoronic. Maybe he doesn’t want to accept the fact that by being afraid of getting hurt; he is scared of loving someone again. A past breakup has left him feeling inadequate to the point where he now finds it hard to believe that someone could love him fully, and without any ulterior motives. 


Desire is a wholesome song about Juice feeling blessed that he finally crossed paths with someone where their love for each other is mutual and unconditional. He feels on top of the world and wants to “shout your name in hills and valleys, whole world’s gonna know you love me, scream your name across the galaxy,” so that the entire universe can hear how lucky he is that he’s found the girl of his dreams.

In typical Juice fashion, of course the song touches on some codependency. He feels like he can’t do anything without her, even basic human functions like eating and sleeping. He can’t imagine a world without her and doesn’t want to live in that world. While the song is titled Desire, instead of having a narrative of longing, it’s about his desire finally being fulfilled.


Featuring The Weeknd, Smile is about supporting someone you love and wishing there was something you could do to let them never feel bad again. Along the border of the music video is an advertisement for a foundation that was created in his honor to help young people who battle with similar struggles that Juice did.

In the song, he says he wants this person to prosper and live up to their potential. “I’d do anything in my power to see you just smile,” and the Live Free 999 Foundation reflects these words. While the song was recorded when Juice was still alive, the foundation was created by his grandmother after his passing, to support mental health programs, particularly in communities that are underprivileged.  


Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that Juice compares his love interest to. It’s an interesting artistic choice, as he had struggled with many more harmful addictions during his life. Cigarettes may also be an analogy to his addictions and mental health struggles in general, and it’s hard to manage his life when even love becomes an unhealthy addiction. During the verses, he talks about how this girl is always on his mind and how she “picks my heart up off of the floor.”

Throughout the chorus, which is kicked off by “she’s my overdose,” he repeatedly says that he’s tired of being lonely and heartbroken and acknowledges how good it’s been to have someone that understands him. So, it seems that the song is about being vulnerable with someone, despite being afraid, and having it pay off. But there is a risk that comes with being attached to someone, which could be why he chose the title Cigarettes. With both love and smoking cigarettes, there is a possibility that you’ll end up hurt. 

Reminds Me of You

Featuring The Kid Laroi, who Juice took under his wing and mentored him before his career kicked off, Reminds Me of You is about your quality of life being affected by a breakup. Everything reminds you of your ex who you’re still in love with, places, music, other people, even drinking (which was a prevalent coping mechanism for Juice) reminds him of his ex.

Laroi was on the plane when Juice WRLD passed away, and the song was released on the one year anniversary of his death. Much of the song is led by The Kid Laroi’s entrancing vocals, that manage to express devastation and passion at the same time, a characteristic that Juice’s vocals are also known for.

Lucid Dreams

It wouldn’t be a list of Juice WRLD love songs without Lucid Dreams. It was arguably the song that put Juice on the map and garnered him massive success. As of now, the song has a Diamond certification, meaning it has been sold over ten million times. While Juice has many songs about the bright side of love, he’s best known as a heartbreak rapper, and Lucid Dreams massively helped him earn that title.

The lyrics are melancholy, but the beat is charged enough that it could easily be a party song, and this contrast is what makes Juice’s music even more enticing. According to the rapper, he made this song as a “therapy session,” after a relationship ended but he kept seeing his ex in his dreams. He feels ashamed that he wore his heart on his sleeve just for someone to take advantage of it, and can’t get over how deceptive her love was, especially because his was pure. 


Emo rapper Juice WRLD is known for writing music about love, and the aftereffects of it. Despite his unfortunate passing at only age 21, his music lives on because of its versatility. There are hundreds of Juice WRLD love songs which are perfect for both driving alone late at night or hyping up a party. 

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