K-Pop Boy Groups with 6 Members That Are Awesome

What makes K-Pop music so great is that each band has their own identity.  But each band can also have a large collection of bandmates, too.  In this article, we’re going to share our picks for the top K-Pop boy groups with 6 members, and explain why we think these talented bands need to be added to your music playlist.

K Pop Boy Groups with 6 Members

Let’s begin by discussing our appreciation for 2PM.


Known for their cool acrobatic dance moves, 2PM were a charting powerhouse in the early 2010s. The members Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung dominated the industry in their prime, bagging awards at multiple major Asian award shows. 

Their 2009 hip-hop hit Again & Again makes up many of these awards. Winning 2PM Best Male Group and Artist of the Year, this soft repetitive track becomes an instant earworm to anyone who listens. Although the song is repetitive, it’s not boring in any way. Instead, the music has a calming effect to it that relaxes listeners.

One of their recently released songs proves that 2PM’s still got it too! Titled Make It, this song has become my favorite from 2PM. The song makes use of their signature repetitiveness, but now there’s a chorus of horn instruments and 1920s swing adding a new flair to the music. Make It joins in with Again & Again as a softer track. Yet, the song also creates its own legacy within 2PM’s discography as a more mature take on the group’s sound. 2PM are not stagnant as artists, they are ever-growing.

Want to hear their growth as musicians? With a discography from 2008 to 2022, you’ll be sure to hear all the different sides of 2PM. Check them out today!


iKON are iconic! No other group out there has such a universally loved song.

That song is called Love Scenario. With a cowbell and steady beat, this song is a calm loop that rose on the South Korean music charts swiftly. In 2018 when the song was released, it became banned in South Korean schools because teachers claimed students showed signs of addiction to the catchy tunes. If that doesn’t prove that iKON has something special in their music, I’m not sure what will.

Another one of their songs that shows off the specialness of their music is Killing Me. This song is similar to Love Scenario in its steady beat, but instead of a more stripped and hip-hop style, Killing Me plays with EDM sounds. Although EDM songs typically encourage you to get up and dance, Killing Me is contemplative. The beat drops in between verses act as pauses between thoughts. No doubt this song is my favorite from iKON. There’s so much to listen to and pick through with their music.

Need a group that’ll make you think when listening to their addicting tunes? iKON is where it’s at!


Bust out some funky moves! You need to listen to ASTRO’s music! I absolutely adore their gem of a discography with their EDM and pop tunes.

The song best showcasing ASTRO’s EDM prowess has to be All Night. With energetic synths and a gentle piano leading to a thrilling beat drop, you won’t be able to get enough of this song. You could listen to it in the middle of a party or with all the windows down while driving down the highway. There’s freedom laced within the beats and snaps within the song that make everything feel light in your heart.

Another one of their songs that makes your heart feel light is Candy Sugar Pop. This song is my favorite from ASTRO. It’s an absolute blast! Although the song is sugary sweet pop, there’s a grounded feeling from the members’ vocals. Every ad-lib in the song keeps the song from flying away in excitement along with the bouncy background beat. Together, all the elements make the chorus of the song all the more lively with the “Candy, sugar, pop!” 

And you’ll be sure to have the most fun possible listening to ASTRO! Reach astronomical heights with them!


Riding on the trends of early 2010s K-pop with hip-hop and rap, B.A.P shined through the oversaturation to bring in a fresh sound to the industry. The energy and emotion they infused into their music remain unrivaled.

The epitome of this energy and emotion comes in the form of their song One Shot. Throughout the song, the members Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo put their vocal performances and rapping into creating an entire experience for listeners. You can hear the desperation they pour into every lyric. And you’d be surprised to hear that this was one of their early songs released in 2013. Other songs that encompass that desperation are 1004 and Wake Me Up, which you’ll enjoy if you like One Shot.

With that said, I enjoy more than simply B.A.P’s ability to create a desperate strain in their music. Their songs with heavy rock influence let their performance abilities shine bright. My favorite of these is DYSTOPIA. Rough around the edges and unlike much of the music released from the rest of the K-pop industry, B.A.P leans into imperfection with this song. There’s so much uncontrollably intense energy in this song that will have your heart pounding like mine. 

Need a group that will capture emotion like no other? B.A.P are your guys!


BtoB are the ballad kings! Standing for Born to Beat, BtoB has risen to popularity for their vocals that’ll get you through every somber moment of your life.

Some of their ballads that will give you a taste of their larger discography are Missing You, The Song, and Beautiful Pain. Gorgeously strummed guitars and peaceful pianos have become a staple of these somber ballads. My favorite of these ballads has to be Pray (I’ll be your man) though. Instead of somber, this ballad is filled to the brim with heartbreak. When listening to this song, you feel like you are on the edge of a cliff yelling into the abyss. It’s intense and I love it.

BtoB’s ballads and breakup songs will be a sure comfort through any sad time. Listen to them for an emotional release anytime!


Infinite is a group not bound by genre or any type of signature style. They’ve put their all into every song they’ve released in the past 12 years and you’re sure to hear their passion.

One of their most passionate and well-known songs is The Chaser. Released in 2012 as the title track to Infinite’s Infinitize EP, this song has been recognized worldwide for its production. With an homage to 1980s synths, no one can get enough of The Chaser’s synth-pop and the emotion the members put into every crowd vocal. This song even landed Infinite the 55th spot on Rolling Stone’s 75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time list. It’s 10 years later and people still love The Chaster, me included!

There are tons of interestingly produced music from Infinite that you could spend days analyzing like Be Mine, Bad, and Tell Me that clash genres, instruments, and more together to create unique experiences for listeners. Get on the Infinite train and find an infinite number of things to enjoy from this group!


If there’s any group out there that you need to hear about right now, it’s this one! Oneus is a six-member group that brings so much flavor into the EDM genre. 

There’s their hard-hitting No diggity, bouncy retro Black Mirror, Luna filled with traditional instruments, and synthy Same Scent that shows off how Oneus can spin EDM. The genre does not need to be static with loud beats. There can be softness or joy built into the music in ways not commonly found in K-pop. 

Black Mirror is my favorite song and an example of how Oneus has put a spin on EDM. This song rode the last wave of the retro trend in the K-pop industry and never got the popularity it deserved. There’s funk, whistles, and disco for everyone. Then, rap verses keep the song engaging throughout. 

Want to see EDM differently? You’ll have to check out Oneus to hear it all!

Xdinary Heroes

Let’s break through the monotony of pop groups and bring in some rock! Xdinary Heroes has only been a group for a year, but their music makes you suddenly nostalgic and hopeful for the future of music.

Pop-rock has been done in the K-pop industry before, but never like this. Xdinary Heroes’ songs Happy Death Day and Strawberry Cake are reminiscent of 2000s pop rock bands. Don’t let the dyed hair and makeup make you think a group can’t be pretty and talented at the same time though. This group gives out banger choruses to their listeners like it’s free candy. You can hear me singing Happy Death Day’s “Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la haha!” and Strawberry Cake’s “Strawberry cake! Sweetness is fake!” any day and any time.

You won’t be able to get enough of Xdinary Heroes once you hear their song Test Me too. Test Me became my favorite song from the group quickly with its engaging Oo’s placed strategically throughout. The bass is also turned all the way up in the music production, giving a hearty lower sound that wraps all the sound together perfectly. You won’t be able to stop yourself from shouting out the chorus.

Rock isn’t dead! Xdinary Heroes are here to bring it back with a new, fresh flair. Listen to them today to experience it.

Monsta X

Monsta X has stayed committed to being the sexiest K-pop group of today. Many male groups have taken on more boyish concepts, appealing to teen audiences. But, Monsta X are an older group with a more mature audience. They aren’t afraid to show off.

Their most iconic song Hero was released in 2015. This song combined hip-hop and dance genres to create an experience that will get your heart pumping. There are plenty of other songs just like this like Love Killa, Fantasia, and Shoot Out

However, I think the song that shows off their uncontainable energy the best is my favorite song DRAMARAMA. This song’s crowds vocals along with its rap verses make every part hit you hard. You can feel each beat resonate through your body, building and making you feel powerful.

If you want to feel this power too, come join in and listen to Monsta X!


Bring in the classics! Shinhwa is one of the longest-running groups in the industry. Debuting in 1998, the members Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, and Andy Lee have created over two decades of popular songs that fans enjoy to this day. 

Their song Perfect Man propelled them into this popularity. Its R&B fit right into the early 2000s, creating a song anyone can groove to. In addition to Perfect Man, Shinhwa has created dance hit after hit. The best-known of these was This Love.

Released in 2013, This Love had party written all over it. This British-style electronic track will make you want to stay up all night. The claps and steady beat push you up out of your chair, preparing you to go hard in the middle of it all. 

Shinhwa isn’t all about partying today though. In present times, many of the members are married and doing their own projects. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the past a little through their music! Give it a listen today!

Ready for a K-Pop Concert?

A mix of the old and new, there’s something for everyone on this list. Did you find one of these K-pop boy groups with 6 members that you like? They’re all fantastic, aren’t they? I know it’s hard to choose, so why not listen to all of them? You won’t regret it!

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