K-Pop Female Groups with 8 Members You’ll Love

Discover the Best K-Pop Female Groups with 8 Members
Botopass is one of the notable K-Pop female groups with 9 members!

From the 90’s to now, K-pop has taken the world by storm, but today we’ll be discussing all of the noteworthy K-pop female groups with 8 members. Every group on this list has their own unique sound and style, making them memorable icons in K-pop music.  So let’s dig into what makes each group so special!

K-Pop Female Groups with 8 Members

Girls’ Generation

Originally a nine girl group (member Jessica left around 2014), Girls’ Generation is arguably one of the most well known, most talked about and most influential K-pop girl groups to date, with every title track being a big hit from the early 00’s to now.

This group brings back so many memories for the older K-pop fan but even new fans know their name. Before I knew what K-pop was, I was a fan Girls’ Generation, having heard The Boys on television somewhere.

The track is still a favorite of mine to this day. I absolutely loved how empowering Girls’ Generation were for my own generation as their songs were catchy, their dances were fun and their vocals were out of this world.

Many international fans might say the same but South Korea was taken by storm for a multitude of other reasons. There is quite a lot of history around Girls’ Generation. Delve more into the impact the group had in their country here. Girls’ Generation are able to take any concept and completely own it. Girls’ Generation are the foundation for K-pop girl groups!

My Favorite Girls’ Generation Song is The Boys because the chorus is super catchy and fun. I also love the choreography! 


What makes Gugudan extremely memorable is that when they debuted in 2016 they were extremely cute! Their debut album was called The Little Mermaid with the title track Wonderland (a personal favorite).

The world fell in love with Gugudan, especially K-pop fans who absolutely love cute concepts for girl groups. As the years passed and new comebacks in its trail, Gugudan’s style remained cute but their concepts became a bit more mature.

Their concepts became less bubblegum pop and just more pop which actually might be why they gained more popularity. Bubblegum pop tends to be a preference and not always an automatic favorite!

One of their later tracks,  A Girl Like Me is one of their most popular and known songs and I can vouch it is fantastic! The Boots was an even more mature A-side, with somewhat of a sultry concept. Gugudan had so much variety. I believe this was a huge part of their appeal and why they were loved by many. Gugudan had the ability to take any style or concept and completely make it their own. 

My Favorite Gugudan Song is Not That Type because it reminds me of one of my favorite girl groups, F(x)! The rhythm and vocals are out of this world!


Weki-Meki are one of the few K-pop female groups with 8 members that still remain unchanged. They are known for their techno pop bops and bangers. Weki-Meki are like the magical girls of K-pop in my opinion.

Their music is really cool, they have extremely unique vocals and rappers yet they are still somehow the cutest girls with cute, fire, catchy choruses in all their songs! Techno and deep house fans would fall for Weki-Meki in a heartbeat, as I did.

Their concepts and choreography have always supported their music style, everything pieces together so easily! From I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend to Oopsy to Siesta, the girls of Weki-Meki have remained a steady and solid girl group with many fans. This group is an inspiration for all the girls who don’t feel they fit into a standard!

Weki-Meki are not any one way when it comes to being a type or genre of girl group, they are a combination of cool, cute, fun, powerful and soft all at once. Their music can easily be loved by all. I am a big fan of every song and album they’ve released!

My Favorite Weki-Meki Song is Crush because of the catchy beat! I also love that the chorus has that 2-bit sound to it like the old school arcade games.


Though Botopass had a short run, this girl group debuted with Flamingo in 2020. Their title track was extremely catchy and had a danceable beat. The music video for Flamingo really showcased each member’s talents.

From dance solos in the beginning of the video to the group choreography throughout the rest of the video, it really showed how well Botopass worked and came together as a group. The concept of the video, though simplistic in a sense, seemed quite dark and heavy which is always impressive to me.

The members showed great chemistry. With interesting and enticing choreography, a beautiful and unique concept, and the use of Spanish in their lyrics, Botopass was bound to gain fans! Especially in Brazil, Botopass gained quite a lot of traction.

Though this group only lasted two years and released one single, anyone could see they had quite a lot of talent and potential. We’ve all heard of bands getting back together, right? Let’s wait for Botopass!

My Favorite Botopass Song is Flamingo for obvious reasons, but I absolutely loved the beat and concept as well! I hope they release more music.

Pink Fantasy

Pink Fantasy is an extremely unique K-pop girl group! They are well known for their dark concepts and music being heavily rock/metal based. Pink Fantasy’s style might be more commonly seen in the J-pop/J-rock scene but not all that often in the K-scene.

The most interesting thing about Pink Fantasy is that they had a member who never revealed her face. She’d always dance with a mask on, which somehow fit very well into their creepier concepts and I enjoyed this aspect of the group because it always keeps me on my toes.

You can spot the mysterious member in their Fantasy music video, donning a giant black bunny head or in Poison, with a full face mask and deer skull. Though Pink Fantasy does not have comebacks as often as the average K-pop group, their music is definitely highly awaited.

Though dark concepts are most common, they have also dabbled in non rock music, their track Shadow Play is the perfect example! Pink Fantasy is quite the group, and though they aren’t the most popular they definitely have a dedicated fan base.

My Favorite Pink Fantasy Song is Poison because of it’s heavy metal vibes. I love the slow pieces they incorporate in the song with the piano, it makes it sound as if the song is coming to an end but then surprise! The beat drops again.


AOA was an iconic and very popular girl group that swept through the K-pop generations. With some of their biggest hits being Mini Skirt, Excuse Me and Like A Cat, AOA was that group known for being the mature and womanly.

It wasn’t often they had cute songs but BingleBangle was one of those exceptions! No matter what concept AOA brought to the table, they always slayed. I personally believe the rapper of the group, Jimin was a huge ace card! With her extremely unique tone and rap style, she gave AOA a certain IT factor that not many other groups held.

It was the fact that they were a very feminine group and Jimin herself is a small adorable woman, but her style was anything but! When I listen to AOA, I always feel like it’s summertime again.

AOA definitely stepped up the game for girl groups and showed the industry that female rappers can dominate the K-pop industry! Check out Billboard’s Top 10 AOA favorites here! Like A Cat is my favorite AOA track because I used to see many idol groups doing the dance for fun!

My Favorite AOA Song is Heart Attack because it’s a staple in the K-pop community! I love the beat, choreography and the lyrics are super cute!


Lightsum is a newer group, apart of the 4th generation of K-pop and are already killing the scene. Lightsum debuted in 2021 with Vanilla, a very cute song that definitely showcased the groups’ vocals and dance skills with a cool and unsuspecting breakdown in the middle of the chorus.

All of Lightsum’s title tracks are super fun and exciting to listen to and that’s why I enjoy their music. What makes them stick out is the most is how cute their concepts are but there’s almost always an awesome dance break.

Lightsum’s most recent EP Into the Light is just a hint of what’s to come and I’m very excited for their future. The best track on their EP is i, with the deep house back beat and catchy melodies along with their solid vocals, this is bound to catch any non listener’s attention.

Lightsum’s style and fashion in their videos and stages are definitely apart of their appea. Their style really completes the group! I feel this group will continue to gain more and more traction over the years, especially once they start dropping full albums. 

My Favorite Lightsum Song is Vivace because I love the deep house hints in this song. I also really love how the song is arranged!

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl debuted in 2015 with Cupid! This debut was the most memorable debut of 2015 for me. There was something so addicting about the song, Korean and international fans alike would agree.

Oh My Girl has an effortless fresh and innocent feel to their music as a whole and I am a fan because of this! They are a very cute and talented group that has definitely made a name for themselves over the years!

Liar, Liar is an overall favorite, not just with fans but I’m sure anyone would love it at first listen. The song is very catchy and sounds very cute but the video and a deeper look into the lyrics may suggest the song’s meaning heads a heavier topic.

Oh My Girl holds the lead for pure and cute concepts for girl groups since their debut. They are an effortlessly talented group that will continue to shine! 

My Favorite Oh My Girl Song is Liar Liar! I love how cute the song is and I really enjoy the idioms in the lyrics. The connection between “islands floating in my head” in the pre-chorus to “splashing across the sea of imagination” in the chorus!

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This article was written by Morgan and edited by Michael.

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