13 K-Pop Singers with Deep Voices You Will Love

Here are the best K-pop singers with deep voices

The most recognizable voices in K-Pop are the ones who sing in octaves that others can’t reach. While we often admire those who belt out flawless high-pitch notes, it’s the low vibrato that tends to seduce us. In a both boy groups and girl groups, this person is usually the rapper and it’s often the male idols. To highlight a few of these talented idols, here’s a breakdown of the best K-Pop singers with deep voices.

Top Male K-Pop Idols with Deep Voices

Let’s start off easy! 

Taehyung (V) from BTS

An obvious choice! V, better known as Taehyung to the A.R.M.Y fan club members, is part of the most popular Korean boyband in the world, BTS. BTS’ rise to fame is a phenomenon given that they were under an entertainment company that was virtually unknown at the time. Big Hit Music has now gained so much revenue, it launched its IPO back in 2020. This easily made the members of BTS millionaires.

I remember BTS’ debut very distinctly. Taehyung caught the eye of many K-Pop fanatics during their debut as the “visual” of BTS. He was loved for his gentle, boy-like features, but what truly shocked everyone was how deep and manly his voice is. Taehyung has always been one of the most popular members from the get-go.

My favorite Taehyung song: “Snow Flower” ft. Peakboy. Nothing is better than a wintery song by Taehyung. He has the type of voice that can warm you up on a cold night. His jazz Christmas covers are another fav of mine. Although it was never released on streaming platforms, ‘Snow Flower’ is a definite fan favorite.

Daehyun from B.A.P

Daehyun debuted in B.A.P under TS Entertainment back in 2012 as the main vocalist. Though this may be a biased pick because he was one of my long-time biases, I immediately knew he belonged in this list. I would be the first to admit that he is not the most talented nor most popular idol, but his vocal talent and passion for being a singer has always shone through. 

After leaving TS Ent., Daehyun signed under Lionheart Entertainment. He has since released music as a solo artist. He also released a single in Japanese titled ‘Amazing’. 

My favorite Daehyun song: “Badman” by B.A.P. I didn’t choose one of his solo songs as my favorite because “Badman” is the one where he showcased his vocal range. He opened the song with sultry low notes that were the perfect segue to Yongguk’s rap verse, which fit perfectly since Yongguk has one of deepest voices amongst K-Pop rappers. By the end of the song, Daehyun is belting out those background vocals he is known for doing which makes it all feel complete.

Chanyeol from EXO

Another 2nd gen K-Pop artist who came out around the same time is Park Chanyeol. He debuted in 2012 as the main rapper of EXO, a 12-member boyband (at that time) under SM Entertainment. He had been a trainee under SM for four years prior. It would be too easy to include rappers with deep voices, but Chanyeol deserves to be on this list as he is a singer in his own right.

One of the most inspiring things about Chanyeol is his dedication to his education despite his busy schedule. He pursued higher education and now has a degree in interior design. Another endearing fact is that he is the designer behind EXO’s beloved hexagon logo.

My favorite Chanyeol song: “Tomorrow”. Chanyeol makes singing seem effortless in this laidback track. As the music video progresses, the colors go from monochrome to a glowing orange and finally, a calm blue which encapsulates the song’s moody vibe. It’s the type of chill song I imagine listening to on a drizzly, cloudy day.

I.M from Monsta X

Another lead rapper, I.M is the youngest member of Monsta X. Regardless, he has a great singing voice. He has a seductive deep voice when singing that does not always reveal itself when he raps. Not all artists that go solo do so successfully, however I.M’s solo projects have been some of my favorite. 

Because he lived abroad as a kid, he is fluent in English. He may have left his previous company, but, fortunately for fans, he continues his group activities with Monsta X. 

My favorite I.M. song: “Habit”. Another moody song from a rapper, I.M performs this song with ease. He switches naturally between English and Korean, creating a love language of his own. I can just imagine listening to this song on a summer night drive with my windows rolled down. 

Jonghyun from SHINee

Jonghyun was scouted by SM Entertainment at the age of 15 and later debuted with SHINee in 2008. He then started his solo career in 2015. 

He is hailed as one of the greats of K-Pop and rightfully so. Aside from his angelic voice, he was one of the first to actively participate in writing and composing his own music apart from G-Dragon, Zico, and Jinyoung. Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2017 and will be forever missed by his bandmates, fellow company members, and many others in the industry. 

My favorite Jonghyun song: “Lonely” ft. Taeyeon. This song is the title track of Jonghyun’s second compilation album, Story Op.2. It is a soft ballad that highlights the talents of both artists and invokes feelings insinuated by the song’s title. I was not a huge SHINee fan, but this song makes me miss Jonghyun…even to the point of bringing tears to my eyes.

Top Female K-Pop Idols with Deep Voices

More expressive, though, are the female K-pop singers with deep voices! Let’s get into it.

Moonbyul from Mamamoo

Moonbyul has been part of the girl group, Mamamoo, since 2014 as their rapper. Moonbyul is a personable, multi-faceted artist who has also expanded her career to being a talk show host. Fans have gotten to know her through her YouTube channel. 

Her versatility as an artist and celebrity is what made her stand out to me, especially in my favorite solo song by her!

My favorite Moonbyul song: “C.I.T.T (Cheese in the Trap)”. Moonbyul takes a cutesy approach with this song whose namesake comes from a popular Webtoon. The song’s vibe is energetic and listening to it on a bad day can immediately make you happy. 


Seori is a singer songwriter who debuted as a solo artist in 2020. She has since collaborated with well-known Korean artists such as Giriboy, eaJ, and Moonbyul. In addition to her Korean label, she’s also an artist under 88rising, an Asian American music label. She has performed at their Head in the Clouds festival in California.

I was immediately drawn to her smooth voice and how pretty she is! It is extremely hard to choose my favorite song by her because I love all of her music so much. 

My favorite Seori song: “The Long Night” ft. Giriboy. Her voice shines in this song featuring Giriboy. It seems to be a trend for me to be drawn to artists who make the act of singing seem effortless and she’s definitely one of those people. There is a feeling of both longing and calmness in this song.

Yuqi from (G)-IDLE

Yuqi was born in Beijing but became a trainee under Cube Entertainment. In Korea, debuted as part of (G)-IDLE while she is a solo artist in China. She later made a solo debut in Korea as well. She has also been cast in several variety shows in both countries.

Yuqi’s deep voice and tone are magnificent. What impresses me the most about her is how motivated she is to learning languages. She’s fluent in Mandarin, Korean, and English. (G)-IDLE recently released an English single in collaboration with 88rising, so fans are hoping to see more activities in America!

My favorite Yuqi song: “Bonnie and Clyde”. Yuqi absolutely nails it in this upbeat tempo, but dark song. The song’s lyrics are completely English, appealing to international fans. She has such low and deep voice, which makes this a fun song to sing along to.

Sojin from Girl’s Day

Sojin has worked as both a K-Pop idol and an actress. Girl’s Day debuted in 2010. However, even before becoming an idol, it is said that Sojin was a vocal trainer. She is probably far from being a popular idol, and to new gen fans she is virtually unknown. 

I still love seeing idols continue working, especially if it is on their passion projects, even if it is not at the same capacity or with the same group as before. For Sojin, her appearance in the popular drama Alchemy of Souls as beloved character, Joo Wol, absolutely made my day.

My favorite Sojin song: “Kumbaya (Come by Here)”. This soothing song suits Sojin’s angelic voice. Sojin may be singing about heartbreak, but she knows how to make it sound beautiful. Her expressive singing can make any listener relate to the feelings even if they haven’t experienced heartbreak.

Jung Eunji from Apink

Eunji is the main vocalist of girl Apink, a girl group that debuted in 2011. It is obvious why she’s the main vocalist. She has a great vocal range, but her voice is naturally deeper. Female idols with deeper voices are usually the main rapper of the group, so it is refreshing to be able to feature a main vocalist. 

Eunji is also known for her acting career, which is what made me a fan of her outside of her music. My favorite role I’ve seen her play is in Reply 1997.  She also has several duets with other popular male idols.

My favorite Eunji song: “You’re My Garden”. This song comes from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s OST. Some idols’ voices are just made for OSTs and Eunji falls into this category. This emotional song showcases Eunji’s talent and fans of the drama are sure to feel moved.

Hani from EXID

Hani debuted with EXID in 2012, but the group did not see much popularity until the hit single “Up & Down”. Hani’s fancam during EXID’s performance of the song went viral, arguably starting the fancam craze.

She is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of the group. She and fellow member Solji even formed a sub-unit. When your company gives you that opportunity, that’s how you know you’re talented!

Hani is another one of those multi-talented artists you can’t help but love. EXID left their company in 2019 but has not disbanded. Hani is now pursuing an acting career!

My favorite Hani song: “Woo Yoo”. This song is a solo released as part of EXID’s album Eclipse. Hani’s unique, raspy voice stands out amongst other idols. This seductive song is reminiscent of RnB and was made for Hani.

Lee Hi

Lee Hi found fame through a K-Pop survival show. She signed with YG soon after the show ended. After her contract ended with YG in 2019, she signed with Jay Park’s label AOMG. 

Lee Hi has always been known for her naturally low voice and even criticized for her expressionless face while singing. Her songs and voice never fail to mesmerize me.

My favorite Lee Hi song: “Rose”. This song is from her first album released under YG Entertainment. At the time, she was only 16 years old. I love how she doesn’t shy away from her lower voice and embraces it. Has such a hypnotizing voice in “Rose”.

Lee Hyori 

Every K-Pop fan should know of Lee Hyori. She is known for her sex appeal, but throughout her career since 1998 she has done everything from being a musician, activist, actress, TV producer and more. She had several contracts with different brands as their ambassador, such as Lotte Liquor. During the five years of their contract, Lotte Liquor’s market share rose from 11 to 15 percent.

Hyori is an icon and there’s no denying that. What fans love most about her is how she is unapologetically herself. She’s just so talented and also a good person who has used her platform to raise awareness of social issues and animal rights.

My favorite Hyori song: “Bad Girls”. In this funny music video, Hyori sends an empowering message to women to stand up to misogyny. In addition to its meaningful message, the song is also catchy! Hyori never misses. 

There are so many talented singers in the K-Pop world! This is just a short list of my personal favorite K-pop singers with deep voices.

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This article was written by Amelia and edited by Michael.

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