17 Male Singers with Red Hair You Will Love

Discover the Top Male Singers with Red Hair You Will Love

Red hair is definitely a unique trait to have, but there are actually far more male singers with red hair than you’d initially believe.  So in this article, I’m going to count down my favorite male singers that are rocking red hair that are beloved in music!

Top Male Singers with Red Hair (TLDR)

There have been many great male singers with red hair throughout history. Redheads are some of our most unique and iconic performers. If you’re interested in a great country singer with red hair, there’s always Willie Nelson’s great outlaw songs.

One of my favorite red-haired singers in the metal world is Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, who has a unique snarl and a raw sound to his voice. Another redheaded male singer who had an impact on music is Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses, a great rock singer who had a ton of range. 

1. Rick Astley

Alright, I’ll admit some of you reading might just know Rick Astley as a classic internet meme, the origins of which are fascinating on their own. But what gets lost in all the jokes surrounding his cheesy music videos from the 80’s is the fact that Rick Astley does, in fact, have a fantastic voice. 

Favorite Song by Rick Astley: “Whenever You Need Somebody.”  The obvious and expected choice is to go with “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  But I’m actually going to go with the SECOND track on that same album, which I might argue is just as good and catchy as “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

2. Josh Homme

Josh Homme has been associated with a host of great bands, with Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures, just to name a few. The redheaded singer/guitarist has certainly left his unique touch on the alternative rock world. Nobody quite sings or plays guitar like him, and his flagship group Queens of the Stone Age are difficult to categorize. 

Favorite Song by Josh Homme: “Monsters in the Parasol,” a deep cut from Queens of the Stone Age’s 2001 Rated R album, is Josh Homme at his heaviest. This is some twisted and evil guitar-playing, and Homme’s unique voice has a ton of grit and passion to it.

3. Willie Nelson

A list of redheaded male singers wouldn’t be complete without the self-proclaimed “redheaded stranger” himself, Willie Nelson. Simply put, this guy is pushing ninety years-old and he’s still a bonified outlaw country legend. Nelson has an understated and often beautiful singing voice, and he’s a master storyteller.

Favorite Song by Willie Nelson: “Whiskey River” is one of Willie’s most iconic tracks for a reason. This song is one of the classic country songs about drinking away one’s sorrows.

4. Abbath

Like many folks who make up the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, Abbath has dyed his hair black for around thirty years. But if one looks at early photos of Abbath’s band, black metal legends Immortal, you might be surprised to see the imposing and brutal vocalist rocking red hair. Abbath’s vocals are an acquired taste, but if you’re into extreme metal his band Immortal is essential. 

Favorite Song by Abbath: “Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark),” from Immortal’s 195 album Battles in the North, is a black metal classic. It’s got grim and brutal riffs and Abbath’s vocals sound absolutely menacing on this track.

5. John Lydon

John Lydon, often referred to by his old Sex Pistols stage name “Johnny Rotten,” has rocked a number of different hair colors in his time as a punk rocker.

Yet his iconic look as a young member of the Sex Pistols back in 1977 is his striking solid red hair. Lydon is the type of vocalist who sings about the same way he talks, complete with a thick British accent. His work in the band Public Image Ltd is great as well.

Favorite Song by John Lydon: “Holidays in the Sun” is a classic that opens the Sex Pistols’ iconic 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks. It’s one of the songs that helped define punk rock decades ago, and Lydon’s snarling vocal delivery is legendary.

6. Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar is one of the most polarizing figures in rock, namely for his stint in Van Halen replacing original vocalist David Lee Roth. No matter what you think of his time in Van Halen, Hagar—known as the “Red Rocker” — is an extremely talented vocalist.

Favorite Song by Sammy Hagar: “Heavy Metal” is a classic rocker from Hagar’s early solo career. It’s just a good driving rock n’ roll song, much heavier than his later work with Van Halen. 

7. Axl Rose

For a brief period decades ago, Axl Rose was probably the biggest singer in rock music. He fronted Guns N’ Roses at their peak and has remained their sole constant member since the group’s inception in the 80’s. Axl’s voice has a ton of range, and he can switch from raw hard rock to soft and soothing vocals in an instant.

Favorite Song by Axl Rose: “It’s So Easy” is one of the lesser-known cuts from GNR’s iconic 1987 debut Appetite for Destruction. For me, it’s Axl at his rawest and best. He sounds menacing on this track.

8. David Bowie

Bowie donned numerous hairstyles throughout his diverse and innovative career as a rocker. Perhaps David Bowie’s most iconic look was his Ziggy Stardust persona from the early 1970’s, with bright red hair being the rocker’s trademark. Bowie was a true original and constantly reinventing himself and his music. 

Favorite Song by David Bowie: “Moonage Daydream” is just one of many great Bowie tracks, and my favorite changes all the time. For the sake of this list’s theme, I’ve chosen my favorite track from Bowie’s classic Ziggy Stardust album from 1972. 

9. Mick Hucknall

Taking a break from all the rockers, let’s go back to the pop world of the 1980’s with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. Hucknall’s red hair definitely fit the band name, and his soft and delicate singing voice fit Simply Red’s distinctly British brand of 80’s pop. 

Favorite Song by Mick Hucknall: “Holding Back the Years,” from Simply Red’s 1985 debut album, was a number one hit in the UK and the US. It’s one of those timeless 80’s pop hits you’ll always hear on the radio or at a department store, and it’s infectiously catchy.

10. Ian Anderson

Although Ian Anderson had lost most of his hair by the time he won his controversial Grammy in 1989, throughout Anderson’s 1970’s heyday he was known as the redheaded front man of iconic progressive rock legends Jethro Tull. Anderson’s vocals always mixed the bluesy with the medieval minstrel, making his contributions to rock history quite unique. 

Favorite Song by Ian Anderson: “Thick as a Brick” is hard to call a regular song since it clocks in over 40 minutes, but the song that takes up the entire duration of Jethro Tull’s seminal 1972 Thick as a Brick album is a prog rock essential. Anderson’s flamboyant vocals are full of range and make listening to this one a treat.

11. Dave Mustaine

If you’re a metalhead, you already know the legendary redheaded thrash guitarist. Dave Mustaine got his start in Metallica in the early 80’s and formed Megadeth after being fired from Metallica. While Mustaine’s vocals can be polarizing, I think he’s got one of the most unique voices in metal. 

Favorite Song by Dave Mustaine: “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” is one of the best metal songs ever. Mustaine’s vocals sound snarling and brutal, and he displays a lot of emotional range. This track from 1990’s Rust in Peace is essential. 

12. El-P

El-P is one of the best rappers of the 21st century. His work as a solo artist, a producer, and as a member of Run The Jewels has been great, and he also stands out for being a rare redhead in the world of hip-hop. 

Favorite Song by El-P: “Deep Space 9mm” is a track from 2002’s Fantastic Damage. This is a great track that displays El-P’s unique style of delivery, and his sense of humor and wordplay stands out in the hip-hop world.

13. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain needs little introduction, as he was the iconic front man of Nirvana. Nirvana were probably the biggest rock band of the 90’s, and Kurt changed a lot during his short time on this planet. One thing he changed often was his hair color, and many famous photos exist of Cobain rocking his freshly dyed red hair. 

Favorite Song by Kurt Cobain: “Negative Creep” is an earlier deep cut from Nirvana’s 1989 Bleach album. This is Kurt before he was a superstar—his vocals are so raw and primal. 

14. King Krule

King Krule is a more modern entry on the list. This redhead covers a lot of musical ground, and it’s hard to figure out how to classify him. King Krule has dabbled in everything from punk rock to hip-hop, and his vocal stylings are just as dynamic to match. 

Favorite Song by King Krule: “A Lizard State” from his 2013 album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a bizarre tune from a bizarre album, a track that shows King Krule’s versatility as a vocalist and musician.

15. Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio has made his fame as the chief composer, guitarist, and vocalist of the long-running jam band Phish. Trey has always employed more of a “talk singing” style, which is unique and endearing. He’s also one of the greatest guitarists alive today, and an instantly recognizable redhead. 

Favorite Song by Trey Anastasio: “You Enjoy Myself” is a song Trey wrote for Phish back in the 80’s, and to this day it remains their defining tune. It’s compositionally complex and adventurous, and Trey’s vocals are humorous and goofy.

16. Ed Sheeran

Probably the most famous male singer with red hair working today, Ed Sheeran has taken the pop world by storm. He’s released multiple pop records to massive success (each with a simple, math-infused title), and he’s beloved not just for his talents on the guitar, but his ability to vocalize difficult subjects in brutally honest ways.

And hey, Sheeran was also in Game of Thrones. But the less said about that, the better.

17. Brett Dennen

One of the softer vocalists on this list, don’t let Brett’s more serene voice fool you. Dennen packs some deep lyrics into his albums. For instance, go check out his song “Ain’t No Reason,” where Dennen sings about the ills of the world and how he feels a bit powerless to change anything.

When you hear Dennen touch on the topic of sweat shops and sing “slavery [is] stitched into the fabric of my clothes,” it’s hard to not feel affected by his lyrics if you have any element of sympathy or compassion for your fellow man (or woman).

So there you have it, my list of 17 male singers with red hair. There’s some metal, progressive rock, hip-hop, punk, grunge, country, and plenty more genres to dive into. Next time you hear someone make a joke about redheads, show them this list and remind them of all the great redheads in music out there. 

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