15 New Underground Rappers That Deserve Your Respect

Discover some of the top new underground rappers that deserve your respect!
Here is a detailed list of the new underground rappers that deserve your attention

In the ever-changing landscape of hip hop, it’s so hard to keep up with each wave of emerging talent. There are constantly new flows, rhymes, and sub-genres appearing out of thin air. Whether we’re talking about lyrics to sing along to, thought provoking rhymes, or street swag, here are the top 15 new underground rappers that I have on my radar (and you should too).

New Underground Rappers Crushing the Game

Lord Sko

First up is New York native, Lord Sko. Despite being a young guy, he has incredible experience behind each rhyme. His choice of smooth soulful beats always helps to add contrast to his robust rhyme patterns. Whether fast or slow, he uses his powerful breath control to deliver extensive bars on every beat. It’s hard not to be impressed. 

When you first hear his deep voice, you expect a grown man to be behind the microphone, but instead you’re presented with a long haired young adult. Everything about him screams vintage excellence – a true old soul. Lord Sko embodies the underdog in all of us which makes it so much more satisfying to see him succeed as his career develops. 

My Favorite Song: Russian Doll.  “Russian Doll” has every element of a classic hip hop song. A screaming beat, banging bass, and nonstop lyrical assault. This song reminds me of the first time I heard iconic artists like 2Pac or Biggie – raw, undeniable talent.

A.M. Early Morning

Repping Oakley block in Chicago, A.M. Early Morning will stun you with his storytelling and hard hitting verbal illustrations. He’s lived near Oakley Block his entire life which adds a personal touch to his street stories. In addition to gritty tales, he speaks on emotional topics like family and friendships. It’s hard not to respect someone that can speak about street struggles and the emotionality of losing loved ones. 

His smooth and rhythmic ad libs counter his raspy verses so potently. If you’re looking for an artist with range in all senses of the word – you’ve found him. If that wasn’t enough, he releases multiple albums and EPs every year. He is constantly expanding his musical universe with each new album.

My Favorite Song: Rebels.  “Rebels” is my favorite song by A.M. Early Morning and, coincidentally, his newest single. It says a lot when an artist is always elevating with each new release. This song is packed with wordplay and the beat constantly amazes. It also features verses from underground heavy hitters, Daniel Son and Vic Spencer, giving it infinite replayability.

J Wade

J Wade strings together words easier than a sewing machine. He uses our mind as the canvas and his words as the paint brush. The Chicago music scene is booming with talent and Wade is no exception to this. His deep soulful voice is both forceful and soothing. 

His verbal versatility is unparalleled. He can easily deliver fast, potent rhyme patterns or take it down a notch with slow and smooth ones. With 6 albums released since 2020, he has no shortage of material to digest. Is there anything more impressive than talent and work ethic?

My Favorite Song: Opus.  The title could not be more appropriate for this song. J Wade starts an accelerated rap attack with impeccable arrangement. The looped soul sample is the perfect counter to his lyrical assault. A minute and 26 seconds is more than long enough to recognize his rhythmic supremacy. 

Skipp Whitman

I’ve learned to never skip Skipp Whitman’s songs. He refreshingly draws from a blend of musical influence that features plenty of instrumentation in a world dominated by sampling and remixing. Having grown up in a recording studio where his father worked with many artists, Skipp has a long history with the counterculture side of the music industry.

He powerfully pulls from the sounds of bossa nova, surf rock, soul, and funk. Using his unique blend of musical influence, he takes you on a rap adventure unlike any other artist in our current era. His rhymes will normally inspire self reflection and a refreshing view on modern life. Whether he is rhyming about love, the internet, or the music industry, he will captivate your ears with his vibrant expression.

My Favorite Song: Let That Go.  The most awe inspiring songs are a fluid combination of the new and old styles. “Let That Go” is my favorite song by Skipp Whitman because of the smooth combo of modern rap flow and surf rock twang. It is a refreshing take on genre-bending hip hop.


Genre-benders and trailblazers are essential in music evolution. Jaysanityy is exactly that and more. His unrelenting lyrical style is packed with equal parts wisdom and raw aggression. Jay is always accompanied by a hypnotizing beat that matches his energy. He creatively crafts every line with depth which makes you want to immediately replay the last song.

Normally rhymes this rapid fire and complex would be intimidating to new listeners, but Jay does it in a way that pulls you in and peaks your curiosity. No two songs by Jaysanityy are the same, which is refreshing for anyone fed up with the formulaic sounds of the mainstream scene. Artists like him keep the underground scene fresh and vibrant.

My Favorite Song: fresh air.  As soon as the funky drum pattern starts on “fresh air,” you feel the uniqueness of his artistry. The long, drawn out guitar riff and keyboard melody create a canvas perfect for Jaysanityy to preach to his audience. I’ve left this song on repeat many times before and I never get tired of it. 


The most relatable artist on this list is, by far, Zedikaya. A poet with the ability to express complex ideas in simple terms is very uncommon. You can’t help but relate to his music while being impressed with its raw humanity. To be human is to be complicated, and Zedikaya conveys his humanity in an extremely relatable way.

Many artists have a monotone delivery, but none as impressive as Zedi. I’m not typically drawn to an artist with monotone vocals. His topics are so sentimental that the monotone pitch makes them easier to absorb. Zedikaya says the things we are all thinking and feeling, but are too scared to say aloud.

My Favorite Song: true (interlude). From his album, Eyes Wide, Zedikaya gets emotional and real with this quick song. He doesn’t shy away from the pain and obsession of dating. The lyrics are almost like a stream of consciousness being broadcast so that we can learn from his mistakes. It’s loving, it’s dark, it’s real, it’s “true (interlude)” by Zedikaya.

Holistic Neva

Holistic Neva has only released one album, but its strength speaks volumes. Road To Perdition is an extremely well curated musical project with only one other artist delivering a feature verse. Each sample and beat from Fester’s Quest helps create a cohesive sound to back Holistic’s poetry. 

Rather than fill his rhymes with metaphors and similes, like most artists nowadays, Holistic Neva packs them with personal experience and perspective. Equal parts ominous and eloquent, this album is packed with depth that only comes from life lived. If there was a checklist of the qualities needed to make an incredible album, this would have no blank spaces.

My Favorite Song: Omar. There is no shortage of Omar references in hip hop, but this is a reinvigorated take on anti-heros and the iconic character from The Wire. Every line is crafted to strike fear in the hearts of his peers. Each note of the robotic back beat is built to separate this song from the rest of the pack. 


When I need a little motivation and wisdom, I turn to Flowurz. It’s hard to believe one man can assemble such sage poetry. With rhymes like, “adaptation is the key to salvation,” his music contains valuable reminders for all walks of life. His topics range from instant gratification to making money, from meditation to loyalty, and so much more. 

The mix of soulful and jazzy beats will wash away your worries as his honest poetry inspires. There is just enough abstractness in his music to challenge norms while still being accessible. If you’re not one for deep rhymes, that’s ok. It’s easy to get lost in the beats and samples behind his rhymes. Truly great music has a hypnotic nature to it, and Flowurz is no different. 

My Favorite Song: RED SHIELD.  This song is absolutely timeless. It does more in two minutes than most songs do in five! A soulful sample set the stage with beautifully distorted gospel vocals. Add a hypnotic drum beat and Flowurz’ semi-slurred rhymes make for the most vibe worthy track I’ve heard in years.

Bigg Dogg

Beware of Dogg! Don’t listen to this artist unless you want true underground excellence. He talks openly about the gritty parts of New York City life. The Upper West Side can be rocky and he leans into the rough reality with potent storytelling. I always appreciate when an artist tells it like it is – why pull punches? Bigg Dogg has hard beats and harder hitting rhymes.

When listening to newer artists, you can tell how much respect they have from the community by the feature artists. It’s almost like an endorsement of a new artist’s talent and legitimacy. Underground heavy hitters are all over his album, Beware of Dogg. TEK, UFO Fev, Bub Styles, Wiki, and A-F-R-O all make appearances. This is a bigg deal, dogg. 

My Favorite Song: Upper West 2 El Barrio.  It’s very uncommon to find a 6 minute song that keeps the listener engaged. “Upper West 2 El Barrio” tells the story of many people from this area of NYC. The high pitched guitar riff and the low pitched gritty rhymes are the perfect match. True underground excellence. 

Swank Wit Da Dank

Cannabis culture and hip hop have always been linked. Swank embodies this connection in the dopest way. With Swank, you get what you expect, but you’re never disappointed. He always gets your head nodding as he tells a dope-related story. Stacking cash is a recurring theme which makes his catalog the perfect soundtrack for any hustle. 

His 2022 album, Dankonia, takes his smokey verbal expression and adds an extra smooth sonic element. It’s always impressive when an old soul sample is turned into something young adults can vibe to. This is the sign of dope, timeless music.

My Favorite Song: A Thousand Grams.  Some beats don’t require bass at all. In this calm banger, the screaming horns do all the work. Swank raps perfectly to the pocket created by this epic beat. Gritty, grimy, smooth, and potent. What else could you want?


With a name like DON’T MISS, I think we know what to expect. They have the diversity only a duo can bring to the table. Their collaborative music is full of clear messages and hard to miss musicianship. Rashad brings his enormous bag of word play and half the production talent. Nastebeats rounds out the production to complete this dope duo. 

Tackling complex topics in their debut album is extremely impressive. They will make you think about life and what the world around you really means. And they’ll have you head banging the whole way through. 

My Favorite Song: MANIFEST.  This Jamaican inspired beat will get you out of your seat. Rashad immediately reminds you that they don’t miss as the bass booms and the beat bangs. Clear the room, turn up your speakers, and get down with DON’T MISS.


Next up is PEP57, a New Yorker with the kind of confidence that only comes from real hustle and street experience. His raps come from such a raw place that you feel like you’re on the corner with him ready to scrap. He hits you in the sonic gut with a very specific brand of street hustle. It would make a great soundtrack to a movie like Reservoir Dogs. If Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese had a music baby, it would be PEP57.

My Favorite Song: KSUBI JEANS.  The beat on KSUBI JEANS is busy in the best way. It helps create a paranoid feel which helps set the scene for PEP57 to tell a story. This song is perfect to compliment a car ride or a workout. 

Q Prodigal

Q Prodigal has been making awe-inspiring, counter-culture art since 2019. Conceptually, his depth is hard to match. Lyrically, he constantly amazes. He reminds me of those moments in hip hop history when the late J Dilla would connect with a beautifully conscious rapper. The result is art that you love, but sometimes don’t even understand why. 

His command of language allows him to tell compelling stories while keeping them relatable and inspiring. He takes influence from so many of hip hop’s legends that it is hard to pin him down to one sound or lyrical style. He is truly a combination of the best of the best.

My Favorite Song: White Nose.  This song gives me chills everytime I hear the namesake line. “White nose on you baby, I ain’t talking about winter.” Properly tackling the connection of drugs and romance is difficult to do for any artist. Adding metaphors can almost make these grimy topics seem human and relatable. This song reminds me of the humanity in all of us, regardless of the struggles we face. 

Brando Bambino

Some people make it look easy, but Brando makes it genuinely effortless. The ever-calm, almost deadpan, Brando Bambino practically rhymes with too much poise. His tone seems almost as if he doesn’t want to be rapping, but no one could craft such impressive lines without a love for the sport.

His songs are filled with profound slant rhymes that force you to rewind or replay his music constantly. It’s nearly impossible to find new combinations of words to rhyme when everyone and their mother is a rapper. Literally! 

Brando is one of my favorite new underground rappers because he takes old school swag and adds his own brand of untouchable lyricism. His most recent album, Bandito, features instrumentals from Pyramid Tapes (which you can listen to below). The duo created a classic piece of art with ease. Everything fits. Period.

My Favorite Song: Propose a Toast.  I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times trying to figure out the lyrics. It shows exactly how effortlessly mind-blowing Brando Bambino is. I dare you to sing along with the lyrical barrage that he smoothly spits at the beginning of the song. 


Like Brando Bambino, Dunn delivers turbulent rhymes with a calm voice. He is cool as a cucumber in the arctic – all chill. With this suave essence, Dunn is approachable while remaining lyrically menacing. I’m a sucker for an artistic contradiction. 

Dunn is different. Some songs make you feel cool just by listening to them. When you listen to Dunn’s music, you feel this and more. His swagger speaks for itself and you feel cooler for knowing he even exists. 

My Favorite Song: Heavy.  “Heavy” is as cool as they come. Its suave beat makes you bob right off the bat. Dunn slides on the beat with amazing lyrical ability. His deep voice suits the swag of the beat so well that you’ll have it on repeat. 

There you have it—my personal best underground rappers list showcasing the top new artists in the game! These artists will keep you thinking, head banging, hustling, and rapping along for as long as you have ears. Never be scared to listen to new music. Follow this map of underground talent for thousands of hours of stunning hip hop. Don’t sleep on any of them because their careers will boom any day now.

This article was written by Brian and edited by Michael.

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