Top 15 Queen Albums Ranked Worst to Best You Will Love

Discover the Top Queen Albums Ranked Worst to First!

If you’re interested in buying or listening to Queen’s music catalog, but don’t know where to start, here is my list of fifteen Queen albums ranked from worst to best:

15) Flash Gordon
14) Queen
13) Queen II
12) Sheer Heart Attack
11) Innuendo
10) A Kind of Magic
9) The Works
8) Made in Heaven
7) The Miracle
6) Jazz
5) A Day at the Races
4) The Game
3) Hot Space
2) News to the World
1) A Night at the Opera

Now that you’ve got the list, let’s dive deeper into why each album is slotted at its respective position.

Examining the Queen Albums Ranked Worst to Best List

Lets begin with the “worst” Queen album on my list: Flash Gordon

15. Flash Gordon (1980)

This is probably Queen’s most experimental album since it is a movie soundtrack filled with songs by Queen rather than a standalone Queen album. The movie Flash Gordon may have been awful, but the soundtrack is another story. I will admit this is not Queen’s best work, and for me, it is one album I rarely listen to, but it does not mean it is a bad album. It just does not compare to the others. 

The album captures Queen’s adventurous essence through its videogame-like beats and sounds. The keyboard in “football fight” is an epic moment in this soundtrack. This album does contain a lot of dialogue from the movie, which I feel takes away from the artistic delivery of this album.

Favorite Song on Flash Gordon: “The Hero” is my favorite song because it sounds like an actual Queen song and stands out. However, even compared to other Queen song’s not on this album, it does contain that vibe you expect from any movie soundtrack.

I appreciate this song for Mercury’s powerful delivery as if he is about to embark on an epic journey of his own. Lastly, my favorite thing about this song is that although I did not like the movie Flash Gordon, the song “The Hero” sparks excellent memories from my childhood every time I listen to it. 

14. Queen (1973)

If you are a Queen fanatic, you first know how impossible it is to rank their albums. So, let’s talk about their debut album, Queen. This album may not be in everyone’s top favorite albums of all time, but it still holds a special place in the music world. 

Queen’s self-titled album introduced to the world what experimental rock is all about. Freddie Mercury’s one-of-a-kind voice, paired with Brain May’s beautiful guitar skills, helped establish credibility for the band in the music industry with this album. 

Queen was only a tease about what would come for this all-star band. 

Favorite song on Queen: For being the debut album of a band just starting their musical journey, there are so many good songs on this album. However, “Great King Rat” has to be my favorite song on this album. Mercury’s vocal abilities are what win me over in this song. His voice captures so much passion and soul, and the guitar solo in this song is just epic. 

At the same time, I can see why someone would not enjoy this song because, unlike some of Queen’s biggest hits, this song does not have any catchy chorus, but for me, that is what makes it such a spectacular song. 

13.  Queen II (1974)

The first of two albums that Queen would release in 1974 is a true masterpiece for any hardcore Queen fan. This album shines through its ability to mold hard, glam, and progressive rock into one album while maintaining a cornerstone for the rock industry. 

What truly makes this album special is that it is divided into two parts: Side White and Side Black, both being complementary of each other. Side White explores the euphoric side of rock music, while Side Black explores the chaotic delights of rock music. Nonetheless, both sides are masterpieces and create a thrilling listening experience. 

Favorite Song of Queen II: My favorite song from this album is “The March of the Black Queen” because of how glorious Freddie Mercury sings in this song and how the band yet again perfectly demonstrates their versatile musical talents. 

12. Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

First, is it impressive to release two studio albums in one year! I will take this to my grave, though, Sheer Heart Attack is, in fact, the better album of the two.

I’ll admit that I am not a fan of the opening song, “Brighton Rock.” I feel it lacks the allure and charm for being the first song of an album, but this album is rocking overall.

Sheer Heart Attack has much to offer, including the mix of genres in this album.  As a result of exploring genres such as heavy metal and pop in one album, Sheer Heart Attack is one of the supporting pillars of Queen’s career. Also, May’s guitar skills on this album are out of this world! 

Favorite song on Sheer Heart Attack: “Killer Queen,” is my favorite song on this album because I enjoy the witty lyrics combined with Mercury’s versatile vocal skills. 

11. Innuendo (1991)

This final Queen album to be released during Freddie Mercury’s life is a beautiful goodbye to fans and music lovers alike.In February 1991, only several months before Mercury’s death, Innuendo was released. It offers a delightful mix of traditional rock singalongs, emotional ballads, and songs that consistently demonstrate the band’s extraordinary ability to mix it up. 

What makes this album very special is that the band was able to offer listeners a peak at their sense of humor, creative processes, and intimate visions while staying true to rock n roll. With their brilliantly crafted lyrics and fantastic musicianship, this album is a meaningful way to celebrate Mercury’s musical talents. 

Favorite Song from Innuendo: “Don’t Try So Hard” is an emotional song about finding happiness after experiencing success. As a listener, I love the message the band is trying to tell their fans, which is that life is beautiful and to enjoy it. 

10. A Kind of Magic (1986)

If you are not the biggest Queen fan but love classic rock, this is the album for you. A Kind of Magic is an infectious album that will make you obsessed with it after one listen. 

The album is catchy since it offers a rich blend of rock and pop and unforgettable choruses. The album sounds like the band is ready to rock out with their fans again because of the great guitar solos from May, particularly in “Friends Will Be Friends.” 

I love how fun this album is!

Favorite song from A Kind of Magic: May’s killing guitar skills in “Friends Will Be Friends” dancing around Mercury’s voice is why I love this song. Mercury’s delivery evokes happy and loving feelings, while May’s epic guitar skills in this song are why I will always appreciate guitar solos in music. 

9. The Works (1984)

Despite Brian May getting annoyed when fans sing along, The Works is a masterpiece that makes it hard for fans to not sing along. This pop-rock album has many catchy songs, such as “Radio Ga Ga” and “I Want to Break Free.” This is a very upbeat album.

Compared to the previous albums listed, The Works comes off as musically rejuvenating. Every song on this album offers so much energy and highlights the band’s perfect ability to blend various styles of music in one album. From hard rock vibes to groovy beats, this album has epic instrumental elements and epic vibes. 

Favorite Song from The Works: The song that stands out in this album is “Man on the Prowl” because I feel if Queen, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis had a baby, it would be this song. This song is full of soul and makes you want to dance to it in your living room. 

8. Made in Heaven (1995)

Made in Heaven is a beautiful farewell to Freddie Mercury. The album was released four years after Mercury’s death has as a mix of final songs recorded by Freddie Mercury before he passed away in 1991.

The album is filled with emotion, and some songs are somewhat depressing, like “Heaven for Everyone.” However, some songs are more celebratory, such as “Let Me Live,” a fantastic song with a more uplifting sound. 

At the end of the day, Made in Heaven is a tribute album to Freddy Mercury and celebrates Queen’s legacy. The album will make many Queen fans sentimental while delivering powerful messages about life. 

Favorite Song from Made in Heaven: The final track on this album, “A Winter’s Tale,” is the best song on this album because it not only showcases Mercury’s one-of-a-kind vocal abilities but it emphasizes how his talent brought upon so many smiles among music lovers around the word. 

7. The Miracle (1989)

Miracle is the most underrated studio album from Queen. I enjoy how it jumps from “Party” to “Khashoggi’s Ship,” which I find to be two different-sounding songs, but I think it works well!

The Miracle is a great pop-rock album by dipping into various pop styles. I understand the complaints about this album and how it does not sound like a classic Queen album, but this makes it very special! It is the fact that they were willing to break away from their signature sound and demonstrate that they could create amazing music in any form. 

Favorite Song from The Miracle: I love the instrumental work in “Was It All Worth it” and the climax because it adds to how talented Queen is since it demonstrates they can create a great banger outside their signature musical styles. 

6. Jazz (1978)

Jazz is yet another album where Queen demonstrates this unbridled energy. With a great mix of rock anthems and funk-filled jams, Jazz is enjoyable to listen to from start to finish. Despite being often labeled as the “forgotten” album by music lovers, I would have to disagree as I see many artists, including The Band Perry, covering songs from Jazz

This album has a special place in my heart since it encompasses what Queen is about. I enjoy the variety it offers, from its middle eastern inspired music to its witty lyrics, this album is a great listen.  

Favorite Song from Jazz: Queen approaches an unconventional yet playful approach in ‘Bicycle Race,” which makes it the best song on the album. The atypical structure of this song makes it a catchy tune, and the fact that Mercury sings “I don’t like Star Wars” when it was popular is a very bold move, but I admire it. 

5. A Day at the Races (1976)

A Day at the Races, named after a Marx Brothers’ film, was the follow-up to Queen’s groundbreaking A Night at the Opera, and it does a great job succeeding it. From gospel-inspired songs like “Somebody to Love” and your traditional rock song “Tie Your Mother Down,” this album’s energy is infectious and yet another testament to May’s brilliant guitar skills. 

My favorite thing about this album is Mercury’s range, from exploring operatic styles to Queen’s take on rock n roll; he sings so lovely and powerfully regardless of the genre. Then again, should we be surprised by Queen’s versatile abilities?

Favorite song from A Day at the Races: “Somebody to Love,” showcases Mercury’s unique vocals and inspiring lyrics, making this the album’s best song. 

4. The Game (1980)

The Game was a moment in Queen’s music career that indicated they were moving from their signature sound to more disco and funk elements while maintaining some rock n roll features. 

Queen has always done an incredible job experimenting with various genres in a single album, but this one stands out when it comes to that. Exploring classic rock vibes in “Dragon Attack” and croon style in “Save Me” demonstrates that this band can create great songs regardless of genre and style.

Favorite Song from The Game: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen features a rockabilly vibe while Mercury shows off his vocal talents, a combination I never realized I needed. This song always puts me in a good mood when I listen to it. 

3. Hot Space (1982)

This may not be in everyone’s top three Queen albums, but it is mine. I genuinely appreciate Queen’s ability to be open-minded and try different sounds. From disco-funk to synth-driven pop songs, this album highlights how Queen will always be good at staying relevant by adopting the current trends in the music industry. 

Hot Space is a perfect example of an artist breaking the mold and testing boundaries to create refreshing material. By willing to see how rock n roll can be transformed into something bigger and better, Hot Space is by far not only one of the best albums by Queen but one of the best albums to ever be made. 

Favorite song from Hot Space: Through its cultural impact, “Under Pressure” is the best song on Hot Space. The song features Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, who deliver the music passionately and, ultimately, create an emotional connection with the listener. 

2. News To The World (1977)

News to the World was the first Queen album I was ever introduced to, and it has changed my life. This spectacular Queen album starts with one of the most empowering songs of all time, “We Will Rock You.” 

News to the World is filled with so much passion, emotion, and some of the most empowering lyrics Queen has ever written. It makes complete sense why this song is loved and has become a significant album in pop culture, as many people have expressed their love and admiration for this album, including The Ohio State University marching band.  

Favorite song from News to the World: “We Are the Champions” is my favorite song from this album and one of my favorite songs of all time. Mercury’s emotional delivery of self-confidence-filled lyrics makes this song very special. This epic song will resonate with anyone who wants to be the best of the best. 

1. A Night at the Opera (1975)

It may be cliché in this Queen albums ranked list to rank this album as the best Queen album of all time, but I do not care. This album features some of the best guitar solos from May. This album starts strong with the emotional yet rocking anthem, “Death on Two Legs.” What an incredible track! I mean, there is something that pumps me up when I hear the lyrics, “But now you can kiss my ass goodbye.” 

However, that is only one of my favorite things about the album. Another great thing about this album is how it explores the themes of true love (“You’re My Best Friend”) and heartbreak (“Love of My Life) and how each song is fantastic but completely different. This album highlights Queen’s true identity as a band: the ability to work with all genres and make great songs by pushing boundaries.

Favorite Song from A Night at the Opera: This operatic-inspired banger, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” is the perfect song that captures the essence of despair, contempt, and resolution. Mercury’s vocals shine the brightest in this song, which makes this song truly memorable. You would think a song could not get better, but it does! Every time I hear this song, May’s guitar solo sounds more incredible each listen.  

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