10 Songs About Amanda You Will Love to Hear

Here Are My Favorite Songs About Amanda!

With a name that displays elegance, strength, and passion, it is unsurprising that there are so many songs about Amanda. From hard rock to country music, let’s dive into some of the most memorable songs!

Songs with Amanda in the Title

10. Amanda by Boston

From a band that has been around for over 40 years, “Amanda” by Boston is number 10 on this list. I know it may appear disrespectful to start this list with this iconic song; however, I think it is overrated. The lyrics may be filled with romance and passion for a woman named Amanda, but as a hopeless romantic, I feel this song misses the mark. 

The melody of the song is exceptionally dull, and nothing stands out. Although the vocal talents presented in this song are nice, I feel they lack passion or emotion. This song does not spark any lovey-dovey feelings or any emotion, for that matter. 

The song is dreadfully dull even in the high parts, such as the chorus. The only positive thing about this song: it is excellent to listen to if you are having a hard time sleeping because it will put you to sleep due to how boring this song is! 

9. Te Recuerdo Amanda by Victor Jara

This Spanish number is a heartfelt song that focuses on how someone named Amanda impacted the singer’s life. What makes this song so beautiful is how the lyrics are filled with tenderness, accompanied by a sweet melody. Even if you do not understand Spanish, the singing style creates an evocative sense of storytelling. 

What makes this such a great song about Amanda is how poetic some of the lyrics are, and they are so well written that it paints a beautiful and passionate love that has developed between the singer and Amanda. Jara’s tender singing conveys his deep and pure love for Amanda, making the song beautiful. 

Unlike Amanda from Boston, this song about Amanda from Victor Jara is simply one of the most beautiful Spanish love songs I have ever heard in my life. When you are listening to this song, you understand the powerful bond and powerful love Jara and Amanda had together. 

8. Mandy is Two by Billie Holiday

Mandy is a nickname for Amanda, so I had to put this song from Billie Holiday because, in my mind, it is too good not to list it here. This lesser-known gem from Holiday is a great song. This enchanting song from Holiday’s beautifully vocal style provides a delightful and innocent-filled listening experience. 

While the lyrics don’t specifically mention Amanda, the song nonetheless can resonate with listeners and can create a connection with someone named Amanda for that listener. I love this song’s celebration of innocence and childhood, as the lyrics explore a young girl’s second birthday. 

Holiday does an exceptional job of capturing the magic and wonder often presented in early childhood. Holiday’s gentle delivery of the lyrics truly helps captivates a listener by highlighting nostalgia since many of us can remember our childhood days. 

This song about Amanda is a unique song from the bunch as it focuses on the themes of innocence and childhood and ultimately creates a powerful piece through the power of nostalgia and the emotions that result from that experience.

7. Practical Amanda by Ben Fold & Nick Hornby

This song from Ben Folds and Nick Hornby captures what it is to be someone named Amanda. The lyrics focus on how Amanda is good at dealing with living life hence the title “Practical Amanda.” What also makes this song so lovely is the enchanting singing that comes off rather emo-ish but nonetheless creates a beautiful story in the listener’s mind. 

What makes this song a special song is the contrast between Amanda and the singer that is taking place. They appear to be opposites, but the singer comes off as he admires how Amanda is and longs to be like her. Through the singer’s perspective, it allows a deeper understanding and appreciation of Amanda, which I absolutely love. Fold’s beautiful piano skills and Hornby’s lyric writing skills create a perfect musical marriage, resulting in a lovely arrangement for this song.

6. Miss Amanda Jones by The Rolling Stones

This classic rock song from 1967 is an epic one. This deep-cut song from The Rolling Stones is a great song that truly exemplifies the band’s signature stones. As a fan of The Rolling Stones, I always appreciate the rocking yet danceable melodies with some excellent guitar riffs, and this song is no different. “Miss Amanda Jones” is a fun rocking song to listen to. 

Another fantastic contribution this song has to offer is the lyrics. 

First of all, it is about someone named Amanda, and Amanda’s are fantastic. Also, what makes this song fun is that the lyrics focus on the spirit of youth and freedom during the 1960s, which makes the lyrics rather deep since it focuses on how younger people were rebelling against societal ideologies. 

We need to talk about how Mick Jagger’s distinctive voice adds personality to the song, which makes the listening experience far more delightful. Lastly, we need to talk about combining the drums and the bass, which creates a complex sound, but the chemistry is so great that it works out for this song!

5. Amanda by Joe Andrews

For anyone who is into pop rock, this song is for you. This song starts very catchy through its pop and rock elements. At the same time, Joe Andrew’s vocal delivery reminds me of the styles from bands like Boys Like Girls, The Cab, and Yellowcard. It works well for this song. Also, the instrumental arrangement with piano, strings, and guitar creates a rich and delightful musical landscape. It is the highlight of the song. 

Although this song’s sound and singing style are excellent, the lyrics could be better. It is rather vague and unclear if this is meant to be a love song. I understand the attempt, which is an ode to his Amanda; however, I need clarification on what he is singing about. 

I cannot tell if he is criticizing Amanda or displaying his love for Amanda through this song. I say this because in some parts, Andrews is singing about his admiration for Amanda, and in some parts, I feel he is complaining about her. 

4. Amanda by Chris Stapleton

Long before Chris Stapleton’s success with songs “Broken Halo” and “Starting Over,” there was Amanda. This soulful and emotionally sparking rendition of a country song originally from Bob McDill is a beautiful piece. It is my personal favorite version. 

Through Stapleton’s captivating voice and incredible musicianship, his talents are just hard to outdo. What makes this song incredible is Stapleton’s ability to enhance a timeless country song, making it unforgettable. From all the versions of this song, Chris Stapleton truly adds a layer of emotion, which gives the lyrics more meaning. 

This song focuses on themes of love, devotion, and regret, which you can hear just by listening to Stapleton’s voice. This makes this an incredible song because without paying attention to the lyrics, you can feel the themes through his powerful vocals. Stapleton’s voice alone is a magical experience that opens the soul to vulnerability. 

3. Mandy by Barry Manilow

“Mandy,” a song from 1974, holds a special place in my heart. This song does not refer to Amanda; again, Mandy is a common nickname for Amanda, and this song is too good not to be on this list.

The dramatic and heart-wrenching lyrics always get me emotional since Manilow’s vocal delivery evokes emotion. As the song continues, the string arrangements and horns create a score that alone speaks to the heartstrings. 

The tragedy and regret within the lyrics make this song captivating to the soul. Manilow sings about his regret of mistreating Mandy, which hits the soul hard. At first, you feel bad for him, but then you think of Mandy and just hurt for both. 

It is truly one of the saddest songs I have ever heard, but it is so perfectly performed that you cannot help but love this sad song. Manilow does an exceptional job of conveying how much he longs for Mandy. It is a powerful song and provides an insightful lesson to those who may overlook the love in their lives. 

2. Crazy Amanda Bunkface by Sum 41

This 2001 pop-punk song was the anthem during my high school years. This song about Amanda is an energetic and catchy song. It also features impressive guitar riffs, great drumming, and a sense of fun in the song, even though the singer is talking crap to Amanda. You can’t help but feel Amanda might be a little unhinged. The sound matches the song’s melody as it sounds wild and has an unpredictable catchy beat. 

What makes this the second-best song on the list is how the singer sings the lyrics with an unapologetic perspective which adds a layer of insult to injury as the song is basically heavily bashing Amanda. The zany lyrics such as “Every time I think of you, my brain gets sore when I am with you” are some incredibly well-written words despite the level of insult taking place. Overall, I love this song because of the emphasis on individuality.

1. Amanda by Green Day

Green Day is a band that never stops running. They are constantly making new music, or Billie Joe is launching another guitar; they are the band that keeps focusing on their music. Green Day has always been a favorite band of mine, and with that in mind, it Is only fitting that this song is number one on this of songs about Amanda. 

This catchy punk rock song is an excellent song about Amanda. The lyrics are indirect, but Billie Joe sells with his vocal talents. The song captures what Green Day is now, just a punk rock band making music.

What I like about this song the most from all the songs on this list is that the lyrics showcase an authentic portrayal of love and its complexities. I think the song’s candid lyrics create a sense of connection for the listener, as love is an emotional journey we can all relate to. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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