10 Songs About Bad Friends, Fake Friends You’ll Love

Enjoy These Songs About Bad Friends

We all need friends in our life, but sometimes, friendships can turn so toxic that they become a detriment to your success.  So in this article, we’re going to share our favorite songs about bad friends that are all about identifying your terrible, fake friends that you may just need to cut out of your life completely. 

Songs About Bad Friends You Will Appreciate

Let’s begin with a Taylor Swift song entitled “I Forgot That You Existed.”

I Forgot That You Existed by Taylor Swift

This Taylor Swift song is perfect if you are at the point where you can imagine yourself moving on from the hurt your friends have caused you. Maybe you are already there, or maybe you just hope to be there someday. Either way, this song is about how someone should have treated you better than they did, but you overcame it. 

Sources are unclear on who inspired Taylor Swift to write this song, with some saying it is about Kanye West, Calvin Harris, or Karlie Kloss and Lorde. Regardless of the source, Taylor Swift has moved on, as she sings, “It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference.” 

When I listen to this song, I relate to the feeling of being there for someone who could not be bothered to be there for you. It is great to listen to this song and feel like you are laughing with your new friend, Taylor, about how bad your friends used to be. 

Also, if you love T-Swift, but this song does not fit how you feel, check out “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

What About Your Friends by TLC

“What About Your Friends” is the perfect TLC song if you feel that your friendship circle is not as “tight and true” as it could or should be.  In some ways, you can almost fit this track into the category of songs about fake friends, because if you’re like T-Boz, and you’re wondering whether or not your friends will “let you down,” then perhaps that “friend” wasn’t as legitimate as you originally thought. 

This song asks all of the questions you need to know about your friends if you want to be close. Will they be there for you? Can you trust them to have your back? 

While the song is fairly upbeat and has a rhythm that makes you want to dance, it is also a great way to let out frustrations with toxic friends. 

This song talks about your friends making you feel like you are crazy for the way you feel. Listen to this and know that you deserve friends who support you. 

High Horse by Kacey Musgraves

Have you ever sat and listened to one of your “friends” talk and realized that deep down they honestly think that they are better than everyone else? It is the worst. They make you doubt your own worth and expect you to worship them as much as they do. 

In “High Horse,” Kacey Musgraves makes it very clear that she is not having any of that narcissistic behavior. You do not have to sit and take it either. 

Kacey paints a hilarious picture of the narcissist parading through town in a cowboy hat and boots, looking down on everyone else. Picture your bad friends in that getup, and you may just start feeling better and realize that you deserve better. 

If this song does not quite fit your situation, but you like Kacey’s vibe, she has several other songs that may help you feel better, like “Step Off,” “Miserable,” and “Biscuits.”

Fake Friends by Joel Adams

Do you know that friend that only seems to care about your friendship when they need something? Outside of that, they are only interested in clout and popularity. Nothing about that friend is genuine. Well, this song is for them. 

This song calls out friends in every way that they are fake, with their fake IDs, fake parties, and fake friends. Listen to Adams’ rich, creamy voice as he tells off his fake friends, and picture yourself telling off your bad friends. 

How Do You Sleep by John Lennon

After the breakup of the Beatles, many of the members were left with difficult feelings. According to John Lennon, he decided to take some of those feelings of resentment and use them to help him dig into his creativity. 

While this song is clearly about Paul McCartney, you can picture yourself asking your traitorous friends how they sleep at night after the terrible things they have done to you. Maybe, as you listen to the smooth beats and Lennon’s iconic voice, you can find creative inspiration through your pain. 

Beekeeper by Keaton Henson

As the saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” If you relate to that feeling and feel like being alone would be better than dealing with your toxic friends, Keaton Henson has a song for you. Henson perfectly captures the feeling of wanting to isolate from others and be left alone. 

As each new verse starts, you can hear a shudder in Henson’s breath. It makes you catch your breath, and you can almost tangibly feel the heartache caused by friends who would rather see you fail than succeed. 

With the chorus, the drums come in, and you can almost feel like Henson is gathering some strength to cut off the unhealthy friendships. 

Real Friends by Camila Cabello

Another pop sensation, Camila Cabello, writes about wanting real friends who truly carry about you. This acoustic track feels raw and honest like she just sat down with a guitar and released everything she was feeling in a moment of healing. 

Cabello denies that the song was about her former bandmates in Fifth Harmony, but the song still captures the overtones behind the rumors that she was writing about the band’s breakup. It encapsulates the feeling of trusting people only to find out that they do not care what happens to you. 

Mean Girls by Sugarland

Middle school and high school can be rough for young women. Cliques, social pressure, and changing environments can take the simple concept of friendship and make it way too complicated. Unfortunately, those cliquish “mean girls” do not disappear after high school. They just rebrand and come in a new way. 

Sugarland bemoans the cycle of mean girls growing up, staying heartless, and raising their own daughters to be mean. If you are tired of being sucked in by a group of seemingly “cool kids,” only to be quickly pushed back out, this song will help you feel better. 

It’s a song that takes a very sassy approach to these toxic “mean girls.” As the song begins, you hear a group of girls (seemingly cheerleaders) shout “Ready? Ok!” Right off the bat, lead singer Jennifer Nettles calls out these girls who will blame you for all the bad things in their lives and hate you regardless of what you look like or how you are as a person.

Her country twang adds an edge to the song that helps you imagine that she is taking a stand against these toxic friends. 

This is one of those country songs about fake friends that you’ll really want to play on repeat.

Rumors by Lizzo and Cardi B

Lizzo and Cardi B created this anthem for everyone sick of rumors and gossip. 

Lizzo infuses this song with her classic passion for doing what makes you happy, as she preaches that whether the rumors are true or not does not matter, there are more important things going on in the world than what someone posted (or didn’t post) on Instagram. 

Her bouncy personality is inflected in each of the verses she sings, and then she includes a smoother, richer tone in the choruses when she gets playful about the message. 

Cardi B, an outspoken person, takes this opportunity to clear up rumors and gossip about herself, as well. Her spoken style and harsh consonants tell you from the start of her verse that she is fed up and is laying down the law. 

If your friends like gossip a bit too much, maybe you can take a page from Lizzo and cut them loose. 

We Used to Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols

If alternative music is more your style, you may connect with “We Used to Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols. This song is about wanting to reconnect with a friendship that fizzled out. With the bright chorus, and repeated “ah”s, the song seems a bit happy. It triggers that melancholy feeling where you wonder what an old friend is up to. 

If you are looking back on a friendship that ended, you may be tempted to call up that old friend. This song explains how you may feel about moving on and wishing you could still have some of that old friendship (the good parts, hopefully). 


If you have toxic, negative friends, you can get caught up in feeling angry, sad, and frustrated. Listening to music can act as a healing balm for your injured heart. The music allows you to connect with a singer who is facing similar heartbreak. 

These songs about bad friends are from a variety of genres and periods. They demonstrate that no matter the struggles with friends, you’ll be able to push through the pain and find happiness on the other side.

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