13 Songs About Being Alone That You’ll Absolutely Love

Songs About Being Alone You'll Absolutely Love

As human beings, we are naturally social creatures.  So it can be a bit difficult when you find yourself…well…by yourself.  And whenever that happens, it’s always great to listen to some songs about being alone, as it feels like there’s at least one person on Earth that understands the isolation you feel.

In this article, I’m going to provide you with my favorite songs on this subject.  Be sure to throw them onto your playlist and blast them loudly the next time you’re struggling with solitude.

1) Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne 

Our Canadian punk princess decides to leave the IDGAF attitude on the back burner in this sad song about being a runaway. Electric guitars are joined by a small orchestra and the music is just as beautifully poignant as the lyrics. 

Avril Lavigne album entitled Under My Skin

Avril sings of a girl she knows who has nowhere to go. No friends or family to be mentioned, the girl is on her own and trying to find her place in the world. 

Lavigne sings from the point of view of an outsider (although she may be the voice of the girl’s own thoughts as some have interpreted) watching the poor way the young lady has to struggle to keep going. The official music video depicts the song as a runaway song as well. 

“With no place to go. No place to go to dry her eyes. Broken inside.”

2) Mr. Lonely by Akon

Losing a romantic partner almost never ends up happy, even in the best of circumstances. But it makes it much worse when you’ve made an avoidable mistake that leads to your special someone packing their bags and leaving. 

Akon seems to know that situation all too well, as he sings about how incredibly lonely he is after losing his special girl. He never gets specific on what he did to lose her (though the video seems to imply infidelity), but two things are for sure. 

He knows she was his irreplaceable true love, and he wants her back. The man doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself now that he with without the one who always stuck by his side. 

“Ain’t no one in the globe I’d rather see than the girl of my dreams that made me be so happy but now so lonely.”

3) Lonely by Noah Cyrus

Introducing Noah as “Miley’s little sister” would be a disservice to her as she is so much more than the pop star’s younger sibling. Miss Cyrus’s belting voice is so moving as she tells us about how she is coping with being on her own. 

She openly laments on how her habits aren’t always the healthiest. She describes drinking away her sorrow, kissing strangers and being ashamed of her past. 

And trying to curate a career for herself, find out who she really is and make her family proud has overwhelmed Noah. She wants to do well by herself but misses her family and home. Our songbird cries out for “anyone, anything” to step in and guide and help her. 

“Oh, please, someone help me. I don’t care, anyone, anything. ‘Cause I’m so sick of being so lonely.”

4) Lonely Child by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

An extremely deep song that shows raw vulnerability, “Lonely Child” covers a variety of lonely feelings.  Be aware it has profanity. YoungBoy (to use the shortened version of his name) raps about his entrance into the business and how he is portrayed as someone who “ain’t human” and void of emotion. 

YoungBoy Never Broke Again album

But any listener will find that the exact opposite is true. This track mentions sadness and isolation over losing friends, losing romantic relationships and fear of losing family members that raised him. 

The artist even mentions that he is going to therapy to help himself and his mind when his thoughts become too much. And that seems pretty human in our opinion.

“I’m just a lonely child, who wants someone to help him out.”

5) Solo by Clean Bandit (f/Demi Lovato)

Similar to our Akon pick, “Solo” is about being alone after losing your significant other. Lovato’s lyrics convey their remorse for messing up and doing, “ the worst thing” to their beau. 

Now, they’re on their own and missing him. They feel alone, even though people want to dance with them. They can’t stop crying and won’t touch anyone else. They can’t even hear music without their love! 

“Cr-cr-cry since the day we parted. T-t-touch but I got nobody. So I do it solo.”

6) Let Me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin

We don’t know what’s worse; being lonely or the anxiety that comes with knowing you’re about to be lonely soon. Quickly rising Alex Benjamin nails this exact feeling. He tells his significant other that he suspects they’ll be leaving him soon. 

And he won’t stop them. Already finding himself cold and alone, he admits that he knows they’ve been growing apart for a while. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

“If you wanna go, then I’ll be so lonely. If you’re leaving, baby, let me down slowly.”

7) Lonely by Tujamo & VIZE

Let’s pick up the beat by introducing our 7th pick! Still a deep song about seclusion, the lyrics tell the story of someone whose sadness seems to creep back in after his friends leave. 

Ironically, the artists had to produce the track from three different cities due to social distancing during the height of the pandemic.

When Germany started allowing car cinemas, the duo was able to finally meet in person and perform this dance beat together. 

8) Lonely Day by System of a Down

Grammar be damned! Armenian-American band, System of a down, often tries to relay messages about the world through their music. Their most recent performances and songs have brought attention to the current Armenia–Azerbaijan border crisis

They were on hiatus for almost 15 years but came back together in 2020. Though they often use artistic language to convey their messages, “Lonely Day” is quite straightforward. 

The singer has encountered the loneliest day of his life. He says that days like it should not even exist! But they do, and he’s just trying to survive it. 

“Such a lonely day. And it’s mine. The most loneliest day of my life.”

9) Supalonely by BENEE featuring Gus Dapperton

Listening to sad music when you feel lonely can be cathartic. We support it! But we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t love this bop that makes us want to dance all by ourselves. New Zealand hit, BENEE is joined by New Yorker, Gus Dapperton for this NEW hit (it actually came out in 2019 but see what we did there?) 

Initially, the song sounds like another alt-pop dance song. And then we get to the lyrics! BENEE sings from the point of view of a broken-hearted girl filled with self-criticism and loneliness. And she does not hold back. 

Girl straight up calls herself “a loser”. Sometimes being blunt is the best way to get a point across. 

“While you’re out there drinkin’, I’m just here thinkin’, ‘Bout where I should’ve been. I’ve been lonely.”

10) Alone by Eimizah

Loneliness isn’t always bad! As previously said, some people prefer it! Being alone can give you time to do your favorite things, find some peace and quiet and learn a little about yourself. 

And Eimizah is here for it! She claims that the being alone is the only way she knows how to be, and she doesn’t see that as a negative. Yes, she has a lot to give…but why does it have to be given away? 

Dealing with other people can be too exhausting anyway! A sultry piano introduction (reminiscent of early Alicia Keys in our opinion) paired with saucy lyrics (explicit language, so heads up), introverts of any age can find something to love about this song. 

I only know how to be alone. That’s when I am at my best.”

11) Alone Trevor Daniel

The “people are too much” theme continues with another song with the same moniker. But that’s where similarities end. For starters, this song has no slow piano, but instead, a pop tempo. 

Trevor Daniel album entitled That Was Then

The point of view is from a guy who realizes that relationships are too much drama for him. He admits that he doesn’t even pick up the phone when his significant other calls. If this is what constitutes relationships, he wants no part of it. 

And if his partner wants to continue fighting, they’re going to have to do it alone too. 

“I don’t think I was made for love. Yeah, I think I’m better off alone.”

12) Boulevard of Broken Dream by Green Day

We would be remiss to not include this long held favorite. It makes sense. The band is listed as punk-rock and who knows loneliness better than punks and rock fans? 

Being an outspoken rebel can cause quite of bit of seclusion and Billie Joe Armstrong knows that all too well. The famous tune has been interpreted in different ways; some believe he’s talking about being mentally lonely, others say it talks about his band’s journey to success and there are even more explanations. 

Either way, anyone in the grip of isolation can relate.  

“I walk a lonely road. The only one that I have ever known.”

13) Leave Me Alone by NF

American rapper, NF talks often about his struggles with mental health. The rapper talks about his faith in interviews but says he isn’t a “Christian rapper” (let’s just say some of his songs will NOT be played at the next church service). Some songs he mentions knowing that he can be too much for anyone to handle. 

Leave Me Alone by NF on the album The Search.

He mentions disagreeing with his wife about hanging up the plaques he received in honor of his achievements.  In others, like “Leave me alone”, he flips the table and rants about the price that comes with success. 

Yes, he is grateful but he’s making it clear that he’s just needing everyone to back off. 

“Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, ayy, leave me alone!”


According to psychologists, humans were not made to be alone. But… it happens. People separate, relationships are lost, life changes things around and eventually, everyone experiences loneliness. It’s a part of life! But it’s a part that we can deal with in different ways as shown here in this list of songs about being alone.

Some artists have shown us that we can feel the loneliness in all of its weight. And it can be sad. Others have shown us that it can be accepted and used as a starting point of self-exploration. And a few have made it clear that loneliness is a good thing and can be used as an escape from an often-chaotic world. How will you use it?

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Yes! “Here” by Alessia Cara is a great example of that situation! She describes being at a party, dragged along by her friends, only to be abandoned in a corner while they live it up. She has no interest in being there. In fact, she’d rather be alone at home! But until her friends leave, she’ll keep declining dance offers and shallow attempts at conversation. 

Loneliness is a universal feeling (as in anyone can feel it), so it makes a great relatable topic to write about. As previously shown, there are also different ways to handle it. We’ve tried to make our list show a variety of emotions that come with loneliness, but these are only a few!

And each decade has mentioned it in music, examples are: “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone” by Moon Mullican from 1950, “Alone and Cryin’” by Johnny Fortune from 1960, “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan in the 70’s, etc. 

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