15 Songs About Being Pregnant That You’ll Love

Songs About Being Pregnant That You'll Love

Pregnancy is a big deal. And why shouldn’t it be? It is a life changing event! Some people see becoming pregnant as a blessing. For others, becoming pregnant is very scary.

Whether you are planning your baby shower, trying to conceive, adopting, or deciding if parenthood is really for you, here are fifteen awesome songs about being pregnant that you’ll absolutely love.

1) Capri by Colbie Callait

Colbie Callait’s sweet song is about a woman who is pregnant with a baby girl. She talks about holding her belly and being in wonder at the beauty growing inside of her. 

She says that she knows things will not always be easy, but she has learned to manage the challenges by listening patiently. 

You can feel her smile and excitement as she sings to the tiny baby inside. Any tough times will be worth it when she gets to see her beautiful baby girl, Capri. 

2) The Baby Momma Dance by Starrkeisha

Ok, so this is one of our sillier picks, but it is still too impressive to omit from the list. From Starrkeisha (aka Cameron J), this musical phenomenon can be found in many pregnant women’s social media videos. And it is a phenomenon, as it has taken over maternity wards and baby showers alike! 

Overdue mothers are doing it in their delivery rooms to get labor started and everyone (those pregnant AND unpregnant) are breaking it down at parties for the expecting parents! It is a song made for a comedy skit but that does not deter so many mommas from relating to it. 

Starrkeisha covers it all from rent being due, feeling out of breath and like you have been pregnant for too long. Just be careful if you decide to listen, laughing or dancing may make you go into labor too!

3) One’s On the Way by Loretta Lynn

If you have kids already and another bun in the oven, you may fall in love with this oldie! Loretta ties in current events at that time (including “the pill” hopefully becoming a hit someday) and her thoughts as a pregnant mom. 

Her kids are “toddling” and “crawling,” and her husband is bringing friends over and the news is reminding her about the rest of the world. 

She has a lot going on! 

This funny but realistic song is a nice reminder that though parenting methods may change with the times, there are some things that remain to feel the same. 

4) Knocked Up by Angaleena Presley

Not everyone gets pregnant on purpose! And to some, a premarital pregnancy is seen as a terrible thing. Even worse, when you are a teen mom, it can be seen as a “shame!” 

And that is the exact point of view Angaleena sings from in this country diddy about an accidental pregnancy and a “shotgun wedding.” She admits that she is too young to be a mom. 

But she was in love from “the first kiss” with the baby’s father and now she is expecting. The songs end happy as the couple gets married and are still in love. 

She tells her future baby that all of the “shame” and the fact that she got “knocked up” will not matter once they are born.

5) Keeping My Baby by Duffy

Welsh songbird, Duffy lets us in on the story of a struggling single pregnant mother. The father is a figure of broken promises and has disappeared, leaving her alone. 

She thinks back on the time when she was the one with so much potential to have a successful life. But falling for an irresponsible man has left her 20 weeks pregnant and living in a government home. 

She tells us that though there may be no hope for the big life she dreamed of, she is going to make sure her baby has a great life. She is keeping her baby. 

6) Eat for Two by Natalie Merchant

Merchant is open that her “soliloquy” is controversial, even admitting that when it was released, many radios refused to play it. A song about a pregnant woman that does not know if she wants the pregnancy happening inside of her body, she talks about the night she gave in to a boy who “begged” and now she lives her life “for two.”  

Not necessarily unhappy about the life growing inside of her, but not exactly happy either, Natalie has said that the girl is “undecided.” Controversial because people can interpret the lyrics as “pro-choice” OR “anti-choice,” Merchant tells us that people assign the song to mean what they feel it means. 

7) Down from Dover by Dolly Parton

Warning: this song describes loss of a pregnancy. In this heartbreaking ballad, Dolly tells us of a boy from Dover that she falls in love with and eventually gets pregnant by. 

He goes back to his hometown right as she finds out about her pregnancy. Her family is ashamed and casts her out, but she holds onto the hope of the boy returning to be her husband and father to her baby. If he does not, the child wont “have a name” (last name). 

But the longer that time goes on, she does not hear from him, making her worry he may not be coming back. She finds a place to stay, taking care of an old lady but she is still lonely. 

She reminisces on the night that she “could not refuse him” out of love when he “needed” her. But now her due date approaches and she is still alone. 

The song gets even more sad when the baby is born “but something’s wrong.” Dolly cries that the baby knew “she would never have a father’s arms to hold her” as the boy never comes back down from Dover.

8) Babies Makin’ Babies by Miranda Lambert

Well, we might as well keep the theme of country songs about being pregnant rolling, eh?  

In this song, a recently new step-mother herself, Miranda tells the timeline of a couple that conceived in a backseat, got married and are struggling to be successful. 

They were too young to be parents but that does not matter anymore as they search for couch quarters and try to make ends meet. The song is not really sad, it could be better! 

But it is the classic story of the start of so many families. As Miranda says, “It’s always in the water”!

Check out the story behind making Babies Makin’ Babies below:

9) Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick

Parenthood is not for everyone and sometimes making that decision alone can be too much. Anna’s first verse describes a scene where she is up late and writing music when her friend calls and tells her that she needs help unraveling her latest “mistake.” 

She tells Anna that she does not love the guy she has been seeing and she is having a really tough time. Anna, being a friend, goes with her to (presumably) the abortion clinic where they meet people judging them for being there. 

Our singer calls out their hypocrisy by telling them that they are all there “for the very same reason.” She then goes on to sing that you cannot go back in time and change things. 

All you can do is learn from your past, move forward…and breathe.

10) Bye Bye Baby by Noname

Controversial but still necessary is this song by Noname. A pick that brings important discussions to the forefront of reproductive health, Bye Bye Baby is a song about ending a pregnancy…but not out of desperation or hate. 

Noname has said in interview that this song was made to be a “love song” from the pregnant person’s point of view. Sometimes this incredibly hard decision is made when the potential parent feels as if this is the best way to avoid the child having a life that is less than what they deserve. 

The song even has a lyric from the baby’s spirit, as understanding that “some give presents before they’re even ready.” Although it may not be everyone’s idea of what love may look like, it is a real point of view and deserves to be a part of the list. 

11) I Got You by Ciara

Although the official video shows Ciara with her baby, this song can be dedicated to any babies still growing inside! The star sings to her baby that no matter what happens in this world, she will always be there for him. 

To provide advice, a listening ear, safety and shelter and she will never stop. She tells her little Future (her son’s actual name) that there is nothing she would not do for her little baby. 

A perfect song to dedicate to your growing baby bump or to your little bundle of joy once they are here, this song perfectly describes the pure love and protection so many parents promise their children.

12) Heartbeat by Beyonce

Warning: This song describes miscarriage. Beyonce gets raw and emotional in this intensely real declaration of sadness toward her miscarriages before her successful pregnancies with Jay-Z. He has mentioned their sad losses in other songs as well. 

Bey admits that “Heartbeat” was the very first song she wrote for her self-titled album in 2013, but it did not make it on the track list. The audio and song combined are just 1 minute and 30 seconds long but…the pain is palpable. 

“Heartbeat” is heartbreaking. 

13) The Mother by Brandi Carlile

Not all parents are biological but there are still many who experience pregnancy with their partners, through in- vitro, surrogacy, or adoption. And this beautifully heartfelt song is from Brandi’s point of view as a queer parent to her daughter, Evangeline. 

She sings about her daughter not looking like her and how she, as a parent, had to fight to be her mother. Evangeline was “not an accident where no one thought it through.” 

Lyrics about the narrator losing things in her life, like being alone in her mind and being rowdy with her childless friends are countered with how much more she has gained by being the mother to her beloved child. 

She will be able to see the world anew through the baby’s eyes and she will always be “the mother of Evangeline.” This song will have you crying and listening to it over and over again. 

14) Two Weeks Late by Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe has been the cowriter of many hit songs. She has also been apart of a trio called The Pistol Annie’s with two of our previous picks, Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley. 

But her solo ventures are just as amazing when she brings her real-life experiences into her songs. In “Two Weeks Late” we get to be by her side as her life seems to be in chaos. Her rent is due, and she does not have it. 

The guy she has been “living in sin” with is gone. And she has missed her period. Oops! 

15) So Hard by The Chicks

Sometimes the pregnancy process does not happen easily. It can be painful to see so many people get pregnant accidentally while you struggle to conceive. 

And that is the topic of our last pick for the list. 

Written about both of their battles with infertility, singers Martie Maguire and Emily Robison put their personal pain into the lyrics. Our main character sings about a relationship going through demanding times already. 

But then the added issue of not being able to get pregnant easily adds onto the strife they experience. Our female singer says it feels like a failure to not be able to conceive when “it felt like a given. 

Something a woman’s born to do”. She may not even be the one to blame for their unsuccessful attempts, but she feels guilty all the same. She wonders if she and her love will make it if life does not end up how they “pictured it.”


Wherever you are in the pregnancy process, if you are trying your best and doing what you think is right, you deserve to feel connected. This is an incredibly important part of your life, and figuring out your feelings towards it is completely understandable. 

Hopefully, this list of songs about being pregnant has given you some proof and reassurance that no matter where you are, there have been others before you that have been in a similar spot. 


“Zion” by Lauryn Hill.  This song is off Hill’s album entitled “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” and speaks about how Lauryn was treated by her friends and loved ones during her pregnancy with Zion.  Many were skeptical about Lauryn’s decision to have her baby, but when everyone told Lauryn to focus on her career and “use her head,” Hill decided to “use my heart” and carry Zion to term.

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