10 Songs About Burning – Flames and Fire Songs You’ll Love

Enjoy These Songs About Burning

When we listen to songs about burning, it can stir up various emotions.  Anything from having a burning desire for love, dancing so hard you’re burning up the dance floor, or having a white hot burning rage for someone you hate.  Whatever the case, there’s a song for your emotion, and in this article, we’re going to provide our favorite songs on this topic!

Songs About Burning You Will Love

Let’s begin with a Donna Summer song

I’m a Fire by Donna Summer 

Let’s begin with “The Queen of Disco”: Donna Summer! 

This late, great legend’s hit has been remixed numerous times, so we couldn’t narrow it down to just one. If you’re a purest, you’ll love watching her perform this tune in past live concerts. 

In this song, our songbird is making it obvious to her potential lover that she wants them. Not only physically, but romantically as well. She sings about how much they turn her on, but also about how much she believes in the two of them together. 

Miss Summer isn’t throwing any hints—she’s making it obvious that she is head over heels. No wonder this is still a huge hit in many dance clubs, as are many of her other songs. 

If you have a crush who just isn’t getting the hint, this may be the song to let them know. We have to wonder how many relationships have gotten sparked on the dance floor thanks to our Goddess of Love.

“I am a fire. Can’t you feel the heat? I am a furnace. Come burn in me.”

Burning the Ground by Duran Duran

Fun fact: did you know that this is a mega mix (in other words, a big compilation) of the band’s biggest songs? It also features some dialogue from “Barbarella,” because the band actually got their name from the movie! 

Although an interesting creation, the song doesn’t really have a theme or storyline. But its still a great tune and an even better retro dance mix. And you’ll have fun identifying the different hits included in the song! 

Rapid fire succession of their previous singles mixed into one big banger makes this a hot pick! 

“I tell you somebody’s fooling around… Burning the ground.”

(Love is like a) Heatwave by Phil Collins

Phil Collins’ unique and unmistakable voice covers this classic by Martha and the Vandellas and does it total justice. Although a sweet-sounding song, the lyrics are actually a little caliente

It’s heartburn in the best way. 

The energy and seemingly naïve lyrics may suggest this is a new interaction with love…and desire. Our singer is questioning and almost panicking about this weird, intense feeling that happens whenever a certain someone is around. They even go so far as to wonder if it’s the devil inside of them since this sensation is so… hot!

“Whenever she calls my name, so slow, sweet and plain. I feel, I feel, feel that burning flame.”

The Fuse by Bruce Springsteen

Warning: this next song mentions implied funerals and 9/11. 

Our list now takes a more somber turn. Unveiling the complex inner workings that humans experience in the aftermath of a tragedy, Springsteen covers sadness, crisis, rebuilding and anger. He even reflects on struggling in relationships after sadness. 

Many of his fans have come to interpret this song to be about an effort to return to normalcy or intimacy after something so terrible. There are flags being lowered, there are funerals happening. 

But in this sadness, people are realizing that life is precious. So, they’re finding the courage to keep going. People are still proposing. Even with black cars outside the window, people are still trying to make love. It may hurt, but in honor of life, people are keeping hope alive.  

“The fuse is burning. Shut out the lights. The fuse is burning. Come on let me do you right.”

Fire by Jessie J

The fire of love can be enlightening, exciting, and even comforting. But when your “one and only” decides to put the flame out, well, it just may leave you feeling depressed and lonely

On this track, Jessie finds herself in love with someone who has decided to walk away. But she is still so desperately in love, she knows she’s burning herself by holding the torch for this person. She can’t let them go and so she’s holding onto the embers of what once was.

“Can’t get away, oh, oh… From the fire, fire, fire. I never wanna put it out. Burnin’, burnin’, burnin’”

Baby I’m Burning by Dolly Parton

It’s no wonder why Dolly is seen as a sex symbol and icon for feminists. This lady paved a way for the hottest female country singers to get even hotter and racier in their music.

In this song, she says that she knows what her lover wants. And she’s way ahead of them. They turn her on and she’s not ashamed to admit that she’s flustered by that. 

Rarely seen back in that day, Parton basically tells her special someone that they better come and get what she’s offering. 

Whoa—a woman who likes sex and sings about it? Our favorite blonde was a trailblazer! 

“Hot as a pistol that’s flamin’ desire. Baby, I’m burnin’, you got me on fire.”

Another Sad Love Song by Khalid

Relationships take a lot of work, and Khalid is wondering how he and his love lost the spark. 

On this song, Khalid acknowledges that he and his girl have been putting on a front of perfection, while their relationship actually goes up in flames. But just because it wasn’t perfect love doesn’t mean it wasn’t real love. And our guy seems torn as he reveals some deep vulnerabilities. 

Then, he proves his tendency to not being open emotionally as he slightly dismisses his own pain as “like another sad love song.”

“Bridges they are burning. Lover, I am worried. Tables they are turning. Lover, I am hurting.”

Flames by MOD SUN featuring Avril Lavigne

There’s been a huge influx of pop-emo punk that also includes rap-like lyrics. We’re not mad at it. Especially when it includes Avril! 

We’re glad to see that this pick wasn’t a foreshadow on their relationship, as it sings about a failed love. Lavigne’s voice sings about being in love with the one that left forever, while MOD lets us know that the relationship may have been toxic.  He compares the love and pain as drugs that he can’t quit. He even says that he wishes that the relationship never happened. Despite all the negativity, he still holds a candle for his love though. 

“Talk about you all the time, I am your narcissist. Well, if we burn it down, you’ll be my arsonist.”

Burn by Ellie Goulding

When you’ve got something good, you know it. And if you got it, flaunt it.  And in this song, Ellie apparently has the fire (in this case, the “fire” seems to be her awesome music). 

She sings that the masses “didn’t know what they heard” when she started out. But that didn’t deter her one bit. She knew she was a fire, and she wasn’t going to be put out by anyone. 

Her determination obviously paid off, as she now watches people going crazy for her music on the dance floor and giving her massive amounts of love.  

“We, we don’t have to worry ’bout nothing. ‘Cause we got the fire. And we’re burning one hell of a something.”

Burn Away by The Foo Fighters

Grohl has said that this is one of the band’s “more romantic tunes” and is “basically a love song.” But some have thought it to be about a romantic love for someone who has passed away while the singer is regretting all of the life they couldn’t live together. 

The lyrics seemingly go back in forth in regards to POV (or point of view). The sad singer seems to realize their pride got in the way of them expressing their feelings. And some seem to come from the forgiving loved one, (“Breathe for me from now on, breathe for me when I’m gone”). 

Other lines, however, convey the desire to be together again and the difficulty in waiting until then. Grohl ultimately ends the song by sadly claiming that they’ll “never burn again.” 

“We’ll burn away, burn away, burn away my pride”

Honorable Mention

Let’s give an Honorable Mention shoutout to Disco Inferno.  

Disco Inferno by The Trammps

Put on your bellbottoms and channel your flower power because we’re going back to the 70’s—1976 to be exact!  And personally, we think it should be a crime to not dance to this song. 

Our singer here gets so hot and caught up, he has to “self-destruct.” That sounds like one heck of a party! Tell us again, why did disco ever go out of style? We want to boogie down too!

“I heard somebody say. Burn, baby, burn, disco inferno.”


When you initially think of songs about burning, you might genuinely believe that you’re going to be getting songs about firefighters putting out flaming infernos.  

But, these kind of songs can actually be the most emotionally impacting, because they deal with topics we all know and care about: love, deep passion, loss, and the joy of dancing the night away.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our discussion of these songs today.  Be sure to add a couple of them to your playlist rotation.  Or, better yet, pick up a few awesome albums on vinyl featuring some of these awesome songs! And, if you’re a compact disc collector, here are some ideas on where to buy CDs online if you’re looking to purchase some of these albums on those sexy, shiny round discs.

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