13 Songs About Chocolate to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Discover These Awesome Songs About Chocolate

We all love chocolate, and if you’re a certain age and grew up loving “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” you have an even deeper connection to sugary chocolate brown bars than the most people.  So in this article, I’m going to outline my absolute favorite songs about chocolate.  Let’s dive right into it.

Songs About Chocolate You Will Love

Let’s begin with a song that’s literally called “Gimme Chocolate.”

Gimme Chocolate!! By BABYMETAL

Get ready for your mind to be totally blown! BABYMETAL (purposely in all caps) is a groundbreaking band that introduced the world to “kawaii metal” (also known as “cute metal”). 

Yup, cute metal. If you’re wondering what that looks like, we’ll describe it to you. 

Three very young but extremely talented girls, dressed in pigtails and singing with high pitched voices—while also dressed in black and red, paying homage to Kitsune (the Fox God), singing serious yet positive lyrics with a corpse band accompanying them.  Oh, and some of the most intense metal guitar and drumming you’ve ever heard. 

It’s a lot to think about! But that doesn’t dampen the genius that is BABYMETAL. As for their song that works best for this particular article topic, entitled “Gimme Chocolate,” it has pretty simplistic lyrics on the surface.  But, there’s a much deeper message to be mined here when you dig a little.

While the girls basically plead to be given chocolate for the majority of the song, they also mention watching their weight and being disappointed in their failure at staying away from the candy. Seeing as they’ve tackled other issues such as bullying and growing up, it’s safe to say that the song is about how awful body image issues take a toll on even our youngest people. So, give the girls their chocolate or feel the wrath of the Fox!

  • “Check-it-out chocolate. Can I have a bit of chocolate?But my weight worries me a bit these days.”

Chocolate by Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is a Scottish-Irish rock band. They truly stand out as their version of rock tends to be more subtle and quiet, with lyrics that are full of emotion. 

“Chocolate” stays within that realm, as it touches on themes of regret and apology. Gary Lightbody, our lead singer, sings that he knows he’s messed up. He admits that the mistake he has made was avoidable and yes, while he enjoyed it at the time, he’s ashamed and sees that losing his beloved was not worth the terrible choice he made. 

Now, to be fair, we don’t know what he did, but Lightbody does let us know that he’ll do anything to get back in the good graces of his love. Again, it’s never said, but some fans have come to interpret the song’s title to be a metaphor. While chocolate tastes good in the moment, it may come with guilt after you’ve consumed that final bite. 

But others take the simpler route. As in, what goes great with an apology? Chocolate, of course. Although, judging by the implied size of his mistake, we hope Gary has brought the love of his life more than just a Hershey bar. 

  • “A simple mistake starts the hardest timeI promise I’ll do anything you ask, this time.”

Chocolate Cake by Crowded House

Crowded House is an Australian band that released this hit in 1991, but it’s still a relevant take on consumerism and over-indulgence. At first, the lyrics tend to disconnect and make no sense at all. After all, what does the Queen have to do with Seven-Eleven, and what does Elvis have to do with bowling? 

But if you look beyond the surface of the lyrics, the pieces start to come together. References of “cheap Picasso fakes” and Tammy (Faye) Baker contribute to an interpreted criticism of an unashamed, gluttonous culture based in instant gratification—where most would prefer quantity of mediocrity over quality of true art and uniqueness. 

But, if you don’t feel like getting too deep with that message, it’s just fun to listen to as well! Now, who wants cake?!

  • “Can I have another piece of chocolate cake Tammy Baker must be losing her faith.”

Chocolate by The 1975

This English band seems to have crafted a song with “chocolate” in the name to be, oddly enough, a song about authority. According to some fans, the term “Chocolate” refers to various things.  Some people may think it’s about various different drugs, and depending on who you talk to, you might get a few different answers.

 Either way, whether the characters are addicted to the literal treat or something more sinister, they’re being young, rowdy and free. All to the dismay of their town cops. 

  • “Now run, run away from the boys in blueOh, my car smells like chocolate.”

Chocolate Cigarettes by Tom Russell

Tom Russell’s musical style can’t really be nailed down to just one genre. It’s a mix of indie, folk, country, Americana and more. But ultimately, the man is one hell of a storyteller. 

In this story, Tom refers to Edith Piaf, a famous French singer. On this track, Tom then tells us about how he quit cigarettes (and won a bet by doing so) but used chewing gum as a substitute. He ends the song by listening to some Edith Piaf and thinking about her smoking confectionary alternatives to cigarettes (and possibly making a statement about how people often trade one addiction for another). 

C’est la vie! 

  • “Oh, those chocolate cigarettes I’ve seen ’em in my youth. There beside the Hershey bars, the Almond Joys, the Baby Ruths.”

Chocolate by Jesse & Joy

This Mexican brother-sister duo has had many, hits but this one is especially delicious. With lyrics almost as sweet as the song’s namesake, our vocalist, named Joy, sings, “Nuestro amore sabe a chocolate” (our love tastes like chocolate). 

Her voice continues, telling her lover that they are like heaven on her palate and make everything seem good. There’s no bitterness in this sweet love song. Just pure sugar. ¡Nos Gusta (we like it)!

  • “Nuestro amor sabe a chocolate. Un corazón de bombón que late.” (Our love tastes like chocolate. A chocolate heart that beats.) 

Sweet Like Chocolate by DJ Spoony featuring Lily Allen

Well, if you’re looking for songs about sweets, this song’s got you covered. In fact, while the Shanks and Bigfoot version of this song is perfect, this is one (with DJ Spoony and Lily Allen) is a smooth cover! 

DJ Spoony and Lily Allen basically add an extra layer onto this already tasty original. Both versions of the song are great, so whether you prefer the original or the cover, or you love them equally, it’s a win/win. 

We included this one due to Spoony’s deep beats going perfectly with Lily’s light, yet rich voice. Together, they give you something to melt into. So, go pop some champagne and light the fireplace and give this song a listen. You might just fall in love. 

  • You′re sweet like chocolate, boy. Sweet like chocolate. You bring me so much joy.”

Chocolate by James Blunt

James has made it no secret that he loves getting high. In fact, he’s been very blunt (pun intended) about his love for the Maryjane (no apologies for that joke). He’s often been open about it in interviews and even in other songs (listen to “You’re Beautiful”—its about a stoned stalker). 

So, it’s no surprise that “Chocolate” is about his experiences with drugs as well. Blunt sings that his girlfriend gives him something in bed one day and doesn’t tell him the name of it, but when he tries it, it blows his mind.  For those not in the smoke circle, there are different names for marijuana. And apparently, there is a type called “Chocolate Thai” (we’re not in the circle, we had to look that up) that James may be referencing. And that does make the lyrics more sensical, as we’ve never heard of candy chocolate making electricity run through anyone’s bones before. 

  • “My girl and me were livin’ freeon the crumbliest milk chocolate.”

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake by Art Brut

Moving away from metaphors and weed references, Art Brut’s song is not too hard to decipher. This choice is simply about loving things that have always given you happiness. 

In this song, its comics and chocolate milkshakes. Lead singer, Eddie Argos lets us know that even though life was hard for him as a child, he always found solace that things weren’t too terrible if he could still obtain his hero comics and favorite drink. Though some may call him immature (as in the “Peter Pan syndrome” lyric), he has no shame in continuing to love things from his childhood that gave him comfort. 

  • DC comics and chocolate milkshake. Some things will always be great.”

Chocolate by Decomposing in Paris

Lead singer, Becca Hopkins, squeaks that money can’t buy love, happiness or friendship. But she’s never had enough money to actually test that theory. So, she indulges in the thing she CAN buy that makes her feel good—and that’s chocolate. 

She explains that chocolate releases the same chemicals as love, so maybe she’s got a point. It’s a cutesy song that transforms at the 1:08 mark.

  • They say that money can’t buy lovebut it can buy chocolate. And it releases the same endorphins if you eat enough of it.”

Chocolates and Roses by The Green 

This song is like love and candy for your ears. Caleb Keolanui, The Green’s lead singer, has a voice that should be right up there with John Mayer and John Legend, as he melts your heart with it’s smooth sultriness. 

Even smoother are the romantic lyrics about perfect pairings, irresistibility, and moments of happiness:  a cool breeze on a hot summer night, New Year’s fireworks, a child’s Halloween smile, chocolates and roses, etc. 

Keolanui’s silk voice and the imagery are like the intro to a sweet dream. He did promise, “I’m all you need” and he did not lie. Boy, did he deliver!

  • Like chocolates & roses, you can’t resist me. Chocolates & roses, my girl, I’m all you need.”

Chocolate by One EskimO

Chocolate isn’t just sweet, it’s actually pretty fragile. The potential to melt is almost always there. And that’s the feeling that indie band, One EskimO, channels in this pick. 

A relatable song, lead singer, Kristian Leontiou conveys a sense of being worrisome that he may break down (“I’m just sitting in the clouds today, I hope to God it doesn’t rain”). He then mentions his girl being too kind to say that she can’t stay anymore, but he doesn’t take it too personally, as he knows she has problems just as he does. A chill listen, it’s a mature take on realizing that everyone is vulnerable. 

Or, in other words, they’re all just like chocolate in the sun. 

  • Can I have your attention please? We’re like chocolate in the sun. And in this heat, we are melting into everyone.”

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

 Yes, we know that this song was a meme back in the day. But hopefully, we can convince you to give this song another chance to be taken seriously (well, just don’t watch the video). 

Lyrics refer to the country being uncomfortable, with its history of slavery and denying that racism still exists. Interviews with Tay Zonday reveal that he was in college, studying theater and social change, and was on his way to becoming a professor when he wrote the song. 

Zonday uploaded the now viral video as a first draft of an unfinished song. Yet, the rough editing, Tay’s nerdy appearance, and the very clear “voice mismatch” (Tay looks young while his voice is incredibly deep) were seen as comedic. 

Lines about people committing the same crimes but some having to pay a higher price than others, as well as lines about schools claiming racism only existed in the past, as well as a mention of February (Black History Month) prove the song has a message to send.  The song is of course up for interpretation, but some people certainly read it as a pointed finger at America.

  • Chocolate rain. The judge and jury swear it’s not the face.”


It’s been used to woo a new crush or to apologize to an ex. We eat it at celebrations or sometimes after a  breakup. As we’ve shown in this list of songs about chocolate, there are all kinds of ways that we not only enjoy chocolate, but use “chocolate” as a metaphor for various things. We hope we’ve taken you on a sweet journey—and helped you find the treat you were craving!

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Well, Eminem doesn’t have that specific word in his name, but his moniker is a twist on the chocolate candy! His actual name is Marshall Mathers, and his old stage name was “M&M.”

Seeing as Mars legally owned that name though, he improvised. There is also The Chocolate Watchband, Hot Chocolate, the cumbia band named Chocolate and more! People really love the stuff!

It’s been reported that Rihanna and Jay Z both love Snickers, T-Swift loves Mars bars and Queen Bey is a Reese’s fan. Drake has been said to like Rollo’s. Blake Shelton has been known to nibble on 100 Grands and Selena Gomez likes Goobers (that’s not a dig at her ex-boyfriends we swear). And apparently, Miley and Xtina both love plain Hershey’s bars. 

“Fergilicious” by Fergie and Will. I. Am is themed around candy and shows Fergie in a candy factory. She is literally surrounded by sugary treats. It’s implied that the factory is supposed to be a version of Willy Wonka’s. BTS also has a scene in the “Fake Love” music video, where J- Hope is laying on a pile of chocolate bars. Katy Perry and Bella Thorne have also used versions of chocolate in their videos as well. 

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