10 Songs About Diamonds You Will Love

Here are the best songs about diamonds we absolutely love listening to.

There are a ton of songs about diamonds in music, in large part because they can represent everything from love to money and even greed.  So in this article, we’re going to share our favorite songs that discuss diamonds.

The Best Songs About Diamonds

Let’s begin with a Rihanna song.

1) Diamonds by Rihanna

“Diamonds” was released on Rihanna’s seventh studio album Unapologetic and varied widely from her usual songs about toxic relationships. In this song, the emphasis is put on the concept of bright love. The “diamonds” in the song are a metaphor for Rihanna and Chris Brown and symbolize how their love shined bright like “diamonds in the sky.” 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tor Erik Hermansen said, “Rihanna really went to work on that song because she wanted to capture that character that Sia has in her voice.” The lyrics are very uplifting and give the perfect feeling of happiness while listening. This would be the perfect song to listen to if you are in a great place in life, or have a shiny new diamond to wear. 

2) Diamonds From Sierra Leone by Kanye West

This Kanye West song is sampled from the song “Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey. The message behind “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” is that diamonds from Sierra Leone are irresponsibly mined using child labor in African nations. Kayne aimed to show that the profits from these “blood diamonds” are funding civil wars in the countries where the diamonds are mined. 

The music video is shot in black and white to represent the timeless feel of how diamonds look. Together, the lyrics and the music video compare the exploitation of human life in exchange for diamonds. While all of this is true, it is very unusual to see this side of the diamond industry being brought to life. It makes you contemplate whether diamonds are really worth all of the pain and suffering that they have brought forth to other people’s lives—do we really need to value a stone over human life?

3) Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Carol Channing

While “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” is an oldie, it is not a song that you want to pass up. Carol Channing performed this song in the 1949 Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. This song is about diamonds as it depicts a lady gaining access to the world and then taking control of it. It’s the most influential and powerful pop song from its time period.

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend; not only is it pushed to young women that they need to receive a diamond as a token of love; diamonds are advertised all over the place. For almost every major holiday, every jewelry store advertises buying your girlfriend, wife, or mother a diamond bracelet or necklace. Diamonds are beautiful and can reflect the beauty of the person wearing them. Carol Channing did a fantastic job on this song and it is very empowering. 

4) White Diamond by Kylie Minogue

Released as a bonus track on iTunes, “White Diamond” is an empowering song about diamonds. Like most songs referencing diamonds, the diamonds are symbolic. The qualities of diamonds- their purity, love, strength, and brilliance- allow Kylie Minogue to irradiate her way to her redemption. Kylie sings in this song about being a diamond for this person. 

How like a diamond she will “shine on and on and on” meaning she will be remembered forever. This is a great song to listen to if you are looking for a relationship redemption song that compares inner and outer beauty to that of diamonds. 

5) Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

“Diamonds Are Forever” took off due to being featured as the title song to the 1971 James Bond film of the same name. The lyrics to the song make mention to the theme of the movie, how James Bond impersonates a diamond smuggler; ultimately to stop a terrorist attack in Washington, D.C. What’s unique about the song is that it’s written from the perspective of a woman who loves diamonds, compared to her lack of love for men. 

A combination of the James Bond movie and the De Beers “A Diamond Is Forever” slogan persuaded Americans that a diamond ring was necessary to show prove your love to your partner. The vocal power that Shirley Bassey conveys is outstanding and pulls at your emotions. This would be the perfect song to listen to if you love diamonds, or are caught in a situation where you find yourself wanting diamonds more than anything. 

6) Buy Me Diamonds by Bea Miller

“Buy Me Diamonds” is a song about attempting to reignite a former love interest. The lyrics describe a person who is trying to get their partner back after separating. However, the protagonist is only interested in obtaining value in their life and is done with the drama. They do not want any more drama in life; instead, they want diamonds. 

In the lyrics, she mentions how she needs something permanent that won’t leave her; and tells her former lover to “save your love buy me diamonds.” The lyrics hold a lot of sarcasm and would be a perfect song for someone who is moving on and would rather have someone buy them diamonds than try to give them love. 

7) Diamonds on the Water by Enya

Enya is known for having elements and influence of nature in her music. In an interview with Saga magazine, Enya states, “’ Diamonds on the Water’ is from one of my walks when the sun causes the shimmering and the diamonds on the water.” This song perfectly captivates how the water looks like glistening diamonds reflecting the sun’s glimmering rays. 

Enya’s vocals are perfect to listen to if you are looking for a spa day or a zen moment. I love listening to this song when I need to relax and it makes me appreciate nature more. Diamonds are naturally occurring and arguably one of the most beautiful things on Earth, but other things in nature can replicate the beauty of that small tiny stone. 

8) Diamonds Make Babies by Dierks Bentley

“Diamonds Make Babies” was written by Chris Stapleton, Jim Beavers, and Lee Thomas Miller. This Dierks Bentley track is a fun song that talks about the adventures of life and love. The words “diamonds make babies” are continued through the song because he is implying all of this started with a diamond. First, there came an engagement ring in a big velvet box, then the wedding. Before you know it, there is a baby already on the way.  

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Chris Stapleton said, “it’s a funny message, but so true. It starts with a little ring, and then you have a family before you know it.” This is a fun song to listen to, especially if you are currently engaged or planning an engagement. 

9) Diamonds and Coal by Incubus

“Diamonds and Coal” is a spacious ballad with the message that all things take time and work, and even coal can turn into diamonds. The lyrics depict a relationship where they are overcomplicating things and fighting a little too much. They both realize that they are aligned with the same mindset and that love isn’t perfect, you have to work for it. 

He tells his girlfriend to give it some time, things don’t instantly happen. I love the metaphor that Incubus uses for love; how they compare it to that of the timeline of a diamond. Diamonds don’t just show up, it takes millions of years and pressure to turn that lump of coal into a priceless diamond; just as relationships take time and work on both parties’ ends. 

10) Diamonds by Megan Thee Stallion and Normani

Megan Thee Stallion and Normani recorded “Diamonds” for the 2020 Birds of Prey movie starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The chorus chants, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and the music video shows the duo securing and wearing very expensive jewelry. 

This song samples “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” which Marilyn Monroe performed in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The message behind “Diamonds” is that they still are a girl’s best friend. This is a very upbeat and empowering song that would be perfect to listen to while diamond shopping. 


We have grown to know diamonds as a symbol of eternal love; diamonds can symbolize many different things depending on the situation. Music is very reflective of the vast qualities that a diamond processes. Whether these songs about diamonds are literal or figurative, they all have an underlining message of love, wealth, and strength. 

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