13 Songs About Falling in Love That Excite the Soul

Songs About Falling in Love That Excite the Soul

Falling in love is such an amazing, heart-opening, and often dreamy feeling, as all kinds of emotions fill your body and mind. And sometimes, you when you’re full of love, you just want to hear songs about falling in love to keep yourself in a constant state of bliss.

In this article, I’m going to provide you with my favorite songs on this wonderful topic.  And hopefully, you’ll end up finding one or two that really resonate with you, as well!

So Emotional By Whitney Houston

This is an interesting song about falling in love, in that the woman (in this case, the incredible Whitney Houston) is falling so fast for the man she recently met, she almost wishes the fall wasn’t happening so fast.

So Emotional By Whitney Houston is featured on this album

And that’s because, once you fall down the rabbit hole of love, well, you’re in pretty deep, and your emotions start firing on all cylinders.

I’ve been hearing your heartbeat inside of me
I keep your photo right beside my bed
Livin’ in a world of fantasies
I can’t get you out of my head
I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring all night
Why you wanna make me feel so good?
I got a love of my own, babe
I shouldn’t get so hung up on you

This is a song about the power of love, and how as much as it puts you on cloud nine, it equally upsets you because of how vulnerable it can leave you emotionally. Because once your heart is laid bare, there’s always a worry that it’ll get crushed in the end.

Fall by Brandy

We now move from one of the best singers of all time to Brandy, an amazing vocalist in her own right (and was deeply inspired by Whitney Houston).

Fall by Brandy is featured on the Human album

Now, if Whitney Houston’s “Emotional” is partially about the fear of falling in love, Brandy’s “Fall” is the opposite: this is a song about the joy of wanting to let go in love. It’s about the thrill of finding someone you love and wanting to completely trust them with your heart.

And it’s about the hope that you can comfortably leap off a bridge, trusting that your newfound partner will catch you in his or her warm embrace and return you to safety.

Just fall, don’t be afraid
Fall, ’cause I’m on my way
Fall, with all of my faith (in love)
Fall, it’ll be okay
Fall, there’s no other way
Fall, just fall (in love)

I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People

There is nothing more magical than falling in love. It can make you feel feelings you’ve never felt before and do things you never thought you could do. This is exactly what Foster the People expresses in this track from their very first official album. 

The singer, Mark Foster, describes wanting to be a listening ear to his loved one, and though he is uncertain about his future, he’s faithful that the person he’s singing to will share the intimate details with him in time. 

I remember hearing this song before I even knew what it meant to fall in love and being overwhelmingly smitten with Foster’s devotion. Many years later I would realize this song is about a religious deity in which Mark Foster has entrusted his life. 

“Every day is a battle I face. Strange life I live but it’s what you decided. I’ll give it all into your hands, do what you will with me.”

Foster is no stranger to expressing how challenging his early life and first few years into fame were for him, but despite all of the hardship he has endured, he’s willing to do anything for his savior if it meant he could dance in love and light forever. It’s been a decade since this song was released and Foster the People are thriving in the love in which they always believed.

Evolution by Skyharbor 

In characteristically intense, yet awe-inspiring fashion, Skyharbor brings to us what they describe as pretty and uplifting, yet darkly orchestrated. “Evolution” sings (and screams) about a transcendental love towards not just humanity, but all things in which we are interconnected. 

Features Evolution by Skyharbor

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blasted this song down the interstate, screaming with passion to the lyrics; it feels me with so much love and excitement towards the power I hold within my mortal shell. Let me give you a glimpse into what this transcendental song has to offer: 

“Let me burn! We are created by the energy; so if this is evolution and infinite possibility, let me burn. This is evolution!”

Overcome with emotion, the singer, Daniel Tompkins, feels euphoric about his newfound understanding of the power each individual human has in this world. Now that he knows that each person has the ability to change the trajectory of human nature for the well-being of all living things, he passionately and firmly instructs us to do the same. 

“You don’t need to envy me ‘cause you got everything you need…. Don’t be afraid, it’s just communication; you’ll never have it all. It’s within our nature to want for more. You don’t need to fight it, just let it go. There will be no limitations.”

There is no love greater than the compassion we as humans can have for one another, and though it is a challenge sometimes, it is so much more exciting to lead a live with the well-being of humankind in mind.

Sugar Snap by Tora

“Sugar Snap” is a soft love song about a delicate dance between two seemingly unlikely lovers. One lover, the man, described to be a lonely smoker, seems to have a lackluster view of relationships, due to his immense experience with romantic relationships. But, the girl who is described to be halfhearted, reignites that fluttery feeling of comfort and intimacy the man once knew. 

My favorite lyrics are in the bridge:

“It’s true. Two innocent lovers are just two…but you make me wait until I’m patient; I can hear ya.”

The man is wrought with so much emotion for this woman, that he’s willing to follow her lead until she lets him in her life even further. Though he has a feeling he knows so much about her – and the ebb and flow of relationships in general – he embraces the soft newness between them in a fit of romantic curiosity.

Addiction by Doja Cat

Sometimes falling in love can be a little morally problematic, but wow, it’s still so exciting! Doja Cat has found herself fallen head over heels for her lover who doubles as a father figure for her. She admits she hasn’t had the best upbringing and refers to herself as broken. So, it’s no surprise that she is nearly inseparable from her man. 

Features Addiction by Doja Cat

“And you can relate to broken girls; I’ve been a day without it, I’m proud of myself, baby can you break the curse? I’m so gone I believe in magic.”

Doja Cat is completely out of it, so addicted to her lover’s company that she takes pride in going even a day without being by his side. The more you listen to this addictively catchy bop, you’ll begin to wonder whether she’s addicted to the man’s character or her supply of substances that serve as coping mechanisms. 

Love You to Death by Type O Negative

This seductive and sultry love song is the apex of how I think love should be expressed. I may be a little biased because my love for the beloved late Peter Steele transcends space and time in this 3rd dimension. But don’t be surprised if you become enthralled by his deadly devotion to his lover in “Love You to Death.” 

“I beg to serve; your wish is my law; now close those eyes and let me love you to death. Shall I prove I mean what I’m saying…begging? I say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, get….”

Just reading those lyrics send pleasant shivers up and down my spine. There is nothing more attractive than a big man with a big heart, and an equally big appetite for love. It’s hard to tell if his devotion has put his lover under his spell, or quite the reverse. He isn’t too shy to express that he’s willing to be his lover’s loyal servant if it meant he could devour her in an effort to love her to death. We all need this kind of exciting love in our lives! 

Better Than I Imagined by Robert Glasper (feat. H.E.R. & Meshell Ndegéocello) 

Robert Glasper has become quite a soulful sensation in recent years. And of course, his talents paired with the sensational H.E.R. and the enchanting Meshell Ndegéocello, created a Grammy award winning R&B song about a love that lasts long after the lovers have parted ways. 

Borne from a chance meeting Glasper describes in an interview, the artists wistfully dance through memories of a tumultuous relationship that ended in tears. Despite their relationship ending, the artists can’t bear to be with anyone else, simply because their relationship was better than they could have ever imagined. It’s a relatively sad song in this article that speaks to my heart because sometimes true love can’t be fulfilled if proper conditions aren’t met. 

Fortunately, the song alludes to a happier ending with a glimpse of a promising day in time when the former lovers will meet again, a little more mature from their past experiences, and become one. 

Sugar by Sleep Token

We’ve mentioned how falling in love can be incredibly addicting; much like sugar, our bodies can crave the tentative touch of a loved one. Sleep Token takes this a little further by showcasing a love that has only grown stronger amidst a maddeningly playful tug-o-war between two lovers. 

The mysterious and captivating singer, Vessel, is on edge, dealing with a rough patch that he and his significant other are going through. But his desire for her is far stronger than the pain they both have endured. 

“Do you wanna see how far it goes? Do you wanna test me now, my love? You must be crazy if you think that I will give in so easily.”

With menacing fervor, Vessel declares that now he’s developed a taste for his lover, whom he calls “Sugar,” there’s no way in heaven or the underworld he will ever give up on their love. I love the musical eruption at the end of this track, as it can easily spark a heartfelt desire inside of anyone.

Message from Atlantis by Disperse

Love shared doesn’t have to be limited between two people. In fact, most of the love I feel is for not only humanity, but the whole world, and even the universe and all of its dimensions of which many of us aren’t aware. 

Whenever I hear “Message from Atlantis,” I can’t stop myself from dancing and singing along. The riveting euphoria emanating from each musician fills my spirit with joy and exhilaration. It is true, once one feels the shared love of interconnection between themselves and the universe, the feeling is overwhelming. 

“I’ve never felt like this before; your voice is never-ending love.”

I feel compelled to quote more, but there would be paragraphs to read. So, I urge you to check this song out anywhere, and you’ll see – moreover feel – the otherworldly love that has the singer shaking in his shoes whenever he performs.

Every Color by Louis the Child (feat. Foster the People)

It’s likely obvious now that I adore the words of love and wisdom Foster the People shares at any given moment. Paired with the musical expertise of Louis the Child created a beautiful pop song that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

“I can see every color in you; and I can feel every color in me.” 

The musicians are astounded at how alive they feel with their loved one, and – to put it in the nerdiest way possible – almost as if they’ve grown new photoreceptors and optic lobes that allow them to see many more colors than the average human eye can comprehend. 

“I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive; it’s clearer than it was before. And you can hide, you can hide, you can hide, I’ll help you see what I do.”

With this newfound vision, the musicians revel in the vitalizing adoration they share with their loved one. Even if they have to work to show how tingly and amazing the love between them feels.

Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey was a great inspiration to me in high school because I was that one talented choir kid who could sing most, if not all, of the low notes with the boys in the tenor section. I loved being an alto/alto II/tenor (Who’s bragging, me? Nonsense!), but my relatively rare talent was alienating and probably one of the bigger reasons why I’d eventually choose to be androgynous. 

When Del Rey’s reprise of “Once Upon A Dream” was featured in Maleficent, I was enamored with her performance and chose to sing her rendition for an acapella audition. I got initiated after singing the first note. 

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream….”

This song was so empowering for young girls and women who didn’t have the high-pitched soprano voice society would praise, but the love in this song is so much more powerful. 

Maleficent isn’t your typical story of a woman falling in love with a man, but it’s a captivating story of a broken-hearted woman who rediscovers the love she once felt in motherhood. For a movie to make me cry for very different reasons compared to my father who was crying next to me in the theater, we both held hands in solidarity.

Walking on Water by The Knocks (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

First and foremost, this song will most definitely be playing at my nonexistent wedding. In a tender intro, the singer of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), softly sings, 

“I wanna tell you how over and over, real love feels like walking on water.”

Then, greeted with a peppy and catchy beat by The Knocks, the musicians flourish into a beautiful and freeing sound of a kind and universal love shared between us all. Although this song celebrates love between people, I often treat it as a personal love song to oneself. 

“Some things never end, it’s you right beside me.”

Love is eternal, and we all must carry a love for ourselves within ourselves before we can successfully share that love with others and be greeted in kind. No matter what, even if you’re alone, the real love you have for yourself will always feel like walking on water. 

The Knocks and TEED, said in an interview, brought to the studio emotional intent that reassures us in the bridge that though we will never be over past relationships that made us feel that real love we crave, it’s okay because love can’t be destroyed; so, there’s plenty to go around. 

What I love most about “Walking on Water” is that the music always feels like it’s ever-expanding into a climax that we never reach; I like this subtle touch because it’s a melodic reminder real love has no end. 


Ah, don’t you just love falling in love? It may be quite the exhilarating experience for some of us, and for others, it feels flighty and free like floating on a cloud. These amazing and seductive songs about falling in love reignite that excitement so many of us felt in the early stages of our relationships, and if you’re new to this feeling, congratulations!

Love comes in all forms, and it’s not always directed to another person. Let these songs be a lighthouse that always navigates you back to your heart. 

This article was written by Randa, with a select additions by Michael

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