15 Songs About Falling (in Love and Out of Love)

Here are my picks for the best songs about falling!
Here are my picks for the best songs about falling

We all have been through at least one of these things: falling in and out of love, falling out with a friend, or falling down when it comes to the game of life. Songs about falling has been a popular genre unto itself, so in this article, I’m going to share with you fifteen of the ones that have stood out to me the most.

Songs About Falling That Made an Impact (TLDR)

Here are some of the best songs about falling:

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
  • All My Life by K-CI & JoJo
  • Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
  • Just A Kiss by Lady A
  • Exile (Feat. Bon Iver) By Taylor Swift
  • Straightjacket Feeling by The All-American Rejects
  • Flowers by Miley Cyrus
  • Ignorance by Paramore
  • The Best of My Love by Eagles
  • Don’t Speak by No Doubt
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli
  • Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
  • But We Lost It by P!nk
  • I Could Fall in Love by Selena

Now, let’s dive deep into each individual song and what made it so special.

15. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

This oldie from 1961 is a song about falling in love. It is an iconic song that focuses on the power of falling in love. The melody is a sweet and soft tune that is beautiful to the ears. The lyrics are profound because they are relatable on a global level since everyone has fallen at least once in their lives. Presley’s gentle vocal delivery helps complete this song. 

Despite this song being such a sweet song, I find it problematic. This song from Elvis Presley is beautiful, but it is hard to enjoy it by being aware of Elvis Presley’s racist and culturally appropriation background.

Being aware of Elvis Presley culturally appropriating Black artist takes away from this song. It has me questioning where he got his inspiration to sing this song. As much as I want to love this song, it is hard to say it is a good song because of the troubling issues around Elvis Presley. 

14. All My Life by K-CI & JoJo

This 1998 ballad banger is a classic song about falling in love unexpectedly. The song itself starts strong with a beautiful violin introduction. What I personally love about this song is the passion that shines through the lyrics. This song shows the meaningful and deep side of falling in love, which can resonate with so many listeners. Also, the lyrics are so romantic; it is hard not to love the lyrics. This song is for you if you are a hopeless romantic because the lyrics hit deep! 

Aside from the lyrics, the vocal delivery and melody structure is top-notch. K-Ci & JoJo do an incredible singing such beautiful lyrics. They help emphasize falling in love by singing so soulfully and passionately. 

As for the melody, it is smooth and filled with instrumental and R&B elements, which makes it a surprisingly delightful combination. With the mixture of romantic lyrics, passionate singing, and a fantastic melody, this is one great song about falling in love. 

13. Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye

This pop-filled emo song is an excellent song about falling in love. First of all, this song has the catchiest and most communicable chorus of all time. The chorus to this song is simple, but what makes it so irresistible to the ears is the upbeat melody that is taking place. The melody is so positive and happy that it can make anyone’s bad day a good one! It is undoubtedly one of the most fun songs to hear live at a concert. 

As for the lyrics, they demonstrate how this song is a song about falling. For example, “I fell in love, in love with you suddenly” shows the singer just fell in love. What I love about this song is how simple and meaningful the lyrics are. The lyrics are very cute and show how the singer falls in love with someone through simple things like being next to them. It is an adorable and fun song!

12. Just A Kiss by Lady A 

It is a must to include a country song about falling in love on this list. “Just A Kiss” By Lady A is a sweet country song about falling in love. What makes this is a great song, which comes with the country music territory, is the fabulous storytelling in this song. 

However, this song stands in its storytelling because it focuses on the early stages of falling in love, which often involves being nervous and wanting to handle the situation with care. This is typically a perspective that is not often explored in music, and this is why I think it is such a great song about falling in love. 

Other than the fabulous storytelling in this song, the melody of the song adds value to this country jam. The melody includes an acoustic guitar and a piano, which creates a gentle setting for a powerful message about love. It allows the listener to focus on the storytelling rather than getting stuck on a catchy melody. 

11. Exile (Feat. Bon Iver) By Taylor Swift

This song from Taylor Swift’s Folklore is one of my favorite songs from Swift. Unlike the songs we have previously explored on this list, this song is not about falling in love. This song is about a relationship falling apart. This song’s haunting and heavy melody adds an emphasis on the topic of a relationship falling apart and ending. The melody of this song is powerful on its own, and it is not a complex-sounding song, which says a lot about the approach used in this song. 

Also, the lyrics in this song are powerful and emotional. The lyrics evoke raw emotions and perhaps even painful memories for anyone who experienced a bad breakup. Swift approaches the lyrics for this song straightforwardly and cleverly so well that even though this song is not about the listener, the words stab you as if Swift wrote this song about you. Adding Bon Iver’s vocals to this song adds another layer of heartbreak, as his vocals spark emotion.  

Overall, this song about falling out of love is one of the best-written songs by Taylor Swift. 

10. Straightjacket Feeling by The All-American Rejects

This emo ballad from 2005 is a song from The All-American Rejects about a relationship falling apart. This is an incredible song because the lyrics explore a very honest perspective of falling out of a relationship. The lyrics are not only real, but they are very sad and powerful at the same time. 

For example, “Yesterday was hell, but today I’m fine without you. Runaway this time without you.” These lyrics show how someone is hurting from a breakup, but they are moving on because the relationship has fallen apart to the point that it is more painful to stay in the relationship than let it fall apart and break up. 

My absolute favorite element of this song is Tyson Ritter’s vocal performance. His voice captures the essence of pain and torment that is being experienced for staying in a relationship that is falling apart. It adds a layer of heartache, an essential trait for any emo song. 

9. Flowers by Miley Cyrus

This epic song from Miley Cyrus, which is dominating streaming services, had to be on this list. “Flowers” was inspired by Cyrus’ marriage with Liam Hemsworth. This 2023 anthem is an excellent song for anyone falling out of love with their partner or spouse because it provides a motivating perspective. 

Other breakup songs focus on heartache, but Cyrus takes a different turn in her song. She focuses on how you can love yourself better after a breakup. And this is precisely what I love about this song because it provides an inspiring message after a marriage (or relationship) has fallen apart: this divorce does not mean your life is over; your life has just begun, and you are better off being single than in a bad marriage or relationship. 

Of all the songs about falling out of love or a relationship falling apart, “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus is the only one with a positive message, which is why I picked this song. It is an uplifting and empowering song. 

8. Ignorance by Paramore 

We have focused on songs about falling in love, falling out of love, and a relationship over marriage falling apart; now, we will focus on a song about a friendship falling apart. 

“Ignorance” by Paramore is a rocking and angry-infused song, which is one of the main reasons why I love it. I love how the lyrics get more honest and determined as you go deeper into the song. The lyrics focus on how a friend’s ignorance and unwillingness to understand. It captures a sense of hurt that comes with the experience of a friend letting you know or simply being a bad friend. 

What I personally love about this song is that some of the lyrics have some great lines, such as, “And this is the best thing that could’ve happened, Any longer and I wouldn’t have made it.”

This line alone captures the facts of the situation, in which Williams admits she probably would have done something irrational with time. The lyrics in this song are very candid, raw, and intense, which makes this a great angry song for anyone dealing with the end of a friendship. 

7. The Best of My Love by Eagles

Of all the songs on this list, this one from The Eagles makes me the most depressed. Despite the song being released in 1974, the lyrics remain relevant in 2023. The lyrics focus on a relationship collapsing and falling apart while admitting they have both given their best to the relationship.

This idea alone in the song makes me extremely depressed because the message clearly demonstrates that both individuals are still in love, but for many reasons, their love is not enough to save their relationship. I find that very heartbreaking, and ultimately, that feeling this song evokes shows how powerful the lyrics are. 

The vocal performance in this song really adds to the sad mood of this song. The vocals on this song sound so desperate and emotional; it creates a sense of heartache for anyone listening. If you are currently experiencing the falling out of a relationship, this song is for you. 

6. Don’t Speak by No Doubt

This emotional and painfully haunting song from No Doubt is about a song about a relationship falling apart. 

Even if you are not currently undergoing a breakup, this song manages to evoke emotions of pain, and that is due to how great this song is composed. The lyrics are genuinely captivating since the words create a sense of intensity.

Whether it is anger or being depressed, the lyrics showcase the pain after a fallout from a partner or spouse. To add to the emotional experience while listening to this song, Gwen Stefani does an exceptional job portraying being distraught and disbelieving that the relationship is over.  

As the song progresses, her vocal performance gets more intense, demonstrating how many people process a breakup. The vulnerability presented in this song is raw and emotional, which is hard to successfully do without being pathetic, and No Doubt does an incredible job. 

5. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli is one of my favorite oldie singers, so this song needed to make the list! “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is one of the first songs I ever heard about falling in love. Ever since that day, I have loved this song and songs about falling in love. 

I really love how the song quickly starts by setting the scene for falling in love. The lyrics are filled with adorning, romantic, sweet, and natural elements, which makes the song very charming to the ears! The melody of the song also enhances the song by establishing a very epic and thrilling melody that embraces the loving lyrics so perfectly. 

This song is a perfect song for anyone falling in love because the lyrics are tender, uplifting, and memorable. Lastly, this song is special because of how much gratitude is presented in Frankie Valli’s vocal delivery. It makes the song’s message authentic. 

4. Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals 

For not being a country song, “Then He Kissed Me” features some of the best storytelling I have heard in any song. The story features the perspective of a woman falling in love with the man of her dreams.

The song itself is very romantic and sweet. Anyone who loves oldies and love songs would undoubtedly enjoy this song very much. The song is a lovely and simple story about falling in love, which is relatable even today. I say this because the lyrics are relatable in many aspects, and anyone who has fallen in love can connect with the thrill of falling in love and having their first kiss with their partner. 

This song is in the top four of the list because it captures the excitement of starting a relationship and falling in love. Lastly, the song’s melody captures the fun and playful elements of this song and makes it a truly feel-good song! 

3. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Yes, another Taylor Swift song. She is the Queen of breakup songs, so it is appropriate that we only have more than one Taylor Swift song on this list. The song’s title is precisely what the song is about, which is the fallout of a relationship. This catchy pop song from Taylor Swift’s Red is suitable for anyone sick and tired of their partner. 

What I like about this song is that it is very peppy, empowering, and catchy for a breakup song. Swift’s delivers this song with so much sass and annoyance that you completely see where she is coming from. Her powerful and attitude-filed performance makes this song very likable because we all have been there: over the reoccurring nonsense that comes with a relationship with a partner that does not understand commitment. 

The melody of this song is so poppy and fun; this song will make you feel happy over your fallout rather than being sad. 

2. But We Lost It by P!nk

As crazy as it may sound, this song from P!nk is one of my favorite songs about falling out of love. This song is about what happens when your love loses its spark and causes your relationship to fall apart. This song is filled with heartache, defeat, and painful truths. The lyrics to this song are filled with words that can resonate with many listeners. 

The raw feelings presented make this a very powerful song. This song is very emotional from the lyrics to P!nk’s delivery. This song is not a happy song. The song focuses on how you can become a stranger to someone whom you used to love so much, and now that person appears to hate you. 

This is a good song for anyone going through a challenging time with a breakup because it is an honest song. It does not focus on being mad or vengeful but on how sometimes relationships fall apart and end because we change and nothing more. I love the song’s honesty, which is why it is number two on this list. 

1. I Could Fall in Love by Selena

There is a reason that even many years after her death, Selena remains a pop icon, and other celebrities, such as Karol G, honor her to this day. Selena is a foundation stone to the world of Latinas in the music industry, and that is because she helped create some of the most amazing songs ever.

This is no different for “I Could Fall in Love,” which is about falling in love with someone. This is why I have picked this song to number one on this list of songs about falling. 

Selena’s powerful and emotive vocals create a passionate setting that brings powerful meaning to simple lyrics. When you are listening to this song, you can feel the desperation, uncertainty, and indecisiveness about pursuing the love she has in her heart. As a listener, you can feel the great love expressed in this song, creating an insatiable experience. 

What I also like about this song is that Selena sings some of the lyrics in Spanish. Even within that part of the song, you can feel her desire to love and be with the one she cares for, regardless of if you know Spanish or not. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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