10 Songs About Fashion You Will Love

Here are the songs about fashion we adore, which include tracks from Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Jay-Z!

From hats to jeans to shoes, songs about fashion have been en vogue in our culture for countless years.  So let’s take a look at some of the best songs that have heaped praise on virtually every article of clothing known to man.

Songs About Fashion We Love

Let’s begin with a classic song by Madonna.

1) Vogue by Madonna

More than 30 years after “Vogue” was released, this song still has us ready to strike a pose on the runway. While the lyrics were catchy and the instrumentals were attractive, what made this song blow up was the black-and-white visuals that were inspired by pages of fashion magazines. In an interview with Billboard, “Vogue” producer, Shep Pettibone mentioned the song being recorded last minute, “she (Madonna) was always a first-take artist. She was pretty amazing that way.” 

Vogueing was a very popular dance craze sweeping through the clubs at the time, where dancers used elaborate hand gestures and posed frequently. The lyrics mention striking a pose, moving with the music in a way that is great for photography, and some glamorous actors and actresses. This song can be found frequently played at fashion runways, pageants, and clubs.

2) My Adidas by Run D.M.C

When “My Adidas” was first released in the 80s, the popular brand of shoes was Fila and Reebok, but this song made more people want to start buying Adidas shoes. This song proved that rap music was not just a different style, but a lifestyle to millions of people. “My Adidas” was the beginning of rap music revolving around the newest fashions and led clothing companies to create more hip-hop styles. 

In an interview with Sole Collector, D.M.C said, “Let’s do a record about our sneakers; let’s talk about the sneakers that we wear on our feet, but let’s put a positive spin on it to throw in the face of this Dr. Deas, who’s trying to judge the youth just by appearances.” Not only is this song about fashion, but it was also a chance for Run D.M.C to educate people not to judge others based on their appearance and culture. 

3) Change Clothes by Jay-Z featuring Pharrell Williams

“Change Clothes” is a Neptunes-produced tract that was the lead single on Jay-Z’s 2003 The Black Album, which is still influencing style almost 20 years later. The main theme in this Jay-Z song is to dress better; throw away the throwback jerseys. This was such a pivotal single, that NBA commissioner David Stern begged Hov to convince people to “change clothes back” after they suffered a decline in jersey sales.

“Change Clothes” was a call to the hip-hop community to tell them to step up on their fashion game and say that the Young Hov oversized athletic wear days were over. It’s always good to freshen up your fashion style and stay up to date on fashion trends that are comfortable for you. “Change Clothes” is a great reminder of how powerful music is and how much it influences our culture and fashion trends. 

4) Material Girl by Madonna

As anyone alive in the 80s can tell you, “Material Girl” was an extremely popular song that was played constantly. “Material Girl” was released in 1984 on Madonna’s Like A Virgin album and is about a woman who craves the finer things in life and likes to manipulate men to get what she wants. While this song is about a woman who wants only the best clothing, jewelry, and money, in real life Madonna is the exact opposite.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna said, “I liked them both because they were iconic and provocative at the time but also unlike me. I am not a materialistic person.” In the 80s, Madonna was known for her fashion style and created her unique look. It’s no wonder “Material Girl” is still a huge hit in the fashion world today.  

5) Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top

“Sharp Dressed Man” was the lead single from ZZ Top’s 1983 album Eliminator. The main reason this song became one of the most popular ZZ Top songs was due to the catchy guitar riff, and simplistic lyrics used in a variety of TV shows and films. Even though none of us can recall the band being fashion icons, “Sharp Dressed Man” looks at the fondness women have towards men who dress up.

Even now, women are attracted to men who have good style, especially sharp men. This song is the perfect song to maybe help encourage you to dress better, or get rid of some out-of-style clothing and replace them with something new. Back in the 80s, silk suits were all the rage and this song perfectly encapsulates the style of the 80s. 

6) Fashion by David Bowie

While David Bowie was a legend in both music and fashion, “Fashion” was David Bowie’s way of expressing his criticism of the fashion industry he so heavily influenced. He was mainly expressing his commentary on the fashion movements the UK was experiencing in the early 80s. It was starting to upset Bowie, that at first people used to go to discos in the early 70s for fun and it had a natural course to it.

Whereas, it quickly turned to people trying to be as fashionable as possible, being very serious, and taking all the fun out of it. The fashion industry is often full of shallowness, and this was Bowie’s way of showing how disgusted he was with how the industry has turned out. People used to wear certain clothing or styles because it represented them or their culture, now people wear what is popular and trendy. 

7) Fashion by Lady Gaga

“Fashion” was featured on the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack in 2009. The whole song is about “looking good and feeling fine,” and also the transformation that occurs when you put on new clothing and accessories. Clothing can help change your whole appearance, and I know that when I wear nice fashionable clothes, it makes me feel better about myself and more confident.

I love how “Fashion” features an upbeat dance-pop sound and deals with a lot of self-acceptance and individualism involving the clothing that one chooses to wear. Lady Gaga is known for celebrating her uniqueness and wearing what she wants, setting many fashion trends and dominating the red carpet many times. If you are making a fashionista’s playlist, Lady Gaga’s “Fashion” is the perfect addition. 

8) Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley

In the South, blue suede shoes were considered luxury footwear that would be worn for a special occasion or a night out. Because suede is so hard to clean, you have to be extra careful when wearing anything made out of suede, especially shoes. “Blue Suede Shoes” was first written and recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955, with Elvis Presley recording his cover of the song in 1956. “Blue Suede Shoes” is often called the first rockabilly song, a mix of blues, pop, and country music during that time.

The lyrics depict Perkins saying what he would rather happen than get his shoes scuffed. With the list of things he would rather happen being pretty derelict: saying he would rather have someone step in his face, burn his house down, slander his name, but “lay off my blue suede shoes.”  If you love Elvis or are a fan of shoes, “Blue Suede Shoes” is a mood that we’re here for.

9) Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky

In “Fashion Killa” A$AP raps about being attracted to women who are very well-dressed and know a lot about fashion and looking good. The lyrics depict how his perfect dream girl would dress, and what brands she would wear, and he also names multiple style icons. A$AP is a very fashionable man who has often expressed his taste and attraction to fashion. I love how this song will be a fashion time capsule in a hundred years and shows what the fashion scene was like in 2013: Helmut Lang jeans, Alexander Wang shoes, and Cartier frames. 

A$AP Rocky knows we live in a world where first impressions are huge and fashion can be used as a tool to better yourself and your future, the way you dress tells others a lot about you. You can plan an outfit for a special occasion, or have an everyday piece, “Fashion Killa” is here to remind you that fashion is all around you. 

10) Fashion Beats by The Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas released “Fashion Beats” on their 2010 album The Beginning, a prequel to their album E.N.D. Fergie’s vocals on the track sample “My Forbidden Lover,” a 1979 disco hit by Chic. “Fashion Beats” has an upbeat dance-pop and electro-house style that pulls influences from Chicago house by utilizing synth beats.

The song deals with the idea of expressing yourself through fashion. How you choose to dress can make lasting first impressions and tells people about your character. This song was intended to be Fergie’s tribute to her inspiration, Blondie, who was a huge style icon in the 70s and 80s. The song lyrics in “Fashion Beats” mention fashion on the runway, popular fashion brands, and the biggest fashion icons. 


Though fashion trends come and go, they always seem to inspire songs and influence the media of that period. The appeal of fashion is endless, with many people using it as a way of self-expression. This is the perfect playlist for any fashionista, as these 10 songs about fashion are sure to leave you wanting to go out and fill your wardrobe even more. 

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