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Check Out These Songs About Forbidden Love!

Music detailing secret love affairs or taboo relationships is nothing new, but we can’t help but enjoy listening to them.  They can be some of the most infectious and honest songs you’ll hear, as they’re often full of raw emotion.  So in this article, I’m going to share with you my favorite songs about forbidden love, and why I think each song is so memorable.

Songs About Forbidden Love You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with a song by Taylor Swift.

“You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift

This song is an anthem about forbidden love. It follows the story of a girl pining after a boy who has a girlfriend that she believes is not the best fit for him. She compares herself to his girlfriend throughout the song, saying that she, not his girlfriend, understands him better. She reminds him that when they are together, life gets easier.

Taylor Swift has a great music video to go along with this song as well. It really shows the longing Taylor has for her next-door neighbor, who doesn’t seem to get that she is the one for him. If you are longing after a neighbor or best friend, but your love is forbidden because they belong to someone else, this is the song for you!

“Singles You Up” by Jordan Davis

Here is another song about someone pining for a forbidden love they can’t have. In this song, Jordan Davis sings about his friend that is in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t seem to appreciate her for who she is. Her boyfriend doesn’t recognize the diamond that he has.

Davis apologizes for “…overstepping boundaries…” but tells her if this guy is dumb enough to let her go, he’s ready to step right in and treat her like the queen she deserves to be treated like. When you have that friend that you love who’s dating someone else but doesn’t realize that you are the right one for them who will give them everything they deserve, this song fits perfectly!

“Rewrite the Stars” by Zac Efron and Zendaya

This song follows the story of two star-crossed lovers in the movie The Greatest Showman. The two characters are in love, but feel as though they can’t be together because his parents don’t approve due to her status and race.

When you are giving up on your forbidden love because everyone seems to pull you two apart, this song will give you hope. It reminds you that no one gets to choose your destiny, except yourself. When you are willing to do everything, it takes to be together and love one another, your forbidden love will work!

“There’s No Way” by Julia Michaels and Lauv

When you are falling hard for someone, but the timing just isn’t right, this song is for you. This type of forbidden love is so hard because there is so much attraction, emotion, and love—but it’s not enough.

This song is about two people that keep coming back to one another. They wish they could just stay in the moment with one another, but know that being together is something they will regret. The timing of their forbidden love will never line up right for them.

If you need a song to remind you of the pull you feel towards someone, but to remember that you can’t have them, this one is for you. It will help you feel the pain of not being able to have the person you love.

“They Don’t Know About Us” by One Direction

This song is about a couple that everyone says should not be together, but they don’t listen. This forbidden love realizes that what they have is special, no matter what haters may say. Others don’t realize the love they feel and what their time spent together is like.

If you have someone special to you, and it only seems to get better with time, this song will remind you of them. It gives the listener hope that everything will work out in the end because your love will be enough!

This song reminds me of the feeling of hope that your first forbidden romance gives you. You are sneaking around and know that others don’t understand the thrill and happiness this person gives you. But this forbidden love is worth it, one that makes you happy.

“The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez

This song is about the forbidden love that you want even though it destroys you inside. Sometimes a forbidden relationship isn’t the one you should be in because it’s toxic, wrong for both of you, or just causing you pain.

Selena Gomez uses personal experience in this heart-wrenching song. Because it is from the heart, this is a song that pulls at your heartstrings when you listen to it.

This song reminds you that sometimes “…the heart wants what it wants…” even when that something isn’t the best choice for you. If your relationship is one you are constantly the only one fighting for, your partner never follows through with what they say they will, or it’s tearing you apart, this forbidden love song is for you.

“Secret Love Song, Pt. II” by Little Mix

This song follows the relationship that is comprised of stolen moments. The couple knows they are meant for one another. Everything is perfect, their love, their kisses, their time spent together, but they know it won’t work.

When you have found the perfect love, but have to keep it a secret and are pining away for them in your moments apart, this song is for you. It will help you feel the pain of not being able to share your love with the world.

“Arcade” by Duncan Laurence

Sometimes forbidden love is “…a losing game…” 

The song “Arcade” follows a doomed love. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone, it will never work out. You can feel yourself losing pieces of yourself as you realize it will never work.

If you feel hopeless about your forbidden love, this song is for you. If your relationship is a rollercoaster that keeps ripping out pieces of your heart that you know you will never get back, this song is for you. It will help you drown in your sorrows for the doomed nature of your relationship.

“Bad Timing” by Rhys Lewis

At times, forbidden relationships are so because of the timing, and the song “Bad Timing” follows this exact type of relationship. On this track, a couple continues to be torn apart no matter how hard they try. In fact, they wish that they had met at a different time so their connection could actually work out.

I think that if you have ever met the right person at the wrong time, you need to listen to this song. It will remind you that your feelings are real and maybe there is hope for both of you in the future, just not right now.

“Friends Don’t” by Maddie and Tae

Sometimes a forbidden relationship is one you don’t even dare to want or have because of the potential consequences. “Friends Don’t” follows two friends right on the edge of something. 

A few of the lyrics go:

They don’t almost say ‘I love you’
When they’re downtown somewhere, just a little drunk
They don’t talk about the future and put each other in it
And get chills with every accidental touch

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to hide it and fight it, you fall in love with someone you don’t want to or know you shouldn’t: your friend. Those emotions you try not to show, those feelings that you try not to have slip through.

If you know that every little thing your friend is doing could lead to something more, if deep down you are hoping for them to just take that leap, and if you want your love for each other to just be out in the open, this song is for you. 


There are so many types of forbidden love. Sometimes it’s a friend you’re hoping for, sometimes it must be hidden, and sometimes the timing is just off. At other times, they may be with someone else, or being together may be tearing you apart. No matter what type of secret love or “wrong love” you are experiencing, I think you’ll appreciate a lot of these songs about forbidden love!  I recommend adding one or two of them to your musical playlist, just so you can have them on hand when you need them the most!

This article was written by Bailey and edited by Michael.

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