13 Songs About Hating Your Ex – Vengeful Breakup Songs

Here are some of the best songs about hating your ex!

You just went through the worst breakup of your life. Whether your ex cheated on you, broke up with you out of nowhere, or started dating your best friend, here are our picks for the absolute best songs about hating your ex.

Songs About Hating Your Ex You’ll Love

Let’s begin with a Taylor Swift song.

“Mean” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift writes about an ex who constantly belittled her, tore her apart, and knocked her down. This ex picked on her through unkind words because he saw her as less than and treated her as poorly as a result. But she got out of this abusive relationship and realized that even though he would stay stuck where he was, she would become the best she could be.

Sometimes your ex is just a mean person or even a bully. You saw it deep down and everyone around you saw it and warned you. You hoped that someday they would change and be the good person you hoped they could be, but you finally realized that would never happen.

This song is perfect for those who were constantly belittled, bullied, and hurt by their ex. It is a reminder that you got out and the best is still yet to come. Sadly, for your ex though, they will constantly be stuck in that rut of being mean.

“Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” follows a relationship that is just that—hot and cold. One day they’re in, the next they’re out. One day the relationship is strong, the next it’s falling apart. It’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions for each party, never knowing what to expect.

Sometimes exes just never knew what they wanted. No matter what they said, they ended up changing their mind. These are the ones who could never commit and constantly left you confused. Your relationship never felt stable.

“Hot N Cold” is perfect to scream out your frustration in your car. You lucked out by getting out of the rollercoaster ride of a relationship and are now free to pursue someone who knows the prize that they are getting with you.

“Forget You” by CeeLo Green

This song follows a guy who constantly sees their ex with someone new. His ex is with someone who is richer. He finally realized the relationship was shallow and they were just a gold digger. He sings, forget you to his ex (and that’s, how should we say, the family friendly version of this song!).

There are times when you break up and your ex immediately starts parading around their new girl or guy. It stings more than you would like to admit. On the surface, their relationship seems to be better and makes you wonder if they left because you weren’t enough.

“Forget You” allows you to scream-sing good riddance to your ex who is just a gold digger or just looking for the next best thing. Little do they know; you were the best thing they’d ever get.

If you’re looking for songs to throw shade at your ex, then this CeeLo Green song is absolutely perfect for you.

“Abcdefu” by Gayle

Gayle perfects the angsty breakup anthem. She sings about wanting to move on quietly and kindly, but being unable to. The stress, annoyance, and hurt of all the pain her ex caused and continues to cause follows her around, so she sings a forget you to her ex, their mom, their sister, their dog, and their job.

At times, exes don’t go in peace. Whether they left you crying, cheated, or constantly continue to ask about you long after the breakup, this song is for you. It is a song that captures all your anger, hurt, and angst following a breakup.

You may have tried to go with grace and be understanding, but they were not the same towards you. This song gathers all that hurt and misunderstanding and puts it into words. This song is one to listen to when your ex is someone who never put you first and tore you down, but you are over it.

“Hate You for a Lifetime” by Connor Kauffman

Connor sings about always putting his ex first. He’d stay up late to do the most and let go of part of who he was. Even with all of his extra effort, his ex still continued to lie and not give the same back.

Sometimes relationships are toxic. They are full of hurtful words, tear downs, breakups, and get-back-togethers. This is a song is that gathers all the hate you have harbored for your ex and how they treated you. You aren’t going to allow yourself to go through that again, so you choose instead to hate them for a lifetime.

“Stuttering” by Fefe Dobson

Fefe sings another song about the lying ex. Just as in “Hate You for a Lifetime”, “Stuttering” follows a relationship that was one sided. This relationship pushed her to the edge. After believing when her ex told her that it was them against the world, she realized it wasn’t the truth. He was just lying and manipulating her the whole time.

There are times you hate an ex because they were a liar. You were willing to overlook and forgive the other red flags and mistakes but lying is something that you just can’t take. You believed them despite all the signs you saw that it wasn’t the truth. 

When you finally realize it’s time to give it up and move on because the lying will never end, this song will help you get out all the hurt and hate you feel towards your now ex.

“Temporary Funeral” by Emlyn

“Temporary Funeral” is one of my favorite songs about hating your ex. It is a reminder that breakups are hard, but it is the perfect chance to move on, glow up, and make the best of your life.

Emlyn’s angry song is a drawn-out metaphor. Her breakup with her exes is essentially a funeral. In this song she lies to rest and says her final goodbyes to all of the hurt, stress, lies, and tears her exes put her through.

You will have those hard days where you mourn what you lost, but it’s only temporary. The love you once shared is dead and gone and it’s time to move on. Emlyn name-drops her exes and what they did as an extra “hate you” to them. When blasting this song, you can always swap her exes’ names with your own exes.

“But I Don’t” by JESSIA

Breakups are relieving at times. You realize that your relationship wasn’t worth it. There were too many painful moments. You realize that they will never figure out how to behave and treat you well to make your relationship work.

JESSIA sings about no longer caring about who her ex is and what they are doing. She realizes that she no longer needs to hang around and accept the partial effort. Her ex will continue ruining their life and refusing to change, but she is no longer going to accept that.

When you have finally accepted that you don’t want your ex back and that your relationship will never be what you want it to be, this song is for you.

“All the Things I Hate About You” by Huddy

“All the Things I Hate About You” may have a controversial backstory following the breakup between Charli D’amelio and Lil’ Huddy, but it is a bop for breakups. It is a reminder that even if an ex moves on right away, well, it’s their loss.

‘Lil Huddy sings about how his ex has everyone fooled. She puts forth an image of who she is, but behind closed doors she is someone else. He sings through his frustration of her getting with his best friend and the pain it caused him.

Sometimes there are so many things to hate about your ex, but you don’t realize how bad they were until you break up. When you need to just get the things you hate about who your ex was, what they did, and how they treated you off your chest, this song is the perfect choice to listen to.

“Replace You” by Justus Bennetts

Justus sings through the pain after his breakup. He drowns out his sorrow through other methods. Even while attempting to drown out his feelings, he still finds himself caring even though he knows that his ex still doesn’t care.

When you date someone, there are times when you do everything, but the relationship stays one-sided. You fell for them, but they just chose to replace you right away with someone new like what you had together was nothing. 

When you’re in your feelings about your ex, this song is another one to add to the “I  Hate My Ex” playlist. Even though they hurt you and you hate them, it’s a reminder that you are still the better person because you won’t tear them down no matter what they did because what you felt was real.

“I Hope UR Miserable Until UR Dead” by Nessa Barrett

“I Hope UR Miserable Until UR Dead is a depressing anthem. Nessa sings of her ex still ripping her world to pieces and still causing her heart damage even after they’re through. While still feeling this pain and depression from the breakup and hurt caused, she feels petty as well. She sings of hoping all the bad on her ex for what he did to her.

At times exes do what is unforgivable. They tear your world apart and use you. They are manipulative and leave you a small piece of what you used to be. Nessa Barrett does a wonderful job at reminding you that even though they destroyed you, you won’t let them destroy your life.

You can move on, but you won’t forget what they did. What they did hurt, so you want them to experience even just a little bit of the hurt and pain they gave you. This is the true hate your ex song.

“I Hope” by Gabby Barrett

I hope that no one has experienced being cheated on by the person they love. This is the ultimate betrayal of love, trust, and hope. Gabby Barrett does a wonderful job of telling the story of how she fell in love with the man who cheated on her. 

Through her artful story, you can see how hard and fast she fell. But that love that she felt has no comparison to the utter pain and betrayal that she felt after being cheated on. She sings:

I hope you spend your last dime to put a rock on her hand
I hope she’s wilder than your wildest dreams
She’s everything you’re ever gonna need
And then I hope she cheats
Like you did on me

If you have been cheated on, this song can be so healing to listen to. It sends true hate to your ex in hoping what they did to you happens to them as well.

“Thank Me Later” by KINGS

At times exes run right into the arms of someone else after the breakup. Everyone knows it’s a rebound and won’t last. This song follows the story of someone telling the rebound to thank them for sending their ex to them.

KINGS sings of pushing her ex away into the arms of someone new. He deserved to be pushed away because of the hurt he caused her. His new girl thinks she found someone amazing, but little does she realize yet that he is not all he seems.

I love the irony in this song. The new girl or guy should be thanking you for your ex, all the trauma, toxicity, manipulation, and hurt they now get to experience. But you get to be free of all that pain now. They now get to deal with the pain.


This list of 13 songs will get you singing through all your hate in your car, your room, or anywhere you need. Whether you just broke up or are still harboring feelings of hurt and resentment from the ex that tore your world apart, these songs will get you through those moments. Add these songs to your songs about hating your ex playlist.

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