13 Songs About Insecurity, Lacking Confidence You’ll Love

Songs About Insecurity and Having No Confidence

Being insecure is tough to deal with, as it can rob you of your ability to feel comfortable in your own skin.  And when the right words to express your fear or sadness don’t easily arise, it’s always great to listen to songs about insecurity in order feel as if someone else is finally able to relate to your challenges.  

Songs About Insecurity You Will Love

Let’s begin with the song entitled “Kids in My 20s.”

“Kid in my 20s” by Reagan Beem

“Kid in my 20s” is a sad anthem to insecurity and unhappiness in a life that isn’t turning out to be what was expected. Beem sings about being alone, having no money, being away from those he loves, and attempting to find love on his phone. He lives unhappily feeling as though he has nothing figured out.

He lives in a constant comparison and inadequacy seeing those around him getting married, having kids, and working steady jobs. Beem wonders where he went wrong.

When you are stuck in the world of comparison, constantly seeing others achieve their dreams and happiness, yet feeling stagnant and unsuccessful yourself, this song will hit your heartstrings. When you need a moment to cry alone at how insecure you are feeling about where your life is going, choose this song.

“24” by Sundial

Similar to Beem’s song, Sundial sings about being 24 and living at her parents’ house. She was sure that at this point in life she would have everything figured out and a plan for her future. She finds though, that while her friends are getting married and having kids, she still doesn’t even have a plan for dinner.

She can’t figure out where she misstepped but knows that something is wrong. Even though she is still young she finds herself stuck in cynicism, depression, and anxiety, not liking what she wakes up and sees in the mirror each day.

Life can be hard. You wake up one day and realize you are getting older, with nothing of the life and future you dreamed up for yourself to show. This is the song to choose when you are scrolling through your phone, depressed at your lack of success and inability to see a positive future in your life.

“25” by Niki Demar

Niki lives the same reality told in “24” and “Kid in my 20s.” Her friends have kids while others are living their lives and happy with where they are at. She is just writing songs, trying to deal with her emotions. She thought she had plans for her life and had it together, but is realizing she is just coping and trying to be someone.

When others are constantly telling you what point of life you should be at and you are feeling alone with no way to cope, listen to “25”. It will help you realize that you are not alone in your emotions.

“Keep Your Head Up Princess” by Anson Seabra

Anson sings of a girl who would pretend she was a princess when she was younger. As she aged, the magic slipped away and was replaced by voices in her head tearing her down, the struggles and reality of life, and pain.

When you are hurting from where you are in life and feeling the magic start to fade away from the life you dreamed was real as a kid, this song is the one to add to your playlist. It will remind you that through your insecurities, you should keep your head up!

Insecurity About Mental Health

Let’s now discuss a great song by Britton.

“To My Younger Self” by Britton

Britton sings to herself when she was younger. She paints a story of who she has become. Every day she puts on a smile, but inside she is struggling. She wants to get help and become better, but her life struggles and mental health are really taking a toll.

When life is hitting you hard, your mental health is dropping, and you feel as though you can no longer go on, this song reminds you at the end to keep going despite the pain and struggle because there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Hate Myself” by NF

Sometimes you feel so insecure you hate yourself. NF gives a perfect story of what it feels like to live in a state of self-loathing and hatred. He explains that he knows that he doesn’t see himself the way he should. He wants to get better and see himself in a good light but is unable to because of his racing thoughts, self-hatred, and self-defeat.

When you are alone with your thoughts, hating how unsuccessful you are in beating the demons that you are fighting inside, this is the song for you. NF perfectly describes the pain and back and forth of self-deprecating thoughts.

“Lonely” by Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus sings of not caring anymore, being lonely, and no longer caring. She is ashamed of who she is. She pleads for help because all of her efforts are killing her. 

When you feel alone in your struggles and you are suffering even while trying your hardest this song is a great listen. It is a therapeutic song to yell in your car as you feel you are drowning in a need for extra help. 

Songs About Body Insecurities

Let’s begin with Alessia Cara.

“Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara

Life is a constant comparison. Everywhere you are surrounded by “perfect” people on social media, in movies, in books, and on tv. This constant comparison drains and causes so much insecurity.

Alessia sings of a girl that goes unnoticed. She desires to be beautiful, enough, and seen. No one sees the scars she gathers as she works to attain the perfect image. 

Although a sad story, this song ends with a happy note, reminding you that you are worth it, you are beautiful, and you are enough. This is the perfect song to listen to when you feel you will never meet that impossible standard of perfection and remind you that you are enough.

“Prom Queen” by Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny tells another story of comparing looks. She wants the perfect body and to look good in whatever clothes she wears. She believes that she doesn’t though and will never meet those high expectations. Even while counting her calories and trying harder, she feels unable to ever be beautiful enough.

This song is a sad reminder that dissecting others’ insecurities can cause them to go to the extreme. They lose a part of themselves in trying to please others and become an impossible version of themselves. 

When you are feeling defeated because no matter how hard you try and no matter the work you put in, you still are unable to be as skinny or as pretty as you desire, listen to “Prom Queen”.

“Jealousy, Jealousy” by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo sings yet another song about the insecurity felt about looks. She starts out by telling a story of seeing all these “perfect” girls on her phone and comparing herself to them even though she doesn’t want to. She wants to be happy for others and their success, beauty, and happiness, but all it reminds her of is everything she lacks.

When you are sick of the jealous monster chasing you around and seeing everything you lack in others’ successes, beauty, and happiness, “Jealousy, Jealousy” will help you scream out all of your emotions.

Songs About Being Insecure in a Relationship

Let’s kick this section off with song by Tate McRae.

“She’s All I Wanna Be” by Tate McRae

Tate McRae sings of a boy telling her she doesn’t have to worry about another girl. Despite him saying that his actions don’t match. This girl is everything that Tate isn’t and has everything she doesn’t.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about what you mean to someone in a relationship this song is for you. When you know the person, you’ve been dating or hanging out with has their eye on someone else, even though they constantly promise it’s just in your head, “She’s All I Wanna Be” will relate to you.

“Insecure” by RaeLynn

“Insecure” follows a girl who is dating a 10. He’s everything every other girl wants—tall, dark, and handsome. RaeLynn keeps reminding herself that he is her man, so she shouldn’t get insecure when other girls flirt with him, but she finds it hard to remember that he is hers.

When you feel second best in your relationship compared to all of the other people your significant other could be with, RaeLynn’s song is the one to listen to. It will help you remind yourself that the other people in your lover shouldn’t make you insecure because they love you.

“Please Notice” by Christian Leave

“Please Notice” is a song for when you are feeling unsure of where you stand in a relationship with someone. Christian sings of wondering how the person he loves feels towards him. He dreams of them, notices the little things, and loves them.

The moment you are into someone and do everything you can think of for them, yet you still have no idea where their feelings are at is captured in this song. You love them and would do the world for them, but you don’t know their feelings. Listen to “Please Notice” when you are insecure about your lover’s feelings.


Whether you are feeling insecure about where you are in life, insecure about your mental health, insecure about your looks, or insecure about your relationships, these various songs about insecurity will help you get through those your intense emotions. Make sure to add each one to your playlist for when life hits a little challenging.

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