10 Songs About Losing Control That Are Fantastic

Discover the best songs about losing control

Have you ever had that moment when you feel as though your life is spiraling? Everything comes at you all at once, and you just feel completely out of control. If so, then this article is for you, as we countdown our favorite songs about losing control.

Best Songs About Losing Control

Let’s begin with a song aptly titled “Losing Control.”

“Losing Control” by Villain of the Story

“Losing Control” tells a story about the insecurity and doubt that takes over someone’s mind. It explains the times when your emotions, pain, depression, and anxiety become too much and overtake your thoughts. No matter how hard you try to hold on, push through, and avoid these thoughts and feelings they keep coming.

When you start to lose control of your thoughts and your mental health spirals, this song is a great listen. It is for the moments when you are losing control of yourself and feel as though nothing you do will help.

“Little Do You Know” by Alex and Sierra

This is a heartbreaking song sung from the perspective of a boy and girl in love. The girl is uncertain of their future, trying to put herself back together after the hurt that he has caused—but unable to forget what happened in their painful past.

The boy, on the other hand, is torn apart by the mistakes he’s made that caused her pain.   He’s trying to help piece their relationship and trust back together and show her more love than ever to try to make it all better.

If you have ever been on either side of a failing relationship—the one who did something to obliterate trust or the one whose trust was destroyed—you know how much loss of control you feel.

The safety net and love of the relationship you’ve been in suddenly evaporates and everything you had seems to fall apart. When your relationship is spiraling out of control and it’s causing you so much pain, this song is the one for you.

“The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry sings of a relationship she had that got away from her. It was one that once clicked but got torn apart. In an instant, all of her dreams had turned to dust.

For the moments you look back on a past relationship wishing for what could have been, this song fits the bill. When everything fell apart and you have no control over getting it back, listen to “The One That Got Away.”

“Unsteady” by X Ambassadors

“Unsteady” follows the heartbreak of a torn apart home. X Ambassadors sing of wanting that love and reassurance that everything is going to be ok and that they are loved. It follows the story of someone whose home doesn’t feel like home because of its instability.

Whether your home life is similar or you feel as though everything is falling apart, this track is perfect for anyone seeking songs about losing control of your life. This is a song that brings on feelings of abandonment and an inability to control what is happening around you, which a lot of people can relate to.

“Happier” by Ed Sheeran

“Happier” tells the story of a man that lost the person he cared about most in the world. He hurt her and now she is happier with someone else. His friends tell him he will be joyful some day as well, but he feels as though that day will never come.

For those who had a relationship end and it was your fault, the pain can be excruciating. You wish that you had control over the situation, but you lost it as soon as you lied, cheated, became endlessly jealous or made some other mistake. In the scramble for gaining control back that you fear you have lost forever, this really is a perfect track for those looking for songs about losing self control.  

“Let Me Down Slowly” by Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin paints the a vivid canvas about losing control with this song. Here, Alec sings of someone leaving him—and he begs them to “let him down slowly” (all to no avail). As his life spirals, all he is left with are feelings of despair and loneliness.

Whether you are losing control of a relationship, your life, or your emotions, this song will give you all the feels. It gives you the feeling of hopelessness that settles in when you realize there is nothing left to do.  For anyone looking for songs about spiraling out of control, you’ll want to add this one to your playlist.

“Six Feet Under” by Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish writes an extended metaphor in “Six Feet Under.”  On this track, she hopes for her lover to want her back after their love died, even though she knows it won’t end well. Not only did she lose her love, but she also lost herself.

When your love has died, and you feel lost as a result, this song is a great listen. It will help you remember that sometimes love perishes and thins spiral a bit out of control before everything veers back on track.

“Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

Capaldi sings a depressing song of trusting, loving, and opening up to someone—just for your lover to sweep you under the rug and disappear into the night. Lewis perfectly captures the inevitable spiraling out of control that happens when the person you chose to let your guard down for abruptly leaves you hanging.

If you feel lost after finally feeling safe enough to open up to someone, “Someone You Loved” will leave you crying. Sometimes you have no control over what someone chooses to do with your trust.

“Hold On” by Chord Overstreet

If you are a Vampire Diaries fan, you’ll know this song. It follows the end of a toxic relationship. On this track, Chord sings of the loss of control. The shocking pain follow him as he tries to find a foothold after losing the person he cares most about.

When you are still helplessly in love with the person you lost and you feel as though everything is falling apart, listen to “Hold On.” This song encapsulates the loss of control you feel when the person you loved, and still, love lets go before you do.

“Losin Control” by Russ

“Losin Control” is about the initial attraction you feel for someone that you can’t control. It follows the story of a girl who was in a previous relationship that caused her pain. In the aftermath, she falls for someone else—even though she’s scared this relationship will suffer the same fate as her past one.

If you feel lost after being hurt by someone you deeply cared for, yet still make the choice to fall for someone new again, give this song a listen. The moment you find yourself falling uncontrollably for someone else will hit the perfect spot when you throw on this song.


Whether you have lost control of yourself, your relationship, your mental health, or your life, these songs about losing control are for you. Definitely add a few of them to your playlist and hit the “play” button when you need ‘em most.

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