15 Songs About Magic – Spells, Witches and Awesome Fantasy

Songs About Magic - Spells, Witches and Awesome Fantasy

Magic makes us think about illusion, grandeur, mystery, and things not of this world.  In this article, I’m going to provide you with 15 amazing songs about magic, which range from songs in rock and pop to soul and the blues!

Black Magic by Ruston Kelly

This is one of the best magic songs ever. Kelly gives us a heartbreakingly beautiful country song about falling under someone’s spell and being hurt by them. He’s hurting and messed up. He loved this woman and his grief tumbles out into a masterful country song. 

Black Magic by Ruston Kelly is featured on this album.

We get it. We’ve been there on one or both sides. Neither is a happy place. And what a shame when love ends. Sometimes people can’t lay down their weapons or take down their walls. Two hearts are broken.  It’s tragic. 

The haunting background wail on this track is simply stunning and desolate. He could not have given us a better song than “Black Magic.”

Sisters of the Moon by Fleetwood Mac

We can’t help but think of Stevie Nicks when we think of magic. Her life and music have been shrouded in mystery, magic, and mythology. 

In “Sisters of the Moon,” Nicks is tempting a young woman to join her circle of magical women. Could it be witchcraft? Could it be paganism? This song has been rumored to be about drugs, losing self-perspective, and much more. No one is quite sure and it’s left open to interpretation. 

And we appreciate that about music and art. We like to listen to songs and make them ours. Arguably, Stevie Nicks was one of the great female presences in 70s rock music. And she delivers in this song as well. 

Dark Horse by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J

Katy Perry sings in the chorus for “Dark Horse” the following:

So you wanna play with magic?
Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
Baby, do you dare to do this?
‘Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse (hey)

Katy Perry album called "Prism"

Oh, how we love Katy Perry and her poppy masterpieces about love. This song is essentially a disclaimer or warning. Could be that she is too much to handle? Could it be that she is a brute force of nature?

Whatever the case, some of us can relate to these situations.  We’ve been there. Warning people who are falling in love with us, that are in for a wild ride. And once they have paid admission, there is no turning back.

Juicy J gives us some memorable lines too, as he sings back to Perry in this wonderfully dark, peppy song that deserves some good bookshelf speakers

Magic by Olivia Newton-John

This 1980 gem off the Xanadu soundtrack is like floating on a cloud, eating cotton candy in our favorite pajamas. Dreamy is not the word for this Electric Light Orchestra-backed song. It’s the perfect roller skating song for Thursday night’s Slow Jam. It’s sweet, flirty, and hopeful. And all things glorious from the 80s.

Black Magic Woman by Santana

This song could have been born in a cottage buried deep in the Louisiana swampland where all things hail mythical and maybe perhaps, a bit evil. Santana pulls us into a dreamy, sexy, and slow number about black magic and seduction with his infamous guitar picking. 

It’s full of excitement, darkness, mystery, and loss of willpower. It’s a perfect song for those porch nights a storm is brewing. Grab the Cabernet, sit back, and melt into this otherworldly ride of lust, love, and power. 

It reminds us of Stevie Nicks, and with good reason. It was originally written by Peter Green of the original Fleetwood Mac. As much as we love Stevie, we are grateful that Santana had his way with it. 

I Put a Spell on You by Nina Simone

This standard blues classic has been covered by anybody and everybody. It’s spooky, sexy, and perfectly slow. Simone’s version delights in this version and gives us cause to slow dance with our loved ones in a sunshine kitchen after morning mimosas. 

This song is all about casting spells on our loved ones so they are truly ours. Admittedly, it’s a bit dysfunctional emotionally. Because when someone loves us, they choose to stay. Although we perfectly understand the desperation behind the sentiment, ultimately, we cannot control anyone in this life except ourselves. 

With that said, the song isn’t meant to be read (at least in my opinion) in any negative or problematic way.  It’s meant to be read as hauntingly romantic, and it’s quite effective in that manner.

Voodoo by Godsmack

Hard rockers Godsmack give us a slowed down, trippy desert anthem in this 1999 song about being drawn to something magical and supernatural despite it harming them. And we get it. We’ve been drawn to people, situations and places that sometimes make no sense to others—or even ourselves. 

The MTV video for this song included zombies, witches and featured a high priestess from Wicca religion. The dreamy drums coupled with Erna’s guttural voice give us a fantastic song in “Voodoo” to blast from the bar jukebox. It’s enchanting, mystical and rocking. 

Got My Mojo Working by Muddy Waters

This 1957 southern blues gem makes me wanna borrow the neighbor’s 1963 Thunderbird convertible for a day of random dive bars and BBQ joints. It’s the perfect driving-around-in-the-south song. 

Waters sings about a woman he can’t get under his spell, no matter what he does. His “mojo” works on everyone…but not her. He seems perplexed in this lighthearted song about unrequited love.

Magic Man by Heart

The magic man in question is a drug-wielding lover boy in this song about seduction. Magic takes many shapes, and sometimes it’s the hot guy with the drugs. Ultimately, the Wilson sisters (Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart) give us yet another awesome song here from the 1970s. 

Magic Man by Heart is featured on this album.

Magic Man is a mellow slide into professing our intentions to our parents when they warn us about a person not being healthy for us. We have rose colored glasses on and we know, once the parental lecture is over, we are going to do what we want anyway. Rebellion, lust, longing and making bad choices have never sounded so good. 

Black Magic by Slayer

This is the perfect “I’m probably going to jail” song. It’s thrash (or speed) metal at its best. 

It makes us want to mosh. 

Drive fast. 

Revel in anarchy. 

This is about a man trying to get out from under the curse of black magic. It’s full of angst, energy, and awesome music. Tell grandma to put on her seatbelt. We found something better than Red Bull. 

Magic of Love by Luciano Pavarotti and Lionel Richie

This is an incredibly sweet and uplifting song about believing in the magic of love. It’s perfect for morning coffee and sitting in the sunshine thinking about what kind of person we are going to be today. 

It’s mellow, kind, and hopeful. And just the thing we need in a world that can often turn dark. 

Blue Magic by Jay Z featuring Pharrell Williams

This 2007 song from the American Gangster soundtrack is about the heroin trade in 1960s Harlem. And Blue Magic is a name for the drug. 

On this track, Jay-Z gives us a thoughtful and deliberate rap from the point of the drug dealer. It’s cocky, assertive, and strong. And Williams delights us with some old-school En Vogue lyrics. It’s a legit collaboration. 

Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller gives us the perfect roller skating song in this tale of being magically drawn to a very alluring woman. It reminds us of love, lust and first encounters. It’s 80’s decadence with synthesizers galore. The song actually sounds like magic. 

Creole Woman by Toby Keith

On this song, Keith is on the run from the law, but can’t help falling under the spell of a Creole woman. He tries to get get away, but keeps going back to her. 

“Cry of a creole woman, woke up the devil in me,” sings Keith. Matters of the heart, tangled with magic, make for an exciting adventure—and apparently memorable country songs about magic. 

This song is full of lust, longing, and the allure of witchy women from the south land. There’s no denying these women have a way with us. 

Rhiannon Live by Fleetwood Mac

In 1997, Fleetwood Mac gave us The Dance, a live album of their classic hits which included the best version of Rhiannon ever recorded. This Stevie Nicks penned song opens and ends with a solo piano and Nick’s haunting voice. 

It’s based on the Welsh goddess Rhiannon. She also appears to be unable to sit still long enough for someone to actually love her. The song is sung from the perspective of a man longing for her to remain in his life. He begs and pleads with her in this heartbreaking song about unrequited love and painful exits. 


Whether you believe in the magic of love or straight up think your ex is irredeemable, these songs about magic are sure to offer some delightful music moments, and perhaps an outlet or two for your emotions. 

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