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Here Are Our Favorite Songs About Mothers and Sons

The bond between a mother and son is unique and unbreakable, so there’s no doubt that some amazing songs about mothers and sons have been made to celebrate this special relationship.  Without further ado, let’s dive into some of our favorite songs about moms and sons.

Best Songs About Mothers and Sons

Let’s begin with a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

The power behind a mother’s words can resonate deep into a child’s soul, developing with him even well into adulthood. 

In Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant sings about the life advice his mother gave him when he was just a boy. Throughout the song, we hear the reiterated words of mama Zant as she provides Ronnie with simple, yet very important life advice: hard times come and go, love will find you one day, take care of yourself, reflect often, don’t get distracted by shiny things, and always follow your heart. 

What makes Simple Man such a great mother and son song, is its ability demonstrate the developmental impact a mother’s words can have on a man’s life, even when delivered in childhood. 

It just goes to show that the simplest form of love, can often be the most impactful.

I Thought You Should Know by Morgan Wallen

When you grow up close to your mom, there’s no better feeling than catching up with her on the phone after being away from home for a while.  

I Thought You Should Know by Morgan Wallen paints the picture of a son making a phone call to his mom. Admitting his realization that his absence has likely been weighing on his mother’s worrying mind, Wallen gives recognition to her protective prayers, explaining they must be working since his life has been so great. Besides his updates, Wallen goes on in verse two, asking his mom about life back and home and her garden.

The mother and son discourse demonstrated in I Thought You Should Know is a beautiful demonstration of the wholesome love that takes place within such a relationship. 

Mama Tried by Merle Haggard

Not all mother and son relationships are harmonious. Sometimes they’re riddled with frustration and exhaustion, especially when the son is hell bound to self-destruct. 

In his song Mama Tried, Merle Haggard sings about his innate desire to get in trouble. He describes his renegade history, his time in jail, and his rebellious nature since childhood.  Despite being a man of misery, Haggard simultaneously gives glory to his mother’s good intentions in his lyrics, acknowledging her attempts to raise him right, and taking personal credit for his foolish and self-sabotaging ways.  

The representation of reality is what makes Mama Tried a notable mother and son song. While some mother-son relationships are quiet, warm, and gentle, others can be chaotic, wild, and strenuous. 

However, just because the relationship appears outlandish, doesn’t mean the love, and appreciation for a mother’s efforts aren’t present. Sometimes the simple truth is boys will be boys, you just have to love them through it. 

Thank You Mom by Good Charlotte

Growing up without a father figure can cause a void in a developing boy’s mind. Fortunately, something that can help deter the void from getting too deep, is a hard-working mother who plays both parental roles with determination and passion. 

In Thank You Mom by Good Charlotte, brothers Joel and Benji Madden demonstrate the sincere gratitude and love they have for their hardworking single mom.  

Their lyrics express an adoration and appreciation for all the lessons their mom taught them, while recognizing the many hurdles she overcame with grace and poise.  They give credit to her never-ending workload as both the mother and father figure in their lives, expressing their realization how she never made them feel like a burden as she endured the challenge. 

This is a song of true appreciation from a son’s perspective, when a mother endures sincere adversity and challenge for the sake of her children.

Estranged relationships with parents can happen over time, especially when the circumstances of life pull you in an opposite direction of your family. 

In A Letter to my Mama, Vince Gill narrates a letter he’s writing to his mother, not only apologizing for growing away from her, but also thanking her for everything she’s ever done for him in his sixty-something years of life. 

As a musician who always wears his heart on his sleeve, A Letter to my Mama is a beautifully transparent song that really articulates the vulnerability a son feels as he acknowledges the impact his mom has had on his life. 

In a world that is still learning that men are allowed to have emotions, cry, and be soft, this song is a beautiful representation that even though a hard exterior may be what the naked eye can see, there is still a soft interior of affection and appreciation just waiting to come to the surface. 

Mama’s Boy by Ryan Griffin 

The term “mama’s boy” can have both positive and negative connotations in our society, but Ryan Griffin shows us just how beautiful being a “mama’s boy” can be. 

It’s no mystery why Mama’s Boy is considered “ultimate mother-son anthem.” In his song, Griffin sings about both the simple and complex characteristics he observes in his son. While some features may reflect similarities to his father’s, Griffin accredits the most valuable details of his son to his mother, expressing that he takes after her in the best way possible. 

One can’t help but recognize the strength a son can absorb from his mother by mimicking all the things that make her approachable, warm, and compassionate. 

Like Jesus Does by Eric Church

A mother’s love is both loyal and unconditional, showing up throughout all the circumstances of life, both good and bad. 

In Like Jesus Does, Eric Church sings of the forgiving, protective love that comes from a woman in his life. While the song never specifically references a mother, the features he describes throughout seemingly reflect the highly respectful opinion Church has towards the woman who birthed him.  

This song acknowledges a humble gratitude felt from a man towards a woman who knows him better than anyone else. Church sings of a love that holds him in moments when he can’t even love himself, making it a fantastic son-to-mother appreciation song.  

A Letter To My Mother by Edwin McCain

Adoptive parents are true blessings to children that need loving parents. In his song A Letter To My Mother, Edwin McCain sings to both his adoptive and biological mother, expressing unique love he has for both of them. 

His lyrics ebb and flow back and forth between talking to his adoptive mama and his biological mother, explaining how one gave him life and the other gave him a home. Throughout the song, McCain sings of how he often thinks of his birth mother, whether she’s okay, and if she needs his help. As he moves through the song, describing his personal life experiences, McCain gracefully concludes each verse with “I still love you.”

This song is a beautiful representation of forgiveness and acceptance towards an adoptive son’s birth mother, as well as the gratitude and love that is felt towards an adoptive mother. What a truly beautiful process of peace.  

Songs From A Mother

Similarly to how a mother’s relationship with her son can shape his life, so too can it shape hers. 

You’re Gonna Be by Reba McEntire

Having your first child can be scary, to say the least. Not only is it a learn-as-you-go experience, but you’re also madly in love and fiercely protective over this new little soul that’s entirely dependent on you. 

In her song You’re Gonna Be, Reba McEntire sings of being a new mom.  While looking down on her newborn baby, her mind navigates through all the realities and challenges that stand in front of them.  Through her lyrics, she expresses all future situations her child is sure to face, while simultaneously expressing that no matter life throws at them, one thing is constant: her child will always have a mother who loves them.

You’re Gonna Be does not specify that Reba is singing to her son, but she doesn’t have to. The words in the song are so powerful, any boy mom would agree the emotion Reba depicts applies perfectly to how boy moms feel about their sons. So if you’re looking for songs about the mother son bond, your’ve found it in this Reba song.

More by Halsey

Pregnancy loss is a process that only those who have experienced it can truly understand. While you’re filled with a copious amount if different emotions, you still feel that undeniable connection to the little life you once housed within your body. 

As an artist exceedingly familiar with reproductive challenge, Halsey sings to the baby she hopes to one day successfully carry to term in her song More.  In the form of pure poetry, Halsey illustrates the feeling of hopelessness as doctors constantly remind her of her reproductive limitations. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, she continues to express her sincere want for the baby she has yet to have, stating with emotional tone “somehow I still want you more.”

Halsey’s song More can be a powerful tune for a multitude of people, but what makes this a beautiful mother and son song, is its ability to portray the depth behind a mother’s determination to bring her son into the world. 


No two mother-son relationships are the same. Each one is specific to the individuals involved. I hope you found a track within my list of songs about mothers and sons that represented your own bond in a way that makes you feel heard and understood.  

Despite being a very authentic bond, unique to each family, the same thing rings true for all: this beautiful occurrence is life defining, shaping the futures of the mother and the son, both collectively and individually. 

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