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Enjoy These Songs About Narcissists That Are Awesome

Have you ever survived a relationship with a narcissist?  If so, you know how trying and frustrating they can be.  So here are thirteen songs about narcissists that we think fully illustrate the roller coaster of emotions these draining relationships put you through.

Songs About Narcissists

Let’s begin with a song by Ellie Goulding.

“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

“All Too Well” is a famous song about falling hard for a narcissist. Taylor Swift sings about the relationship starting out amazing. The naivety, good times, and sweet magic that the relationship starts out with are described. She looks back in nostalgia. As the song continues, she starts to see the red flags, the unkind words, and the hurt that she suffered.

When you are looking back on the highs and good times of a relationship with a narcissist, listen to “All Too Well” to remind you that it wasn’t all as it seemed. Yes, the good times were really good, but the bad times hurt even more.  

“Hate Me” by Ellie Goulding

“Hate Me” follows the aftermath of a narcissistic relationship. Ellie Goulding sings about the lies that continue to be told after the relationship has already ended. She goes over the lies and manipulation that still go on after the breakup.

Ellie’s ex is still chasing her, even after the relationship ended. Yet he claims that he wishes he never dated her. She sings of seeing through his mind games that he continues to play with her. Ellie is finally over dealing with the constant ups and downs.

If you have ever ended things with a narcissist, you most likely finally realized all of the lies that were constantly told you. You’ve dealt with so many ups and downs, so many lies, so many back and forths, that you are over it. Even though you escaped the constant manipulation, their lies and attempts to get you back may continue because they have been unable to replace you. When you need a song to scream out your frustration to, listen to “Hate Me.”

“Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez

This is another song that follows the aftermath of escaping a narcissistic relationship. Selena Gomez starts out by describing the beginning of the relationship. She was given so many empty promises that she fell for them. The relationship was full of her putting him first, just to be hurt. All the broken promises, all the effort and love that was not returned finally took a toll on her. After leaving and letting go, she realized that was just what she needed to love herself again.

Breaking it off with a narcissist can tear you apart. Often you let go of morals and boundaries you held to try to keep them and please them. You pushed your needs aside to make them happy and became a shadow of your former self. Only months or even years after leaving do you start to get yourself back.

This song reminds you to replace the love and effort you gave to the narcissist with yourself. It is a reminder to let go of the toxic hold they had over you to love yourself again. When you let go and find yourself again or need to discover why it will be best for you to leave listen to “Lose You to Love Me”.

“Narcissist” by Avery Anna

“Narcissist” follows the roller coaster of emotions that are felt in a relationship with a narcissist. Avery Anna paints the perfect picture of what it feels like and who you become when in a narcissistic relationship. She sings of feeling a loss of control over her emotions. Anna wants to hate him for the awful way in which she is treated but still loves him unconditionally.

This song explains the way gaslighting and manipulation from a narcissist tear your world apart. It leaves you questioning your sanity and feeling alone. Anna pleads for them to realize what they are doing and get the help they need.

When your world is falling apart, you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and your emotions are going haywire from narcissistic abuse give this song a listen. If you are a survivor or coping with current narcissistic abuse “Narcissist” will resonate with you. It will validate your feelings and remind you that you aren’t alone in going through these horrific feelings. They are a response to the abuse you are being or have been dealt.  If you’re looking for a song about a narcissistic man, then this track by Avery Ann is perfect.  

“I Was Wrong” by Ray Goren

Ray Goren starts out his song by showing the too-good-to-be-true person you see at first when meeting a narcissist. They show the best side of themselves and draw you in with love bombing and perfection. He explains how he gave all of himself to the relationship because he wanted to.

Then suddenly a switch turned and he saw the true person beneath the façade. The narcissist showed their inability to change, their lack of empathy for him, and the pain they constantly inflicted upon him. Ray sings of staying even through all the pain even though being driven insane because he loved them.

If you loved a narcissist and stayed or are staying even despite the pain and suffering you are constantly feeling this song is for you. It reminds you of your strength and good qualities. Narcissists can be hard to leave. Remember that even if you decided or are deciding to stay that underneath the pain you still have those strong qualities of your deep love and strength.

“Pages” by WONDR

Narcissists are infamous for their lies. “Pages” goes over some of those lies that are told by a narcissist to get their victims to stay. WONDR metaphorically sings of ripping the pages of life with the narcissist out. The pain, the lies, and the heartbreak are all gone because he’s finally ready to move on.

In a narcissistic relationship, you often feel a lack of control and afterward, you see so much lost time and years. “Pages” reminds the listener that even with the lost time and regrets, you can move on and tear out the pages. Even though you’ve experienced pain at the hands of a narcissist, you don’t have to let it define you or the rest of your life.

“Narcissist” by Lauren Spencer Smith

“Narcissist” is another song about narcissists that describes the beginning of a narcissistic relationship. The narcissist love bombs you with charm, charisma, and generosity. Then once the “honeymoon period” has worn off, you finally see them for who they are.

Lauren sings of the regret and feelings of embarrassment and hindsight that come after the real side of the narcissist comes out. The feelings of everything being your fault and blaming yourself for what is happening, not being able to see it sooner.

When your self-esteem takes a plummet from being with a narcissist, listen to “Narcissist”. Lauren reminds you that their actions are not your fault. Those moments when you feel guilty for staying, but feel as though you can’t leave are ok. Listen to this song to remember that you are enough. You are not what the narcissist wants to gaslight you into thinking you are.  For those in need of songs about narcissist abuse, definitely give this Lauren Spencer Smith track a listen.

“Therapist” by Mae Muller

Mae sings of the recognition of a narcissist’s bad behavior. “Therapist” starts out showing a narcissistic relationship. The stress, complaints, lack of kindness, and lack of empathy that is shown. The more she sees and deals with, she recognizes that there is nothing she can do to help. Instead of spending all her time on a lost cause, she recognizes that he needs to do something of his own free will to get help.

That moment you finally realize that nothing you can do will help, listen to “Therapist.” It will remind you that it is not your job to be the therapist and put forth all of your efforts in a relationship. You don’t have control over other people’s choices. Sometimes you need to choose yourself first if they are unwilling to change their narcissistic behavior and get the help they need.

“Should’ve Known Better” by Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce’s song describes hindsight. She saw her mother in a relationship with a narcissist, yet still became involved with one herself. Carly sings of the regrets she has—that she should have known better. Her partner tore her down, gave her a false sense of reality, and broke her heart.

Sometimes you look back on a narcissistic relationship and realize you should have known better. For those moments when you are looking back on what you could have done and wishing you could change it, listen to “Should’ve Known Better”. It will also remind you that they should have known better too. They made the bad choice to treat you in that awful way.

“Therapy” by Peytan Porter

For the moment you are over everything the narcissist has put you through, listen to “Therapy”. Peytan sings of getting a call from her ex and not picking up. She looks back on the times they shared together and explains her reasoning for not picking up.

When you are on the road of self-love and self-discovery after breaking up with a narcissist, this is the song for you. Not only does Peytan sing of finally letting go and refusing to be dragged down by her ex anymore, but she also sings of getting herself back.

“Take a Bow” by Rihanna

Rihanna also sings of her ex wanting her back. Sometimes after breaking it off with a narcissist, they can’t accept it. They come running back and put on a show of “loving you”. The apologies finally come and empty promises of change.

She sings of her ex only being sorry they got caught. If you are finally over the way you’ve been treated, the fake apologies and the lack of change the narcissist gives you, then give “Take a Bow” a listen.

“Walk Away” by Christina Aguilera

A relationship with a narcissist can be so addicting. The ups and downs, the really high highs of the relationship, and the really low lows. It can be hard to leave when those good moments are so good, you rationalize staying.

Christina sings of being naïve, losing control, and suffering in her relationship with a narcissist. Even though she recognizes the pain and the red flags, she keeps finding herself coming back to the thing that she should walk away from. When you find yourself hurting and unable to walk away from that toxic narcissistic relationship, listen to “Walk Away.”

“Thrive” by Cassadee Pope

“Thrive” is the perfect song to listen to when you get out of that narcissistic relationship. Cassadee Pope sings of finally getting away from the narcissist. She escaped from the toxicity, pain, and hurt that the relationship was full of. Pope sings of not just surviving the relationship, but now thriving.

For those moments when you are feeling weak and missing your relationship, remember the toxicity and why you got out. Listen to “Thrive” to remind you that you got out and you are now able to thrive. Go out there and live your greatest life, becoming your best self!


Narcissistic relationships can tear you apart. They can destroy your sense of self, make you feel worthless, and isolate you. If you are currently dealing with one, trying to get out of one, or already survived one, give these songs about narcissists a listen.  They will help you realize you are not alone in your pain or frustration.

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