10 Songs About Not Being Good Enough (Doubt & Insecurity)

Discover Songs About Not Being Good Enough That You Will Appreciate

Everyone has moments in their lives when they feel that they’re not measuring up to certain standards. Whenever that happens, it’s important to throw on songs about not being good enough in order to realize that you’re not alone—and that life can get better. 

Songs About Not Being Good Enough for Someone

Let’s begin with Olivia Rodrigo.

“Enough for You” by Olivia Rodrigo

This song by Olivia Rodrigo follows the story of a relationship where the girl constantly changed herself for her boyfriend. She wore more makeup, read the books he liked, and tried to be everything he liked. Even though she did all of these things, he still ended up leaving her for someone else.

Have you ever slowly lost yourself piece by piece to try to please the person you are dating. You thought that if you just did this, they would like you more and be willing to stay. But in the end, you figured out everything you did was not enough. If you are left wondering what is wrong with you and what else you could have done to earn their love this song is for you. Even if you were never enough for them, you are enough for yourself and someone who will love you for who you truly are!

“Tear Myself Apart” by Tate McRae

Tate sings of a relationship where she hears nothing from him for days. She’s left alone and he tells her that it’s not her fault. Even with this reassurance, she tears herself apart inside. She questions who she is and if she is enough.

When someone’s actions are unkind or are not matching their words, it can be so easy to begin questioning yourself. You ask if you are good enough, if it was something you did, or if it was something you didn’t do. Those questions of whether I am good enough constantly plague you and tear you apart inside. If you are feeling this way about yourself, listen to “Tear Myself Apart”.

“When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars looks back on a past relationship in this song. He tells of hearing and seeing things that remind him of his past relationship, but it’s not the same. He realizes too late that he should have done so many things different to show her that he loved her. Instead, he was selfish and has to live with his mistakes.

If you are constantly tormented by the realization that you weren’t enough and didn’t do enough in your past relationship, give this song a listen. It will help you put your pain and regret into words. Even if you made the mistake of not doing enough for the person you loved, maybe someone else will be able to give them all they deserve.

Songs About Not Feeling Good Enough – Mental Health

Let’s begin this section with a Christina Perri song.

“Human” by Christina Perri

Christina sings of being able to do anything for the person she loves. She can fake it and do it all. Even though she can do it all, she reminds them that she is still human. She still breaks down, falls apart, and is hurt by unkind words. Sometimes she can only take so much before she comes crashing down.

There are moments when you feel on top of the world–like you can conquer it and do anything. But there are times when it all comes crashing down. You are left with those thoughts and feelings of not being enough. You see your weaknesses more than your strengths and everything you’ve done wrong. For those moments when you are beating yourself up for falling down, this song reminds you that it’s ok to be human. Those mistakes and feelings of not being enough aren’t all of who you are. You are strong too!

“If You Want Love” by NF

NF sings of what you have to give and take to receive things such as love and trust. He sings of realizing that you can’t control things, but instead have to give some things away and go through pain. He sings of the voices in his head that make him think twice about everything.

When you feel as though no matter what you do, you aren’t enough and your life feels like it’s spiraling out of control, listen to “If You Want Love”. If you are feeling as though you aren’t enough to get love, and trust, and are fighting those voices in your head, it reminds you that you have to sometimes go through hard times to get to those good times when you feel you are enough.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty-One Pilots

Twenty-One Pilots sings of wishing to be better. They wish to be better at singing and overcoming fears. They feel inadequate. “Stressed Out” is about looking back on “the good old days” and wishing for them back. Hoping for the days when there wasn’t constant stress and worry about measuring up to what others think of you.

If you are overwhelmed by the struggles of life, concerned about what others are thinking about you, and feeling not enough in your day-to-day life, this song is for you. It is an upbeat song about the stresses of growing up. The bills pile up, the worry of what others think overwhelms you, and you dream of when you were younger with fewer fears and worries about being good enough.  Whenever you’re needing to hear songs about feeling worthless, it’s worth (no pun intended) throwing on this Twenty-One Pilots song and realizing that other people have felt just like you before.

“Lonely” by Justin Bieber

On this track, Justin Bieber sings of the effects of his work and fame on him. Everyone knows his past and criticized what he’s done. He sings of how hard that is on him mentally. He feels drained, lonely, and judged. Even though he has money, fame, and everything a person could want, he still doesn’t feel enough.

When you have everything on the outside going for you—a good job, a great family, and everything else a person could want, but you are still hurting on the inside, it can make you feel as though you aren’t enough. When you are feeling lonely and knocked down by the world, listen to “Lonely”.

Songs About Not Looking Good Enough

Let’s begin this portion of the article with a great song by Kaylee Lauren.

“Not Enough” by Kaylee Lauren

Kaylee sings about seeing beautiful girls everywhere. All she can find herself doing is comparing herself to them. She knows that she seems fine and happy on the outside. Deep down though, she wishes she could love herself.

When you are lost in the comparison game, can’t see your worth, and are crying yourself to sleep because you don’t feel good enough, listen to “Not Enough”. It is a reminder that you are not the only one who compares yourself to others. You are not alone in crying yourself to sleep and tearing yourself apart in your head.

“idontwannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eilish

This song is about the overwhelming idea of perfection. Billie sings of the pain that comes from unkind words and the judgment of others. Her song tells a story of looking in the mirror, and not liking what she sees. She wishes she could be someone else.

When you’ve been crying to yourself about unkind things someone has said to you, about not looking the way you want to, and about small mistakes that you’ve made that seem so big, listen to “idontwannabeyouanymore”. It is a reminder that you aren’t alone in the feelings of worthlessness and not being enough that you experience.

“Am I Pretty?” by The Maine

“Am I Pretty?” is a song about wondering and worrying about what others think of you. The Maine sings about wondering if others think they are pretty and liked. They think that they will only be accepted if they are pretty otherwise, they won’t be enough or fit in.

If you think your social status and friendships are based on how good you look, listen to this song. It reminds you in the end, that no matter your perceived flaws you have beauty in you. Everyone’s flaws and imperfections they see in themselves are what makes them beautiful.


No matter your feelings of insignificance and not being enough, there is a song for you. Everyone in the world struggles in some way with feelings of not measuring up. These songs will help you not feel alone in your struggles and remind you that no matter what, you are enough! I definitely recommend listening to these songs about not being good enough for an immediate reminder that you are absolutely worth it!

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