15 Songs About Planning (Future Plans and Strategy)

Here Are My Picks for the Best Songs About Planning--Be it for the Future or Planning for a Rainy Day.

There are many songs about planning that can inspire you and be the soundtrack to a chapter in your life. Whether you are planning a breaking up with an ex, deciding to make some significant changes within yourself, or getting ready to show the doubters you are capable of anything, music can be a powerful resource to help you get there. 

The Best Songs About Planning You’ll Love

Let’s begin with a song by Death Cab for Cutie.

15. I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie

This dark and morbid love song is loved by many, including artists like Lana Del Rey. It is a beautiful song—but how is it a song about planning, you may ask?

Well, the song is about planning when death arrives for you or a loved one. What makes this song about planning so morbid is that the singer suggests that he will die shortly after his lover. In other words, he plans on not living much longer after his lover passes away because they are his world, and he plans on making sure his lover is not alone in the world after death.  

It is a depressing and sad song about planning, but what makes it a beautiful song is the great devotion and love exemplified in this song. Ben Gibbard’s sweet and soft vocal talents emphasize the tender love expressed in this song. Overall, this bittersweet song gives me chills each time I hear it. 

14. Drunk by Elle King f/Miranda Lambert)

Unlike our previous song, this song is uplifting and empowering. This catchy country song focuses on a girl planning to have the time of her life. This song, contagious to the ears, is great for anyone planning to go out and have a good time. This is a genuinely captivating song and great for anyone who wants to forget their worries and focus on having fun. This song is wholly devoured in carefree and euphoric vibes, making it perfect for such occasions. 

Another reason why this makes a great song if you are planning to have a fun time is Elle King and Miranda Lambert’s vocal delivery in this song. Both sing the lyrics with so much energy and passion that, as someone listening to this song, you are convinced that they went out and partied after recording this song.  

13. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

This chart-topping hit from 2001 is a perfect song for anyone planning to overcome adversity and be victorious against their enemies (including an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend!) This song has remained relevant, and rightfully so; the lyrics encourage listeners to prove they can accomplish anything on their own, specifically after a bad breakup

This is precisely why I love this song so much because the song it is so empowering and is genuinely an empowering song for anyone who is planning to survive without their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. I love that this song encourages being the bigger person for anyone planning to become a better person after a bad breakup. 

Destiny’s Child singing in this song is more than half the reason why this song is incredible. They bring their A-game to this song, which empowers anyone planning to grow after a breakup. This song is a great person for anyone planning to move forward after a breakup, and I feel Destiny’s vocal talents do a tremendous job of delivering that power and passion. 

12. My Guy by Mary Wells

A lot of times, we think of songs about strategy or plans as having to deal with playing a somewhat defensive game.  But instead of finding songs about plans going wrong, what about a song that is so full of joy, it resides in a vacuum full of hope and optimism?

That’s what we have here in this Mary Wells hit coming straight out of Motown.  This song is about a woman who has no plans to betray her man and only intends to be utterly loyal to him. Mary Wells’ delivery in this song is so full of personality and sass; I am convinced that her guy is a very lucky man! 

What makes this a great song is its lyrics. The lyrics are filled with so much romance and passion; it makes it such a loving and sweet song! The lighthearted melody in the song forces us to pay attention to the lyrics, which is the song’s best part. 

I always thought this song was a thoughtful one, as it encourages the listener to be thoughtful and deliberate about their relationship, which I absolutely love. There is nothing like a song that highlights the happy and prosperous side of being in a committed relationship. 

11. Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas

It was about time a classic rock song debuted on this list. This classic rock song is entirely about planning. The song’s lyrics focus on self-discovery and how to reach your goals. This is an incredible song for anyone working towards goals but unsure how. 

This song is perfect for anyone planning to work hard and break social limitations to achieve their goals and dreams. This song is very good because the lyrics encourage someone to stick with their plan, and once they overcome the struggles, they can enjoy life. There is something very empowering when you listen to a song that encourages you to fulfill your dreams. 

Aside from the meaningful and inspirational lyrics, the instrumental approach in this song is very good and helps carry the meaningful lyrics in the song. From the rocking melody to the epic guitar solo, this is a perfectly composed song about planning. 

10. The Last Time by Taylor Swift (Feat. Gary Lightbody)

This heart-wrenching ballad from Queen Taylor may be a song about a breakup, but it is also a song about planning. This song is about making a hard decision, which is Swift sings about how she plans to stop trying in the relationship because her lover has broken her heart too many times. 

This song about planning is melancholy-filled, but the lyrics are so powerful, which makes it a good song for anyone going through a breakup or facing the end of their relationship. 

What makes this song such a good song is the emotional depth Taylor Swift demonstrates in this song. 

You can feel the pain of this song as she and Gary Lightbody sing out the words. It truly captures my ears and sparks a sense of sadness when I listen to this song. Lastly, we all have been through a breakup, so this song is relatable. 

9. Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year

This emo-centric song that came out in 2003 is another song about planning around loyalty and being committed in a relationship. This passionate emo song sings about how the singer intends to support and love his lover until he dies. What makes this a great song is how the lyrics encourage people in love to persevere regardless of any obstacles and setbacks they may face with their partner. 

What I love about this song is that despite being a lovely and emotionally evoking song, it is fast-paced, making it stand out. Another reason why this is an excellent song about planning is because of the emo take in this song. Story of the Year is an emo band, and it is only appropriate to be very dramatic despite how positive the message is being conveyed in this song. This song’s signature emo-style lyrics are the cherry on top for me! 

8. Material Girl by Madonna

Although Madonna does not own this song, she perfectly sang this hit from 1984. This song is a fun and catchy while encompassing themes beyond fun. This song focuses on all the nice things in life! This song is about making plans not to date any boy who cannot financially support her material-girl-centered habits. 

It may be a shallow song in terms of lyrics, but it is hard not to love Madonna’s straightforwardness in this song. I know the lyrics may not be very relatable in today’s world, but this song still serves as a great reminder that we all got to be blunt about what we want from life and what makes us happy. 

What made this song as famous as it is known for is the upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. I love how Madonna delivers this song with determination and confidence, it has me, a listener, convinced to set my standards high. This message can be applied to anyone, which may be why the song remains iconic today. 

7.  I Only Want to Be with You by Dusty Springfield

This song from Dusty Springfield is such a magical song that always sparks lovey-dovey and happy feelings each time I hear it. This is why it had to be on this list!This song is perfect for planning a long-term relationship and the value of investing in a relationship that makes you happy beyond words.

As a romantic, the lyrics are just precious to me! The lyrics emphasize the power of love and intentional decisions regarding someone’s heart and feelings. This is an open affection song that makes it an empowering and inspiring song on its own. However, Dusty Springfield’s performance of this song is filled with much passion, adding another layer of romance to this song about planning. 

For being a song that came out in 1963, this song is highly relevant and relatable in 2023. I say this because many of us long for a long-term relationship where we hope to have a partner that will invest in us as much as Springfield supports in her love in this song. 

6. Hotel California by Eagles

First of all, Hotel California is one of the best songs ever in rock history. However, did you ever imagine it as one of those song about planning for the future? The poetic lyrics in this song may not make it obvious, but the planning theme is there. 

I personally interpret the lyrics as a warning to listeners, and that warning is that we all should take the time to think about and plan for our goals and be smart about making our choices on how to fulfill our dreams. Ultimately, the song suggests that if you do not plan properly, there will be consequences to both your physical and mental health. The powerful lyrics can influence listeners to think about their goals and choices. 

What makes this such a great song about planning is the haunting melody that is presented in this song. It is beautifully and masterfully composed, including one of the most powerful guitar solos I have ever heard. This is a very captivating song for the soul. 

5.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

This banger from Kelly Clarkson is about moving on and becoming a better person after a breakup. This powerful song, both lyrically and vocally, really sends a message for the listener to plan on moving on and growing as a person after a breakup.

This is such a magical and wonderful message because instead of focusing on the depressing side of a breakup, this one encourages its listeners to do the opposite: build a happier and more fulfilling life, and this is demonstrated in the lyrics, “You know in the end, the day you left, was just my beginning.” Kelly Clarkson has me convinced we all should not be sad after a breakup but plan to grow and become a more fruitful person in life after a breakup. 

Aside from the positive message about growth in this song, Kelly Clarkson’s singing is at its best in this song. Her song captures the lyrics’ essence and theme, which is empowering and strong. 

4. Jumper by Third Eye Blind

This song that came out in 1998 from Third Eye Blind touches base on a difficult and touchy subject: Suicide. This is why this song must be on the list because this song is about planning to save someone with these types of dark thoughts. 

This a valuable song in pop culture because the lyrics emphasize helping and supporting others facing mental health issues. This song came out when mental health issues were still not being taken seriously, and the fact that a band like Third Eye Blind releases on a song focusing on an important issue speaks volumes.

What else I enjoy about this song is that the melody of this song is relatively upbeat and catchy versus it being slow and depressing. This incredible technical approach is supportive and positive rather than critical and harsh. 

Overall, this is a great song for anyone who needs that support if they are going through an emotionally difficult time or need to be inspired to help a friend through a challenging time. It makes sense why many newer and recent artists, such as Demi Lovato, are covering this song. 

3. Eye of the Tiger By Survivor

This song from Survivor is an iconic song from 1982. The uplifting anthem is perfect for anyone planning to preserve through obstacles to meet their dreams. This song is about planning because it suggests that anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams must prepare to fight through whatever obstacles come their way.

Another aspect that makes this song about planning is that the lyrics focus on the theme of preparation and strategy if you plan to meet your goals. 

What makes this such a great song is its lasting impact and universal appeal, as it is an iconic song worldwide. This catchy and powerful song’s melody is so catchy that it can quickly get stuck in your head. Also, the introduction of this song is simply incredible. It is the most infectious way to start a song! It adds to the theme of planning to fight for what you want. 

2. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me by Diana Ross & The Supremes (Feat. The Temptations)

This incredible oldie and my favorite song from Diana Ross & The Supremes are about planning…planning to win someone over! I love the plan and determination in this song. The lyrics have so much passion; it is hard not to love this song. There is something about determination and perseverance in this song that can inspire any listener to plan to win over the person they love passionately. 

Besides the admirable determination, I will admit the lyrics are simple and do not exceed any deeper meaning besides the obvious, but that does not take away from the song. It is safe to say that for this song, the simpler, the better. 

This song is catchy and memorable with a delightful melody, and of course, Diana Ross’s timeless voice enhances this song. Also, this song is great because it explores this plan of winning over a person’s love through both a man’s and a woman’s perspective, bringing the song to a complete circle. 

1. Planning Permission by The Darkness

It would have been shameful if I did not pick one song with the word planning for this list of songs about planning. I picked this classic rock-vibing song from the Darkness about the protagonist’s frustration with bureaucracy involvement and how they must approve their plans before building their house. 

Justin Hawkin’s vocal range in this song makes this such a great song. It adds a layer of creativity while embracing timeless elements from classic rock songs from the 1970s and 1980s.  As a massive fan of the Darkness, Hawkin’s voice is the primary source that draws me into this song, aside from the incredible guitar solo near the end. 

I also love the unique approach to the theme of planning. The idea in the song is so simple, but The Darkness’s writing abilities make this a detailed and vivid song that comes off as something more significant than plans to build a house. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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