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Everyone’s life is filled with a variety of problems. They range from relationships to school to jobs to mental health. No matter how good or bad a of life you live, you will face problems.  To help cope with any issues you encounter, I advise listening to songs about problems because hearing a singer’s perspective on how he or she deals with their trials and tribulations can be inspiring and motivate you to change your situation.

Songs About Problems That Are Relatable

Let’s begin with a track by Ariana Grande.

1. “Problem” by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea

There are times in your life when you realize that your “situationship,” or simply the person you are dating, is wrong for you. You realize that so many of those problems you are struggling with are due to being with this person. So when you are ready to finally get rid of your problems and accept you are better off without them, I recommend that you listen to Ariana Grande’s “Problem”.

On this track, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea sing about wanting someone they know is bad for them. They know that they will never do what they say or measure up to the standards that they want in a relationship, so it’s better to be without them. Even though they love them and want them, they realize their life will have fewer problems with them gone.

2. “Wrecked” by Imagine Dragons

Sometimes after a relationship, or even something good in your life ends, you are left feeling empty and torn apart. It’s too late and you realize that nothing you can do can bring them back or bring you back to those good days.

Imagine Dragons sings about feeling wrecked. Those problems of sad days and depression that follow a breakup or loss of something you truly care about haunt you. They describe the feeling of putting the past behind them, but those problems keep creeping up and following them around. When you are feeling wrecked by your problems and situations, give “Wrecked” a listen.

3. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day

There are times in your life when you have to walk alone. It’s a long and lonely road. You have no one to comfort you or help you through the problems you face. Green Day explains this feeling perfectly in “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. 

They sing about the hope that someone will come along to help ease the burden of the pain and problems they face. But that someone never comes. They continue down life walking through life’s problems and figuring them out by themselves.

4. “Relapse” by Boys World

Sometimes you find yourself slipping. You set boundaries and tell yourself you won’t allow certain things to happen, but you never stay strong on your conviction. You fall short and find yourself going through the same cycle of problems and pain.

Boys World sings about those moments you relapse. They sing about the problems happening because of their lack of self-control you have and their fear to be alone. “Relapse” is the perfect song to listen to when you keep falling back and continue to face the same problems each day because you can’t hold yourself accountable and stop the cycles you are in.

5. “Adulting” by Emlyn

As you grow up, you change. It is inevitable and difficult. Emlyn sings about the fears and struggles you face as you go into this new season of your life. She sings of the struggles that are faced each day with depression, anxiety, and fear of loss. She sings of loneliness, a failing bank account, and not knowing what you are doing with her life.

When you feel as though you aren’t measuring up to your childhood dreams, losing control of your life, and getting hit with life’s problems on your own, listen to “Adulting”. It is a great reminder that you aren’t the only one who struggles with each of these problems in life. You are not alone in your feelings.

6. “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

As you get older, life becomes harder. You get tired and realize some of your dreams will never be recognized. Keane sings a song of nostalgia about the problems seen and faced in life. They describe how life falls apart and doesn’t meet the imaginations of a young heart. In “Somewhere Only We Know” they sing of wanting someone to turn to during these times of heartache and problems.

When you are looking back on the life you lived and only seeing the things you have lost and failures, give this song a listen. It is a great reminder that someday you will grow old and have the time to look back on the struggles and problems you faced in life. Remember to take life by the reins and have people to turn to during life’s problems to help you get through them and create the life you dream of.

7. “18” by Anson Seabra

“18” is another nostalgic song about looking back on earlier years in your life. Anson sings of those good times when he was younger—falling in love and having dreams of a great future. However, life’s problems hit and he is now living a life he did not imagine for himself. All of those good times are just memories.

When all you can see are the problems and struggles you are facing and only remember the good times of the past, listen to “18.” It is a song that will make you remember your dreams and good times before these hard times and problems hit. If you just want to sit in those feelings of sadness and struggle, this is the perfect song for you.

8. “Just a Dream” by Nelly

Whenever I am hurting and focused on the dreams of the past, I listen to “Just a Dream”. This song by Nelly is sure to make you cry. He sings of losing the girl he loved. He had dreams of a happy future with her, but those dreams were crushed. He now has to live with the pain of lost love and face life’s problems alone.

When you have lost the person, you love and have to face life alone, listen to “Just a Dream”. When you are feeling alone, hurting from the pain of what could have been, and looking back on lost dreams this is the song for you.

9. “Chaotic” by Tate McRae

Sometimes the problems you face in life are the fears of not measuring up or being able to go where you want in life. You live a lonely life and face the constant chaos of daily life. Tate McRae perfectly captures these emotions through her song “Chaotic”. She describes trying to be her best, but constantly failing and being alone.

When you are depressed from the constant curves life is throwing at you, listen to “Chaotic”. It captures the emotions of fear of failure, lost dreams, and the pain of the struggles of life. When life is too much and you feel you aren’t up to the challenge, listen to “Chaotic”.

10. “Unbreak” by Camylio

There are other times when the problems of life come from carried trauma from your past. Camylio sings of bruises from the past that he believed were gone, but that keep coming back to haunt him. He tries to live his best life and be the person he wants to be, but he and those he loves continue to hurt and fall apart.

When you or someone you love is still hurting from the pain and problems from your past, listen to “Unbreak”. It is the perfect song to listen to when you realize they won’t go away but are hoping for a way for them to get better.

11. “Bleachless” by Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace sings about hoping for things to get better, but they never do. She describes a struggle with depression, but constantly being plagued by the pain and struggle it brings to her life.

When you are torn apart by your struggles with mental health and despite keeping the faith and hope that it will get better, it still doesn’t, listen to “Bleachless”. It is for those that try their hardest every day to push through the pain they are feeling but still fall short.

12. “Ok Not to Be Ok” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato sings about the times when you wonder if all your problems are just in your head. She worries about losing control and like she’ll never meet her dreams and measure up. “Ok Not to Be Ok” is a reminder that when you are feeling down and struggling with life’s problems it is okay.

Those moments when you need a pick me up and a reminder that sometimes in life you do get lost and won’t meet those high standards you set for yourself, listen to this song. It is a pick-me-up and reminder to not give up, even when you are struggling with life’s problems.


No matter the pain that you are facing in your life, there is a song for you. If you’re dealing with a problem and feel like you can’t overcome it, I highly recommend you listen to some of these songs about problems which will clearly illustrate that you’re not alone in facing your obstacle. 

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