10 Songs About Revenge and Seeking Payback You Need to Hear

When it's time for payback, enjoy these songs about revenge!

There are times in life when you have been wronged. You are hurting, torn apart, and hoping for fairness. Whether you have been wronged by a longtime ex, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or a friend or family member, these songs about revenge can serve you well as a cathartic release of your pent up frustrations.

Songs About Revenge We Love

Let’s begin with Demi Lovato.

1) “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato

On this track, Demi Lovato sings about payback. She is upset after a breakup and letting her ex know it. Demi walks around looking her best and knowing she will never give him another chance. He still holds on to his pride, not begging for her back, but everyone around can see that he lost out when she left. 

When you have been broken up with or been the one to break things off with someone, it hurts no matter what. You want your ex to realize what they lost and get some revenge for the pain they put you through. When you are out there glowing up and living your best life, showing the world what your ex missed out on, give this song a listen for an extra confidence boost. 

2) “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande sings of her exes by name in this song. She describes why she is happy each of them did not work out. Ariana explains that her life is so much better without them. Now she has more time for herself, enjoys time with her friends, and has grown from learning experiences with each. 

Sometimes the best revenge is the fact you got out of a relationship that was not good for you. Breakups always cause pain, but it depends on what you decide to do with that pain. Ariana realized that her life became better after each breakup. She learned, grew, and became her best self. When you need to remember that all your pain was the best, and the best type of revenge is moving on and making the best of your life, listen to this song. 

3) “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson sings of realizing after a breakup how fake it all was. It was toxic and tore her down as a person. She explains how she fell for the act and regrets it. Although she fell hard and fell apart, since the relationship ended, she realizes she can finally breathe easy again. She is becoming herself once more. 

Sometimes you do not realize the toxicity of a relationship and how much it tore you apart until after the fact. The toxicity and pain destroy who you are. You become a shell of yourself. Only after they are gone do you realize that you can be yourself again. You can breathe easily. Listen to “Since You’ve Been Gone” when you need a reminder that they blew it! You got out, are living, and enjoying life again, which is the best revenge! 

4) “Miss Me More” by Kelsea Ballerini

“Miss Me More” was my favorite song for the longest time! I love how Kelsea Ballerini describes the perfect form of revenge after a breakup. During her relationship, she stopped doing things she loved because her ex told her he did not like them. Kelsea let go of pieces of herself she loved to please him. But Kelsea describes in the song how after the relationship ended, she thought she would miss him, but she actually missed herself more. 

If you have ever let go of so many parts of yourself you loved to make someone you dated happy or to “gain” their love, you will relate to this song. It describes the feelings of elation, completeness, and joy you feel after breaking up and coming to yourself again. The revenge you get after the relationship is your self-love and enjoyment of everything that makes you who you are coming back again. 

5) “Better Than Revenge” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift always has the perfect song for any situation. “Better than Revenge” is no different. She starts out painting a picture of a summer romance. She was with the boy she loved and happy. Then, another girl came into the picture and stole him away. Taylor sings of the pain, hurt, and betrayal she felt from both parties. She describes how the girl who stole him away is not all she pretends to be. 

When you have been cheated on or had someone you loved “stolen” away by someone unkind, the pain and the anger you feel are unmatched. This song will get you screaming out your pain and the hurt you wish upon those who hurt you. You want others to realize they are not all that, and you will get your revenge. 

6) “Better Now” by Post Malone

After friendships or relationships end, the other person tells others it was for the best and that they are much better now. Little do they know they are not. Post Malone sings of knowing that the person who left is missing out. He would have done anything for them, and now they do not have that person to back them up. He explains how they have moved on, but it is not for the better. 

When you are frustrated about the fake show someone who hurt you is putting on, listen to this song. It will remind you that karma will hit them later. Your best revenge will come when they realize the person who would have given them everything is gone. They are now on their own. 

7) “Ridin’ Solo” by Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo sings of the feelings after a breakup. He describes how he feels good and can finally do the things he likes again. He is free and knows things are only going to get better. He is getting over the breakup and is stress-free. 

When you are ready to move on, glow up, and live a happy life after a heartbreak, listen to this song. It is yet another song to remind you the best revenge is to move on and live life. Jason Derulo reminds you to enjoy the freedoms and happiness that come with not caring anymore and living happily while you are single. 

8) “Don’t Call Me Up” by Mabel

After breakups, an ex sometimes keeps calling you and wanting you back. You have been through this pain again and again, and are over it. Mabel sings of becoming sick of the lies, scars, and lack of effort put forth by her ex. She is ready to move on. 

When you have had a glow-up, know you look good, and are confident, listen to this song for an extra boost. It reminds you that you are right in not answering their calls. You ended it to help you have the best life and become who you are meant to be. The revenge of not caring and moving on is the best feeling! 

9) “Look at Her Now” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is nostalgic in this song. She looks back on falling in love. It looked great to everyone on the outside, but on the inside, it was tearing her apart. He cheated, thus destroying her trust and making her sad. After grieving the loss, she finally picks herself up and realizes the bullet she dodged. Selena realizes that despite the hurt, she can pick herself up and be ok. She can gain back that power.

The people we love have the potential to hurt us the most. That is what happened to Selena in this song. When you have been destroyed by the actions of another, you will want revenge. Selena sings of the revenge she found and recognized after she suffered. She dodged a bullet, became better, and now knows she can someday find true love. 

10) “I Have Never Felt More Alive” by Madison Beer

Madison Beer sings of someone she loved telling her she would never find another when it ended. He claimed he would be the only one who could save her. She would be suffering and not be able to move on. Although he claimed each of these things, the irony happened. He was the one who was unable to move on and who suffered while she became more alive. 

When someone is bent on tearing you apart and seeing you fail–it hurts! You try to think of how you can get back at them and prove them wrong. Sometimes, you do not have to do anything. Their own actions turn out to be the best karma. When someone you loved wishes the worst on you and hurts you, but they end up experiencing all the bad they wished upon you, listen to this song. 

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold 

The pain, suffering, and hurt you feel from those who have wronged you are unbearable. When you are the one who has done no wrong, you may wish that they feel the pain and hurt that they have put you through. Those moments when you are desiring or plotting revenge, listen to these top 10 songs about revenge. They will remind you the best revenge is moving on and living your best life.

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