15 Songs About Satisfaction You Will Love

Discover the top songs about satisfaction (and self satisfaction)!

The happiness and pride that come with feeling satisfied is a powerful. We all want to be satisfied with life, so it’s always an amazing feeling to listen to memorable songs about satisfaction.  So without further ado, here are my favorite songs on this topic that talk about being satisfied with yourself and life in general. 

Songs About Satisfaction

15. Satisfied by Jewel 

This lovely song is about being satisfied by expressing and giving love to someone else. The lyrics empower the listener to chase after love and share their heart with the person they care for. The lyrics are thought-provoking and make the song a meaningful one. The lyrics reveal a sweet take on satisfaction.

The melody of the song is very country inspired. The piano playing in the background is subtle but perfect. The music perfectly pairs with the lyrics because it does not overpower them, allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics rather than be distracted by a catchy tune. Jewel’s voice was meant to sing this song. 

She sings so softly and beautifully that it enhances the listening experience. The way she approaches the lyrics make you believe she is genuinely encouraging and wants you to feel satisfied by the power of love. Overall, this is a song that can resonate with anyone who has been in love. 

14. Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

This is a refreshing take on satisfaction; this song is about being satisfied, moving forward, and growing from failed relationships. What I like about this song is how Ariana Grande sings about how she is satisfied by the experiences her exes have given her. 

She reveals that it has helped her grow. The lyrics show how encouraging and positive a breakup can be and how sometimes people will be satisfied with a breakup rather than having a broken heart. It is very inspiring.

Ariana Grande’s voice is very lovely in this song. She sings joyfully and positively, adding life to the already empowering lyrics. You can tell she truly means what she is singing. It is very uplifting and powerful.  The musical composition of the song is very complimentary. It is simple yet fun, which is done on purpose. The simple melody lets anyone hearing this song focus on the positive message. 

13. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Before Kelly Clarkson released her latest singles, “Me” and “Mine,” there was the pop culture anthem, “Since U Been Gone.” Initially released in 2004, this song has remained a staple for anyone happy and satisfied from breaking up with someone. 

This high-energy pop song speaks to anyone satisfied with a toxic relationship being over because the song perfectly captures how free one feels when a person leaves a bad relationship. This is the very same reason why this song is on this list. The lyrics’ ability to connect with the listeners is impressive because the message empowers and encourages listeners to celebrate their newly founded freedom.

Kelly Clarkson’s powerful vocals are on full display in this song. She sings the lyrics with a lot of passion and energy; she adds to the energy of this upbeat song about a breakup. Her voice encourages listeners to sing at the top of their lungs. I know I do when I hear this song! 

12. Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce

This 2011 song from Beyonce is another pop song about being satisfied with breaking up and leaving a toxic relationship. The lyrics reveal a side of a breakup that is not common: leaving an unhealthy relationship, and you are the person who got away, not the other way around. 

The lyrics focus on the empowerment of knowing your worth and finding happiness on your terms. This message empowers and inspires anyone seeking a partner on their terms. Overall, the lyrics perfectly embody what it means to not stay with someone who is not worth your time.

Beyonce’s vocal performance is equally empowering and inspiring. She expresses so much emotion through her singing, which adds another layer of inspiration to this song. Her vocal delivery of this song also sparks a sense of freedom and satisfaction. Lastly, her voice sounds gorgeous in this song, which helps catch the attention of any music lover.  

11. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

This popular song from 2010 is fun as it explores what it is to be satisfied from a man’s perspective. This song approaches the topic of satisfaction through love. What I love about this song is how Bruno Mars sings how happy and satisfied he is with his love. She is perfect to him, and even her flaws are perfect. It is an over-the-moon love song; it can swoon any girl who listens to it. It touches the heartstrings because of how Bruno Mars’s expresses his satisfaction with his girl. It shows how appreciative he is of her and is romantic to hear!

In terms of technical elements, the song is delightful. Bruno Mars’s vocals are incredible and reflect his satisfaction and love for this girl. His ability to convey the meaning being expressed in the lyrics is great. As for the instrumental structure, it is very poppy and simple, yet charming, which helps make this song complete! 

10. Happy by Pharrell Williams

This mood-enhancing pop number celebrates being satisfied with life. I love the song’s message: being satisfied by the simple things in life. The message goes beyond just being happy with life; if you desire this type of satisfaction with life, it is up to you to embrace a positive attitude and create your own joy with life. It is an uplifting and joyous song; it is hard not to vibe with it. We all need positivity once in a while. 

Pharrell Williams’ satisfaction and positive expressions through his vocals make the song highly infectious. He helps create a happy and positive setting for the listener through his vocals. It is hard not to be infected by such uplifting vocals.

Plus, the instrumental usage of this song is so catchy and upbeat; it feeds on the energy already created. The combination of Pharrell William’s infectious vocals, a catchy beat, and positive lyrics can make anyone feel happy while listening to this song. 

9. I’m Every Woman by Chaka Kahn

This song from Chaka Khan is about finding satisfaction within yourself. This song is inspiring since it celebrates confidence and independence within women; however, this can apply to anyone! What I love about this song’s message is that it is about being completely confident enough to be satisfied with yourself and aware of your worth! For a song that came out a few decades ago, it was revolutionary for that time! 

What makes this song even more spectacular is the melody. The song is filled with disco and pop elements. The melody is upbeat, and it helps encourages listeners to feel empowered through the lyrics. 

Even within Chaka Khan’s vocals, there is so much energy that adds to the positivity within this song! Chaka Khan’s singing perfectly conveys the excitement and emotions of being satisfied with yourself. Through this, the song is infectious to the ears and the feet since it makes you want to dance whenever you hear it! 

8. At Last by Etta James

The core message of this timeless and classic song is about being satisfied. It is specifically about being satisfied with finding the love of your life. This song perfectly captures the experience of being so satisfied with your deepest desires that you have longed for so long. 

It truly is a universal experience that anyone can relate to. The lyrics are not poetic and artsy, but they are very emotional, and they will genuinely touch the heartstrings of any listener. The lyrics are personal and profound. 

What enhances the experience of this magical song is Etta James’ voice. Her voice is so dreamy and vulnerable that it makes the song that much more emotional. The emotions she expresses within her singing are raw. It adds an element of sincerity and happiness. You can feel the desire and satisfaction presented in this song through James’s voice alone. Her voice is powerful and graceful, and it would be hard for anyone to match her performance in this song. 

7. Satisfaction by Eve

Eve’s “Satisfaction” is one of the best rap songs about being satisfied with yourself. It is a great song that celebrates inner strength and the willingness to work hard to fulfill your dreams. What makes this song unique is that so much confidence is expressed with the lyrics alone. 

It authentically expresses being satisfied with yourself; you can reach your dreams with that confidence. This song will inspire any listener to believe in themselves and be aware of what they can offer to the world. 

Eve’s rapping encourages the message. She raps with confidence that you believe that she is very satisfied with the person she has become. Her rapping infuses her perspective and beliefs with every word she raps, creating a powerful and inspiring setting for the listener. Also, it adds an emotional level to the song and translates through the combination of her rapping and the lyrics. 

Overall, it is a fun and powerful rap song by an incredible woman artist. 

6. Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift

This fantastic song from 2010 is about being satisfied by revenge. It may not be the greatest message to share with listeners, but it is a relatable song, nonetheless. This is the very same reason why I love this song: being satisfied with committing revenge is something we all have experienced at least once in our lifetimes. 

The lyrics in this song are some of the wittiest and fit with the theme of being satisfied with revenge. Some one-liners are a good stab at the person who did Taylor Swift wrong. It is not shocking that the lyrics are very well-written since Swift is an extraordinary songwriter.  

What else makes this such a good song is the melody and energy in this song. The melody is a delightful mix of rock and pop, which creates an upbeat setting. Also, Swift’s delivery of the lyrics is filled with so much self-fulfillment and satisfaction. It is an incredible composition all around!

5. Good Life by OneRepublic

This uplifting pop song from OneRepublic’s Waking Up is about being satisfied with life and all the good things that come with a positive attitude. The lyrics are some of the most encouraging and positive words I have ever heard. The message within the lyrics is about embracing being satisfied with your life and simply being grateful for the life you have. It inspires a listener to look on the bright side of life and acknowledge all the good things they have in their lives. 

Other than loving the lyrics that focus on celebrating life, the melody is another excellent contribution to this song. The energy may be less hyped up than in other songs, but it fits the mood of the setting perfectly. It is a calming and catchy melody with upbeat traits, but the point is to focus on the song’s message. 

The song’s ability to encourage listeners to be satisfied with the simple joys of life makes it such an impactful song. 

4. Good As Hell by Lizzo

Other than loving Lizzo for redefining beauty norms, I love her because of how great this song is! This song from 2016 is exactly what you think it is about: being satisfied with your body and yourself after a breakup! In other words, this hot number is about being satisfied with yourself by embracing self-love and self-care. 

This song may be singing about a breakup, but the bigger picture promotes a positive perspective. It is easy for anyone to question themselves after a breakup, but Lizzo encourages listeners to be satisfied with who they are and that their ex is not worthy of their love!

Aside from the lyrics, the melody of this song is incredibly catchy and empowering. It encourages listeners to dance while they are hearing this song. Lizzo sings with so much sass and confidence; it helps press on the message about being satisfied with your self-image! 

3. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

This iconic classic rock song from The Rolling Stones is the heart of songs about satisfaction. This song is about searching for satisfaction because no satisfaction is being met. It is basically about a guy blowing it with the ladies, which I find hilarious because he is complaining about his weak game. 

Overall, the message of this song is not meaningful or deep; it is simply about a dumb guy being dumb, which I think many people can relate to, nonetheless. However, that is not why this song is iconic. 

In fact, this song is iconic for its vocal and musical elements. The musical aspects of this song involve some great and catchy guitar playing, which is one of the key elements that make this song instantly recognizable to many listeners. Also, Mick Jagger’s energetic vocals add an edgy feel to the song, which fits perfectly with the rebellious theme in many classic rock songs during this era. 

2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

This incredibly romantic and beautiful song from Ed Sheeran is about being satisfied with a lover. This song deserves to be on this list because it captures the essence of what it is to be satisfied with a partner. I love how the lyrics are not only raw and emotional but they reveal a message of joy, happiness, and unconditional love. This is the most romantic song about being satisfied on this list. 

The song’s acoustic guitar and piano in the melody are gorgeous. It adds to the romantic setting of this song. The melody helps make this song so easy to sing along to—also, Ed Sheeran’s gentle voice emphasizes the heartfelt message being shared within this song. I can see why this song is often chosen for a first dance at weddings; it is romantically and dreamily composed! 

It is a “Perfect” song for anyone deeply in love and truly satisfied with their relationship. 

1. In The End by Linkin Park

In a recent interview, Mike Shinoda clarified that any sort of Chester Bennington Hologram would be unsettling. As the biggest Linkin Park fan on the earth, I can’t help but agree because Chester Bennington was one of a kind singer, and their song, “In The End,” supports that statement.

One of the biggest songs they have released, “In The End,” is about not being satisfied with someone. The lyrics reveal how a person has let you down so often that you are at a point when you are entirely and angrily unsatisfied with them. This is a powerful song as it reveals that despite all the efforts to maintain the relationship, it does not matter because they are a terrible person. 

Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda’s collaboration on this song is among the best in the music industry. Chester Bennington’s vocals are amazing! He sings with so much frustration, anger, and disappointment that you can feel the resentment within his vocals.

It is truly an emotionally triggering song. As for Mike Shinoda, his rapping is superb! He raps the perfectly composed lyrics with anger and frustration, ultimately matching Chester Bennington’s emotional output. 

Now let’s talk about the beat and melody of the song. I love nu-metal for what it has to offer. Combining techno and rock resources makes a powerful and hard melody that ideally embraces intense and powerful lyrics. 

Overall, this song is number on this list of songs about satisfaction because Linkin Park perfectly expresses how they are angry and unsatisfied with the person they are singing about. This song is beyond perfect, from the singing and rapping to the lyrics and musical structure. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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