13 Songs About Silence & Being Quiet You’ll Love

Enjoy these songs about silence and being quiet

The very idea of songs about silence sounds a bit counter-intuitive, given that music by its very nature is not silent. But there are surprisingly many songs on the subject. So whether it’s a song about being silent in a relationship, or just inherently being quiet or shy, here are some of our favorite songs on the topic.

Songs About Silence You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with a Simon & Garfunkel song.

The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

The Sound of Silence is the quintessential silence song. It’s probably the first one you think of when looking for songs on this topic. From the Trolls movie to endless cover songs, this track has been used everywhere. There was even a relatively recent cover by the band Disturbed that was an instant hit when it was released. 

As for the lyrics, I guarantee you’ll be able to recognize the song from just the first few lines. It’s that iconic!

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again

This is a song that that will continue to be a classic for years to come. It’s songs like these that make me realize why I love music so much. 

It’s Oh So Quiet by Björk (1995)

This is a bit of an odd song. I’ve heard it used in children’s dance performances, but never on the radio. It’s not exactly the kind of song you’d be blasting at a party! It’s definitely a fun combination of genres though – and it showcases how Björk is able to play with her voice. 

The lyrics talk about the silence and calm that she experiences before falling in love. 

It’s oh, so quiet, shh, shh
It’s oh, so still, shh, shh
You’re all alone, shh, shh
And so peaceful until
You fall in love, zing boom

It’s really a fun one! While it might not necessarily be your kind of song, you have to admit that it’s creative!

It’s Quiet Uptown from Hamilton (2015)

Not only does the song itself mention the quiet and silence, but the song itself is quiet. It’s quite possibly the most silent song of the whole musical. I promise you that it will instantly bring you to tears – I know it made me cry. 

The song takes place after Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza lose their son, and the whole thing explains how they deal with that loss.

I spend hours in the garden
I walk alone to the store
And it’s quiet uptown
I never liked the quiet before
I take the children to church on Sunday
A sign of the cross at the door
And I pray
That never used to happen before

Even if you aren’t familiar with the musical or the background story, the lyrics will make you truly feel for the Hamiltons. The story is explained to you through the lyrics, and you’ll find yourself really weeping for them before you even realize it. Truly powerful!

The Quiet One by The Who (1981)

This one is totally the opposite of the previous one – it’s so loud and in-your-face straight from the start! It sounds like a classic Who song, which is a good thing because that means that it’s catchy and fun to listen to. 

The lyrics talk about the experience of being labelled ‘the quiet one.’ 

Everybody calls me the quiet one
You can see but you can’t hear me
Everybody calls me the quiet one
You can try but you can’t get near me
I ain’t never ever had the gift of the gab
But I can talk with my eyes
Words fail me but you won’t nail me
My eyes can tell you lies

A great song for anyone who’s ever been called shy or quiet! You’ll probably really enjoy the line I ain’t quiet – everybody else is too loud. They talk more about the album here

Quiet from Matilda (2013)

I remember seeing Matilda on Broadway with my school orchestra, so this one holds a lot of sentimental meaning for me. This song in particular always stood out to me – it truly speaks to the experience of feeling different from your peers. 

The lyrics are so powerful. Matilda talks about how all of her emotions build up until everything becomes silent inside her head. 

Like silence, but not really silent
Just that still sort of

Not only do the lyrics build up to the silence, but the instrumentals do, too. The music builds and builds in volume until it’s pretty much all stripped away. It’s really beautiful – a masterpiece. You can click here to read more about the songwriting process and the inspiration for the musical itself. 

Silence by Marshmello ft. Khalid (2017)

Silence is a catchy one about deciding not to be silent anymore after going through something difficult—possibly a toxic relationship—although it could be about any situation where someone has felt silenced. 

I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long

A good, simple song about silence and feeling silenced that you won’t want to miss out on! 

THE QUIET by Troye Sivan (2015)

I remember when “Blue Neighbourhood” was first released, I basically listened to it on a loop. Not only are all the songs catchy, but the lyrics hold a lot of meaning – Troye Sivan talks a lot about growing up and coming-of-age. 

In this song, he talks an ex who effectively ghosted him or dumped him. He begs them to talk to him, to break the silence. 

Say anything
Anything hurts less than the quiet

It’s a really honest song about a failed relationship and about how much it can hurt to be left in the dark with no explanation. Sometimes, silence is the most painful way to hurt someone.

Silent All These Years by Tori Amos (1991)

This song is simple, but powerful. Like a few other songs on this list, this one talks about being silenced in the past, and finally deciding to be yourself and speak up. 

I said sometimes I hear my voice, and it’s been
Here, silent all these years

It might not be for everyone. It’s more of a ballad style song – one that you probably wouldn’t hear on the radio these days – but it’s really emotive and has some great harmonies. Definitely check it out!

Speechless from Aladdin (2019)

While this song is not actually in the original cartoon film released in 1992, Speechless was an instant hit. It really stands out in the film because it finally gives Princess Jasmine the voice she never really had in the original. It’s just so beautiful! It’s been covered a lot, quite memorably by Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon.

The lyrics talk about how Princess Jasmine won’t let herself be silenced anymore. It sends a powerful message to young girls: they should speak up for what they believe in! 

I won’t be silenced
You can’t keep me quiet
Won’t tremble when you try it
All I know is I won’t go speechless

Silent Movie by Yubin ft. Yoonmirae (2019)

This is a pretty interesting one. It sounds kind of like an old-fashioned film track, while also having elements of EDM and lo-fi beats. The lyrics talk about how her past relationship felt like a silent film.

Even in the happy scenes
You didn’t say anything
Though there were many scenes
You didn’t say anything

She explains that they eventually stopped talking, and all her memories of the relationship have no sound anymore. The memories play in her head, but silently. It’s honestly a pretty cool piece – especially the imagery that the lyrics create. 

It Happened Quiet by AURORA (2018)

AURORA’s music is always really unique and experimental, with a lot of elements of Nordic folk music. This song is no different! It sounds almost like music that you’d hear at a church with all the chanting, but somehow that works in her favor.

The lyrics talk about how a relationship slowly, silently developed into something dark. 

You fell apart
Like a stone can be broken into sand
A thousand pieces
Spread across a crying land
And you can’t remember that day
But you know it happened quiet
So quiet

Her lyrics and instrumentals are always so intricate and fascinating. You can read more about the song and the album here. 

She’s Quiet by The Home Team (2018)

A rock-heavy song about feeling like you should just keep your mouth shut. It’s really loud, definitely the kind of song you’d want to scream at the top of your lungs! But it’s honestly really relatable – we’ve all had those moments of crippling insecurity, especially when it comes to crushes. 

I’m better off saying nothing
But I get so caught up in it, so caught up in you
So here’s to the first time I’ve arrived
With nothing left to lose

Really cool and fun, especially if you’re into rock! 

Silent Night by Dreamcatcher (2019)

Named after the holiday song of the same name, this song talks about deciding to remain silent because you know that nothing will change. If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you keep expecting the person to change but they never do, then this song is for you! 

Repeat, this problem will repeat
So I’m just silent
Just pray for you (Just pray for you)
No mercy, no gain, put your hands together and pray
I see the response of the vital sign
With the bullet sent by silence, bang

A surprisingly softer sound for a Dreamcatcher song. While it definitely has a lot of rock and classical elements like most of their music, it’s a lot quieter. It’s fitting, given the title of the song, Silent Night. Really great!


From songs about feeling silenced to the experience of being dubbed ‘the quiet one,’ silence demands to be written about. Oftentimes, songwriters will talk about silence with regards to toxic relationships, like AURORA’s It Happened Quiet, or painful life experiences. But silence can sometimes be a good thing, too, like in Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet, where it is associated with a feeling of calmness. Silence is a powerful tool – and we hope you enjoyed these songs about silence! 

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