17 Songs About Summer Love Your Heart Will Enjoy

Discover Some Amazing Songs About Summer Love

When we transition into the summer season, the hope for summer love always springs eternal. So what better way to celebrate the blossoming of new love than listening to some memorable songs about summer love?  Well, in this article, I’m going to share some of my favorite summer love songs, which will hopefully inspire you to add a couple of them to your music playlist!

Songs About Summer Love You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with a song by Kid Rock.

All Summer Long by Kid Rock

We all remember the summers of our teenage years, and this song is an anthem for us all.  Once it was released in 2008, there was no stopping it.  It became Kid Rock’s very first international hit, spreading like wildfire through at least eight countries topping the charts, including Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, according to CTD.  

All Summer Long is a light summer song about booze, drugs, sex, and love.  “We were trying different things, we were smoking funny things, makin’ love out by the lake to our favorite song.”  It’s about experiencing the summer, and a summer romance, in a carefree way.  Which is what we all strive for in our younger years. 

My teenage summer years are a fond memory now, and this song serenades these memories.  Drinking all night by a fire or at the lake.  Smoking what we could get our hands on. And, well, you know the rest.  All Summer Long continues to be popular even 14 years later.   It truly is a summer love anthem of our generation.

Summer Nights by Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast… Summer lovin’ happened so fast..”  

We all know the lyrics of the most memorable song in the musical, Grease.  Written by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs, Summer Nights most popular version is performed by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.  Released in 1978, it’s the fourth single from the soundtrack of Grease, the actual movie.

Songs often tell a story, and Summer Nights is no different.  It’s your classic boy meet girl scenario.  The scene is girl talks to her friends, boy talks to his friends, both telling the story of a summer fling.  The scene in Grease is unforgettable, taking you back to the classic time.

But, Summer Nights also puts into perspective the peer pressure that teenagers often go through, especially when discussing the opposite sex or intimacy.  Both feel pressure to be cool, but both also want to look back fondly on a memory.  We often feel the pressure to change ourselves to be socially acceptable.

Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams

Quite often, memories of our teenage summers are filled with stupid decisions, summer love, and a lot of sex.  Summer of ’69 is dedicated to just that.  The fourth single from Bryan Adams album, Reckless, the tune was originally titled Best Days of My Life.  However, Adams admits that he chose 69 because of the sexual position.

Many have speculated that the song is about the summer of 1969.  But, Bryan Adams’ statement does in fact confirm that is not the case.  Music fans around the world relate to the song because of the implied meaning.  

However, the song, according to Adams, is mostly about “romance, nostalgia, being a struggling musician, and making love.”  The people discussed are real people, and in fact, a couple can actually be seen in the music video.  

The lyrics are relatable regardless of how you interpret.  Music is about how it makes you feel, not actually what the words mean.  And most songs, even if not intended, have multiple interpretations.  So, the song’s lyrics describe Adams’ band breaking up, people moving on, and a sexual relationship falling apart.  All, with amazing instrumentals.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line released on of their most popular hits, Cruise, the summer of 2012.  It quickly skyrocketed to the top of the charts, logging 24 weeks at No.1 on Hot Country Songs.  The summer of 2012 was the year I graduated, and boy I remember that song being the summer anthem for our small town that year, and the year following for that matter.  

The lyrics speak of a couple and their summer romance.  The singer compares his lover to a song, “baby you’re a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise.”  I mean, who doesn’t want to cruise down a back road, blaring music with their windows down, and their arm around their baby?  And that’s exactly what this song is about.

Cruise is such a reminder that the summer life as a teenager is perfect when you have a summer love.  It holds a special place in my heart, memories of it playing while I ride in my now husbands truck a couple short weeks after graduation.  Many who were teenagers in 2012 are fond for similar reasons.  Let’s be honest though, its also just a really great song!

Farmer’s Daughter by Rodney Atkins

Released in 2010 and recorded by artist Rodney Atkins, Farmer’s Daughter is another summer love song about a country summer.  With three writers, Rhett Atkins, Ben Hayslip, and Marv Green, this song describes much of their summers farming in their youth.  For that matter, much of any farm kids’ youth.  Marv Green tells The Tennessean how funny it is that of the three, the one from Santa Barbara surfing the coast is the genius who came up with the song title.

There’s not a lot left up to interpretation to what the song references.  It simply describes a teenage boy getting a job on a local farm.  It’s hot and he’s exhausted, seems almost as if he wants to give up.  Then, the farmer’s daughter comes out to meet him.  By the end of the song, they’ve fallen in love and have their own farm.

Farmer’s Daughter is relatable in that many of us have a summer job.  Really though, it’s a sweet little romance story about a summer love turning into so much more.  Most of us believe that our summer romance will do just that.  While unfortunately, most don’t, it’s nice to have hope they could.

Skinny Dippin’ by Whitney Duncan

In 2009, a top of the charts single was released.  Recorded by American country music artist, Whitney Dunkan, Skinny Dippin’ flew to the top of country charts during the summer of 2009.  Many enjoy the lyrics, though it struggled for a bit after release.

Skinny Dippin’ is from a young woman’s perspective of a summer romance in the south.  The lyrics talk about spending the day at the lake with her lover.  She sings of fun in the sun, being silly and laughing with her lover, and references sex quite a bit.  The lyrics make you blush a bit, but you know it’s a good time.

While the song is easily predictable from the title, that’s not bad in this case.  The lyrics mimic quite a few summer love ballads from the past, all the good classics of country music.  It’s another song that many of us hope to relate to in the summer months, describing freedom and love.

Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

A change of pace from the previous songs, Strawberry Wine is a classic summer love song of bittersweet summer memories.  Released in 1996, it is well known by those of us who grew up in the 90s.  It won the Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year, as well as, Single of the Year.

Matraca Berg, co-writer of Strawberry Wine, tells The Boot how the song came together.  It’s a song of her past, even the title comes from a little town farm that teenagers would go to in the summer.  She had family that she used to run around with and chase boys or what have you.  She and co-writer, Gary Harrison, discussed and that’s how the song came to be.

Summer love isn’t always as perfect as it sounds.  Sometimes it blossoms into a life long love, sometimes it’s a fling, and sometimes there’s a heartbreaking by the time fall arrives and school begins anew.  That’s what Strawberry Wines painfully brings to mind.  A love that ended when fall began, and how it’s just a memory now.

Summer of Love by Shawn Mendes and Tainy

Released in 2021, Summer of Love has already been nominated for MTV Video Awards for the Best Song of the Summer.  It’s part of Shawn Mendes’ Viral Hits 2022 album, and a skyrocketing success.  The music video is full of common activities that make for a care-free summer.  

Summer of Love is a light, airy, freeing anthem for summer 2022.  Mendes told the Rolling Stone that he really just hoped that “this song makes people feel free, free from the weight of life, even if just for a moment.”  He got his inspiration from taking a summer off with his friends, spending time with the people he loves and cares about.

Summer Love by Justin Timberlake

Summer Love was written by Justin Timberlake in his second studio album FutureSex/LoveSounds in 2006.  Timberlake, ‘Timbaland,’ and ‘Danja’ produced it.  After release, Summer Love reached #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100.  It also hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.  

Summer romances can often be short and sweet.  And a lot of times, people are okay with that.  It’s even expected in some cases, like a summer fling.  However, this song is an example of those times when someone doesn’t want it to end.  It’s a guy and a girl who’ve fallen in love, and are now desperately hoping for that love to last longer than just the summer.

This Timberlake masterpiece is a song that you can listen to on repeat.  Especially as a teenager, or a young adult.  It’s easily relatable because quite often teenagers expect so much more than just a summer fling.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it’s a bittersweet end.  This song is about continuing hope for a lasting love, and it’s amazing.

Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp

Jack and Diane—there’s no better summer love story than that.  The song was released in 1982, and recorded by John Mellencamp.  In fact, it’s safe to say Jack and Diane is the song that put him in hearts of people around the world.  It hit #1 for four weeks in 1982, surprising everyone and turning Mellencamp into an immediate sensation.

In this song, two 16-year-old teenagers fall in love—Diane a debutante and Jack a football star.  It describes the summer they fell for each other.  A classic ’80s summer of drive throughs, music, and the change of teenagers to adults.  

The simple interpretation is Jack and Diane were in love and spent a ton of time together.  But, I don’t think that’s all there is to it.  The repeated chorus line “oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.”  

It seems like a reminder to live freely, because even if you don’t, life will go on.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, so enjoy today—especially as a teenager in the summertime.

Drunk On You by Luke Bryan

Drunk On You, recorded by Luke Bryan, was released in 2011.  This song became extremely popular shockingly fast.  It was even nominated for a few awards.  It ran for two weeks at the #1 spot on the Billboard Country Singles chart in 2012.  

The lyrics are especially descriptive as Bryan tells the story of meeting a woman at a summer party.  The music video explains that he met her then had to move on to his next city for a concert.  He leaves tickets for her in hopes she will come find him.  The lyrics talk about being “drunk on you,” meaning infatuated with her, “and high on summertime,” meaning enjoying the summer they met. 

This song, being the hit that it is, is a highly memorable song.  The details of the lyrics can take many of us to the summer days being a little tipsy and enjoying the company of a lover.  It describes his love for her being like the best summer day.  

21 Summer by Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne released 21 Summer in February of 2016.  With the help of a third, Craig Wiseman, they wrote a nostalgic summer ballad about love and memories. After coming out as gay in 2021, T.J. Osborne finally revealed to Time that the song’s inspiration came from a heartbreak from his early 20s, and that the pain of the lyrics is much stronger than fans realize.

Pleasant, fond memories of summer aren’t in everyone’s past.  Some are bittersweet, or even downright painful.  21 Summer is about just that. The heartbreak of closing the book on a relationship at the end of summer. 

The lyrics are from the perspective of looking back to when they were 21, and the summer he spent with his lover.  They are sad lyrics of looking back fondly on memories, only to remember the heartbreak that ended it.  But, it’s also about moving on and wishing the other person well.

Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran

Summertime Blues is an old timey classic song about summer love and what it was like to be a teenager in the 1950s.  The hit single was co-written and recorded originally by Eddie Cochran, then later revamped and rerecordered by Alan Jackson.  Released in 1958, it’s been covered by many other artists besides Jackson, though his cover is the most popular.

The lyrics basically describe an average summer in the 50s.  He describes working his rear off to try to earn money to go riding with his girlfriend.  The struggles of a teenager just trying to fund a good time.  The original Eddie Cochran video of the performance is extremely comical and vintage.

While originally written for a teenager in the 50s, the lyrics are still relevant today.  When there are activities a teenager wants to do, a lot of times to teach a lesson, parents will make them work to fund those activities.  It can be frustrating “workin’ all summer just to try an’ ear a dollar.”  However, it’s a pretty valuable lesson.

Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s hit, Beat This Summer, was released right before the summer of 2013.  This song is not your typical Brad Paisley ditty.  Paisley is known more for either his humor or his romantic balleds.  So, this simple arrangement is a breath of fresh air long overdue.

The up-tempo Beat This Summer is from a man’s perspective after meeting a lover on summer vacation.  The summer fling is the sweetest he’s ever tasted, and it’s a bittersweet knowledge that he will never have a better summer than with her.  Of course, Paisley puts his own spin on things.

The song is unique and catchy, as well as sentimental.  The steel guitar accompaniment plays perfectly into the upbeat vibe that Brad Paisley is giving off.  The lyrics of Beat This Summer are extremely relatable, a lot of us think as the summer ends, there’s no way any other summer could be better.  That’s the feeling this song is describing.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Nominated for numerous awards and winning quite a few, as well, Summertime Sadness is a beautiful ballad.  Released by Lana Del Rey in 2012, the song made more than a mark on the music industry.  However confusing the lyrics may be, its obvious there’s something about this song that mesmerizes people. 

It seems in the beginning of the song that the artist is spending time with her lover.  But as the summer goes on, she is desperately trying to keep them from leaving.  Begging “kiss me hard before you go,” the sadness in her voice is abundantly obvious.  However clear it may be that she is losing someone, what’s not clear is why or how.

While the lyrics may seem a mess, there’s no denying they do something to people all over the world.  Summertime Sadness, no matter the cause, is something to weary of and take control over.  Sometimes, we don’t know how or why things happen and it leaves a bitter taste.  This hit song really gives that kind of vibe.

Summer Love by One Direction

In 2012, One Direction released a mournful melody called Summer Love.  Part of the album, Take Me Home, Summer Love is a beautifully heartbreaking pop song that no one quite expected.

The lyrics of Summer Love are written in such a way that you feel emotional when listening.  Easily relatable, the song is one of sad memories and longing for a love no longer there.  

It describes building a love through the summer only to have summer’s end right around the corner.  Feeling the sadness and dread of the upcoming goodbye.  The artist begs their lover not to call or write, just to remember what they once had.

In relationships like this, sometimes it’s best to just end it completely.  Cut off all communication, but keep the fond memories that you made.  Remember the good times, the love, the trust, and the atmosphere around it is better than a long drawn out goodbye, isn’t it?

Something Like That by Tim McGraw

Co-written by Keith Follesé and Rick Ferrel, Something Like That is an incredibly popular summer love song of the late ‘90s-early ‘00s.  It was released in 1999, performed by award-winning country music artist, Tim McGraw. 

From there, the response was dumbfounding.  It then reached top spots on several charts, and even crossed genres.  Critically, it got high compliments for its vivd and detailed approach to describing one’s first love.

“It was Labor Day weekend, I was 17,” is the intro that many country fans know by heart.  The whole song is descriptive in its lyrics from the “barbecue stain on my white t-shirt” to “she had a suntan line and red lipstick.”  The song describes falling in love over the summer, and the romance ending and feelings fading like “like an old photograph.”  “But the memory of a first love, never fades away.”

The lyrics speak for themselves in the meaning of the song.  And the relatability is astounding.  The truth is, you really don’t ever forget your first love.  That’s evident in the outpour of love for this song.


There really is nothing quite like a summer romance.  Summer love leaves a mark on your heart, and provides us with memories that last a lifetime.  I think that’s why songs about summer love are so great, powerful and nostalgic.  It keeps us young at heart, while also dragging us back to the past to relive long forgotten moments.  

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