10 Songs About Unity – Peace and Togetherness We Need!

Discover our favorite songs about unity that we love.

In this list of songs about unity, you’ll find an amazing curations of songs about peace and togetherness.  When the world gets a little bleak, and you long for the days of people coming together (and working together as a cohesive unit), be sure to add one of these songs toy playlist.

Songs About Unity, Peace and Coming Together

Let’s begin with a song by Carrie Underwood called “Love Wins.”

Love Wins by Carrie Underwood

Division is easy. We see it across the world, within communities of all kinds.  However, in moments of division, one human emotion can assist in gluing humanity back together.

In Love Wins by Carrie Underwood, we hear a message of unity that can be found within everyone: the bonding common ground of love.  

The song is a powerful ballad showcasing different examples of hardships in each verse which cause the feeling of divide. In response to that, Underwood belts out in a goosebump evoking chorus how she believes in the end, we are all one entity when we stand together, and if we just learned to love each other, we can overcome all the trials of life that separate us. 

The lyrics of this song demonstrate unity throughout the entire composition. Examples of walking hand in hand to maintain stability, putting a broken world back together, and referring to the human race as one big family. 

Underwood wrote Love Wins with some pretty big intentions. Her goal was to bring a general awareness to the general negative state our world is in without honing too much on any specific issue and bringing it full circle to remind listeners of the hope that exists when we come together and love each other. A message that is truly timeless and particularly potent in recent years of massive human rights upheaval across the world. 

We’re All In This Together by Ben Lee

Sometimes the monotony of the day-to-day can make us feel isolated from each other, making  it hard to remember that we’re all playing the same game of modern-day life. 

In his song We’re All In This Together Ben Lee points out the many common characteristics of modern life that everyone can relate to at some point: riding on a subway with strangers, love triangles, friendships, fear of vulnerability, those types of things. Through simple melody and easy-going lyrics, Lee brings light to these very human details, reminding us that while we’re enduring life, we’re all doing the same thing – just trying to live. 

We’re All In This Together unifies the general public through reference of common life events. Even the basic ebb and flow of life can lead us to forget the bigger picture. Thankfully we have Ben Lee to keep us on track. 

Paris by The Chainsmokers

Wanting an escape from reality is something I think all of us can relate to at one point or another in our lives. If you happen to be a person with a uterus in 2022, escaping reality is probably on your mind more often than not these days. 

The song Paris by the Chainsmokers brings people together on a unified front in a few different ways. The song itself is written as a representation of escaping your reality. The location of Paris is not literal, but rather, it represents an alternative universe where you’d rather be; to exist in peace, away from what haunts you, hurts you, and holds you down. While the concept of escaping reality is something we can all relate to, Paris serves as a song about unity in another way as well. 

The famous song lyrics “if we go down, then we go down together” has recently surged throughout social media platforms, specifically TikTok, as a means of global reproductive unification after the infamous fall of Roe vs Wade in June 2022. 

Overturning Roe vs Wade was a drastic, medieval step backwards which has had a massive ripple effect across not only America, but the world over.  Through the use of social media and the song Paris, humans belonging to various different countries, organizations, groups, and governments have united in grim solidarity, demonstrating support through these unprecedented times. 

I’m not sure if the Chainsmokers knew just how impactful Paris would be when they released it in 2017 but is has proven to be a more unifying song than any of us could ever imagine. 

When We Stand Together by Nickelback

What if we all band together to support each other? Isn’t that quite the concept? Nickelback seemed to think so too.

In their song When We Stand Together Nickelback brings an upbeat, toe tapping acknowledgement to what would happen if we, as a society, acted upon the divisional characteristics we witness in everyday life, instead of ignoring them. 

The song lyrics reflect a few different narratives of division: starving people in the streets, death at the hands of mishandled firearms, food waste, people in desperate need of help. Following each verse, lead singer Chad Kroeger reminds us we must stand together to overcome these things, reiterating in the final verse how everyone has what it takes to help each other if we’d just unite as one.  

What makes When We Stand Together a great song about unity isn’t just the obvious statement of the title, but also in the empowering lyrics that bring awareness towards the power we hold as a human race. 

If We Have Each Other by Alec Benjamin

A strong human-to-human relationship is vital in life. Through the unity of a strong support system, even the hardest of challenges can be overcome. 

In his song If We Have Each Other, Alec Benjamin sings about 3 different storylines of unity involving 2 humans who remain steady in their relationships, even in hard times. The first storyline is a message of unity between a soon-to-be mother and the little one still growing inside her. The second storyline is an elderly couple acknowledging their journey together, and how married life wasn’t always easy. The third storyline is of Benjamin expressing his gratitude towards his supportive sister. 

After each verse, the chorus tells the same truth that applies to all narratives: no matter what, standing together is what will get them through.

One Day by Matisyahu

One of the oldest forms of division is the act of war.  The results are always the same: loss of catastrophic proportions, families torn apart, and the decimation of peace and unity.  However, where there is war, there is the hope that it will one day end, which is where division meets its match.

In his song One Day, Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller) sings of a hope that one day war will no longer exist, and humans will be able to live in unified peace and harmony.   

This song is truly unifying. With its powerful message of wanting to overcome the ultimate dividing factor of war, citizens of every country can unite in the daydream and yearning for a world of peace and harmony without the need for bloodshed, an impending nirvana. 

The pain and loss that war inflicts has touched just about every inhabitant of this planet, giving us all a common ground of hope that one day war will never need to be a concept, bringing together a global unification.  

One Day’s ability to unite people of the world is what made it an emotional empowering song for the Olympics, really showcasing its universal sound that appeals to ears of all origins.  

United We Stand by Sonny & Cher

Unity doesn’t always mean coming together in mass populations. Sometimes unity is represented on a smaller scale, between just two people.  United We Stand by Sonny & Cher is a love song between a couple. In two short verses, the dynamic duo sings lyrics that vow their love and loyalty to one another, reiterating in the chorus how they can get through anything so long as they stick together. 

This upbeat tune brings the warm feeling of unity that stems from a strong relationship between two people who love each other, making it a great bonding song for all couples. 

Lean On Me by Bill Withers

Through the unity of friendship, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. 

There’s nothing like a reliable person whom you know will show up in your hard times and support you throughout your journey. In his song Lean On Me, Bill Withers reminds us how important it is to be a friend to one another, because at the end of the day, we all need someone to lean on in hard times.

What makes this such a fantastic song about unity, is its demonstration of equal give and take. Lean On Me demonstrates the common ground of struggle that we all share, which should unite us in our comradery to one another; I take care of you, you take care of me, and together we can live in harmony.  


When two siblings belong to a band, tension and dangerous competitive edge can threaten the union of family. 

In his song Brother, NEEDTOBREATHE lead vocalist Bear Rinehart sings powerful lyrics of the loyalty and love that is vowed between himself and his band mate and brother Bo Rinehart. However, this forceful song of unity didn’t just happen for no reason. 

The brothers Rinehart birthed the song Brother after overcoming some intense sibling rivalry that resulted from playing in a band together. Thankfully, as brothers do, they were able to hash it out, giving listeners the gift of great music as a biproduct of their family quarrels.  

There is a lot of unifying weight behind the title of “brother.” While disagreements and indifferences are natural occurrences between family members, the undeniable unity that stems from sibling bonds typically overcomes these hurdles, making the song Brother an excellent example of a song about unity. 

Unity by Trevor Hall featuring Matisyahu

Division between religions is a tale as old as time and can be seen around the world. 

In his song Unity, Trevor Hall collaborated with Matisyahu to create a song addressing religions that believe they are the absolute, sole practice, giving them reason to enact violence on others that refuse to follow. 

Unity does a great job depicting the definition behind the song’s title.  Throughout the song, Hall acknowledges different attributes of various religions, paying respect to places like Jerusalem, Jamacia, Mount Zion, and the Himalayas, painting it all as holy land. In addition, Hall name drops idols that represent varying teachings such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Gouranga, expressing them as equals amongst the realms of faith. 

Trevor Hall composes a fantastic message of religious unity in this song, reminding listeners of any and all faiths that no matter how we live within this life, we will all die one day, and can hopefully live in peace and unity in the sacred life thereafter. 

One Tribe by Black Eyed Peas

As humans, we walk around this planet with phenotypes of all sorts, demonstrating the beautiful details and attributes that make us physically unique from one another. While these different visual demonstrations of genetics do not remove us from the same cloth we are all cut from, at one point, we began acting as if some humans are better than others based on how they look. 

One Tribe by the Black Eyed Peas addresses this indifference head on, reminding listeners that our origin stories are all the same despite the fact we all appear differently.  The lyrics of this song come together in a beautiful, poetic rhythm teeming with a multitude of examples that unite us as one people.  

One Tribe starts by touching on the land where we all came from: the evolutionary origins of Pangea. In doing so, the song continues to express how we existed as one in the beginning and should stay aware of that throughout the hurtful propaganda and evils that current society tries to feed us. 

This song is an incredibly impactful song of unity because it addresses humanity down to it’s very DNA, reminding listeners that while we may differ physically, we should embrace each other in equality because we are truly one big family.


When division becomes prominent, the only resolution is unity. 

Whether it means uniting through family ties, uniting in romantic love, uniting in community strength, uniting in global solidarity, or uniting in religious understanding, one thing my list of songs about unity has made exponentially clear: standing together to endure is the best bet. 

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