10 Songs About Wine You’ll Absolutely Love

We love these awesome songs about wine!

With its dynamic existence and wide variety of types, wine serves its purpose throughout multiple life moments. Whether you’re sipping in celebration of a fantastic milestone, or raising a glass in gratitude, here are our absolute favorite songs about wine.

Songs About Wine We Love

Enjoy this fantastic Mickey Guyton song.

Rosé by Mickey Guyton

Songs about drinking wine include tracks like Rosé by Mickey Guyton.

Some people know exactly what they want, and in Mickey Guyton’s case, she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to an adult beverage. Rosé is an upbeat song reflecting Guyton’s good-time state of mind.  The lyrics narrate a low maintenance rosé drinker who just wants to sip on her sweet wine blend, whether it comes in a box, a glass, a can, a bag, or a bottle.

Mickey Guyton demonstrates using wine to celebrate life, making it clear in her lyrics how fancy wine isn’t necessary.  This song is a perfect pairing with Sunday brunch, and best enjoyed surrounded by friends and laughter. 

Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

Young love: here one minute, gone the next, and book marked with the taste of fruit wine. In her steamy romance song Strawberry Wine, Deana Carter tells us everything we need to know about the taste of falling in love at seventeen. 

In her song, Carter paints a picture of her and her first teenage lover meeting out in the secret glow of the moonlight, and “losing her innocence” in the heat of a summer night. In the chorus, she describes the love as green on the vine, paying homage to her youth, and the taste as bittersweet, similarly to how the sugary alcoholic beverage can taste bitter if the fermentation process is unstable. 

Strawberry Wine plays at a slower tempo, making for a great tune to sit down, sip some big kid grape juice, and reminisce of times when life was simpler, and falling in love was so easy. 

Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond

I cannot write an article about wine songs without mentioning Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond

An ode to self-medicating after a sincere heartbreak, Neil Diamond sings of red wine being his only cure to missing the love he once had. In his lyrics, he sings to wine as if it were a person, asking it not to leave him like the woman he loved left.  

A slower paced tune, Red Red Wine’s tempo, paired with Diamond’s vocals, really capture the emotional essence of the tune.  While Diamond’s original version was released in 1967, it was later remade with an enticing, more upbeat reggae flare by the British band UB40 in 1983. A fun fact about the reggae remake is that UB40 didn’t even know Neil Diamond was the original singer. 

Regardless of whether you prefer Diamond’s original version or UB40’s reggae twist, Red Red Wine provides perfect nodes of comfort in those moments when you can’t stop thinking about your lost lover, and you need a little something to remove the sting. 

Little Red Wine by Tyler Braden

It can be easy to fall victim to the monotonous, soul-sucking experience many of us call the “work week.”  When the boss is a jerk, everything is predictable, and the reality of feeding a never-ending corporate machine for survival starts drowning you in depravity, an intervention involving red wine is what is needed most. 

In his song Little Red Wine, Tyler Braden sings about an observation he’s witnessing in the person he loves. When he notices work is taking just a bit too much out of his loved ones’ happiness, he intervenes with quality time in nature over a bottle of wine, the moonlight, and some of their favorite music; a true trifecta when a serotonin boost is needed.

What makes this song about wine so impactful is the sincere reality that sometimes we over work ourselves due to the societal pressure to grind. In a world where making money takes up most of our day (hell, our life,) Little Red Wine reminds us that time really needs to be spent doing the things that fill our heart.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out the acoustic, Fireside Sessions version on YouTube for a great demonstration of Tyler Braden’s raw vocals. A true treat to the heart, soul, and ear!

Wine to a Whiskey by Cody Matthews

When it comes to an evening out, wine can make for a great ice-breaking start to a romantic rendezvous. 

Wine to a Whiskey by Cody Matthews is a slower paced country/rock song about a couple spending some of their spare change on drinks at the nearby bar. The night starts with a bottle of red wine, but as the evening progresses, a more serious sense of attraction begins to set in as closing time approaches. With the proposition of going home comes to proposition of a more intense drink of whiskey, seemingly setting the mood from low key company to a sleepover state of mind. 

Matthews does a great job depicting wine as a social tool when taking a love interest out for some drinks. His use of two different beverages to represent the evolutionary phases throughout the song really captures wine’s versatility. 

Wine to a Whiskey is a great song to play in the background of dinner, while cozied up on the couch, or on the jukebox at a smokey bar. Regardless of where you listen, I bet it makes you wish you had a good Cab in your hand. 

Cherry Wine by Hozier

I will be honest; the song Cherry Wine by Hozier is not about wine at all. However, I chose to use it in my list because it uses the appealing, romantic representation of wine to bring awareness towards something much larger than simple fermented fruit juice. 

The song Cherry Wine is a story about domestic abuse from a man’s perspective. In abusive situations, escaping the justification cycle towards the behaviors can be one of the biggest obstacles for a victim, which is the message Hozier is sending with his lyrics.

Using artistic symbolism, Hozier describes blood resulting from physical abuse as sweet, just like cherry wine. This is meant to bring awareness towards the effects abuse can have on the victim, but it does so in terms which the average human can understand, using the popularity of a fruit wine reference. 

Cherry Wine is a beautifully written song in the sense that it brings awareness to a harsh reality with the vehicle of attractive music. With gentle, acoustic riffs, paired with the lullaby-like tone in Hozier’s voice, the lyrics land perfectly on the ears of the listener, creating a safe and comfortable space to receive the information. 

Cherry Wine by Hozier can make a survivor feel understood and proposition an educational opportunity for those who might not understand. 

I Drink Wine by Adele

Adulthood is full of twists and turns, some of which are magnificent, while others can be derailing and harsh. 

In her song I Drink Wine, Adele gestures, in 6 minute and 16 second perfection, how alcohol use has impacted her life. The lyrics of this song are jam packed with self-reflection, bringing attention to a loss of control, self-loathing, and the hopes of one day overcoming a self-medicating lifestyle. 

Adele beautifully depicts regret in a strong vocal presence, allowing the song to build with each verse. The delivery of I Drink Wine is as potent as the 15% ABV beverage itself, giving the listener a soulful perspective of how alcohol, represented through wine in the song, can truly uproot and dismantle many of the things you cherish, both within yourself and the things surrounding you. 

I Drink Wine made my list because it demonstrates one of the uncommonly recognized characteristics of wine: the dependency it can create when used improperly. While it’s easy to think of wine from a positive perspective, there’s still a reality that it can also wreak immense havoc. 

Dandelion Wine by Gregory Alan Isakov

Wine can make for a great, thought-provoking partner when pondering the depths of life, which is what Gregory Alan Isakov expresses in his song Dandelion Wine.

A song written in short, poetic lyrics, Isakov seemingly references specific details from the book “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury, a novel written about summer’s fleeting existence. 

In this book-made-song composition, Isakov encompasses a deeper message of savoring the joys of summer and bottling them in dandelion wine to taste them throughout fall. Some even interpret it beyond seasons, comparing it to human existence, and the reality of fleeting youth in the approach of death. 

Dandelion Wine is a slower, slightly haunting song, that prompts listeners to reflect on what life means to them. 

Wildflowers & Wine by Marcus King

Long distance love can be difficult, but it can also provide an opportunity for creative romantic gestures. 

Wildflowers & Wine is a bluesy rock song written and sung by Marcus King as he’s driving from South Carolina to Virginia to see a woman of interest. The song lyrics confess intense feelings of admiration towards this lady in the East, ending each verse with an ode to the gifts he would bring her on his drive, wildflowers, and wine. As the story goes, King would pick up a bottle of wine and then stop alongside the road during his trek to pick a fresh bouquet of wildflowers for his long-distance lover. 

King does a fantastic job representing this truly swoon-worthy demonstration of courtship as his raspy, blues drenched vocals deliver the descriptive storyline with addictive sound. Not only does he go above and beyond in his vocal delivery, but he really sends this song home with his insane guitar picking skills right around the 2 minute 30 second mark. 

An easy song to get lost in, Wildflowers and Wine is a great song to curl up with a glass of red wild cozying up with your other half. 

Wine Song by Nicole Amine

Love can be an intoxicating thing, leaving us feeling drunk, dizzy, and craving more at the end of each day. 

In her catchy tune called Wine Song, Nicole Amine compares the intake of her lover to the intake of wine, comparing many of the intoxicating qualities between the two things. In a perfect fusion of blues and soul, Amine describes her lover as always running through her veins, causing her head to get dizzy, like feeling drunk. With each catchy chorus, she expresses never wanting to run dry of the love she feels from the other person, playing off the concept of running out of wine.  

This clever, catchy song has an upbeat tempo, complimentary guitar instrumentals, and entertaining lyrics that will make you wonder: is Nicole Amine singing about a person? Or does she actually love wine that much?

Time to Pour a Glass?

As we’ve seen throughout this list, wine can serve a multitude of purposes: It can ease the pain of heartache, bookmark memorable moments, represent a deeper meaning, or add a little light-hearted shine to a dull work week. Red or white, sparkling, or classic, there’s a type of wine for any occasion.  I hope you enjoyed my list of songs about wine and refilled your glass a couple times along the way. 

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