10 Songs About Wolves and Werewolves You’ll Love

Wolves are fiercely loyal and protective. They will tear you to shreds if they feel threatened. In music, wolves often represent things we don’t like about ourselves, or the walls we have trouble getting over. 

So in today’s article, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs about wolves.  Hopefully, a few of these great tunes will help you through any obstacles you may be currently trying to overcome!

1. “Keep The Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius 

This song will make you want a convertible, money in the bank, and an open road. In this song about a hardworking father injured in a chemical accident, Lucius takes us on a steely, bluesy stroll through the sacrifices we make for loved ones. 

You can feel the desperation and loyalty of having to give up pieces of your life to take care of the people you love. For Lucius, the wolves are a metaphor for making ends meet and battling the things that try to throw us off track, like bills, depression, and addiction. 

By the song’s end, you are feeling less alone and far more content. And as the listener, you want to play it again. 

This is an off-the-beaten-path song that is worthy of being on anyone’s playlist.

2. “Wolves Without Teeth” by Of Monsters of Men 

If you’ve never heard this song, do yourself a favor and run to your nearest music streaming service (or record player, of course). 

This is a dreamy, haunting song about the frightening aspects of ourselves and the battle we take on when loving someone. The “wolves” represent the darkness inside ourselves, the hidden sides of our significant other, and the decision to either get through it together—or simply move on. 

You can feel the fear, longing, and deep love between these lovers as they plead with each other to hold on. 

We love Of Monsters and Men because they go straight for the emotional jugular in their songs. This one is no different. It makes us think of someone we love, the cost of our “wolves,” and the hope that together we can rise against them. 

It’s a late-night love song that will leave you wanting more when it’s over. 

3. “Howl” by Florence and the Machine 

You can easily imagine Florence Welch running through the woods with bloodied feet and a broken heart in this lovesick frenzy of a song about wolves. 

This is a song about the passionate obsession for another person. 

Have you ever wanted someone so badly you made a mess of your life pursuing them? Well, this is the song for you then. On this track, Welch will grab you with her lyrics, “If you could only see the beast you made in me..screaming in the dark, I howl when we are apart!” and refuse to let go. 

It’s a lonely, emotionally intense, and startling track that will leave you howling in agony when you’re left remembering that one person.

4. “A Wolf at the Door” by Radiohead

Thom Yorke’s lyrics are always profound. They reach right in and grab us. It’s why we love “Creep” and “Fake Plastic Trees.” His songs are like Disneyland for your emotions, with a beautiful backdrop of instruments. 

This poetic masterpiece is about the dark side of ourselves. It’s about the battle inside our souls and the turmoil it creates. His lyrics hunt you for solace, like a peanut butter sandwich in the middle of the night.  

It’s a song of frustration and trying so hard to keep our stuff life and failing—despite our intentions. We find a friend in his lyrics, “I keep the wolf at the door but he calls me on the phone. Tells me all the ways that he’s gonna mess me up.” 

Surely, on some level, we can all relate.

5. “Wolves” by Selena Gomez and Marshmello 

Picture it. A large field on a moonlit night. Tall pine tree groves line the edges. 

Now, think of someone you love more than anything in this world. Imagine you can see them on the opposite side of the field. You want to run to them. Get to them. And when you are almost ready to break into a sprint, you look down and see the “wolves.” 

Wolves are often a metaphor for personal demons. And Gomez slays herself attempting to battle her own, and those of her lover, in this song about wolves. It’s scary loving someone and letting them that close to us. It’s a messy dance that we often don’t win. Sometimes people can’t get past themselves. Selena takes this battle and drops it into a slow, image-provoking cocoon of pop music for that solo night in the truck under the stars. 

6. “Wolves” by Kanye West featuring Sia and Vic Mensa 

This is all over the place—and we like it. 

It’s beautiful and haunting. And it’s the reason we love Kanye’s wandering masterpieces, like “Runaway” and “Monster.” 

This song is about feeling beat up and lost in life. And the “wolves” are metaphors for all the people who don’t understand us. This song feels like an empty church after-hours, listening to the echoes of the choir. It grounds us together in a moment of understanding. 

And when Sia’s voice comes in, it knocks you off the porch, spilling your beer in the process. And you don’t care because she takes over the show for Yeezy. And we are forever grateful. 

7. “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran 

I think that Sting gets a bad rap for his creeper anthem “Every Breath You Take.” Because Duran Duran takes creepy stalking to a whole new level with this song. 

While “Hungry Like the Wolf” is supremely a catchy pop song about hunting a girl, it’s also about the dark side of our humanity—when we become obsessed with another person. 

It’s about longing, intense desire, aggression, and unhealthy determination. 

And who hasn’t felt unhinged like that before? It’s a great karaoke song for the night you have a little too much Fireball. 

8. “Wolves” by Big Sean (featuring Post Malone)

A perfect driving song for a drop-top down night. The slow beats and lyrics will quickly bring you into self-reflection about loyalty, family, and the things we do to protect each other. 

This is a song about growing up in a tightly-knit family that protected each other at all costs. The “wolf” in this song represents the “wolf pack” we call family. This song is a chill waltz through character, integrity, and protection. 

I think we can all identify with being a good person and not letting the world screw with our loved ones. 

9. “The Wolf” by Mumford and Sons

Now, this is a steering wheel drummer song! 

What we have here is a love song from Mumford and Sons about the archaic plight of the wolf. About our dark sides coming through, despite our best intentions. 

You can feel the sorrow of losing someone, the tender affection one has for them, and the heartbreaking longing that is often left behind. And you can’t help but sing along to the lyrics, “Cause you were all I ever longed for!” 

It’s one of their best songs, and with good reason. It’s engaging, emotional, and cathartic. You’ll want to play it loud, so warn the neighbors down the street. 

Or not. 

Either way, this song will quickly become one of your go-to wolf anthems. 

10. “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon

This should always be your number one go-to in songs about wolves. It’s a well-loved classic about a werewolf. And despite its humorous lyrics, there is a dark side to this song. 

This track is about a male predator on the streets of London, hunting women and ultimately harming them. But maybe that’s a bit much for the perfect karaoke song at your next class reunion. 

Despite its deeper meaning, this song is lighthearted and fun to sing with other people. It’s a classic jukebox song we all know and love. And it’s also the reason we know Trader Vick’s has Pina Coladas.

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They howl to communicate with each other. They often howl to mourn a loss, assemble their pack, and warn of incoming predators. 

It is a myth that wolves are controlled by lunar cycles. They do not howl at the moon. 

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