12 Songs for New Relationships to Make Your Heart Sing

Discover Awesome Songs for New Relationships

Whenever you get into a new relationship, it can feel so fresh and exciting that it makes your heart want to sing.  It can make you feel so joyous, in fact, that you’ll want to seek out notable songs for new relationships, in hopes an artist or band can capture the euphoric state you’re in. 

So without further ado, here’s our personal list of the best songs that wax poetic about newfound love.

Songs for New Relationships You’ll Love

Let’s kick this off with a Brian May song, shall we?

1) Driven By You by Brian May

This recently remastered and rereleased rock anthem perfectly captures both the fiery passion and the gentle hesitance of falling in love. It uses the metaphor of driving a car to describe how it feels to navigate a new relationship. This song was one of the first ones that Queen guitarist Dr. Brian May released on his own after Freddie Mercury fell ill—with Freddie’s enthusiastic blessing. 

It’s a song that represents a new beginning, both for Brian’s career and in the relationship he sings about. There is a tenderness and hesitation in the lyrics that makes the driving passion of the guitar hit even harder. If you’re looking for a song to give you the courage to fall in love again, this one is a great choice. 


2) Just A Kiss by Lady A

When you’re on a date early in a relationship with someone that you know you really like, there’s a period of the relationship where you’re unsure how to balance passion and hesitation. This is a song about deciding to take it slow, not wanting to send things off the rails by making a move too quickly, and celebrating this unsteady but exciting phase in the relationship. 

But the song isn’t just about physical chemistry—it’s about trying to figure out how much to open up emotionally. Eventually though, both parties realize that they feel stable enough in the relationship to know that they don’t need to rush things. 

3) Delicate by Taylor Swift

This fun, upbeat pop song captures that particular moment in a relationship where it’s still casual, but one person has feelings that go beyond that. Specifically, it’s about the moment immediately post-confession, and the moment of vulnerability where you find out if your feelings are reciprocated or if you’ve said too much too soon. 

In classic Taylor Swift style, the song also talks about fears of how people might perceive the relationship, and of how those perceptions might impact it. Finally, Swift makes peace with not knowing how the relationship will come out, concluding “We can’t make any promises now can we, baby / But you can make me a drink.” If you’re looking for a song that puts a positive spin on feelings of uncertainty, this is a great choice. 

4) C’mon Baby, Cry by Orville Peck

All close relationships include some degree of vulnerability, but there’s often more baggage attached to romantic relationships. It often feels like a choice between spending forever with someone or having them break your heart. In this song, Orville Peck pushes back against this narrative. 

Encouraging his lover to feel comfortable crying in front of him, he croons “I’ve got an hour or so / Take my hand and let it go.” He celebrates the healing power of emotional vulnerability in a relationship, and talks about it as a beautiful kind of connection that is not contingent upon spending forever together.

5) Running On Sunshine by Jesus Jackson

This song is the ultimate feel-good song about being in love, and it perfectly captures the honeymoon stage of a relationship. There’s a particular part in a relationship where it feels like nothing bad will ever happen again in your life, and that as long as you have your person by your side, life will be an upward trajectory forever. 

It captures the feeling of rushing headfirst into love with no reservations, and the slow, steady background beat of the song implies passion. It’s a fun, catchy, carefree song about being in love, and will spruce up any relationship’s playlist. 

6) Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

This is the song that put The Jonas Brothers back on the map—and shows that they’re all grown up now. It’s about finding yourself in a new relationship with someone that you effortlessly click with, and the feeling of elation when you get to spend time with them. It’s about realizing that you are indeed a “sucker” for one particular person, and feeling like you would do anything in the world for them.  

Rather than looking into the future and expecting everything to stay good forever, this song is about celebrating exactly where you are in a relationship. If you’re in that stage of love where there’s always a little bit of a pep in your step because you’re so happy to be in your relationship, this is a great song to listen to. 

7) Like A Virgin by Madonna

Written by Nile Rodgers and made famous by Madonna, this classic pop song has a layer of vulnerability behind its signature catchy chorus. It can be hard to let yourself be happy and to trust the other person in a new relationship, particularly if you’ve been hurt in romantic relationships before. 

When Madonna sings the line “like a virgin,” she’s implying that although previous lovers have put her through a lot, they don’t even matter anymore in light of her new relationship. It’s about opening up and learning to trust again, and realizing that your past does not define you. 

8) Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

This song is sure to make anyone you play it for melt. It’s about appreciating every aspect of someone, and seeing them as completely lovable even if they don’t see themselves the same way. Mars addresses the song to the person he’s in love with, affirming for them over and over that he doesn’t want them to change anything, and that he loves them just the way they are. 

New relationships can bring up old insecurities, but a caring partner will help you work through them. This song is from the perspective of exactly that kind of partner, and so is very fitting to be background music for a similarly healthy and supportive relationship. 

9) Tell Her About It by Billy Joel

Sometimes, even if you know how you feel about someone, the hardest thing to do is communicate with them about it. This is a song that urges you to tell the person you love how you feel, the life you’ve imagined with them. 

The song has a bittersweet quality to it, despite its uplifting melody: it’s from the perspective of someone who let a potentially life-changing relationship go because he didn’t know how to communicate his feelings. 

If you’re in a happy relationship that you’d love to step up to the next level, but you’re scared to talk to your partner about how you feel, this song perfectly captures all of the joyous but complicated emotions you might be experiencing. 

10) I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

This Carly Rae Jepsen song captures practically everything about a new relationship: the rush of falling in love, the fear that you’re falling too fast, and the joy in being with somebody you feel so strongly about. 

Telling someone that you like them before you get together is nerve-wracking, but telling them how much you like them after you’re already together is something else entirely. The repetition of “I really, really like you” carefully side-steps the word love, but heavily implies it—what else could it mean to like someone even more than “really liking” them?  

11) Play The Game by Queen

This song is from the perspective of someone whose lover is hesitant to commit to a new relationship. To make it seem less intimidating, the relationship is described in terms of a game to be played—you can’t possibly know how things will turn out if you aren’t willing to give it a try. The smooth piano and Freddie’s seductive high vocals combine perfectly to make a song that sounds the way a new relationship feels. 

According to this song, falling in love, giving into the way you feel, is the easiest thing in the world. It makes love sound easier than fear, easier than playing hard-to-get, making this song a perfect addition to any soundtrack about a new relationship. 

12) Happy Not Knowing by Carly Rae Jepsen

Okay, so when it comes to countdown lists like this, I am always the one that absolutely hates it when there are two songs by the same artist. 

I know, I know—and I hear you.  But I thought that this particular song by Jepsen was too unique to keep off this list.  In fact, what I like about “Happy Not Knowing,” which I think is her best track off the her album “Dedicated,” is that it’s really the only song on this list that actually sabotages anypotential for a new relationship.  There’s no happy ending here.  There’s no rainbow on the other end of the street.  

On this song, Carly sings about knowing that she has feelings for a potential lover.  She knows that something potentially wonderful lies on the other side of her worries—if only she’s willing to give it a shot.  

But Carly doesn’t want to hear it—she’s too scarred and far too scared—to give it a try.  So she’d rather throw in the towel before the game even starts.  

She’s not about that flirting life.  She doesn’t want any roses, chocolates or walks down sandy beaches.  She doesn’t want a movie date or a candlelight dinner. 

No, for Carly, if there is indeed something brewing between you and her, she has zero time for it.  And if she’s feeling her heart flutter whenever she sees your face, she won’t think twice about it—it’s nothing but a little heartburn.

For Carly, the idea of an exciting new relationship does not—I repeat, does not—outweigh the potential sadness and heartbreak that could come if said relationship flamed out.  So in the end, Carly is going to walk away from you, and be quite happy not knowing if something really amazing waited for her on the other side of her fears.


New relationships are fun, exciting, and have provided infinite inspiration for songwriters of the world. But they can also be scary, which can lead some people down a bit of a self-destructive road.  

No matter if you’re feeling hesitant, excited, or some mixture of both, these various songs for new relationships are bound to tug on your heartstrings. 

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