12 Songs That Make You Feel Like a Villain You’ll Love

Songs That Make You Feel Like a Villain

Sometimes, all you want is to feel powerful. Music can really set the mood for whatever it is that you want to be feeling, and if you want to feel like a villain, it can do just that! 

Of course, songs in this vein have always existed, but they’re definitely gaining a lot of popularity these days from streaming services and even social media.  So, in this article, I’m going to share with you my absolute favorite songs that make you feel like a villain.

Heat by DMX (1998)

Of course, I could go with a bunch of Disney movie classic tracks for songs that will make you feel evil or like a villain, and that definitely crossed my mind.  Whether you wanted a song sung by Ursula or Jafar or The Shadow Man or Scar, it would all work perfectly for a list like this.

But for this first song, I wanted to go with a more grounded idea of a villain.  Because on “Heat” by DMX, the late rapper does an excellent job of storytelling.

This song, from beginning to end, is all about attempting to commit serious bank robbery.  X and his men know the heat will be on to them, so they have a limited amount of time to do what they gotta do, get out, and hope they escape rich and unscathed.  

But, of course, it doesn’t go down the way they all hoped it would.  DMX is pretty matter of fact about this, with lyrics like “Boomer didn’t make it, neither did Stan.  Now it’s three ****** splittin’ four hundred grand.”

DMX loves his guys, and he feels their loss, but everyone remaining enjoys the profit just as much.  And, as X explains later, “we all live by the rules of the game we play.”  

Wow.  Cold blooded.

If you’re looking for a song to put you in the mindset of a villain—of a truly bad guy or girl—throw on “Heat” by DMX.

Boyfriend by Dove Cameron (2022)

Boyfriend is a perfect example of a song that makes you feel villainous! It’s all sexy jazz with its iconic bass and drums. Boyfriend is an absolutely amazing track on its own, but Dove Cameron’s sultry alto really adds to the devilish feel of the song. It’s no wonder this got famous on TikTok!

The theme is stealing someone’s girlfriend because you know that you would be a better significant other for her. The whole song talks about how the boyfriend is sort of mediocre, meanwhile Dove is seducing the girl in question. Definitely gives you villain vibes! 

Listening to the song, you’ll find yourself wanting to sing the chorus at the top of your lungs. It really makes you feel evil and powerful. 

I could be a better boyfriend than him
I could do the s*** that he never did
Up all night, I won’t quit
Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him

Overall, the epitome of a song for villains! If you want to read more about the inspiration for the song, Dove Cameron talks about it in this interview

INFERNO by Suburban ft. Bella Poarch (2021)

This song is about an evil woman, or a demon. Listening to it will definitely make you feel like the villain. The track is pretty simple, but don’t let that deter you! The instrumentals sort of remind you of a vampire movie. It just ends up working so well to create the mood.

As for the lyrics, there aren’t that many of them, and it’s pretty repetitive. But that’s okay! It still feels like the kind of song you’d want to sing along with. It’s catchy and sensual, just like a good villain song should be.

No halo
Baby, I’m the reason why Hell’s so hot

Some of the lyrics are reminiscent of things you’d hear in a love song (like getting butterflies), but then it gets switched around and you end up feeling even more unsettled. 

Think I’mgettingbutterflies,but it’s really
telling me torun away 

This is a song that you really won’t want to miss out on! 

No Body, No Crime by Taylor Swift ft. HAIM (2020)

Taylor Swift Evermore album

You probably expected to see Look What You Made Me Do on this list instead, but I really think No Body, No Crime takes the cake.

In the song, Taylor tells the (fictional) story of her friend Este. When Este accuses her husband of cheating on her, he kills her. When the fictional Taylor realizes this, she kills the husband in retaliation. However, it is the husband’s mistress who gets blamed for the whole ordeal.

The lyrics work really well to tell the tale, especially in the chorus. In each repeat of the chorus, the person who “did it” changes, and what “it” is also changes. 

In the first chorus, it is Este who is saying that she thinks he (her husband) did it (cheated on her). 

She says, “I think he did it, but I just can’t prove it”

In the next one, Taylor thinks that he (Este’s husband) did it (killed Este). 

I think he did it, but I just can’t prove it (He did it)

Then, they (the police) think she (the mistress) did it (killed the husband).

They think she did it, but they just can’t prove it

And finally, in the last part of the final chorus, she (the mistress) thinks Taylor did it (killed the husband). 

She thinks I did it, but she just can’t prove it

The track is perfection, and really serves to set the scene. It starts off with police sirens and a short refrain of he did it that really paints the picture of a crime scene. It makes you feel personally involved in the song, as if you are the fictional Taylor in the story. 

Charmer by Stray Kids (2022)

Loud and in-your-face from the very beginning, Charmer is the best song to make you feel like a villain. The powerful track is reminiscent of Indian or Middle Eastern music, which really works with the theme of a snake charmer. 

This song is about charming someone, and even if you don’t know the lyrics, you’ll definitely be able to get the feeling just from the sound of the track. You’ll feel like you’re the one going around charming people to get what you want. 

Oh you can’t resist it
Oh, even if you struggle
Oh, you’ll dance to my spell
You can’t resist, I’m the charmer

The best part of the song is actually the ending. It ends on a simple yes, but the ‘s’ sound is exaggerated to sound like a snake! Super creative, and really drives home the snake charmer theme. 

Another cool thing to note about this song is that the word “charmer” in English also sounds like the Korean word for “endure” or “put up with.” So, it’s also possible that this song has a bit of a heavier theme too! Either way, a great song to make you feel like a charmer yourself.

I am not a woman, I’m a god by Halsey (2021)

This Halsey song is really experimental. The track is mostly just a bassline and a beat that’s sort of reminiscent of the kind of songs you’d hear at arcades or in older video games. She also sounds more like she’s talking rather than rapping or singing for the most part, but somehow it ends up sounding super cool! 

In the lyrics, Halsey claims to be all these controversial, sometimes contradictory things, like claiming herself to be a god, while simultaneously saying she’s a fraud. 

I am not a woman, I’m a god
I am not a martyr, I’m a problem
I am not a legend, I’m a fraud

Even if you’re not that into more experimental songs, this one is really worth a listen! The lyrics, along with the overall vibe of the track, really give off villain vibes. 


While the meaning behind this song is a little ambiguous, the subject is undeniably a villain. After all, it’s in the title! The whole song is sort of sensual and loud, really giving the feeling of something sinister. 

The lyrics talk about being an immortal villain. 

If the villain dies
Okay, bullet, love, die
Heroine is mine, I’ll never die
Even if it’s your sad ending

Listening to VILLAIN DIES will definitely make you feel powerful. In fact, the whole album (I NEVER DIE) actually has this vibe. (G)-IDLE is a really cool K-pop group that’s trying very hard to change how female idols are viewed in the industry.

Killer Queen by Queen (1974)

Killer Queen is an iconic one that I think everyone knows. And for good reason! It’s super catchy and instantly recognizable as a Queen song. You’ll feel like a “killer queen” yourself when you hear it.

She’s a killer queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

The song is allegedly about a call girl that comes from privilege, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel like a villain when listening to it! 

How to be a Heartbreaker by MARINA (2012)

This song teaches you how to break boys’ hearts. At the time it was released, there weren’t that many songs about girls who were players.

It has the usual hard-hitting, unexpected lyrics that MARINA is known for, like wear your heart on your cheek but never on your sleeve. The lyrics teach you how to make a boy fall in love with you—and then leave him. 

How to be a heartbreaker
Boys, they like the look of danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player
Singing I lo-lo-love you
At least I think I do

You’ll definitely feel like a real heartbreaker with this one!

Bellyache by Billie Eilish (2017)

The first time I heard bellyache, I was shocked. The instrumentals start off simple, almost lazy. It almost sounds like the kind of song you’d hear at a campfire. Even the lyrics start off deceptively, leading you into a false sense of security. 

But once Billie talks about her friends’ bodies being in the back of her car, all of that gets flipped around on its head! 

This song tells the fictional story of a psychopath who has killed her friends. She does a really great job with the lyrics, really playing up the nonchalant attitude of the killer. The song really captures the personality of this kind of person. 

Sittin’ all alone
Mouth full of gum
In the driveway
My friends aren’t far
In the back of my car
Lay their bodies

You’ll feel really like a mean person listening to this! And it’s so catchy that you’ll want to sing along, too. 

Manta by Lexie Liu (2019)

This is an interesting one. Lexie Liu’s Manta has a dreamy, trippy track that will unexpectedly make you feel like a villain. But more in the ethereal sense—you’ll feel like an evil mermaid, or a manta, like the title suggests.

I fly in water, lil’ Manta
Devilfish Manta
Call on me, I don’t need no romancer
I fly like a Manta

The lyrics are kind of weird, because it’s not often that you hear a song about a manta, but somehow that ends up working in Lexie’s favor. This song will make you feel like an otherworldly magical creature who doesn’t need to follow the rules of human society. 

My Friends from Sweeney Todd (1979)

This song is about a literal villain from the musical Sweeney Todd. In the musical, Sweeney Todd is a barber who kills his clients for reasons he believes are justified. It may be debatable if he’s a villain, but he definitely isn’t a hero. 

He sings about getting his knives back and how they are his “friends.” It’s so unsettling the way he talks about them, because you can just tell he’s sort of delusional. The instrumentals work really well throughout the whole song, leading to the climax of the infamous line spoken at the end. 

At last, my right arm is complete again!

It really leaves you with a sense of impending doom! But in a way, you find yourself sympathizing with the villain here and wanting to sing along. This is the kind of song you’ll want to listen to if you want to feel like a real villain. 


There really are a lot of songs that make you feel like a villain. From music about stealing someone’s girlfriend, to songs about being a psychopath, there’s a song for almost every kind of villain you could ever imagine.

Who would’ve guessed being so bad could feel so good?

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