10 Songs That Start With E That Are Awesome

These are the Best Songs That Start With E!

In this article, I’m going to share with you my favorite songs that start with E. This is a simple premise to be sure, but in the end, I think you just might be surprised at the depth that these unique songs are capable of achieving.  Let’s dive right in.

Songs That Start With an E

Let’s begin with a great Foo Fighters track.

1. Everlong by the Foo Fighters

After Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, Nirvana disbanded and Dave Grohl formed the Foo Fighters, producing “Everlong.” This song has left behind a huge legacy since the band released it on their 1997 album The Color And The Shape. One of the bands most recognizable songs is “Everlong,” with Dave Grohl telling Kerrang, “I know that we have to play Everlong, that’s it. Everything else is like, ‘Whatever.’” 

The guitar riff and vocals are very smooth and catchy and the song is the perfect display of being in love with someone and sharing a unique connection. I love how this song is so good that even listening to it today, I still get the same excitement for it that I had the first time I listened. “Everlong” is still a staple that can be heard playing on the radio today and if you are looking for a soulful song that you can also dance to, the Foo Fighters do not disappoint with “Everlong.”

2. End Game by Taylor Swift f/Ed Sheeran and Future

“End Game” is the third single off of T-Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation, featuring two big names in music at that time. The main theme for “End Game” seems to be that Taylor Swift is wanting to be someone’s final love. The “End Game” is the ultimate goal for people, their destination, and+ their purpose. The lyrics state that she doesn’t want to be, “just another ex-love you don’t wanna see.” 

On this track, Taylor is writing about being the last person you will ever need to date and wanting to make a future together. Taylor Swift is very versatile with her music, from country to pop, in “End Game” Future also teams up with Ed Sheeran to produce this hip-hop track. 

3. Eraser by Ed Sheeran

“Eraser” is the opening song on Ed Sheeran’s album Divide, and features the perfect blend of hip-hop and traditional Ed Sheeran vocals. The song addresses the tests he has been put through during his life and his music career in a very trying industry. Ed Sheeran addresses how he used to sing in the church choir as a child, winning awards for his music, but also a darker side to his success. He also addresses how he was smoking and drinking more than he should have been and the downside to fame- how it can hurt your relationships. 

Ed Sheeran spoke about his loneliness and drinking with The Sun saying, “I think really what happens is you get lonely- and you have things that you do in the middle of that loneliness and try and feel involved.” You can’t go wrong with an Ed Sheeran song, especially one that is a great reminder of what too much partying can lead to. 

4. Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish released “Everything I wanted” in late 2019, as a tribute to her brother Finneas. The original inspiration for the song was actually much darker, with her pulling inspiration from a nightmare where she took her own life. A year after that nightmare, Billie and her brother approached the song with a different perspective- by making the song about Billie and Finneas and what they mean to each other. 

I love how the song at first, was a representation for Billie’s depression and what she was going through. And her brother couldn’t stand to help her bring that to life in a song, so they took a different spin on it and turned it into something positive- showing Billie how her family will always be her biggest pillars of support. Like most of Billie Eilish’s music, “Everything I Wanted,” features great instrumentals and a beat that mesmerizes you. 

5. Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence

From Evanescence’s debut album Fallen, “Everybody’s Fool,” is about celebrities who have false images. The song starts with an acoustic guitar riff and was a huge hit in the nu metal genre. Amy Lee’s voice displays a bold edge that pairs beautifully with the heavy drums and guitars, gripping the theme of celebrity deception tightly. In a 2016 interview with Songfacts’s Dan MacIntosh, Amy Lee said, “you never know, inside, what kind of struggle they might be going through, the pain they may be suffering and how their outer image is oftentimes a coping mechanism to that.” 

I think that was beautifully said to describe the masking that many people portray on social media in our current society. Everyone posts all of the good, all of their accomplishments, but never air out the bad with it; leaving you to feel defective for not having what the rich and famous have. If you are looking for a song displaying a variety of emotions, “Everybody’s Fool” takes the cake and displays the raw emotions that people show in real life. 

6. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon

If you were around during the 90s, you would know that “Everything You Want” was one of the hottest songs on the radio. There have been lots of speculation about the meaning behind the song, with some people saying the song is about religion. Songfact’s Shawna Ortega sat down with Vertical Horizon’s Matt Scannell who finally set the record straight, “I was basically in love with this beautifully complex and crazy person who could see everything around her except for the thing that could actually help her.” 

He then went on to explain that he wrote this song out his perspective of how sad he was because he just wanted her to finally turn to him to help her. “Everything You Want” is a song that is impossible to listen to without wanting to sing along. Even though the song has hints of sadness to it, it always makes me happy to listen to. 

7. Everything’s Not Lost by Coldplay

“Everything’s Not Lost” is the seven-minute closing anthem to Coldplay’s album, Parachutes. The reason it is considered the anthem to the album is because the song perfectly encapsulates the message of the album, which is all about remaining hopeful. Music therapy is great and can help show you take a step back and see your problems are not always as big as they may seem. 

For me, “Everything’s Not Lost” is my go-to song for any hard times in my life and helps me identify that I have a lot to be thankful for and not to give up. This slow paced, piano ballad, is perfect to listen to on a rainy-day or any other gloomy occasion to help lift your spirits up.  

8. Enter Sandman by Metallica

“Enter Sandman” is a song that is all about nightmares and the creepiness that you feel at night lurking in the shadows. This song is probably one of the most recognizable Metallica songs, and was a huge hit on Guitar Hero. Fans instantly recognize the main bluesy riff, frightening lyrics, and the iconic music video. In the song the lyrics, “take my hand, we’re off to Never Never Land,” though this is not talking about the cheery Neverland. 

This is more of a darker place where the Sandman lives and is a twisted take on a more sinister scenario where a child is manipulated an adult saying the sandman puts sand in your eye to get you to sleep. Instead, that freaks the child out and they can’t sleep. “Enter Sandman” is a great song to use to get hyped up for something like a sports game or if you are just a fan of good music and guitar solos. 

9. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes has written several Broadway plays and songs performed by singers like Britney Spears, Judy Collins, and Barbra Streisand. His most recognizable work of art would have to be “Escape” and is a very emotional song. While “Escape” features a happy beachy vibe and attractive instrumentals, the song is actually about a man who has become bored with his life in his current relationship due to the consistent routine. “Escape” has been featured in a variety of movies and TV shows from True Blood to ER. This song always makes me feel happy and feels like a little slice of paradise while I listen to it. 

10. Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

“Edge of Glory” was featured on Lady Gaga’s 2011 album, Born This Way. When the song was first released, it quickly gained traction on radio stations across the country and started climbing the song charts. Lady Gaga wrote this song after the imminent loss of her grandfather and channeled all of her heartfelt emotions into this song. “Edge of Glory” is a beautiful song about finding love and hope in the face of death and is a beautiful message to listeners to not be afraid for when it happens to your love ones. This song reminds me that you are the torch to keep your loved ones alive and this was an amazing tribute to Gaga’s grandfather.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this list of songs starting with E.  I really tried my best to come up with a good mix of songs that had something unique or important to say with their lyrics, rather than just including a bunch of bubble gum-friendly tracks that are always on the radio.

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