10 Songs with Eyes in the Title You’ll Absolutely Love

Please Enjoy These Songs with Eyes in the Title

The eyes are the window to the soul. They express our emotions, reveal our lies, and connect our souls to others. When they close, it’s a significant event and many songs have been written about them in all sorts of ways. Here are ten songs with eyes in the title that need to be added to our musical repertoires. 

Songs with Eyes in the Title You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with a song by Lana Del Rey.

Watercolor Eyes by Lana Del Rey

Del Rey always takes us floating through a candy cotton dandelion flurry-filled summer afternoon in a slow-motion convertible with the love of our life. This song is about the pain, uncertainty, and passion that come from loving someone who has antsy feet. It’s a plea for them to stop running, to stay, and engage. 

Her “watercolor eyes” are from crying and make-up running down her face. This slow alternative waltz is dreamy, sexy, and perfect. 

Pale Blue Eyes by the Velvet Underground

This 1969 ode to loving a married woman captures the back-and-forth feeling of staying and going that highlights the life of marital affairs. What a web we weave sometimes. 

This slow heartbreaker yet sanguine torture ballad is a must for any music fan. Seriously. Check out Hole’s version from their 1995 Ask For It album. It’s a straight-up enchanted lightning-rod version of Lou Reed’s sad, dreamy rager. 

“They linger on, your pale blue eyes,” rages the singer. 

Yes, we’ve been there. They linger on, the eyes of an ex-lover, sometimes disturbing us as we try to grieve and move on. Also, these pale blue eyes are metaphors for emotional indifference with feelings lingering in regret, longing, and downright grief.

Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol

This rocker ballad off Idol’s 1983 Rebel Yell album is glorious. It’s everything we love about the 80s. It’s beautifully poppy and painfully sad. Idol sings about a girl who broke his heart. It’s a musical walkabout trying to make sense of what just happened to him.

I spent all my time, believing all the lies. To keep my dreams alive. Yes, it makes me sad and it makes me mad at truth for loving what was you,” sings Billy. 

Eyes without a face. Got no human grace. You’re eyes without a face. Such a human waste.” 

Eyes can be masks sometimes. And it’s a painful moment when we look into them and see that the person we love is a lie. Idol gives us a farewell to the narcissist in our life with a quintessential “FU” song. 

Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

This 2006 Snow Patrol slice of musical gold is meant for those who dare to stand vulnerable before loved ones. For those who remain true even in adversity. For those who hold on to their character and integrity for loved ones. For those who never walk away, no matter how hard or hot the sun is. 

This is the “I will never give up on you” song. It’s an on-your-knees pleading kind of song. It’s a “let’s get through this s**** but I need you to help me—to work with me” song. 

It’s for the moments when you want to shake the person you love awake. On this track, Gary Lightbody is the guy banging on the wall of a stubborn or scared heart. He’s full of hope, optimism, and deep love. Eyes are connective, and he needs her to open her eyes, look in his eyes, and get reconnected to him. 

“Get up, get out, get away from these liars. ‘Cause, they don’t get your soul or your fire. Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine. And we’ll walk from this dark room for the last time,” sings Lightbody. 

“Open Your Eyes” is sometimes the closing song at their concerts, and with good reason. It’s a perfectly crafted alternative love song that comes in slow and steady and ends with an emotionally charged climactic show of musical force that leaves us beating the steering wheel and hitting repeat. 

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters

This 1933 show tune from the musical Roberta became The Platters when they covered it in the late 1950s.

This song is sad— like when love blurs our vision and we cannot see because our eyes burn from sadness. It’s a hopeful song, yet bitterly filled with loss, grief, and sorrow. And it just dances across the porch by itself, it’s so beautiful and makes us feel less alone. Sometimes we love someone so much, we cannot see the impending heartache headed our way. 

And sometimes, we just don’t care.

Eyes Closed by Halsey

And I, if I keep my eyes closed, he looks just like you but he’ll never stay, they never do,” Halsey sings, “And I, if I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you but you been replaced, I’m face to face with someone new.” 

Sometimes, closing our eyes is the metaphor for removal. If we can’t see anything in front of us, then it’s not happening. Well, we would like that to be the case, at least, because it’s just not true.

If we are not over someone, a new someone could fill the void when we close our eyes. Yet, no matter how hard we try, it has holes and eventually collapses. 

Woulda traded all for you, there for you. So tell me how to move on,” Halsey sings. 

The song is dark, haunting, and desolate. It tries to be hopeful or brave, in a whistling past the graveyard kind of way. Yet, it’s clear that Halsey is not over her person. And we are grateful for another sad love song from this ultra-talented New Jersey native. 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Franki Valli

This 1967 Valli classic has to be one of the coolest love songs ever written. This catchy gem spends its time existing between fast peppy beats and slow sultry high hatting miracles of pleasure. 

It’s for the first time, the next time, and the last time. It’s for the TikTok you make for the spouse, for swinging around the ice cream aisle or throwing in a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. It’s all karaoke. All-day long. It’s summer BBQs and corn hole games. 

This ode to true love is delightful. And, if you haven’t heard the Lauryn Hill version, well, it just might even be better

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson

Grab a 60’s hot rod, a moonlight night, and a lonesome road. 

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” is the song at the end of a heartbreaking movie or a horrendously sad trucker song. This heavily covered classic comes fully loaded with heartache, sorrow, regret, fondness, and grief over losing the love of your life. 

“Eyes” and “rain” are the metaphors for sadness in this Wille Nelson staple.

Looking Through the Eye of a Pig by Cypress Hill

I’ve been on the force, over twenty years. I can say that I’m worse, than some of these motherfuckers I put away. I’m in the biggest gang you ever saw, above the law. Looking through the eye of the pig, I see it all,” raps B-Real on this 1998 California hip-hop classic about corrupt police. 

Cypress Hill is from South Gate, California, which is a high-crime suburb of Los Angeles. These iconic 90s rappers are no strangers to calling out police brutality in their community. This song is spun from a cop’s viewpoint about all the f***** up s*** he sees on the job, worrying about not coming home, and wholeheartedly knowing he is beyond scum. 

The phrase “Pig’s Eye” typically means something impossible or unlikely to bloom.  However, on this song, it has a much different meaning, as cops have often been referre to as “pigs” in hip hop music, especially in the 90s.  

This song is full of political unrest, challenging lyrics, and fantastic beats that make any call-to-action song about our government most divine. 

Don’t Close Your Eyes by Kix

This 1980s heavy metal classic openly addresses suicide. It’s an unforgettable song. It’s full of hope, longing, and belief. It’s a love song to someone struggling. A plea to not give up. 

It’s what we love about hair bands.   And it has the lyrics, guitar solos, and harmonizing that made 80’s metal hooks undeniably good. 

Don’t give up—that is the message. The eyes are a metaphor for death. In a time when people were afraid to address mental health issues even with their kids, KIX brought the issue right into our bedrooms and car radios. It’s a beautiful ode to someone who has lost their fight with life. 


Whether we are in need of a fight song, a trucking anthem, or a song to sink that conveys topics of anxiety or depression, these songs with eyes in the title offer a little something for everyone. 

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