10 Songs with Months in the Title You Will Love

Discover Some of the Best Songs with Months in the Title

It’s easy to look back on a specific time and associate it with strong emotions. Musicians are no exception, and sometimes there’s no better title for a song than the time, or perhaps a specific month, that most encapsulates the moment when those feelings were at their highest point.  So without further ado, here are some of our favorite songs with months in the title.

Songs with Months in the Title You Will Enjoy

Let’s begin with a song by Pierce the Veil.

Hold On Till May by Pierce the Veil

The first verse of this song is about a guy seeing a girl in the trees “surrounded by the sun, one million branches and she loves everyone.” The chorus is about the two of them together, wreaking havoc in their small town—but the bridge gets much darker. One can assume it’s about her suicide attempt: “If I were you, I’d put that away, and she said; ‘if you were me you’d do the same.’” 

The chorus plays once more after the bridge, as if Vic Fuentes is reminding her of everything good they’d done together.

9 Months by Annie Dirusso

This song beautifully illustrates looking back on a relationship and realizing you stayed for much longer than you should have. The song tells the story of coming to terms with the fact that your partner is not good for you, and the resentment is clear in Annie Dirusso’s voice.

Her experience with this relationship is told chronologically throughout the song and begins with the very first night they met. He told her she was beautiful, and that was the last time she ever felt beautiful. 

In the second verse, she gets to talking about how he’d belittle her and make her feel invisible. So, now she’s “sleeping in just so I am not awake / when I get up, I’m getting dressed by yesterday” (words written while she was still with this person). 

And looking back, she is filled with so much resentment for both herself and her partner because she never thought “I’d be the girl who stayed.” Her frustration is almost palpable.

June by Briston Maroney

Briston Maroney has an impressive resume, starting with making it into the top 30 final contestants on American Idol at age fifteen. His song June is the perfect coming-of-age tune about wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life, especially after feeling like you’ve taken the steps you were “supposed” to. “Ain’t it funny how I got it here and it don’t seem right? Ain’t it funny how we all want to be someone new?”

It’s hard to fathom the future when you are struggling presently. Seasons change, and we often wish we could change as easily as they do.

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

This iconic early 2000’s song perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to grieve someone or something. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong wrote it about his father’s death, which was in September of 1982. His mother would try to get him to leave his room and all he would say is, “wake me up when September ends.”

When we experience the loss of someone important, the anniversary of their passing doesn’t necessarily get easier, no matter how much time has passed. In Armstrong’s case, “seven years has gone so fast.” On the Howard Stern Show (below), Armstrong revealed that he avoided writing about his father for quite some time but he thinks about him every day and decided it was worth paying him homage, despite how challenging it is.

July by Noah Cyrus

Noah CyrusJuly is a heartbreaking ballad about staying with someone who you know is no good for you. She knows it’s a bad idea to stay with them, and that she doesn’t deserve to be treated so poorly, but she can’t move on. (“I’m afraid of change, guess that’s why we stay the same.”)

She knows that life exists beyond this relationship, but she can’t bring herself to do anything about it. She would rather have her significant other be the first to cut their cord, “if you want me to leave, then tell me to leave, and baby I’ll go.” 

Emotionally abusive relationships can take a toll on someone, and often the abuser will keep their counterpart around for as long as they can. So, the song is essentially a circle, as Noah isn’t willing to leave. Her partner is neglectful and indifferent, but it’s all she’s known for so long. 

August by Taylor Swift

August is one song from a surprise album that Taylor Swift dropped in late 2020, Folklore. According to Swift herself, it’s one of three songs on the album that are a part of a trilogy. “These three songs explore a love triangle from all three peoples’ perspectives at different times in their lives,” she said during a release of a music video. 

In this song, Taylor Swift looks back on a short-lived, yet cherished, romance. “August slipped away into a moment of time / ‘cause it was never mine.” It’s theorized that August is written from the perspective of “the other woman.” She tells this story with incredible detail, about rust on her romantic interest’s car and how she would stay up all night just hoping for a call, and she writes, “wanting was enough, for me, it was enough.” 

We Fell in Love in October by girl in red

In this bedroom-pop ballad, girl in red (stylized in all lowercase) admits that she loves fall time because it reminds her of falling in love. She remembers the night her feelings started, whilst smoking cigarettes and looking at the stars. Other than that, there aren’t many lyrics besides an intensely catchy chorus of “my girl, you will be my girl.”

November by Tyler, The Creator

While incredibly talented in many facets, Tyler, The Creator is best known for outlandish lyrics told from the perspective of an alter ego. In this song, he appears to do some introspection on his past and future, wondering if his career has reached its peak and if all he’ll be known for is tweets with major shock value (spoiler: this song came out in 2017 so it’s safe to say these fears didn’t come true.)

He repeats many times, “take me back to November” and asks listeners, “tell me, what’s your November?” Later in the song, voice recordings from various people talking about beloved memories are played, with each one calling their memory their “November.” It seems that November is not meant to be so literal, but rather any peaceful time or state of mind. 

February by Russ

In this song, Russ is trying to cope with heartbreak. He’s talking himself into his senses, saying that it’s only temporary and that he’s going through the worst of it right now. He regrets ever getting involved with this person, because “you had a knife in your hand, and I didn’t even know it / but now it’s in my back.” He says multiple times that he’ll be over this by February.

Maybe he set the goal of being emotionally stable by February because that is the month of Valentine’s Day and there’s nothing worse than being a single person who’s not over their ex on February 14th. Or perhaps he’s trying to affirm (to himself more than anyone else, it seems) that this was only a temporary person in his life and his grief will be temporary, too. 

December by Neck Deep

Perhaps this song has the most straightforward lyrics relating to its title on this list, as our narrator says “a heartbreak in mid-December” towards the beginning. He regrets giving his love to someone, as he came to find out that it was unrequited. He found out that he was quickly replaced and is trying to come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t mean much to this person.

He wonders if he’ll die like this, “in the cold, feeling blue and alone,” and wonders if she’ll hear this song someday. He tries to wish her the best, and he misses her. But he wishes he had more discretion during their fling as he is now heartbroken and lonely, while she moved on almost instantly. 


Many of us associate landmark events with the times in our lives they happened. This makes for excellent songwriting opportunities. Here are some of the most relatable songs with months in the title.

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