10 Songs with Moon in the Title You’ll Love

Enjoy some of our favorite songs with moon in the title

The night is fascinating to us as human beings.  Enveloped in darkness, the moon sits in a sky of black and elicits thoughts of wolves, witches, ghosts and mystery.  So in this article, I’m going to share with you my favorite songs with moon in the title, which will hopefully fill you with a strong sense of magic and wonder.

Songs with Moon in the Title You Will Love

Let’s begin with a song by Beck.

1. “Blue Moon” by Beck

I’m so tired of being alone. These penitent walls are all I’ve known. Songbird calling across the water inside my silent asylum,” sings Beck in this 2014 heartbreaking alternative ballad.

“…When a moon is throwing shadows, you can’t save the ones you’ve caught in battle.” 

Beck at his best: a deeply profound and beautiful ode to not wanting to be left behind. Moon shadows are a metaphor for something standing in between the light. He paints a solemn portrait of loneliness for sure. Maybe he is the obstacle after all.

2. “Neon Moon” by Brooks and Dunn feat. Kasey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves takes over this 1991 classic heartbreak hit by Brooks and Dunn and makes it her own on the 2019 Brooks and Dunn Reboot album.Musgraves has become a country sweetheart over the last few years with hits like, “Follow Your Arrow” and “Trailer Song.” 

And this song is no different. “Neon Moon” is the quintessential heartbroken and drunk country song. The neon moon is a metaphor for the beer lights.   It’s a sad song about drinking yourself away in a bar after a broken heart. 

Oh if you lose you’re one and only, there’s always room here for the lonely, to watch your broken dreams dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon,” sings Kacey. We get that. We have been crushed and in despair once or twice too. And have reached for booze instead of a friend. 

3. “Hawkmoon 269” by U2

In 1988, U2 did a thing and released a live album called Rattle and Hum. It was a ballsy and magnificently bluesy piece of rock and roll that gave us soulful hits like “Angel in Harlem,” “Desire,” and so many old songs we love by them. 

“Hawkmoon 269” is rumored to be inspired by North or South Dakota. It’s a love song for professing our desire for our mate. It makes us think of wide-open skies and sunshine. 

“As the room spins around, I need your love,” Sings Bono. A big wide open profession of love. This album is very deserving of a deep dive. 

4. “The Killing Moon” by Echo and The Bunnymen

1984 brought us Ian McCulloch and bandmates’ musical offering of Ocean Rain which gave us probably the most popular song by Echo and the Bunnymen. Well, except for “Lips Like Sugar.” 

“Killing Moon” is a great walk through vintage twang and steely guitars. It’s like walking through an angsty midnight haunted house while wondering when your true love will step out and take you into their monster hood. The moon is a metaphor for death. Whether that is physical or emotional is up to the listener. 

5. “I’ll Be the Moon” by Dierks Bently featuring Maren Morris

This 2016 heartbreak boon is a love triangle and the story of the kept woman and her affair. Dierks Bently takes us on this delightfully slow ballad drive. He and Maren Morris make us want to hit repeat a thousand times. 

I don’t wanna be a secret but this is somethin’ I can’t lose,” Sings Dierks, “You can leave me in the dark if that’s all I get from you. He can be the sun. I’ll be the moon.”

The moon represents the dark side of love and all of its secrets. It’s filled with agony, lust, and desire. And, apparently, some red flags. 

6. “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy Ozbourne

Find grandma and let this 1981 heavy metal great rip apart the senior center. Ozzy Ozbourne is in full awesome. Jake E. Lee, Ozzy’s guitarist, amazes, delights, and dazzles us in only that 80’s hair band way! 

This song makes us want to break the law. For sure. It has the perfect guitar riff at the beginning synonymous with bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. It makes us want to drive fast, do a thousand shots, and find the nearest silver bullets to hunt down the wolf in the song. 

The moon is the catalyst for change in this super fun, monster-laden classic heavy metal hit. It’s glorious metal.

7. “Blue Moon of Kentucky” by Elvis Presley

This Bill Monroe hit has been covered by many people over the years. Monroe, a native of Kentucky, was hailed as the ‘father of blugress music’ and his song, “Blue Moon of Kentucky” is the official bluegrass song of Kentucky.  Elvis covered it in 1957. 

A blue moon is the name given to an extra moon and it’s a rare occurrence. The rare blue shining moon is going to bring his lover back home. He begs it to keep shining for him. This is a down home fun hillbilly song made even better when Elvis Presley gets a hold of it. 

8. “Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)” by The Cowboy Junkies

In 1988, alternative Canadian band, The Cowboy Junkies, handed us The Trinity Sessions album. And wow—it was awesome. 

You see I was afraid to let my baby stray. I kept him too tightly by my side. And then one sad day, he went away and died,” sings Timmins. 

Moon is a metaphor for hope and promise in this classically forlorn song about asking the moon for a favor and returning our beloved to us. It’s sad, dreamy, weary, and oddly, very romantic. This has to be one of the best dancing with the wife songs ever made.

9. “The Moon and St. Christopher” by Mary Chapin-Carpenter

Mary Chapin-Carpernter is a very underrated singer-songwriter because she is on par with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and all those others midwest inspiring American loving good old dream music makers. 

And now I see with a woman’s eyes and an open door is to me now. Like the saddest of goodbyes and its too late for turning back,” sings Mary about her moon of wisdom, and her Catholic faith. This 1990 southern ballad about faith and life is a laid, back summer drive treat. Its filled with beautiful imagery, regret and standing ground. 

10. “Moonlight Drive” by The Doors

This trippy poem by Jim Morrison set to music is classic Doors. It’s trippy, hippy and perfect for any sort of weekend brunch with the spouse. It’s full of sunshine and vintage keyboards and drums. 

It’s one of the best songs from their 1967 album Strange Days, an amazing album as well. The moonlight a metaphor for promise, hope and beauty.  If you are a fan of The Doors, check out our list of the best The Doors albums on vinyl.  


The moon can be a scary thing for some because it appears at night.  And that’s because, with the night comes darkness and uncertainty.  But the moon is also a beautiful thing, especially when it’s full or tinged with a hue of yellow or orange.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best songs with moon in the title.  Be sure to add one or two of them to your rotating playlist, or even purchase an entire album on CD or vinyl to support physical media.

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