15 Strip Tease Songs – Best Stripper Songs That You’ll Love

Discover the best strip tease songs

When the mood is set, and you’re with the one you love, all you really need is a playlist full of strip tease songs to set it off.  So in this article, we’re going to provide our list of the best stripper songs you’ll love—whether you’re dancing at the club or shedding a few clothes for your loved one at home.

Strip Tease Songs You’ll Really Love

Let’s begin with a snobby Bishop Briggs.

River by Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs released “River” in 2016 with the inspiration pulling from pushing someone to their limits- whatever limits they may have. From the start of this song, all the way to the end, there is a slow and alluring beat present. 

The soulful vocals accompany the steady drum beat, giving you a perfect foundation for a pleasurable strip tease. Because the music is slow, it allows you to create solid, seductive moves that perfectly mimic the tempo of the song. This is the perfect song to use to mesmerize your audience and never break their attention. 

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Lepard

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” was released on Def Lepard’s 1987 album Hysteria; while it was not an instant hit, it eventually became a popular song to strip to. Like most ‘80s rock songs, this song was about getting down. The message behind “Pour Some Sugar On Me” revolves around sexual gratification and whatever sexual preference you enjoy. In a sit-down with ClassicRock magazine, Phil Collen recalls, “The song became a hit because strippers in Florida started requesting it on the local radio station.” 

The song has great vocal harmonies that are perfectly delivered at a slow pace; this allows the song to be slow enough to strip tease along with and has great lyrics that people love singing along with. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is a great song for fans of ’80 rock and slow-paced music. This would be a great song to play for a slower strip tease and pairs great with some slower moves.

Streets by Doja Cat

“Streets” is the perfect seduction song, where Doja Cat raps about wanting to return to an ex. In early 2021 when this song was released, it gained huge popularity after the “Silhouette Challenge” took over social media. In these challenges, people would strike seductive poses while having red ambient lighting shine from behind.

Much like the music video, this song would be perfect to strip to with some red silhouette lighting shining on you. The song starts by sampling Paul Anka’s 1959 hit “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” the music then becomes distorted. “Streets” showcases very deep bass and perfectly timed hi-hats, and incorporates Doja Cat at the perfect time.

This is a great song to use if you want a slow routine that slightly speeds up at times. I feel that because Doja Cat is so empowering, this song is a huge confidence booster that can help someone who may not have ever done a strip tease before. 

Wild Side by Normani ft. Cardi B

“Wild Side” by Normani is an empowered sensual song where she is flirting with someone. She is tired of talking and she tells him to “show me your wild side boy.” Normani fills the track with a lot of R&B singing, then later Cardi B joins to spit an explicit verse about her love interest. Like most of Cardi B’s work, she does not hold back on the graphics and tells all about what she wants her man to do with her. 

Normani’s reason for this song was she wanted something sensual that can also be danced to and make the listener feel sexy. This song is great if you are looking for an empowering song or a motivational song while giving a strip tease. You can incorporate some slow and strong moves or fast-paced moves while this song plays in the background. 

More Than A Woman by Aaliyah

“More Than A Woman” was a single released by Aaliyah shortly after her tragic passing. The song features a funky beat, guitar, and digital strings that all work together to make the perfect dance song. “More Than A Woman” effortlessly mixes pop, hip-hop, and electro and allowed Aaliyah to steal the spotlight with her amazing vocals. 

This is a great song for some fast-paced moves featuring some drops. If you are a fan of electronic-sounding bass, you would easily be able to work this into a strip tease and put some drops in your routine when the bass drops. This song would also be perfect if you are more into the “dancing” part of strip teasing since it’s hard not to move to this song. 

Way Down We Go by Kaleo

If you are looking for a great stripper rock song, look no further, “Way Down We Go” is one of my favorite rock songs for strip teases. The meaning behind this song is debatable; with some fans suggesting the song is about feeling guilty for things in the past. With very emotional vocals, a deep drum beat, and a great guitar solo that vibes well, this song would be perfect for working in some moves where you would dip your body. 

Also, the lyrics, “and way down we go, way down we go” are perfect for the low dips while dancing and even incorporating a pole as well. If you choose this song while giving a strip tease, I think it would work best in an intimate setting with a lot of touching. It’s also a slow song, so if you are not good at fast moves or new to strip teases, it would be easy to just sway your body to this song. When played in the background, “Way Down We Go” will make you look like a natural.

Do I Wanna Know By Arctic Monkeys 

Arctic Monkeys produced this great indie/blues rock song that is perfect for stripping and dancing to. The second the beginning riff opens up you will feel motivated and extremely self-confident in your strip tease. The opening drum bass is heavy and has a sturdy foundation throughout the whole song; you can easily depend on this beat and plan your next moves accordingly. 

The video for this song is very sexually orientated and embraces the female body while making it look sexy as well. The beginning of “Do I Wanna Know” sounds very “pop music” until the second chorus, where it incorporates more of a “rock” vibe. That change in the music style will allow you to change up your strip tease and create something amazing. 

Pony by Ginuwine

While this song is not exactly referring to a pony ride, it is the perfect song to entice your inner stripper and fully motivate you to have self-confidence with your strip tease. Released in the late ‘90s, this classic R&B hit was featured in the movie Magic Mike, with Channing Tatum dancing to it, turning this song into the male stripper anthem.

When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Ginuwine said, “When I first came out with it, I didn’t think it would be a stripper song, it just became that type of song.” He then went on to say that besides the hook, he didn’t understand why it took off as a great stripper song. 

While I feel that the ‘90s resurgence plays a big part in why this song reclaimed its popularity, it’s also just a fantastic song with sexy undertones throughout. From the very beginning of “Pony,” there are these funky low bass tones and symbols that just resonate with “strip tease.” I could not imagine this song any other way.

One of the best reasons for choosing this song for a strip tease is that you can have fun with it. The instrumentals provide a fun foundation for you to maybe try something new and not necessarily be so serious. This song allows you to relax and enjoy what you are doing and have fun as well. 

Freek’N You by Jodeci

One of my favorite songs on this list, Jodeci hit it out of the park with this classic R&B-sounding song, “Freek’N You.” The instrumentals showcase a warped guitar and chimes, with perfect sexual vocals that do not leave you guessing what Jodeci is saying. This song is packed full of graphic and vivid sexual lyrics and undertones that make it a fantastic song to play in the background while strip teasing. 

If you are looking for a song that will properly allow you to incorporate touching and being intimate with your partner, this is the perfect song. Because this song has a slow tempo, it allows you to control where it goes. You can be serious and sexy, intimate and touching, or you can be goofy and sexy all at the same time. 

Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink

This famous cover of “Lady Marmalade” is a very provocative song that is perfect for dancing and stripping. The line, “voulez-vous coucher avec moi” is repeated during the song, translating to, “do you want to sleep with me?” The original version of this song was written by Kenny Nolan and Bob Crew; inspired by Crewe’s experiences with sex workers in the New Orleans area. 

This 2001 cover of “Lady Marmalade” was for the film soundtrack to Moulin Rouge! This is a fantastic song with a great beat perfect for fast-paced dance moves. There are also times when the music progression is slower, making it easy for you to showcase some slow moves as well. 

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

The hit “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails is a great song to have to play in the background while giving a strip tease. The band released this song in 1994 on their second studio album, The Downward Spiral. The drum beat for “Closer” samples Iggy Pop’s 1977 song “Nightclubbing.” 

Once released, this song quickly became known as the enduring strip club anthem. Lyrically, “Closer” is about self-hatred and obsession; due to the chorus painting a very clear X-rated picture, this song has been rebranded as a lust anthem. 

One of the reasons this song is great to play for strip teases is because it’s a very versatile song. There are slow moments during the song and also periodic intense moments as well. You can easily work this song into a slow strip tease and speed it up with the music. “Closer” would also work perfectly for an entirely slow strip tease; with the lights down low, and some ambient red lighting.

Hot In Here by Nelly 

Not only is “Hot In Here” a great song, but it’s also perfect for strip teases. This track was included on Nelly’s Nellyville album released in 2002 and is perfect for a strip club environment. The entirety of this song features an infectious beat, but it also has catchy lyrics suited for the club- “I am getting so hot, I wanna take me clothes off!”  The underlying theme for “Hot In Here” is being in a hot, packed club that’s filled with women; who need to take their clothes off. This song is all about being intimate in the club. 

I remember going to a club in Atlanta right after this song was released, and oh my, this song was incredible to see in its prime. Not only was it a great strip tease song, but the energy that came along with this song was out of this world. I believe this is also a popular strip tease song due to it being nostalgic for a lot of adults. 

In an interview with Maxim regarding “Hot In Here” having a huge impact on his audience, Nelly said, “a lot of people want songs that remind them of certain moments in their lives.” This is a timeless song that is great for high-energy and personable strip teases; something that you can play in the background if you want to work a lot of movement into your dancing. 

I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me) by Jay-Z

There is no debate that Jay-Z is a very gifted artist with a wide range of styles, from serious raps to songs that can get the whole club jumping. When it comes to making the club pop, “I Just Wanna Love You” fully delivers by mixing a funky beat and catchy lyrics. This song was produced by The Neptunes and includes Pharrell Williams on the hook, along with Shay Haley and Omillio Sparks. 

This song can captivate the listener and make them want to get up and dance; a perfect song to have playing in the background of a strip tease. “I Just Wanna Love You” is a very neutral song; there aren’t any harsh noises, and it’s pretty smooth and easy to flow with. You can easily work this song into any style of dancing that you choose and make it comfortable to your liking. 

I Luv Dem Strippers by 2 Chainz Nicki Minaj

If you are looking for a sexy, slow song to strip to, “I Luv Dem Strippers” would be a perfect song choice. As the lyrics state, this song revolves around 2 Chainz’s love for strippers and being in the club around women. When Nicki Minaj comes in at the halfway mark, she adds some hype energy and complex expletive-full lyrics. 

The bass and instrumentals for the song are very upbeat and at times have a fast tempo. There are different styles of strip teasing, and most of today’s styles incorporate twerking into the mix somewhere. This would be the perfect song to strip and twerk to, it’s a lyrically light song, but it has a strong beat to keep your movement flowing. 

Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne ft. Bobby Valentino

“Mrs. Officer” is a masterpiece that is a perfect combination of R&B and rap. There is something about the bass, drum beat, guitar, and Bobby Valentino singing and imitating a siren that is just really attractive for a strip tease. This song features a perfect blend of R&B singing and rapping in the beginning that you can incorporate some intimate and slow moves into. 

Considering this song is about the sexual tension between a police officer and a suspect, you can even incorporate a police uniform and some other props into a strip tease. Near the last minute of the song, the beat starts hitting fast and the tempo significantly increases. This would be perfect for a slow strip tease that picks up the pace towards the end. 


For a great strip tease, you need a minimum of three things: a good-looking dancer, yummy drinks, and sexy music. There are numerous options for strip tease songs that can up your game. You can choose between a slow and intimate song or a fast-paced and rowdy song to get everyone going. Which song you choose depends on your mood and personality, you want to pick a song that will complement you, while also being appealing. 

This article was written by Jesse and edited by Michael.  

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